Jermaine Dupri Done With Def Jam?

Published: Thursday 21st Aug 2008 by Sam
Jermaine Dupri Done With Def Jam Our friends over at SOHH are reporting that Jermaine Dupri’s tenure as Head Of Def Jam Urban Division may be over already. Peep their report below:

After several failed projects, which includes Janet Jackson’s Discipline, Mariah Carey’s E=MC2 and Johnta Austin’s permanently shelved project it looks like the powers that be have had enough and JD’s time as head of Island Records’ urban division has come to an end.

I am being told that JD’s termination papers were being drafted this afternoon.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous August 21, 2008


  2. Anonymous August 21, 2008

    damn lol

  3. Anonymous August 21, 2008


  4. Mass Appeal Entertainment August 21, 2008

    This dude has been around forever, molding the careers of, what are now, the best emcees in the business. He just didn’t do too much with Janet towards the end. His sales overall started to go down even before he left Virgin.

    If you wanna read about whats happening in the underground, independent hip hop world, visit the blog site of Mass Appeal Entertainment, an independent boston hip hop label.

  5. Anonymous August 21, 2008

    emc2 is a huge flop….monstrous flop. after a 6x platinum album selling just 1M is simply tragic…esp for an artist like carey…(to that dumb ass sayin it sold 1.5M… date it sold 1.144.000k…which is far from 1.5M….if she’s lucky she’ll reach that number in 2 years)..and her singles are floppping so hard, that bye bye crap failed to go top10, and the follow up barely made top60. this era is already over..

  6. Anonymous August 21, 2008

    i thought mariah and janet had great albums released… they didn’t sell as many as normal no cos every muthaf***er downloads them way before the release date!!!!

  7. Mark August 21, 2008

    E=MC2 wasn't exactly a flop, if I had sold 1.5M records with something that was half as good as my last record, I wouldn't be calling for JD to be fired.

    Janet's his GF & Mariah is his best friend, I think it would cause bad blood if JD got the boot…


  8. Anonymous August 21, 2008

    E=mc2 has sold 1.3 in the U.S & 1.789 world wide. The album went Platinum on 7/08/08
    *MARIAH HAD plenty of promo for this album, so lets not go there(comment made @ 1:48pm).

    Hot100 R&B Pop100 Dance G/P
    "TMB" 1 2 1 1 Platinum
    "BB" 19 33 20 –
    "IBLU" Ft.T.I 58 36 53 –

    DISCIPLINE sales total 478k in the U.S & 810K world wide.

    HOT100 R&B POP Dance Adult/R&B G/P
    "FB" 19 39 23 1 – GOLD
    "RWU" 122 – – 20 –
    "LUV" 102 34 – – –
    "CBG" – 79 – – 21
    * Note that only "FEEDBACK" + "ROCK WITH U" were the only Official singles from Discipline.

    JOHNTA AUSTIN – Not worth the mention

    1)DEF JAM IS MAD @ MARIAHS sales b/c her album isn't selling like her last; plus her latest 2 singles didn't do as well as "Touch MY Body".

    2)DEF JAM stopped all Promo on Janets project back n late May, cause L.A reid & Janet fought about the promo + the second single which Janet wanted 2 b "luv". DEF JAM currently has nothing 2 do w/her tour
    starting n 3wks.

    3)JD is put into a tough spot cause he was the Executive producer on Both projects. Honestly JD had this coming; his time is up.

  9. August 21, 2008

    FINALLY it’s about time. Forgot to mention he’s on the big flop of Nelly’s single “Stepped On My J’z” also. Yeah, we haven’t felt you for so many years, we aren’t feeling now.

    At least he could just go behind the scenes and leave his voice off the tracks.

  10. Miranda Priestly @ Runaway Mag. August 21, 2008

    ^^ well said… i agree 100 million percent.. He was Exec. Producer, the easiest role to cast away in blame for the poor marketing of 2 great works of art. Both albums were good and I still listen to them. Both albums were poorly marketed and single selection definitely didn’t help either of them. sorry JD, someone had to take the fall…

  11. Anonymous August 21, 2008

    YES Johnta is worth the mention he is as talented and much successful with writing as Neyo is also looks better than Neyo sounds better than Neyo.
    (let me stop I can go on lol) I don’t blame Jermaine on leaving but he does need to put Johnta Album out any kind of way.Janet and Mariah sold they both went platinum so their both happy. Its hard for people sale now a days because people are downloading.please people don’t mention lil wayne selling a million we all know he probably brought some Oof his cds and got profit back. think about it kids. Also look at the other artist on def jam they get less promotion their giving Rhianna more promotion than Michal Jackson getting plastic Surgery I would leave too. But then again Jermaine probably had other things to do or maybe he wanted to follow JAY Z AND Diddy Careers.

  12. Anonymous August 21, 2008

    I think it’s a great idea !!!
    I wanna see some Mariah collabs with artists like timbaland or chris brown or justin !!!

    she needs to get away from JD hes a big fat black c***

  13. Anonymous August 21, 2008

    Well, I must say that LA Reid has his work cut out for him. Jay- Z should never have been president. he wasn't the force behind Roc a Fella, Dame was. He did nothing but waste money while he was there. NeYO created his own name. His first single was the bomb and the Hype Williams directed video made it all good.
    Now on to JD. First off he's irresponsible. Has no one heard of the rumors of how and why his cafe closed in Atlanta? Where's his obligation at?
    Mariah had a good cd. I thought better than the last. True, they picked the wrong singles. Anyone heard of B C**? Both his singles were the bomb. Oh, and don't forget that downloading is in full effect. Only the true hard core fans may support the hard product. Mariah is still good.

    But Janet. The look, the sound, the everything is tired. Miss you much is almost twenty years old. She needs to get in her lane. Her reign as R&B/Pop Queen are through. What she needs to do is bust an invitro for JD. enjoy the loot, and quit taking people's money for those lip synced filled concerts. If I wanna see her move her mouth I'll watch a video.
    Finally, JD did break some bomb artist. Jagged Edge,,,,Where they at? I listen to Baby Makin' Project at least twice a week. Where was the second single? Marketing? What is that? Brain storming needs to be done, to determine how artist can continue to sell.
    That albums are flopping has nothing to do with JD, what he does he does well when considering music.
    Jonta's first single Turn It Up was official. I loved the song and it would have been large if it had been able to circulate more.
    Al though he is a terrific songwriter and if he's got any sense I know he is paid, a little recognition for singing would be nice.

    Well, just a little point of view

  14. Toinee August 21, 2008

    E=MC2 was not a flop
    it actually was her best first week opening sales of her career, it may not sell as well as EOM but it is still one of the best selling albums of 08 so far behind lil wayne. dont doubt her , shell have a #1 real soon, bet .

  15. Anonymous August 21, 2008

    janet been around for 35 years B&U^H, longer and better than any other artist since the last 20 years. She and Michael are still in the top ten most sucessful artist of all time no matter what no body says. Janet still the most searched person in internet history. she ain't going no where! and she so consistant with her calmness you hate it, you say why so dont break like Mariah. Cause she got Discipline!!! Biocth

  16. Anonymous August 21, 2008

    I would hate to see JD leave.. I don’t think its necessarily his fault Janet and Mariah’s album s didn’t do so well..

    I blame it on downloading…

  17. J.Mensah August 21, 2008

    nowadays selling a million copies like Mariah has is the standard for success, so don't hate on mariah just because she didn't sell 10 MILLION like her last record!, she gone platinum so the album isn't a flop! I f&kin' luved janet's discipline album but i'm suprised ya'll ain't hatin on janet i mean her album is still at 478,000 not certified gold yet…

  18. Anonymous August 22, 2008

    for the homie that got fired from cafe dupri im sorry but janet is still relevant however jd is not talented enough to work mega superstars. no miss former bus girl your reign is over and you dont end sentences with at!

  19. Anonymous August 22, 2008

    I loved Janet´s discipline as well, the 478,000 copies sold don´t reflect the quality of the album. Janet did her job! I blame L.A Reid for not promoting the album as it should have + choosing the wrong second single “Rock with you” against Janet´s wishes. Janet is not Rhihanna, shes a living Legend, and an Icon, so you can´t tell her what to do. She has to have control of her projects, and THAT woman has balls to stand by her belifs and refuse to release a 3rd single. L.A ruined Toni Braxton and is well on his way to doing so for Janet and Mariah. If anyone is to blame it´s L.A Reid.

  20. ShayWood August 22, 2008

    Janet is a living LEGEND..sum people need to stop believing everything they read..we all know MANY..the MAJORITY are jealous that he and she are together as a couple and its going well..even she lost some fans over that. They are going to be together and there’s more to this story than u will ever know including the promo of the Discipline album.

    Bringing Closure to this story:
    By the way..Janet’s RockwitchU Tour kicks off in Vancouver, Canada Sept10th, 2008 and then swirves back into the states so get your tickets at Ticketmaster or LiveNation.


  21. Anonymous August 22, 2008

    OK ppl, Its clear that E=mc2 was not a flop. The fact of the matter is that it does not live up to her last album in terms of sales. I'm a huge fan of Janet, but the promo for this album just wasn't there. Def JAM and Janet haven't been on good terms since late May(s*** happens). What we tend to forget is that Janet & Mariah r older now they won't allways have millions in sales. There is a much younger audience these days as well.Mariah + Janet r legends; I feel that we still have a good 5 yrs of Janet left,10 yrs of Mariah, and I can say a good 3yrs of Maddona. The music scene belongs to the younger crowds. Lastly, something must be done about downloading.

  22. Anonymous August 22, 2008

    Much of the blame falls on illegal downloading, and not necesarily Jermaine Dupri. Thus, both Mariah and Janet are not selling stellar numbers like they used to.

  23. Anonymous August 23, 2008

    After reading all the trolls in this post, in a nutshell, we have the great ole intenet and free music download sites such as Limewire to thank….

  24. Anonymous August 24, 2008

    I love how when janets 20YO and Damita Jo albums, sold over a million and 2 million,for the latter….people where quick to say flop….but when mariah sell 5 million copies less than her last album…that’s not a flop…people were so quick to call janet a flop, but niether MC or Madonna, have have sold even close to thier last projects… a spade a spade….they both FLOPPED!!!!!!!

  25. Kiss it Haters!! August 24, 2008

    And by the way crazy i.e. mariah and madolda will not be around any longer than janet….janet will out live the trash…wait and see…..remember that!!!!!

  26. Anthony August 26, 2008

    Mariah needed to release Migrate as a single…It may still be hope for her Album if she does soon before the summer wave ends. I love Mariah always have but since 2001’s glitter though the Emancipation of MiMi was hot all the tracks on the album sounded really similar to one another same thing with half of E=MC2.


    Janet in my opinion is facing the same problem Toni Braxton did in 04 with Libra…Not enough promotion from her album and as a faithful fan of hers I would of loved to see more dancing…When I hear Disturbia by Rihanna I think of Janet and how she could have rocked something like that cause Rhi Rhi cant dance. Maybe if Janet Re-releases Discipline with ” 2 night” “Luv” “cant be good” and I new fire dance track she can save her project….Just a few ideas

  27. Anonymous December 7, 2008

    fuc u all MC is the best so fuc u all

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