Ne-Yo Talks Chris Brown, Yung Berg, Groupies & More

Published: Tuesday 14th Oct 2008 by Sam

In a recent interview with Power 106 radio station, Ne-Yo spilled the beans on Chris Brown’s ‘lacking’ hygiene, Yung Berh, as well as shedding light on the age he lost his virginity. An interesting listen, I must say.

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  1. kid kash October 14, 2008

    Okay… SO let’s be clear.. Neyo released an album called “year of the gentlemen” But then this n**** turns around and blabs how many groupies hes slept with?? RIIIIGHT real f***** gentlemen LIKE NE-YO. i was suck a big supporter of dude because he could sing produce and do all these great things and promote a positive image and represent a gentleman. and then you go and say you slept with 100 of your groupies. NExt.

  2. Anonymous October 14, 2008


  3. Anonymous October 14, 2008

    Ne-yo is an ass! he was on some music programme saying Rihanna had a big fivehead and stated that he was allowed to stay that. “the conehead” as he shall now be known has got on my nerve, my last nerve and now on my reserve nerve!
    He should also stop ripping off M.J

  4. Karidja Simone October 14, 2008

    I just think he bullshittin his way by using his way through interviews..

    Everyone knows his shiny bald head is gay and the girl are cover-ups.
    More like he got sucked by 70dudes and 30girls who convienietly have random photos to stop the homo talk..

    He is right bout un-original artists but his vocals ain’t the near the greatest so man should stay humble in some ways.

  5. crashnburnx07 October 14, 2008

    ahhh… poor guy. Starting all all this controversy in a patheric attempt to divert people off of focusing on his homosexuality. I lost alot of respect for this “gentlemen” just now. Glad I didn’t buy that album.

  6. AaronMichael[Songwriter] October 14, 2008

    Kid Kash I couldn’t have said it any better myself. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I heard this interview. There’s no getting around this one. Even if what he says isn’t completely true and he was doing it for the sake of the interview, it was still very ungentleman like. Walking contradiction.

  7. T October 14, 2008

    his cd and singles, came and gone, nothing went to #1 or sold like before so he does this, LAME NE-YO VERY LAME B**** ASS NEYO AKA BEYO

  8. Anonymous October 14, 2008

    neyo has to learn the difference between being honest all the time and being bold
    or just plain rude
    now he was very inconsiderate
    he could of elaborated more by saying chris was sweaty after a gig or something
    or he could of just kept it anonymous
    he didnt have to say all that about chris
    lets face it people we get sweaty and smell like funk once in a while
    but he didnt have to put the boy on spot
    and as for the young berg comment he should of just left that alone
    dont start nothing wont be nothing
    as for the rihanna comment about her forehead
    she had no problem with it so why should we
    since chris brown and neyo are friends they will deal with it themselves
    sometimes we forget they are human and they have their own beliefs and opinions outside of the camera
    but sometimes neyo talks too much
    besides i doubt that he slept with 100 girls
    but maybe this will be a lessen for those grouies to stop selling themselves short
    and to quit ruinning other independent self working women reputation

  9. Anonymous October 14, 2008

    ^^^ So true, I agree with you

  10. Anonymous October 14, 2008

    I don’t understand this world we live in. Neyo has slept woth 100 groupies and people start clapping. But if a woman did the same thing they would label her a h**.

  11. Anonymous October 14, 2008

    Str8 Tackey man thats that bull s***

    Why doe everyone start clapping when he has said he slept with 100 groupies like FORREAL if it was a girl it would be looked at different double standards are a mother…


    Is he proud he lost his virginity at 9 years old thats sick.. a `15 year old girl had s** witha 9 year old boy like why hasn’t anyone pointed out how sick and strange that is!!!! what the hell.. why hasn’tanyone said anything about that..

  12. Anonymous October 14, 2008

    Im speechless, honestly speechless, he is a twisted individual and clearly has issues.

  13. Anonymous October 14, 2008

    so fuckn what him and chris brown are friends!!!

    s*** i’d put my friend on blast too lolz 😀

  14. Puff Pastry October 15, 2008

    Groupie are more like Group-HE’s and few she’s.

    Thats why R.Kelly not feelin him cus he be tryin to take his guys and gals off him lol..

    The Chris Breezy comment is jus a play around imo so i just didn’t take him seriously since they friends Chris prob easiest name to drop like that.

    Ne-Yo just be real i’m sure your child don’t wanna hear how your 28yo ass was r**** by a 15yo soo THINK be4 u speak man…

    He ok in some ways but can see through the fakeness…

  15. Anonymous October 15, 2008

    Ne-Yo seems to be gettting a bit arrogant lately. I remember when this dude first came out, I liked his songs becuz they were talking about some real relationships, you could tell that he's had his share of bad & good ones. The Chris Brown comment wasn't that serious, but the Yung Berg comment was… I mean how is "Business" anything like what Lil Wayne or T-Pain are doing?

    Ppl wonder why their young sons are having s** @ 8 & 9 years-old these days. When you have someone like Ne-Yo say he lost his virginity at 9 & then a room full a ppl clap as if its a good thing, that tends to send the wrong message to ppl, but if a female said the same thing, everybody & they momma would be calling her a h** & telling her that she needs to have respect for herself. Oh & man doesn't? If you're going to hold a woman accountable for the things she does to ppl, then shouldn't you do the same thing to man?

    I like the dudes music & all, but not his personality. Doing interviews like this one though is a quick sure fire way for his fans to loose all interst in his music & all respect for him as a person.

  16. Anonymous October 15, 2008

    Why can he say what he wants?
    I just like it that Ne-yo is real and honest.
    And he is one of the best male artist out now. And his album is real good, he is an real musician.

    On Young Berg, thats his oppinion and I agree with ne-yo his songs does sounds like every other joint thats out there right now.

    And on the Power 106, the artist always get these kinds of questions, and Ne-yo answers all these questions,not all artists are this real as Ne-yo is.

    Come on people, give ne-yo a break…

  17. Anonymous October 15, 2008

    all im saying is that i love neyo
    but he was wrong
    that doesnt mean that he didnt have his reasons
    sometimes artist do these things to get attention
    other times while we are being mad at them or taking for them
    they are in co-hoax with the other
    like they say in hollywood bad press is better than no press
    this is why he has young berg going online today saying
    ridiculous things b/c his ego got hurt for what neyo said
    young berg is ok, but he does tend to follow ohter people

  18. Anonymous October 15, 2008

    I love Ne-Yo’s music. The interview was funny and entertaining. If I was an artist, I would not answer all of their questions, because I am trying to work with those people in the music industry. His comments about Young Berg might be harsh, but Young Berg kissed his career bye bye long time ago with his idiotic comments about dark skin women.

  19. strony internetowe December 14, 2014

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