R. Kelly – ‘Skin’ Video

Published: Thursday 18th Sep 2008 by Sam

The video for R. Kelly’s new single ‘Skin’ premiered today on Yahoo Music. Of the material I’ve heard from his forthcoming LP ’12 Play: 4th Quarter’ (due unsurprisingly in this year’s 4th quarter), ‘Skin’ has definitely been a personal standout cut. The video isn’t bad either…

What do you think of the song?

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  1. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    The song is AWESOME. I’ve been jammin’ it for months. But the VIDEO is a DISASTER. His over acting in that monsoon was too much..just the tip of the ice berg…RE SHOOT.

  2. Anonymous September 18, 2008


  3. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    he needs to go back to his
    I believe i can fly ! type music because this is nothing out of the ordinary from him and very same-ey…
    a good album track but shouldnt be released…..
    im not impressed !!!
    all the years hes had to create something new/different and he comes back with the same ol rubbish about some 6 year old “honey” he loves and wants too bang

  4. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    Oh God he just looks like the DEVIL IN PERSON ! I hate that guy, but love his music, but he’s still a freaky pervert

  5. Anonymous September 18, 2008


  6. t September 18, 2008


  7. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    he lost his fanbase…he might as well jump in a 100 foot deep ditch…that would give us all a good laff

  8. tia September 18, 2008

    i like the song….and the vid is cool,its typical

    but i want him to do something innovative like he did with the "trapped in the closet" phase….something aint nobody else doing,cuz its a bunch of n***** doing this ish right here,even though i like it and i can always count on kellz to bring real r&b and not this pop b*******

  9. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    F*** R.Kelly

    wack mothafucka… burn in hell asshole!!!! u nuttin buh a piece of s***

  10. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    this song sounds like something the dream will do

  11. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    song is ok – nothing new

    Rkelly is 42 now – i don’t think he’s gonna be on the music scene for too long

    besides, his character is awful!!

  12. shawneebear September 19, 2008

    Didn’t even bother to watch or listen to it. Why is he even still getting attention?

  13. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    Kill yo self,R.kelly u lil child molestor

  14. Neva J September 19, 2008

    I like the song much better than the Hair Braider song that someone sent me a some weeks ago.

    I just hope the this 12th Play album lives up to its prodecessor because if it doesn’t it’s going to be bad for him.

  15. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    Didn’t watch and don’t want to hear anything from this P********!!!!

  16. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    By showing his vidoes & playing his music you're supporting this pervert-you're just as guilty as he is

  17. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    This is weak and it feels like I’ve heard it before.

  18. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    that intro was so pointless.

  19. MzJGaines September 20, 2008

    I think he needs to come harder . . . R. Kelly usually makes good music and as of late, not so much. Step your game up Kels

  20. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    I am sick of Black people falling in all ths media press that been put out about some of our talent performer. Stop hating on R. Kelly and move on get a life, because if you are so sure he did those things than Iam to belive you were there watching this act in person,and not on some graining ass video that someone buther togeter so dumb ass n****** like the one am reading here.Can make this White man job that much easer.

  21. Anonymous September 22, 2008

    Great song. Good video. His music, even though there’s nothing new here, is still better than most.

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