New Song: Leona Lewis – ‘Nowhere Left To Go (ft. Cassidy)’

Published: Thursday 18th Sep 2008 by Sam
Leona Lewis - 'Nowhere Left To Go (ft. Cassidy)'Singing sensation Leona Lewis is set to re-release her smash hit album ‘Spirit’ this Christmas here in the UK. The Cassidy-assisted ‘Nowhere Left’ to go is set to feature on this version of the album – having been (record for, but) left off the US release.About the mid-tempo track, I’m really liking the fact that Leona isn’t being pigeon-holed in the ballad-only category – the song is very ‘current’. Saying that, the song, though not bad, doesn’t really serve up much of substance; what’s more there is a distinct lack of chemistry between Leona and Cassidy on the track (his part feels kinda ‘phoned-in’). Decent, I guess.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    Loe the track and her voice. Im actually quite surprised by the urban based beat though, Leona rides it nicely. As for Cassidy…um…yeah, no. Do see why it didn’t make the U.S.version of the album? I hope it atleast gets over the itunes.

  2. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    This is a disgrace! Someone with her talent, that actually has it needs nooooo rapper to enhance her musically! If I ever was a artist with her abilities, I would p*** and laugh at cASSidy for ever trying to step up to the stage where I am! Please, I’m not one to bite my tongue for anyone! This s*** is garbage to the 10th degree!

  3. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    Y’all is clowns… Cassidy ripped this…
    The song overall is ok.. !!

  4. Łukasz September 18, 2008

    Direction is OK, but Cassidy is blah.. s***.. 😐

  5. It’s Lewis, B****. September 18, 2008

    This is complete crap. Enough said.

  6. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    Yall are definatly trippin’. Nobody said she needs a rapper to make the song hot, she doesn’t need one. She just thought it’d be good to put one of the best in tha game on the track. You can’t get any better than Cassidy as far as lyricism. Would you rather have Lil Wayne on it? To me, Cassidy was the highlight of the song.

  7. ND September 18, 2008

    Dats jokes Sam.. His part feels 'phoned-in'… HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA

    Yeh the beat is current.
    Her vocals sound good (silky, smooth & sensual), if she released a single of this standard (without the rapper) then i might actually buy her music cos this is what im feeling…

    BUT Sam your right about the empty/missing chemistry between them. And they definitely weren't in the studio together, thats bait!!

  8. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    I like the fact she’s trying something different and not sticking to the boring slow songs, she has a great voice but her Album for the UK version was to chilled out with ballads, not wrong with having a rapper on the song but someone better then Cassidy, would of been better

  9. Soufian September 18, 2008

    I’m loving loving her part on this song..her voice sounds so sweet.. and indeed i’m missing the chemistry between the two..she should have had someone better..but that won’t stop me from buying the re-release..she honestly deserves it 200%

  10. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    OHH DEAR!!! She is such a MARIAH CAREY copy cat!!! sooo sad…her voice doesnt fit in NO WAY with this kind of music…its AWFUL!!!!

  11. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    love love love this, nice!

  12. Anonymous September 18, 2008

    love leona her voice is too sick i thought cassidy was a pretty random choice for a colloboration i forgot all abt his existence lol
    it kinda reminds me of the track he did with keisha white ne1 remember her lol but this track is way better

  13. SparkD September 18, 2008

    Boy! This is very Mariah-ish! The song is ok with her perfect vocals.

  14. Anonymous September 19, 2008

    her voice makes it all great! it really has grown on me..

  15. Anonymous September 20, 2008

    She has this track locked down.. As for that guy…. Blah.. Enough said!! Don’t even know who Cassidy is!! Why people complaining about her being not right for this and others saying she needs it coz of all the ballads.. before all the fame this was her hook.. I have hundreds of her songs and all of them are urban like this

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