Britney Spears’ 1st Live Performance of ‘Womanizer’

Published: Thursday 27th Nov 2008 by Sam

Pop superstar Britney Spears gave the first live (loose term) performance of ‘Womanizer’ at Germany’s Bambi Awards tonight. I’m gonna need to see more performances, as the theatrics and major spectacle really veiled whether or not Ms. Spears still has it or nor – which after all is what we all want to know.

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Oppa November 27, 2008

    The performance was… dry.

    Good thing she did this “live” performance overseas and not her mother country.

    She could treat this as a rehearsal for more “live” things to come, as she will surely be promoting her upcoming album

  2. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    That was one lazy-ass performance.. Not to mention the second-hand outfit that she’s wearing (Madonna’s Hard Candy tour, much?). Everything looked great around Britney, she seemed to be the only problem… She’s really lost it.

  3. jonnyhco November 27, 2008

    i love britney.she is amazing. and u cannot just lose it

  4. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    When i saw it.. i just couldn’t close my mouth
    she was AWESOME.. great… AMAZING.!! The clothes just perfect… the hair (what we could see anyway) , the makeup.. everything.. just like the old good britney we loved!!! About dancing.. from the little thing that we saw, i think she has the energy back.. and she can dance! She danced great, although it was a little.. but i don’t care.. that worked for me
    About the singing.. no. it was not live.. but ok in my opinion brit doesn’t have THE voice, it’s the WHOLE damn thing that she has, that makes people love her!!! you don’t have to have good voice to sing songs like womanizer.. it’s just not the kind of music that you can show your voice.. like all britney’s songs, but that’s not the point.. the point is she did it really well, she seemed to be full of energy, happy, ready 2 go and NOTHING TO DO WITH THE F****** DRUGGED VMA 2007 PERFORMANCE!!!!

  5. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    When will u get it SAM?????

    dis b**** britney aint same “intl superstar”… she is “the our of ma craziness-mother of two-no talent” person

    look at her dancin.. da ppl aint even feelin dat stupidity!!

    compare dat to a beyonce performance…. there aint no match

    F*** BRITNEY

  6. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    Why bring Beyonce up again on this?

    for real, get over it, give Britney a break, she wil be bakc in no time, just be patience, she has to get her confidence back first and let’s then compare Britney to Beyonce!

    I think she did a great job, she did what i was expecting her to do!

  7. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    im not britney fan but why you hate britney on that grapjuice leave britney aloneeeeeeeee

    go britney
    you can

  8. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    i love beyonce i love ciara and i love britney but
    the performance was VERY lackluster.

    Why the f*** was she @ the Bambi awards? Who cares about that show? I wonder if they were paying some cash to perform there…

    and as for the Beyonce stans that continue to annoy the s*** outta me, Beyonce is only #1 everytime because she always releases albums when there is NO competition to guarantee that #1 spot. On the singles chart, she hasn’t taken TI’s #1 spot (yet) but what if they both released albums the same week, who do you think would really be #1 the first week, probably TI

  9. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    i m french boy sorry for my english
    go girl leave britney alone ; is a first perfonance
    support her or shut your mouth

  10. Char November 27, 2008

    God, does Beyonce have to be brought up all the time? I don’t mind her, but sheesh, this post ain’t about her. Anyway, personally I don’t think the performance was that good, but I don’t think it was that bad either. A definite improvement from that sham of a performance at the VMAs, but she still has a way to go yet imo. I’m looking forward to her performance on The X Factor this week though, so she best deliver, lol.

  11. Anonymous November 27, 2008


  12. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    post some mya! HAHAHAHAHHA

  13. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    Um….no Britney. That was wack! Brit Brit needs more practice. She had the big Bday peformance next week. Let’s hope she brings her A – game!

  14. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    Good to see her confidence is back.

  15. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    I’m a huge britney fan and if you aren’t going to sing (ie lip-sync), at least dance! All she did was walk around on stage. She’s better than that. On a brighter note, she looked fantastic.

  16. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    oh dear.

  17. ND November 27, 2008

    People have the cheek to cuss of Beyonce !!!!! Beyonce gives a bigger booty shake with no props, two dancers and a leotard!!!

    Britney needs to find her inner soul and pull her out the shell OR if that fails find a fake alter-ego and do something outer her comfort zone!

    p.s. Bey gets mentioned cos she’s the QUEEN of music performance right now!!

  18. Anonymous November 27, 2008

    I liked it. I was shocked that britney was actually singing!! Behind a backing track of course but singing none the less

  19. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    Please stop comparing Beyoncé to Britney!

    Beyoncé can sing live and dance at the same time!

    Who does it nowadays?

  20. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    It was okay.. Its only her first performance.. Hopefully she’ll do better in the next ones..

  21. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    i thought it was pretty good, the only thing that seperates britney’s performances from the past to now is that i believe then britney used to just come on stage and just rip it because she didn’t have anything to prove she was the queen now i think she’s so self conscious about seeing her name on every “BLOG” and tabloid that she’s like “i’m just sticking to the dance moves in there simplest form” which still is better than a lot of artists.

  22. Qelz November 28, 2008

    She is not doing enough dancing to be lip-synching. I actually like this song, but she could have done a lot more. I’m sure she didn’t forget how to dance. All her management have to do is get her some good choreography and she practice it like a manaic. Whether she dances or not, she is going to get criticised, so she should at least do something that will combat some of the negativity. Moving her arms around once in a while is not going to regain her reputation as an artist.

  23. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    Britney needs to start promoting “Circus” already. It’s def something the public has been waiting for. It’s very “Me Against The Music 2008” imho!


  24. Terrispeaks November 28, 2008

    It was better than the VMA debacle. I am rooting for her big-time because she’s been through hell. It’s got to be nerve-wracking to make this comeback. Her smile at the end was so cute and genuine, like she hoped everyone enjoyed it. I also just wanna point out how great she looked!

  25. Anonymous November 28, 2008


  26. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    Brandy – HUMAN >>>> 2008

  27. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    I’m sorry but “Womanizer” is a very easy song to sing even when dancing. I would have liked to hear a live adlib at the LEAST!

  28. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    where her dancin skills go?!

  29. WithLove November 28, 2008

    I love Britney to death but she did not kill it with this performance I don’t know if she’s stiff or the choreography is stiff. Either there was no easy and smooth transition from one move to another or she was not flowing at all. She will get better though She’s Britney!

  30. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    This is why Bey is the hottest chick in the game, her name comes up in every conversation.. that’s the bar Brit has to reach and like all others she can’t

  31. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    that was sum serious ASS

    where tha f*ck is beyonce she would of ate that sh*t alive AND SHE WOULD OF SANG IT LIVE

    seriously has this chic ever song live

    and ya’ll need to stop tryna give britney a pass if beyonce had of gave a lac luster performance like this ya’lled b crucifing her career rite now

  32. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    all those ppl saying this performance was horrible..u ppl r pathetic..this was not the best performance but it was not the is 100times better than any performance beyonce or rihanna can give so stfu!!!

  33. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    11:47, you wish!! yea rihanna but britney cant touch beyonce EVER especialli until she learns to sing live

  34. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    i was talkin about the performance not the vocal abilities so stfu!!…pathetic person

  35. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    i was talkin about the performance not her vocal abilities so stfu..pathetic person

  36. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    I think Britney is starting to get a feel of performing again in front of an AUDIENCE again Like others have said it’s just ONE performance. Get over it, stop complaining, bashing, etc And just wish her the best. I sure when she performs on the X-Factor this weekend, she will feel confident and not so much being nervous.

  37. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    ITS BRITNEY B****…. wasnt the best but 4 now ill do…..

    you can c the b**** is back… good luck brit!!

  38. MzJGaines November 28, 2008

    It wasn’t Britney at her best . . . but none the less it was a decent performance . . . she’ll get back in the swing of things . . .

  39. Anonymous November 28, 2008

    CHECK OUT Britney performing on Star Acamdemy… MUCH better performance 😀


  40. Anonymous November 28, 2008


  41. Anonymous November 29, 2008

    Agree – star academy performance much better, mainly because the crowd were going mad for her. I think the britney we know & love wont be back til this time nxt year or after. she's getting back in the swing of things slowly but surely i reckon. Hopefully 2nites X FACTOR stint will be a case of 3rd time lucky & she wont be so nervous.

  42. Soufian November 29, 2008

    i loveeeeeed it you can see she is getting her groove back..!!

  43. Anonymous November 29, 2008

    I Like It I thought this was a start to the carrer that we were use to. But I think that she can bring more just this event was a differnt setting

  44. Anonymous November 29, 2008

    britney is getting her grove back, and will continue to do so. her album is gonna be number one, why? cuz the circus is coming to town. sasha fierce can be like…the bearded woman in britneys show. but britneys the ringleader! she calls the shots!

  45. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    Britney is waaaaay better that that Fat trash called BeYawnce!!!! Britney is the QUEEN!!! Quit hating. No matter what she goes through she still has a HUGE fanbase and has WAY more credit than alot of other celebs including BeYawnce!! Britney has outsold her in albums!! IT’S BRITNEY B******!!!!

  46. Anonymous December 1, 2008

    lip syncing is the new form of singing live now?

  47. jhon gerardo March 12, 2012

    los besos son todos una alegria

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