New Song: Alexandra Burke – ‘Hallelujah’

Published: Sunday 14th Dec 2008 by Sam

Alexandra Burke - 'Hallelujah' Following her triumphant victory on last night’s nail-biting X-Factor finale, Alexandra Burke’s debut single ‘Hallelujah’ hit the net (legally of course). You can listen to the 20 year old’s emotive version of the Leonard Cohen classic, which is tipped to hit #1 next week (and possibly sell a million copies first week), below:

Flawless vocal. A winner if there ever was one.

You can check out new promo pics of Alex below, as well as above:

Alexandra Burke - 'Hallelujah' Alexandra Burke - 'Hallelujah'
There’s more LOL. Check out Alex’s press session following her victory, with show judge and mentor Cheryl Cole. She talks about her reaction to winning, the Leona comparisons, dueting with Beyonce and a whole lot more:

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous December 14, 2008

    amazing, just amazing, flawlessly amazing, downloaded it last night as soon as it was released. hope she hits the big time because she deserves, i’ve also been followin her from day one and i’m so glaad she won, brilliant personality and voice

  2. Anonymous December 14, 2008

    alex was one of my faves..but its only now her voice is starting to grate on me a lil bit-just way she her still!!

  3. Anonymous December 14, 2008

    She is so humble and I am so proud of her. I love the single. I am so glad that she won. I hope she goes worldwide.

  4. Anonymous December 14, 2008

    Thats my girl!!!!

  5. antertain December 14, 2008

    Lookin like a winner and sounding like a Diva with her demands already LOL jus kidding.
    Lap it up Alex and get it going Global.

    Pics are hot

  6. Anonymous December 14, 2008

    Why couldn’t she sing a different song

  7. beast December 14, 2008

    to me… she is very ugly

  8. Anonymous December 14, 2008

    ^^^Well you must be blind then. She’s gorgeous!

  9. Anonymous December 14, 2008

    Aw. Loved her interview with Cheryl. She’s just so innocent…bless.

    And already downloaded Hallelujah last night. What a track! Gwarn Alex!

  10. ND December 14, 2008

    So real. i love her spirit!

  11. Anonymous December 14, 2008

    I can’t remember the last single i brought coz its been that long ago 😛 .. BUT i am definately gonna support Alex and buy this single..

    SHE HAS TO make Christmas NUMBER 1!!!!! 😀

  12. Anonymous December 14, 2008

    Alexandra talks like she’s mentally retarded. Cheryl is good though.

  13. suga brown December 15, 2008

    She’s soo excited its like she wants to explode lol..

    Her and Cheryl crazy…

    Everyone has a so-so winners song but i think this a perfect christmas song.
    It’ll be interesting to hear her proper 1st single next year..

    I think they take their time with her and i guess she’ll have an album around september/october time

  14. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    stop hatinnn on alexandra, she’s gorgeaus and she’s not mentally retardeded, you might be. dwonloaded it as soon as it was released, go alex!!

  15. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    Who is Beast calling ugly u hater if ur guy u most be on the other side if u know what i mean, u stupid hater. GO ALEX GO UR THE BOMB BABY. Playas play, haters hate thats the way it is

  16. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    Stopin hating Alex is wicked. HATERS STOP HATING

  17. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    I heard Alex’s album’s going to get released ’round March time.

  18. Anonymous December 15, 2008

    Good luck Alex…. life has been hard, but you have done well.. Just keep away from the Diva attitude whatever you do!

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