Cassie: "I Don’t F*ck For Checks"

Cassie: 'I Don't F*ck For Checks' Bad Boy’s Cassie appears in the August/September issue of Complex Magazine. The 21 year old ‘singer’ spoke frankly on a number of issues check extracts from the feature below:
On her voice:

“Based on my past and how my last album came out, I really need to come back much much stronger, I wanted to have more personality. I really want to tell a story when I’m doing a song. Vocally, either you like my voice or you don’t. I’m not trying to blow like Mariah, back when she was doing that.”

On the harshest thing that’s been said about her:

“She’s fu***** for checks. I don’t f*** for checks–I’d rather live on the street.”

On her song “Official Girl” being a marketing ploy to cash in on the P.Diddy rumours:

“Nope. It wasn’t planned. It was just a song I really loved that I heard. Nobody will ever know who “Official Girl” is about. They think it’s about certain people but it’s not. Anything that happens in my personal life is personal. I never actually put anything out there. Nobody’s really known who I’ve dated.”

On dealing with her ethnicity growing up:

“What’s funny about it is, when I was growing up, I wasn’t confused. I knew exactly what I was. My dad’s Filipino, my mom is Mexican, West Indian and black–I’m a little melting pot. In school, you were either black or white. Being Asian really wasn’t anything until I got to high school and was modeling all the time, and it was important because it intrigued people. Black people definitely didn’t claim me before. They were like, ‘Light skinned over there, she’s just not for us.’ It’s all perception. The other day, I was at the drugstore and this girl in line was like, ‘She’s next, the white girl.’ I’m not white. I’m not even close.”

Seems like she’s got a thicker skin this go round. That said, if she’s not doing…well…’you know what’ for tracks/checks, how else could her still having a deal be explained?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Gumaro REPPIN THE OC IN SO-CALI! August 4, 2008

    WHO KNOWS AND WHO REALLY CARES WHY SHE HAS A RECORD DEAL!?!? Is she cuttin your checks? NO! Maybe she is apart of a marketing team trying to market a fly, attractive, club banger female artist and thats all. Look at FREESTYLE music of the 80’s, no girls could really blow back then, DEBBIE deb, Stacey Q, I mean the beats made people dance, and if thats all she is good for, so be it! People love to dance to hard beats! MORE POWER TO YOU CASSIE! I STAYYYYY CHECKIN FOR YOU!!!

  2. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    Whateva Cassie.. Your stuff is WACK as hell.. Maybe u do need to f*ck for checks cuz your singing sux!!!

  3. Anonymous August 4, 2008


  4. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    Black people are so ignorant with the lightskin/darkskin thing.

  5. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    So basically Cassie your mom is Black and Mexican.

  6. David August 4, 2008

    lol @ the Mariah comment

  7. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    Oh please. Not to sound malicious but she needs to just shut her mouth, stop trying to sing and just focus on modeling. The same goes for Rihanna.

    Just another pretty face. Enough said!

  8. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    That pic makes her look slutty

  9. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    I actually believe her. The interview sounds really honest. Although her voice isn’t the best, the beats of her music actually make her songs for me. She has some of the best beats that I have heard. Her last album went gold, so I think that’s pretty good. This album might do even better because Lil’ Wayne is on her first single. And the beats are crazy. As far as the interview, it just seems really genuine because of the face that in a different interview she admitted to dating P.Diddy.

  10. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    for real yah need to get off the girl case…

  11. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    First of all West Indian is not a race it is THE GEORAPHICAL LOCATION of a group of people.
    There are black/white/asian/native peoples of the West Indies.
    Cassie is being honest as to what her talents are

  12. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    I don’t f*** for check… right… I lost alot of respect when I heard that she’s messing with diddy. It’s sad that people are didn’t give her a chance the first round and now she is messing with diddy she can’t redeem herself because she is going to experience alot of scruitiny. Her beats are hot and her singing is horrible. you might not f*** for checks you suck for checks. Stick to modeling and sucking diddy off.

  13. Lil’ Creole Pimp August 4, 2008

    Of course, she doesn’t f*** for checks. She f**** for tracks.

  14. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    she’s a joke! you can listen to any random singer on YouTube and at their worst they’ll be at least 10X better than cASSie.

  15. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    her songs still suck either way

  16. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    YEAH H*E, INDEED I BELIEVE YOU COS YOU SO TALENTED that you got the deal just by singing your “heart and body” out, whatever really

  17. tia August 4, 2008

    girl bye like someone else said we know you aint f****** for checks your f****** for tracks….which leads to checks lol,watever everytime i hear one of her interviews she got something to say about somebody,last time it was omarion i think,she she tryna get a lil dig in at mariah,we know you were trying to be funny,and that complex spread is trashy…..this is the first time in a looooooooooooooooonnnng time i have had something so negative to say about an artist but im sorry i cant help it…..pretty girl,but that is it…oh yeah and nice tracks i mean beats lol

  18. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    She has some never insulting Mariah considering she can’t sing and is f***ing for checks

  19. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    Cassie is a b****!!! She is not talented, the only thing that she knows is to f*ck wit P.diddy.

  20. magnificentmeka August 4, 2008

    Cassie makes me laugh, if she doesn’t want people to think she f***** for tracks why f*** with your boss? She made herself look like she a w**** by even messing with Diddy in the first place, everybody know Diddy don’t have relationships that last. She was just a hit and quit. On to her insulting Mariah, she need to realize Mariah can still blow like she did back in the day. Unlike Cassie, Mariah can hit a high note and sound like she is being killed. Now her with the light skin thing, I’m tired of that whole “I get hated on because I’m light skin”, get the hell over it.

    Her and her music will forever be a JOKE!! She can keep the hot beats coming but until she has a good singing voice to go over them she will still suck.

  21. Anonymous August 4, 2008

    I swear people are so ignorant! People are criticizing this girl and yet Rihanna is getting number 1 singles left and right. Her voice is an acquired taste. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it and turn the station! I love that she was very frank and honest…it makes her likeable. Just because she dated Diddy doesn’t mean they f*****. Frankly, I think her voice is just as good as Britney Spears and Janet…YEAH I SAID IT! All Cassie has to do is become a better performer.

  22. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    who the f*** is she 2 make a comment like that abt mariah?

    are u kidding me? seriously..

    is she high? lmao…

  23. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    She’s a liar. She does f-ck for checks. ryan Leslie is my cousin and he put her on the map. Once she signed w/ Bad Boy she started messing with Puff. Notice the drastic change in her music this time around. Why did Puff take the DEMO “Official Girl” away from Karina and give it to Cassie? Hmmmmmm

  24. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    You people are haters..

    Cassie is da shiiiiiiit!! 😀

    F**K DA HATERS CASSIE.. keep doing ur thang!

  25. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    I don’t hate her, but Ryan was destroyed after that. He cut Puff completely off, so you wont see anymore tracks being made for Bad Boy artists. I was alrady starting dislike this n*gga, but after he hurt my cousin and showed his true colors…that was it. I wouldn’t support anything he does. He’s more concerned with making headlines than making hits for his artists. Look at Donnie Klang. They don’t know what to do with this kid. He had 3 pushed released dates and 2 album titles changed. His single “Take you there” is rated the worst out of songs played Danity Kane and Day 26. Why was it a single you ask….because PUFF IS ON THE TRACK. This fool is a ego maniac and a clown.

  26. AaronMichael August 5, 2008

    Suuuure….she aint F***** for checks just like she said her song "Me & U" wasn't about oral s**. Anyone who saw the original video to that song knows exactly what it was about. Another talentless pretty face plaguing the industry.

  27. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    lmao omg that was a low blow..ur too much lmao

  28. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    I dont kno how anybody can get Cassie confused wit a white girl. She looks nowhere near one.

  29. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    Bad Boy is not as hot as it was back in the 90s… I really dont think he knos how to market his artist anymore. Cheri Dennis has been pushed to back of the bus along with Donnie Klang, while Diddy starts to focus on Cassie more (not dissing Cassie), but its true. Day26 & Danity Kane have yet released new singles & yet again they've gone nowhere, but i bet when Cassie comes back out shell be all over the place.

  30. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    Cassie is not screwing for checks. She’s screwing for rent and to be wined and dined, cuz if that girl is screwing for tracks and all she got was those wack ass songs, she needs to close down shop.

  31. kate August 6, 2008

    whatever she said i don’t care!! she still sucks!!! if she not f****** for checks how the f*** she still has a deal!!! and it’s all funny with cover like that …

  32. whatever December 16, 2009

    Why did the same person just comment like 50 times? ^^^


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