The Best You Never Heard: Jennifer Hudson, Michael Jackson, Beyonce & Trina

Published: Tuesday 1st Jul 2008 by Sam
The Best You Never Heard: Jennifer Hudson, Michael Jackson, Beyonce & TrinaThis week’s edition of The Best You Never Heard features little known cuts by Jennifer Hudson, Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Trina. Do you have any suggestions for future instalments? Drop me an email at


Jennifer Hudson – Stand Up


Some of you may remember ‘Stand Up’ from a post earlier this year, which saw Jennifer belting it out in her bathroom. Recorded back in 2006, ‘Stand Up’ was initially made available as a gift to fans via one of her fan-sites, however has since become so popular (among her fan-base) that it’s currently being considered for placement on her upcoming debut album. Indeed, the ‘big ballad’ showcases Jennifer’s powerful vocal ability to the fullest, while also engaging the listener lyrically. Great song.


Listen: Stand Up


Michael Jackson – One More Chance

Originally set for release in late 2003 (video filmed too), ‘One More Chance’ never saw the light of day beyond a feature on MJ’s ‘Number Ones’ LP due to well his publicized legal drama – which he eventually overcame. The soulfully soulful cut manages to mesh vintage Michael Jackson (‘Michaelisms’ included lol) with a contemporary sound that would, no doubt, work even in today’s musical climate. Definitely a testimony to MJ’s continued musical relevance.


Listen: One More Chance




Beyonce – Baby Boy (Alternate Version)



Beyonce’s 2003 chart topper ‘Baby Boy’ needs little introduction. Yet many don’t seem to be aware of the existence of an alternate version of the song; which features entirely new lyrics. Weirdly enough, it was this version of the track (which still goes hard even today) that I heard initially; I remember scratching my head at the 2003 MTV VMA’s when she performed what is now known as the ‘single’ version of the track. Enough of my babbling, take a listen…


Listen: Baby Boy (Alternate Version)


Trina – 50/50 Love (ft. Trey Songz)


Despite releasing a few decent LP’s, both before and after, it’s 2003’s ‘The Glamourest Life’ that stands as Trina’s best album IMO. Featuring several collabo’s including ‘Here We Go’ with Kelly Rowland, one of the record’s standout cuts was the Trey Songz assisted ’50/50 Love’. With Trina at her raunchy best, and Trey turning an impressive performance on the hook, this one is a winner.

Listen: 50/50 Love (ft. Trey Songz)



Your thoughts: Hit(s) or Miss(es)?

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  1. Anonymous July 1, 2008

    yeah, Michale’s one more chance song should have been a single with a video, but then came the allegation :(.
    Michael, i hope your new album will be NO1 all over the world.
    peace and love.

  2. Kayon Reynalls July 1, 2008

    yea,that version off baby boy was the first one i originally heard, was a little surprised wen she came out with the other version, but im guessin she did that because it leweaked, still think they both hot though.

  3. Anonymous July 1, 2008

    Are u kidding me! Trina’s best album by far was “The Baddest B****”, which she still hasn’t topped. The song with Trey Songz is wack…

  4. Charles July 1, 2008

    Baby boy- I use to love this version! I remember downloading off limewire when I was trying to find stuff from her album back in may/june 03….good stuff.

  5. Anonymous July 1, 2008

    interesting, i never heard that version of baby boy before.

  6. ND July 1, 2008

    OMG!!!! I wanted that Beyonce – Baby Boy Version FOR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Only found out on Youtube and in the clubs…..



  7. Anonymous July 1, 2008

    Please add Say Something So So Def Remix by Mariah

  8. juper July 1, 2008

    whoaaa! i’ve never even known this version of baby boy existed! too bad about the “dj finesse” tag. but still, i like this version a lot!!

  9. DiosaNY09 July 1, 2008

    Same as the other commentators this was the first Babyboy version I heard and actually the only one I have… The other was overplayed. Michael’s son was okay for me only.
    Thanks for the Trina song… 🙂

  10. Anonymous July 1, 2008

    I think Michael’s One More Chance sounds really good,I have yet to listen to that single with him and Akon

  11. Anonymous July 1, 2008

    Loved the J-Hud song for so long. It SHOULD be on the album.

    Glad Beyonce’ she changed those bland ass lyrics and flow of the verses. I don’t like this version, from reading here I thought it was about to be something totally different.

  12. Anonymous July 3, 2008

    thanks a million for that original version of baby boy.

    i had it back in the day. it was the one i listened to before her album came out! and then i lost it when i got a new computer…booooo.

    actually i was just thinking about this version the other day, trying to remember if both verses were different or just the first. guess it was both!

  13. Anonymous July 6, 2008

    that JHUD song is a chart topper. she does have a song called SPOTLIGHT that making it great on the airwaves..That girl has lungs out of this world. she’s bringing back that R&B flavor thats missing. I know she’s going to do big or bigger things because she cant also act her fanny off. Those movies she has coming out this year is also going to put her on the map. The scene in S** IN THE CITY was PIVITOL…..Go JHU

  14. Anonymous July 6, 2008

    Why dont people recognize real talent when the hear it. Jennifer Hudson is a beautiful young lady that has class and sophiscation with a voice that many will remember for years to come. The song Stand Up for whatever reason was deleted from youtube shortly after it was displayed but I for one am happy because its sung beautifully. Love her amazing voice range

  15. Anonymous July 6, 2008

    that baby boy version is not appealing. Its all about her in bikinis, her body and the lifestyle of the rich & famous. Its all good because they can afford that which she earned but enough is enough. There are millions of beautiful girls & she was fortune enough to be recoginizable by many. Get grip. Please dont post a comment about a hater cuz I’m not. I really like the other version better. It had more s** appeal that was relateable

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