Introducing: The JAZMIN Sisters

Published: Saturday 5th Apr 2014 by David

Love Aaliyah? Partial to a little Beyonce? Got a thing for Rihanna?

If so, allow us to introduce you to the JAZMIN sisters, a four-piece Urban Pop force set for world domination!

Hailing from the city of angels and armed with the hit-making muscle that is Midi Mafia, responsible for 50 Cent‘s ‘21 Questions’, Frank Ocean‘s ‘Swim Good’ and his ‘Channel Orange’ effort, ‘Bad Religion.’

Now, ever eager to shed light on the best pieces of R&B’s ever popping puzzle, you can now spin the ladies’ ‘90’s Baby’ EP right here on That Grape Juice.Net via our pals at ‘VIBE.’

Ready for something new?

Press play below!

Your thoughts?


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  1. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) April 5, 2014

    Sam, why are you not posting on Chris Brown?? Your slacking on the relevant posts… I’m out till you get this together..

  2. Ariana’sGrand April 5, 2014

    How have I never heard of them before?

  3. Mark111 April 5, 2014

    All this does is make me appreciate my fave Aaliyah even more. Not only was she a 90s R&B princess, but a fashion icon, music trend setter and original. The 90s is what the 700 was to our parents and the 60s was to our grandparents.

    Are they Asian? If so that’s great. I been waiting for some Asians to pop Ogg over here cause they’re popping with some great music over there.

  4. NotLikeTheMovies April 5, 2014

    I think I’m in love with these girls, like omg.

  5. Dance4Dawn April 5, 2014

    What kind of Friday night surprise is this though? I’m living for them already, have they got any videos?

  6. the voice April 5, 2014

    Sigh … Why cant yall intorduce some urban artists from “our” community like Tinashe or Zendaya etc … sigh

    • BeyBeyKing April 5, 2014

      Maybe it’s because unlike Tinashe these girls can sing. I’ve heard Tinashe’s voice and I have to say I was not impressed.

    • KissesForKelly April 5, 2014

      “Our” community? So they’re meant to support ANYBODY who is black just because they’re black even if they’re basis. No offence, but Zendaya is a nice girl but she is very basic as an artist and don’t even get me started on Genericnashe.

  7. TRISH April 5, 2014

    I like this idea that you guys are doing with introducing new artists that we’ve never heard of because they sound great! Keep more new artists, new music coming becaause my Ipod is dying for some new breed music.

  8. OVORobbie April 5, 2014

    Oh s***, these chicks knock.

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