Mariah Performs On Canadian Idol

Published: Thursday 11th Sep 2008 by Sam

Diva Mariah Carey took to the stage on Canadian Idol last night. Check out her performances of ‘I’m That Chick’ as well as ‘We Belong Together’ below:

Yawn. Yes this was marginally better than that Fashion Rocks performance of ‘I’m That Chick’ from earlier this week (she actually moved this time around), but I was still left short-changed. With both performances it was wildly obvious she was lip-synching 95% of the time (though ‘We Belong Together’ was decent-ish). This for a singer who is renown for her voice. I was even thinking the other day; all this talk of Mariah getting older being the reason for her voice being near-enough shot is without any ground IMO. I mean, one need not look further than vocalists such as Patti Labelle’s and co, who way into their old age can still blow as well as they could before.

Mariah already has her name etched in history for what she once was. However, my interest in what she currently is, is fast disappearing.

Anyway, in other Mariah news, she has announced that she has ditched manager Benny Medina. Instead of functioning as her manager, Medina will serve as more of a ‘creative director’ for the singer. Mariah will now be managed by her own company Maroon Entertainment. Ineresting… {Source}.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    not a big fan of mariah but she did decent other than that terrible fashion rocks. she seems to be getting herself back together but shes not a great performer she just sings okay and thats all.

  2. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    I think Mariah is on drugs.

  3. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    Mariah is not the same anymore. Let us start by talking about how she represent herself thru dress appearance. She dresses like she is a teenager. She does not give me the vibe of a very mature, s*** grown woman by the way she dresses. Two why is she lipping to every performance. She is a vocalist isn’t she? I can understand her preserving of vocals but this is like every performance. I mean come on she not a dancer so for me as a fan I expect her to blow us away with her voice. If Aretha, Patti, and Tina Turner can do it, so can she. I’ve kinda lost interest.

  4. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    Mariah’s voice is not the same as Patti’s. her voice is far more fragile. Excessive belting and releasing albums year after year without rest has taken it’s toll. It will take years of vocal therapy to even START getting it back into a better shape.

  5. Anonymous September 11, 2008


    So yeah is it just me or was she trying SOOOOO hard to hit those notes in “We Belong Together” ?? Thats sad being like 38 and losing your vocal abilities…. And since she doesn’t dance, her career may be near end if the vocals don’t get right again.



  6. dcsinger September 11, 2008

    YOU ALL MAKE ME SICK!!! Why can’t you just leave her alone…Especially you Sam…just give it a rest..You all try and sing for 18 yrs and lets see what you sound like..and please…she still sings better than most of the females out now today…

  7. miim September 11, 2008

    Clearly the person above has superhuman hearing. Cause lately i’ev been finding it hard to hear her hit those notes. Not saying shes bad just think she needs a rest with lots of honey and lemon hot drinks.

  8. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    Well…i liked We belong together…when she hit the high notes it was cool…not perfect but it was decent i guess…still a fan anyway…

  9. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    I hated IMTC because she barely sang over the backing track but WBT was actually really good. The belting was kind of weak but still sounded good. Her voice is just so fragile. I hope she can get it fixed. I think Bye Bye would have done so much better if she could have performed it better live.

  10. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    I’ve been disappointed in her live performances lately too. It seems like she struggles and lip synchs off and on during the performances. 9:48 explained it perfectly what has happened to her voice. It isn’t because of age. But despite that, she hasn’t totally lost it, she just needs to make sure she does vocal exercises regularly then her vocals will gradually get better.

  11. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    F*** you hatters. Mariah you are brilliant.

  12. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    I’m not a fan but I think she is doing okay even tho the performance coulda been better..

  13. SG3 September 11, 2008

    I’ve been a MC fan since she debuted back in 1990 with “Vision of Love.” I was listening to her greatest hits CD the other day and you can really tell her voice has taken a beaten over the years. I definitely think she needs to fall back for a while and go through some vocal therapy. It’s definitely has gotten worse over the past few years (more so after wrapping up promo for EOM). I checked out her EOM concert (which was live) and she sounded great. I wish the best for her b/c it would be a shame if were not able to hear such a beautiful voice.

  14. mq1986 September 11, 2008

    This is only a theory, but listening to the way she used (and abused) her voice during the middle period of her career, in addition to how she might have strained herself to hit all those high-range notes in live performances during that time, it may not be a big surprise that her voice is now damaged. And she was pretty young when she first started out too. However, it’s very easy for belters in pop music to ruin their voices if they do not take care to moderate their performances consistently. Considering her pride and love for constant high notes, whistle registers, extended belting, it might be possible that her voice is permanently altered or weakened. If you listen to the songs she sings nowadays, she doesn’t hit her high notes nearly as cleanly, consistently, or long as she did before.

  15. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    She can’t sing like she used to because she’s got nodules. And if she gets them removed it could f*** up her singing for good.

  16. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    u keep complainin about her lip-synchin…fact is dats how she performs now…jus deal with it…if u cant, then keep it movin fam…performance wasnt even dat bad…

  17. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    Mariah’s voice was probably the best female voice we had heard when she came out, and till this day i haven’t heard a singer (even Leona and i love her) wow me nearly as much as Mariah’s voice did. Her voice on Vision of Love way back then was the best it ever was, and at it’s peak in terms of technical singing. However her voice on those tracks for me lack emotion, because you could tell that there was no struggle for her to hit those notes, and that actually didn’t move me as much. Whereas a song like We Belong Together, that rasp she now has adds so much more emotion.

  18. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    Everybody complaining about this and that but none of you are up there doing what she’s doing. After being in the studio year after year and touring in between takes its tow and MC2 is no different. But on the death bed of her voice she is better than most singers today. A note to Sam if you feel your love and support for MC2 has been disappearing stop posting stories about her.

  19. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    As a fan of Mariah Carey, I bought her albums, singles, payed no attention to her awful fashion sense, lack of stage presence and those diva rumors. (some of which appear to be true, just saw someone holding an umbrella for her) I payed no attention to those things bc the women WAS talented. She did what other could not, she wrote, produced and had an amazingly beautiful voice and she delivered every time she had an appearance. Now, I dont mind someone with that level of talent singing a whole song completely off tone because she is human after all, but dont give me these half witted lip synched performances and still expect me to hold the same value to you as the singer you proclaimed to be. Thats just it, mariah is not an entertainer like britney or PCD, she has been defined by her voice and the reality is, she just dosent hav it rite now, will she get it? idk, but for right now, its gone down the tube just like to sorry singles and lame videos she has put out for emc2. Really? did someone actually get paid to conceptulize IBLULT?

  20. Anonymous September 11, 2008

    They’re called vocal nodules people! Terrible shame…

  21. tookie September 11, 2008

    mariah ass is to old for that s***!

  22. Anonymous September 12, 2008

    I really understand why she lipsyncs, the only problem is that it is so obvious and she is definately not selling the songs if she doesnt dance a bit more, someone needs to teach her to move her body a bit more fluently haha

    But you can see on her face that she is also not so happy about the performances, its sad actually, because she is still making good music, but performing them live is really a prolbem for her. I just try to keep in mind that when she was able to blow , she blew! up until 97 she was singing her heart out. Maybe she did put out too many albums too soon after each other, but at least we ejoyed them during at the time, and she wouldnt have so many no 1’s if it wasnt for her releasing so much music.

    I do have to say that after hearing the re-airing of just stand up at fashion rocks, that her voice was actually good, I guess standing next to Mary J , made her give 100%.

    I am really curious to see whats gonna happen in the future, Do you guys think she will ever admit having problems with her voice? I think that wouldnt even be that bad, I think people would understand..

  23. Anonymous September 12, 2008

    For a blog to be taken seriously Sam, you need to do unbiased reporting. Who gives a s*** about your thoughts on Mariah, just state the facts and make a post. Im sure if it was up to you this blog would be nothing but a Beyonce site. We don’t need your opinion everytime you make a post about an artist, let the people form their own opinions.

  24. Anonymous September 12, 2008

    I agree last Anonymous! Mariah is the best and she don’t need your opinions!!!

  25. RnB Boy September 12, 2008

    I know that she does mime – but would she actually mime on a show like Idol? I dont think she is miming”!

    The worst thing about the Im That Chick Performance is that she doesnt seem into it at all – and doesnt move at all on stage!

    She seems best when she is belting out those notes rather than normal singing….

  26. Anonymous September 12, 2008

    Maybe she’s just tired… Do you know that when you lose weight and when you’re on a diet sometimes you feel so very weak… Sometimes when I haven’t had time to eat cuz I was busy with something I’ve noticed that too… You just can’t even talk…

    -Bobby from Bulgaria-

  27. J-Rocka September 12, 2008

    if any of you actually heard Mariah sing live.. then you know she’s not lip synching. I’ve seen her live at least 4 times since her Charmbracelet album.. so I know. She does have backing vocals.. just like every artist who performs live.. but she sings live over them. You can totally tell the difference because if it was lip synching it would sound crystal clear like the album. “hi haters!”

  28. Anonymous September 13, 2008


  29. Anonymous September 13, 2008

    Migrate is the new single, according to Billboard and Amazon.

  30. Anonymous September 13, 2008

    Still love Mariah, not only as a performer but also as a spirit.

  31. Anonymous September 13, 2008

    mariah lost it after glitter. her voice hasnt been the same since. and mariah is a very bad performer. standing in one spot for your entire performance is not worth watching. she should just go eat pink cupcakes and make a baby with nick and take a break.

    and is it just me or has both mariah’s and whitney’s voice lost it since the 90’s?

  32. Anonymous September 13, 2008

    At September 11, 2008 2:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous

    Everybody complaining about this and that but none of you are up there doing what she’s doing. After being in the studio year after year and touring in between takes its tow and MC2 is no different. But on the death bed of her voice she is better than most singers today. A note to Sam if you feel your love and support for MC2 has been disappearing stop posting stories about her.

    this commenter needs to stfu. people like you need to realize something. we have an opinion as to how mariah should be when she performs. we paid for the concerts, the albums, the merchandise, etc. and she comes out like a don diva and half asses it on stage…yeah im gonna be mad if i was one of the people that spent money and all we get is a performance like that.

    so stfu about us not being the one’s that are up there performing. mariah has been in the gme for almost 20 years and she comes out and she still performs like its her first time. fucc outta here

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