Mariah Performs At Teen Choice Awards

Published: Tuesday 5th Aug 2008 by Sam

Mariah Carey took to the stage at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards, which aired in the US last night. The 38 year old diva performed a medley of ‘I’ll Be Loving U Long Time’ and ‘Touch my Body’. Though marginally better than most of her more recent showings, I’m still none-too pleased with Mimi’s live performance game. She was clearly lip-syncing during some parts, whereas in others it was hard to tell. For an artist renown for being ‘The Voice’ her insistence on miming like her life depended on it is becoming a little tiresome. What’s more, her lack of stage presence makes watching paint dry seem more appealing than a 2008 Mariah performance. SMH…

Anyway, here’s hoping the performance helps the, otherwise great song (IMO) on the charts; after an impressive start, the single has pretty much stalled on US radio, iTunes and consequently the Billboard charts.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. dcsinger August 5, 2008

    Dude…ok…i get don’t like Mariah..that’s ok..but damn..i’m so f****** tired of you saying she lip synchs..get it through your head..she is NOT lip synching in this performance..don’t let your disdain for her make you publish things that aren’t’s funny how you give some artists a break and others you let have it…

  2. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    She is lypsinching in some parts of it..

  3. J.Mensah August 5, 2008

    …but she is lip-synching you can tell, she hasn’t yet sang ‘Lovin’ U Long Time’ in full voice live, the only way you can tell weather she’s lip-sycnnhing is when you play the original version over the video in real-time

  4. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    She was singing live. If you don’t like Mariah so much then why is she the biggest picture on the banner to your site? What is also funny is that a couple weeks ago you stated that Whitney’s single was a weak but then you list it as one of your favourite songs of the moment. Furthermore, every time Whitney performs you compare her to Mariah and try to bring down the latter in the process. Your bias is clear.

  5. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    Sorry for having to say that but:

    ” -Lip-syncing??? My asss…” 🙂

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  6. AaronMichael August 5, 2008

    I actually have to agree that she did finally have a semi-decent performance. She does still lack stage presence and looks like she’s always trying to be to cute than to just let it go and get into the music. No one is checking for Mariah these days anyways, I remember when the album came out they thought it was going to due what the Emancipation did…LoL.

  7. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    Eum i don’t uderstand i’ll be loving you a long time , Hot or flop?

  8. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    Wow! I’m glad that you guys are standing up for Mariah. I wholeheartedly agree with you all who have defended her. The truth of the matter is this… Mariah is a force not to be reckoned with. She has proven that she can sing her b*** off and she has proven that she has what it takes to survive in this industry where most artists fall by the wayside. She’s a bad chick and IF she was lip-syncing, she has earn the right too. She has paid her dues.

    Besides… She’s getting older. Like most things, with age, your voice reaches a peak. I’m a singer myself. In fact, I’m a vocal music performance major at my University. Most people think that singing is extremely easy when in fact, it’s not. Most people think that it’s just getting up there and opening your mouth when in fact, it’s not. It’s very technical. She’s human and like it or not, she has staying power (evidently) and she is one of those SINGERS who have paved the way for these “singers” nowadays.

    Furthermore, I think that it’s laughable that you, Sam, give artists like Kelly Rowland and Solonge so much credit. No offense to Kelly because I think that she’s a very classy young woman but, she doesn’t have much of a voice. And Solonge… Oh please!

  9. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    Wow she lip-synced on the hook a lil who cares she still did great whether you like her or not she still has THE VOICE she still sounds good damn she aint got nothing to prove anymore hell ppl is still checkin for Mariah her album did very well and that album was great every song on there was so stop hatin plus no one really sounds the same when you get her age duh so stop comparing her to her old self

  10. Anonymous August 5, 2008


    SO STR8 AWAY UR TALKIN BULL” ?????????????????????????????

    Fuc* you all! Mimi is the best. Whitney is nothing.

  11. Fame August 5, 2008

    ok its obvious you dont like mariah but stop RIDING HER wtf she got more money then you will ever see…so shut the f*** up and hop off her c*** gets old…

    as far as her lip synching the only thing she mimed was the f****** intro “i’ll be loveing i’ll be loving” everything else is live turn up your motha f***** hearing aid or get some new speakers and stop riding her 09 is appraoching get a new hobby…

  12. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    sam has a right to his opinion so do the rest of you but what i don,t understand is why drag kelly rowland into this. kelly,s voice might not be in the range of mariah but that chick can sing and that she has proven time and time again so stick to your argument don,t drag my girl kelly into this.

  13. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    First off, Whitney Houston is and will always be “The Voice”. That is Whitney’s nickname in the industry not Mimi’s. Also, I don’t know why Mariah does what she does. Just give 100% of what you have and leave it on stage, Whitney still does this because she is a true performer. There some respect and adoration that comes with doing that.

  14. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    One question: Why are her dancers always working harder than she is??

  15. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    she didnt lip sync this time, you can tell she sung it all

  16. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    U Mariah fans are more delusional than any other group. Mariah ain’t singing them verses. The ad libs, maybe, it’s the same damn version from Jimmy Kimmel. There is a tone difference between the verses and the hook which can only be explained as lipsynching. She already proved she does it. Anyone remember her GMA performance of Touch My Body?…Oh that’s right, you guys blamed it on GMA, cuz they provided the music, NOT!I’m not hatin on Mariah lipsynching, it is what it is though. And her stage presence hasn’t changed since she was torn apart after her first tour for the Music Box cd.

  17. Anonymous August 5, 2008

    Janet is a known “Lipper” but her would never diss her. Sam is a punk tramp.

  18. Fame August 5, 2008

    f*** all u b****** hatin on her she shits on all yoour favs…your mad get over it….shes makin money…your makin minimum wage ————>

  19. Anonymous August 6, 2008

    she needs to do something different….i see the same f***** videos from her,same peformances..she’s just so boring…

  20. Anonymous August 13, 2008

    I’ve seen her perform millions of times and to hear sh’es lyp sincing does bring up fhtat hoopla again. Alot of performers who like to stick to the old fashion ways like to lip sync on TV perfermances around the world. That’s what probably was in Mariah’s mind to do. Just stick to the drawing board. Yet beinf a newlywed she has n’t had time to really focus on the raw breakthough creative edge she had since her Butterfly album. And also she’s thinking to stay in the “Emancipation Of Mimi” mode it will sell and she doesn’t have nothing to worry about, as long as somewhere in the songs she hits that tea kettle note. I miss the days when she was bitter and single and not only only being extra creative with her songs but going itn the studio and actually re-recording her singing on dance remixes. Now it seems there’s way too many people involved in the way she is now. It’s like she’s just pushing the brand, not the ecletic artistic side she “had” with it. And I like her body and how she’s happy witht it (tanning can also make u look slimmer). But She needed to cover up the stomach. That whole wrapped up shirt above the belly button is so 90’s. Britney did it in “Baby One More Time” and Mariah did that in ’93 with “Dream Lover”. Does she want to be on the new 90210 show? And with all the t*** girls there all pre women form and here she comes letting sll hang is not so much hot at the “T*** Choice Awards”. it’s more like the soocer mom M.I.L.F. that took the microphone at the neighborhood BBQ and going overboard flirting with ever t*** boy after having too many daquiries. Mariah, remember youroutfits in “Charmbracelet” album era. Sometimes covering up the body is the best way to have people be amazed by your new body instead of having ot all hang out in front of 10 year olds.

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