Beyonce Performs ‘Single Ladies’ At World Music Awards 2008

Published: Monday 10th Nov 2008 by Sam

It seems as of late Beyonce is everywhere. The singer performed her smash singles ‘If I Were A Boy’ and ‘Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)’ at the 2008 World Music Awards last night in Monte Carlo’s Sporting Club arena. Though her live showings of ‘If I Were A Boy’ continue to be solid, many have been keen to see what she’d deliver live with ‘Single Ladies’ – myself included.

Watching the ‘Single Ladies’ performance back, however, has me a little disappointed. I can’t put my finger on what exactly it was; but between the distracting hordes of weave on her head, the tacky outfits and the generally unpolished feel of the performance of the song, something wasn’t quite right. Here’s hoping she irons out the messiness of it all and makes it work next time.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    Bey killed it, it was all inspired by a marching abnd set up thats y its like that. Forhead should be ashamed to ever be called a performer THATS MY BEE!!

  2. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    BTW FIRST!….

  3. Anonymous November 10, 2008


  4. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    I was left disappointed as well, and I’m a HUGE fan. I think it had a lot to do with the camera man. The shots and angles were just as messy as the overall performance. But it’s Beyonce; she’ll get it together. 🙂

  5. Anonymous November 10, 2008


    But I dont know what sam is talking about I think it was a great performance and mainly single ladies I mean she does have to sing the song and interact with the crowd so I dont blame her for not going all out plus I mean really its not like this was a really major award show well to me

  6. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    this performance is horrible. to first forgettin the words to her own damn song (although she didnt write ‘if i were a boy’) to not singing but back to her screaming ways, and then covering up the lackluster performance with fireworks and her usual crap

  7. T November 10, 2008

    yeaah the single ladies disappointed me, i wanted IT but it’s easy to see what she did and she’s smart, i wondered why she sang deep on the track so when she does it live it’s the same, deeper voice = less vocal strain to sing and dance, then the backup singers were off, her riffs and jazziness were boring, overall not terrible but not great just boring, AND UGLY OUTFITS!

  8. T November 10, 2008


  9. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    I think SL disappointed because of the band arrangement. The arrangement doesn’t closely match the actual track and it feels like some kinda instrument is missing.. needs more bass or something. But I do like the jazz twist to it.

  10. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    I think it was the live band! There was like no proper base that you could bop your head to!

  11. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    She is trying to show different ways of performing IIWAB. She worked both out anyway!! This was far from being boring!

    I read over in Toya’s world, someone wrote if Rihanna did anything like this we would be mourning the death of a so called singer or entertainer and that is so true. Giving SL is a fast song she had to lead into it with this new IIWAB version and she did great.. But like you said it’s Beyonce; the next time she will have the audience on stage dancing instead of not being able to sit down during her performance…

    Go Beyonce!!

  12. Larry November 10, 2008


  13. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    I liked the new rock vibe that came into IIWAB, think it sounded great

  14. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    A lot of it had to do with the CRAPY camera angles! MY GOD! Some real camera issues there!

  15. Jamil Fordmiin November 10, 2008

    I enjoyed her performance. I really didn’t expect her to go all out on “single ladies” because she had to sing it live. SHE IS HUMAN!!!! There’s only so much a person can do live.

  16. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    O HELL NAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SHOULD SHUT UP ALL THOSE CRAZED STANS GARBAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO !!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    i think it’s the instrumentals. they sound so… bare?

  18. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    Damn, Sam. Is she the only one who performed? I know others did too. I’m sick of all these Beyonce posts. Lets see some of the other performers for a change..

  19. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    mm it doesn’t look like an amazin performance cos the crowd were beyond BAD!!! they jus stood there…no clapping cheering or dancing!!

    beyonce had nothing to work with…and she managed to create so much energy all by herself..i give extra credit for that!!

    bbut it still was an amazing performance..jus beyonce doin her thingggg

    if the crowd were crazy like in WMA 06 (deja vu performance) then she would of killed it more

  20. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    ur part of the reason why beyonce seems to be everywhere fool

  21. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    that crowd was sum serious ASS that made the performance look bad but bey tore that sh*t down

  22. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    i aree that SL was BAD! bad as in not good lol. her hair is just all wrong! it looks cheap, put together in 5 min, just disgusting. something about her face looks off too, i thinks she’s aging, too much makeup over the years i guess. i just couldnt get into the SL performance tho, maybe it was the band like yall said. however that crowd was beyond dry. iiwab was good tho. still got love for ya BEY.

  23. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    i didnt notice her mess up the lyrics

  24. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    I am also a huge B fan, but I just didn’t like it either. Its just so terrible. Someone mentioned the stage looked cheap and their right. I dont feel the band is bad I actually think she has great musicians, but the music is horrible. :: sigh :::

  25. knox November 10, 2008

    na I think she shud leave the band on Single ladies…they did a great job,but single ladies works better wit its real BEAT!….but overal gr8 performance

  26. Anonymous November 10, 2008


  27. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    didnt solang perform 2? and alicia keys? i wanted to check them out…i love bee but im tired of her already..the background singers SUCKED on single ladies..shlda let the track play..

  28. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    Lol… i have to agree with you SAM. What’s up the weave? WTF

  29. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    The performance was great. The only problem was the camera people. They had a bad angle on her performance. The dancing was good, the vocals had way too much screaming which got annoying, but it was a good performance. What about Alicia Keys and Solange performances? Are they going to be posted too???????

  30. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    1) she did well on if i were a boy
    2) shuda used the original music for single ladies…band didn’t work well with it..
    3) the performance was just dry for SL just i wasn’t feelin the dancing it like i was feelin’ it in the video…crowd wasn’t either.

    i think she’ll get it 2gether before the next performance cus i kno she works hard…

  31. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    Bey is just all over the place… She has been around every year since 1997…a hiatus would be great!

  32. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    Brilliant, she got tallent ! Sing live and dance is hard, great coreography, Beyonce, u perfect !

  33. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    she defenitely KILLED it! and i agree that the camera view was BAD! it was too close and to chaotic!

  34. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    Those tights arnt flattering to her body even though shes in amazing shape and has great legs.

  35. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    i really liked single ladies! i mean come on! nobody PERFORMES like Bee! u guys are really cruel! she’s HUMAN she can’t be perfect everytime! witch i think this time she really did great! her vocals and choreography were irreplaceble and her trademark! her band was also good! the look however was not that good especially that hair! and of course the cameras….. so you just can’t blame everything on her!

  36. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    The hell happened to her hair LOL You don’t rock crimped hair and have it looking all dry at the curls and dry at the roots LOL

  37. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    Sam’s just being hard on Beyonce, even though she is well know for being a consumate performer, she is only human. Dat song is up-beat and high energy, unlike most singers she doesnt usually lip-synch which is why she took some of the notes down; cause it would’ve been a daunting task to keep all those high notes, dance and interact wit the crowd.I think it was job very well done, loved it!

  38. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    So her hair dectates her having a not so good performance? After reading the comments everyone is only saying her hair was bad. WTF??? Her hair was bad but she still killed with that performance!

  39. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. It was typical Beyonce. As far as I’m concerned she’s not doing anything I haven’t seen her do before and I’m not impressed.

  40. fernie November 10, 2008

    why are yall blaming
    camera shots?
    this has to do with the band and back up singers there all good but singles ladies doesn’t go well with a band.
    should have just been her and her dancers and the back track or whatever it’s called
    anywho her hair was a HOT mess!!!
    and them cloths look like left overs from gwen stefani’s hollaback girl music video.
    LOLz XD

  41. Anonymous November 10, 2008

    umm, some of yall call that a great performance? wow i see it dont take that much to please yall. umm she was a hot mess, it was too much hair and beyonce never bring nothing new to the table. shes always shaking her ass and thats getting so played the hell out, she need something new to do.

  42. Anonymous November 11, 2008

    Why are we only seeing performances of Beyonce? Now I know Alicia performed.

  43. Anonymous November 11, 2008

    LYRICS? that wasnt iiwab

  44. Anonymous November 11, 2008

    if you guys are wondering where are the other performances (not that it matters no one was topping that) they havent surfaced the only one that has sufaced from the award show was the beyonce one. b/c it was the most in damand b/c the award show hasnt even aired in any country yet

  45. Anonymous November 11, 2008

    It’s cheesy – it’s time for this woman to sit her a** down somewhere. Over exposure is what Beyonce is experiencing now. Go have some kids or something

  46. antertain November 11, 2008

    I actually like that performance and with the lack of performers about she still tore it up if that is a so called below-par performance..

    People just love to critic on small things. She was in monte carlo she had a french themed thing going. She’s a world-wide woman in demand at the moment and she gives alot on stage so i’m happy with her..

  47. Anonymous November 11, 2008

    I’m sorry stans. Beyonce looks really old singing single ladies really old lmao. Verry chessy. And we all know noone can dance and sing at the same time beyonce just prove that again. No backing track so you know

  48. LADY G November 11, 2008

    SHUT UP SAM! there was nothing wrong with the performance or herself in general. that was one hell of a performance. Go Bey

  49. Anonymous November 11, 2008

    if you guys are wondering where are the other performances (not that it matters no one was topping that) they havent surfaced the only one that has sufaced from the award show was the beyonce one. b/c it was the most in damand b/c the award show hasnt even aired in any country yet


    It didn’t matter to you, but it matters to me to see Alicia. I could say the same about your tired a** lacefront queen jumping and hollering as per usual (didn’t matter to me). For a minute there I thought she look liked an undiscovered lost species brought from the jungle for the public to see as a circus act. WTF was that! lol She must’ve killed many animals to get that ish on top of her head.

  50. Anonymous November 11, 2008


  51. Anonymous November 11, 2008

    There were other performances on the show Sam. Why is her performance the only one thats posted? You are so biased towards her.. smh

  52. Anonymous November 12, 2008

    She killed it! Bey had more energy and swagger than some of these other no talent, so called “performers” put together. The same ones some of you love because of what they wear to the grocery store. Get it Bey!!!!!!

  53. Anonymous November 12, 2008

    I’m liking the other songs I have heard from the album. Initially, I thought the album would bomb, but now I think it was the two singles she chose, IIWAB and SL, that I did not like.

    I wish her luck; even though we know she’s going to get the sales.

  54. Anonymous November 12, 2008

    Beyawwnce don’t even know who she is anymore, she is so sick of herself thats why she trying to get into this crazy sasha character. Maybe when she realizes you are who you are she will become sane again. I personally can’t get into someone that tries to be everybody and do everything.Somebody help this chick find herself before she wrecks herself. Poor jay-z he gonna be gray before his time dealing with sybil aka sasha aka beyawnce.

  55. Sasha’s Minion November 12, 2008

    I liked the performance… but I HATE If I were a boy… so I had to mute it! But I did look & listen to the single ladies performance, I liked it!

  56. Anonymous November 13, 2008

    It was okay I have seen better performances from her! hair was f***** , outfits was kool!

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