Mariah Lines Up Yet Another Single

Published: Tuesday 23rd Sep 2008 by Sam
Mariah Lines Up Yet Another SingleWith several axed singles under her belt, it seems Mariah Carey and her team will attempt another assault on the charts with the 4th release from her ‘E=MC²’ LP – the ballad ‘I Stay In Love’. According to All Access, the song will go for adds on Top 40/Mainstream radio stations on October 21st. {Source}

Granted the song has grown on me a little since my initial listen, I’m not sure this will do much to save this sinking ship of an album. Never say never, I guess, though.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous September 23, 2008

    YAY this is by far the best song on E=mc2! I think that this is a smart choice and I’m surprised that she didn’t release this song or Love Story sooner, since those kinds of songs are her strengths!

  2. Anonymous September 23, 2008

    I stay in love or for the record are her only options at this point…

  3. Anonymous September 23, 2008


  4. Anonymous September 23, 2008

    It’s too late to release that song because nobody cares now. Album been done. Let it go Mariah and just focus on the tour.

  5. Anonymous September 23, 2008

    I want Side Effects!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous September 23, 2008

    jeez, finally.

  7. Nothing But Love September 24, 2008

    This single shold have been released long time… it should have been the second single, but its too late now the damamge has already been done no one aint checking for this album no more

  8. Nothing But Love September 24, 2008

    Oh yeah….what happened to “Im that chick”??? i thought that was gonna be the 2nd single…

  9. Nothing But Love September 24, 2008

    Sorry i meant fourth single…lol

  10. Anonymous September 24, 2008

    One of my fav songs on the album! Bout time she released something worthy. Thanx 4 nothing should be next

  11. Nick September 24, 2008

    I like the album, I realy do, luvin u long time shoulds been a hitt!!

  12. Soufian September 24, 2008

    i wamted side-effects, or for the record!!

  13. Anonymous September 24, 2008

    I WANT THIS NUMBER 1 NOW !!!!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous September 24, 2008

    she better hurry up cause hurricane beyonce is comin soon and I think she is gonna be a category 5 this year!!!!!

  15. LG September 24, 2008

    Migrate is the s*** Mariah, not I Stay In Love!!

    WTF…it’s Nick Cannon fault, everything was ok, until that stupid married with her!!!

  16. The King Of Cool September 24, 2008

    This song should have been released earlier. I think this album is a sinking ship that has no way of being repaired. Sorry Mariah.

  17. Anonymous September 24, 2008

    It ain’t Mariah I blame the label they screwed Janet and there trying to keep Mariah pop she’s RnB E-MC2 is a good album but not the fire as Emancipation because there is more ballads that jams unlike Emancipation which had a nice mixture, Migrate is my jam but Sam your too hyper on that song I personally would love Side Effects and Cruise Control released but we’ll see, I get the feeling she’ll re-release like last time i was mad because Don’t Forget About Us was a tune I get the feeling i’ll be mad again oh and this album way too much JD I was thinking damn his voice again when it weren’t necessary

  18. Anonymous September 24, 2008

    I love this cd! But Mariah always effs up a song w/ a releasing very bad videos. lol If she just released the song and didn’t do a vid, she’d be good!


  19. Anonymous September 24, 2008

    “It’s too late to release that song because nobody cares now. Album been done. Let it go Mariah and just focus on the tour.”

    I just wanna say F*** YOU Anonymous. You are a retarded! ‘E=MC² is a huge success. It’s one of the 10 best-selling albums of 2008 worldwide! This song is another We Belong Together and she won’t stop b******!

  20. Joane September 24, 2008

    The album has sold so far 2,600,000 million copies worldwide. I’m so proud Mimi!
    This song will be number 1!

  21. Anonymous September 24, 2008

    well… another flop

  22. Bizzle Aka Chowtime September 24, 2008

    Mariah is looking really niiiiiiiiice she can rep the Naked Hustle all day

  23. AaronMichael[Songwriter] September 24, 2008

    Is anyone even checking for this album anymore? I’m mean really…let it rest now.

  24. La’Wayne September 24, 2008

    There’s nothin wrong wit the album..i honestly think it should’ve done as well as the emancipation. i feel like i could replate to it more..maybe thats why…”I stay in love” one of my favorites on the album. GOOD LUCK MARIAH

  25. Anonymous September 24, 2008

    They were reading my mind. Good song. I ope they don’t release another song from this CD. It has served it’s purpose. She should kick out a jazz CD of gospel.

  26. Oppa777 September 24, 2008

    Its About Time! You’re right guys, she should have released this sooner, Lovin You Long Time is “last single” material for me… Crise Control and Side Effects are good choices, too.

    With regard to the “nobody cares now” comment, I think there’s still hope, IF Mariah can actually pull this song off LIVE, then that might regain people’s attention to the album.

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