Dawn Talks Danity Kane Drama

Published: Monday 13th Oct 2008 by Sam
Dawn Talks Danity Kane Drama In a recent internet radio interview with VIP Pass, Dawn of drama-fied Danity Kane addressed what exactly is going on with the group – which judging by this interview, even she knows little about. Without pre-empting the whole interview, it seems she is nonethewiser about the future of the group and is set to find out on the much hyped finale of Making The Band 4.
The jury is still out on whether this is a publicity stunt…

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  1. Kid kash. October 13, 2008

    i think its bull. i think all the girls, where pretty much told what the deal is and everyone better keep their mouth shut until tuesday. think about aubrey usually has tons to say about dk when shes out on the carpet. and the last two times shes been interviewed she wanted to get political and tell people they should vote and not worry about dk. B**** PLEASE…. aubrey stay wanting the spot light now all of the sudden its mums the word. whatever. All i know is whose gonna be the cash cow if DK breaks up? DAY 26? donnie? diddy? NEGATIVE!

  2. Anonymous October 13, 2008

    D.K are never going to break up, those girls are not talented enough or charming enough to have solo careers and are suited to a group. Silly people playing silly games to try and give a failing album one last push… but… no one seems to be buying.

  3. Anonymous October 13, 2008

    What a pathetic group. They need all of these so that they could go back to the scene. ugh.

  4. Anonymous October 14, 2008

    Well i dont think it is a failing album they gone gold and look at PCD That is a FLOP

  5. Anonymous October 14, 2008

    PCD is a flop damn stop hatin on dk

  6. Anonymous October 14, 2008

    Urrrm! PCD may be a flop but so is Danity Kane! Wow! the albums gone gold! Gold aint s*** these days, its all about the Platinum and double platinum.

  7. Jerito October 14, 2008

    Im sick of seeing PCD brought up in DK affairs! PCD is nothing but abunch of whores put in a group who cant really sing except melody! [I LOVE HER] Nicole is a f****** b**** and she needs to stop sucking so much d*** and stay the f*** out of the spotlight for once!!!!! DK IS THE BEST I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY BETTER NOT BREAK UP AND I HOPE THIS IS ALL JUST A PUBLICITY STUNT!!!!! DK [UNLIKE PCD] ACTUALLY HAS REAL TALENT…… AND IT DOESNT INVOLVE A STRIP POLE AND SUCKING D***! HA HA HA!

  8. Anonymous October 14, 2008

    ^^^^ YOU RIGHT

  9. Anonymous October 14, 2008

    ^^^^ you Right

  10. Anonymous October 15, 2008

    First of all DK love and respect each other through ups and downs. Diddy did what he thought was best outta the whole situation but I think he jumped the gun a lil. I think the situation would have resolved itself eventually.

    PCD, I absolutely love them too even though I think they don’t give the other girls enough credit for singing. Melody can really sing so she should have more leads in songs also.

  11. Anonymous October 15, 2008

    Diddy is wack he had plans on dawn going solo from the start.He want somebody to kiss his ass and aubrey didn’t and he can’t take it.

  12. Anonymous October 15, 2008

    Puff wants Dawn to have a solo career, but she will not go far. The best thing for them to do is stay together because neither one of them have what it takes to become a solo artist.

  13. Anonymous October 15, 2008

    Puff wants Dawn to have a solo career, but she will not go far. The best thing for them to do is stay together because neither one of them have what it takes to become a solo artist. Dawn is full of s*** and she think she running the group

  14. Anonymous October 16, 2008

    aubrey and d.woods are the most popular ones in the group. if diddy replaces them dk is going no further. dawn might as well pack it up and go home because u’ll be sittin at bad boy like cheri dennis doin nothin.

  15. Anonymous October 18, 2008

    yall some haters, none of the girls are strong enough to go solo yet , that includes “slutty”aubrey , and d “too goods”woods. Taleast dawn realizes that she needs to stay in the group. Not to mention the fact that Dawnd voice is the most unique and marketable in the bunch. Diddy is the boss, Aubrey wanted much more then she deserved, and d woods got swept into aubreys diva attitude. i wish them all the best , but just like every other girl group they’ll go on , and as long as the music is hot.. we’ll learn to live with it.

  16. Anonymous December 13, 2008

    I so much luv DK,nd Aubrey nd D.woods in away deserved to leave d group,but all d way Diddy shudnt ave tot of seperatin d gals,dey just entered d music world.Diddy shud leave d gals to b.nd dos haters of Danity Kane r alls F.L.O.P.s ND DNT KNW GOOD TINS COM ON DIS R TALENENTED GALS we ned to encourage dem nd not condemn dem..talkin bot PCD,I tink der music is hot..nd Nicole shud gve odas der space e.g Melody.she’d bom nd also aundrea.

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