Soulja Boy: ‘Nas Killed Hip-Hop & His Own Career’

Published: Tuesday 30th Dec 2008 by Sam

With a flopping album to promote, Soulja Boy has taken a leaf out of 50 Cent’s book and making controversial comments about other artists. Peep what the teen ‘star’ had to say about Nas above. SMH…

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  1. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    f*** soulja r*****… lame ass gay mothafucka

    i don’t kno who da hell gave dis punk ass b**** a recordin contract!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    He needs to go somewhere and sit his ass down with that horrible ass album he made. It sounds like garbage.

  3. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    Ughh Hate him!

  4. soufian_y December 30, 2008

    godddd just go away already you worthless piece of human being

  5. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    damn yall cruel but he still making $$$$$$$

  6. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    whyyy arab cut his hair…. he still look good though

  7. iDre December 30, 2008

    not this reject too…. why do losers go after ppl they once idiolized when they’re albums are worth less than the gum stuck to the bottom of my Js? losers

  8. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    Wish he was dead. Haha jk. But seriously wasn’t he just talking about how we was gone quit cussing and other stuff.

  9. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    SB is really a joke because his sales and career is on ice right now he follows 50 route and calls out Nas, dude please Nas got hits for days something you wish you had but already the public is tired of you. Sorry homeboy its over so soon.

  10. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    This is why I voted for him to “sit down” on the 2008 Grapejuice awards..

    shake my dayum head..

  11. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    Eww this one hit wonder has the nerves to talk after his latest album only sold 45,000 in its first week while Nas’ latest sold over 180,000 in its first week plus Nas sold over 12 million through out his career and Nas is considered a legend. These young rappers need to learn to stay in they place and respect the people who paved the way for them. SMH at Soulja Boy.

  12. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    Oh Lawd!!!!!!!!! Somebody please crack this mf’s skull for me. I am so sick of his lil b****, fake, wannabe a rapper a**!.

  13. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    does anyone realize dat he is always wit arab…they got something goin on i swear they do…gay fuckaz…imma see how arab album be before i get on him…but soulja boy…you whack…you stupid…you retarded…you illiterate…ugh stfu

  14. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    Got crack ?

  15. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    How can someone talk soooo much and say so little?? I swear I watched 3 minutes of that video and it was like he was speaking an idiots only rambling language.

  16. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    Soulja boy talking…. evidence hip hop may actually be dead!

  17. ANT FROM CLEVELAND TO CALI December 30, 2008


  18. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    He is so dumb. LMAO. He’s just saying this nonsense because his album flopped. Had his new album been successful, he wouldn’t have said a word. It’s ironic he’s going after Nas because Nas was one of the few rappers that supported him and said he liked that Souljah Boy dance. Well anyway, Nas shouldn’t give him the time of day with a response, that would only extend his 15 minutes.

  19. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    Sam is soulja boy
    hahhaa lol

  20. Nick December 30, 2008


  21. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    ^^ Totally agree, I wish he would just go away.

    & @ 10:34am.. Is that a joke?

  22. ChvalryIsMe December 30, 2008

    Ugh. Another desperate attempt to keep himself relevant in the media…this dude needs to go away for a long time until he gets a new inspiration or something. Nas would MURDER Soulja Boy in a battle.

  23. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    Soulja boy shut the f*** up don’t talk stupid now.

  24. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    He just mad his 15 mins are up!
    Real talent is still strong in the game Weezy TI Luda Jay 50 Jeezy etc.

  25. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    I just love Soulja Boy… aaaaaa

  26. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    dis n****’s time is up.. wanna-be rapper ma ass
    we aint gonn be hearin from his lame ass again… true dat!!

  27. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    Soulja boy cant even freestlye. Ciara can freestyle harder then him and isnt that atleast a requirement to at least freestyle to be a rapper. So Dont be mad if ppl see you are garbage and arent supporting you cuz he is whack and his 5 mins are up! He never had 15 mins!

  28. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    So Nas killed hip-hop huh?
    Really? What a dumbass…
    I got one word for Soulja Boy: “Ether”
    You don’t want it with Nas.

  29. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    what happend 2 souljaboy not saying n***** anymore because of his young auidence that look up to him ??? hes such a tool !!!

  30. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    Nas is a hip hop legend. how dare soulja crap?! he has waaay too much time on his hand to be making these publicity hungry videos. i hope nas doesn’t even respond to this whack ass kid.

  31. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    his career is OFFICIALLY OVER with this ignorant ass comment…Did he do his research before he opened his mouth.It’s not too late he should take some of that money and go to college and have a back up plan before it is too late. Soulja boy is Pure ignorance

  32. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    Does it really matter what Soulja Boy thinks. He and all these young bloods need to get out of youtube and their asses in the studios and make some desecent rap. You wanna who killed hip-hop? alot of things did. Commerical sucess, media hyped rap beefs that went too far, rapers becoming actors, I won’t continue with my list but the point is SB is the by product of an art form that gotten worse becasue of lazyiness and easy access to web cam.
    I just mean Soulja Boy was saying what some people was thinking but He didn’t get what Nas meant about the term Hip Hop is Dead.

    I just hope Nas doesn’t respond

  33. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    ANONYMOUSE @4:33 I totally agree with you.

    But also I just thought he should researched Nas Statement Nas said Hip hop is dead to challenge hip hop which it did and Lil Wayne went hard with his album. I mean if Nas really meant the way Soujia boy thought then why would Nas push a album out. Souljia boy shouldn’t be running his mouth he should think before he says things thats all.

  34. shley December 30, 2008

    what an idiot. its people like soulja boy who killed hip hop.

  35. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    Haters…All of ya are Haters. Souljah Boy makes music for the youth. I listened to Kris Kross and Another Bad Creation in my youth. People talked mad ish about them back in da day. If you are getting all upset about what Souljah Boy is saying…you need help. Let the kids crank dat souljah boy and birdwalk. Us adults need to focus on keeping money in our pockets. Hip Hop Will Never Die!!!

  36. blaque17 December 30, 2008

    Little boy, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!! I’m tired, I am so tired of this crap. This piece of sh*t wannabee rapper thinks he can say boo about Nas? Who the hell does he think he is? He is one of the main reasons why I too believe hip hop is dead. The fact that his stupid stupid stupid Superman BS sold and was played and danced by so many people baffles me. What’s worse is how grown adults would follow that crap. I thank God that I grew up in the times of Biggie, Tupac, Nas, Mos Def, Common, Jay Z, LL Cool J, Eminem(yes he is great), Ludacris, Missy, Method Man, Fugees, 8 ball, De La Sol, Salt N Pepa, and etc… there are more whose names escape me. That is what saved me from the BS playing on the radios these days. But I do have to give props to TI, because he is real. I don’t care what anyone says, Lil’ Wayne is not real hip hop. I get annoyed anytime I hear his music. Please SouljaBoy, respect the talented and greats and go hide under your covers in shame. You ain’t sh*t, you never were, and you never will be. By the way, your fake rap career is over. Money talks and your latest album can’t even whisper.

  37. Anonymous December 30, 2008

    Soulja boy is a motherfuckin joke, f*** him.

  38. Anonymous December 31, 2008

    the teenage version of curtis!i wish he would just disappear or something.ugh

    and nas should take this and laugh.soulja boy is not meant to be taken serious!

  39. Anonymous December 31, 2008

    All the f***** souljah boy supporters please stand up…and getdafakoutaherebitches! man, a fool like him thinks he could say s*** just cuz he made a song for bops to f***** dance to. NAS is way above his paygrads. Souljah boy is worth less than NAS’s doormat. S***. I’m pissed because obviously lives his career on mainstream business. He throws up Lil Wayne as the best rapper out there. First off, only mainstream Hip HOp “listeners” out there believe that. It is always Lil Wayne. Kanye. Wayne. Kanye. Weezy. Love Lockdown and my momma died. S***…Get of that s***. Man, it’s f***** n***** like Souljah boy who think they are some s***. Souljah boy’s gonna f***** be let go if he keeps on saying s*** like that. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got shot. I hate f***** rollin down the street hearin some “Souljah Boy tell em” s***. Mang. NAS probly wont even wanna here this s***. And to the guy who said this is music for kids, tell me what the meaning of “Crank Dat” is and then post some s*** up. Obviously, all the motherfuckin mainstream fools think they know something. Get the f*** out of here b******.

  40. Anonymous December 31, 2008

    It’s funny how Soulja Boy’s f***** groupies be supporting his s***. I cant even understand his unenglish speaking ass. All his groupies can’t even look in the camera. They shouldn’t even be saying anything. Soulja boy at first. His groupies are b******.

  41. Anonymous December 31, 2008

    funny how soulja b**** tried to make this insightful by comparing it to politics. Lil wayne-Obama. Nas-Bush. Totally different, and i bet you soulja b**** doesnt even understand how the economy and government works. My gosh. Someone shoot him.

  42. Rob [YKYDAW] December 31, 2008

    Seriously this b**** ass kid needs to be SHOT 9 times (and i don’t ever wish death on everyone…) REALLY kid needs to stop and continuing his whack ass rap music kids these days love ( i knew he was s*** ever since i saw that rubber band necklace moreover his music). Nas did not kill rap YOU DID you changed the game to make it whack as s*** to the point that n***** be wanting to listen to britney (may as well cause they both bubble hum as HELL). Before i was supportign him ROOTING for him cause hes young and doing this thing now he seriosuly needs to STFU

  43. Anonymous December 31, 2008

    what a b****

  44. Anonymous December 31, 2008

    Bone Thugz n Harmony.. were the first n***** that actually sang & rap…


  45. Anonymous December 31, 2008

    is this a soup??? TTSOC (teenage televison souljah on crack)

  46. Anonymous December 31, 2008

    Punk Ass, Stupid Ass Crooked Ass Nicklodeon Toon HitsMaker!!!… Get Tha F*** Outta Hear Maine.. Go Suck On Sum D*** That Will Keep Your Mounth Shut!!!

  47. Anonymous December 31, 2008

    WOW YAL ARE GOING REALLY HARD ON DIS NIGA LIKE ITS REALLY NOT THAT SERIOUS HES JUST STATING HIS opinion an for me i dont really like him dat much an in some of the things he saying is right. i mean nas did say hip hop is dead an lil Wayne definitely prove that wrong so why yal going so hard

  48. Anonymous December 31, 2008

    more like soulja b**** like really homeboy had one good song and everysong after crank dat had to have someone else on it and trin to rag on Nas really Nas would destroy i mean Murder soulja b**** he needs to go to sleep on da real

  49. Anonymous January 1, 2009

    those clowns just ignorant with this r*****

  50. Doesn’t Matter January 1, 2009

    Three things:

    1. I’m mad I watched him ramble on for damn near seven minutes. We got your point after TWO mintues.

    2. I feel bad for the guys that have to listen to him.

    3. He needs to put on a shirt.

  51. Anonymous January 1, 2009

    You gotta LOVE stupid lil’ n****s!

  52. Anonymous January 1, 2009

    It’s nice to see these young scholars have an intelligent conversation. They probably talked about the stock market and economy after this.

  53. Anonymous January 1, 2009

    Why are all of you so upset about what this youngster is speaking? How old are you? Let the boy grow up and he will understand his mistakes later on in life, Ain’t he like 17. My lil cousins(boys and girls) love his music. If you live in South(USA), this is all the kids listen to. I bet a year ago all of you were in the club doing the Soulja Boy Dance. Don’t Lie! How many you bought Nas last album? I bet less than half of you. Please stop comparing Soulja Boy to 50 Cent!!! That’s just nonsense.

  54. Anonymous January 1, 2009

    Nas is a LEGEND regardless of his career today, he’s one of the greatest emcees dead or alive. Soulja Boy is just a fad. But am I surprised? NOT AT ALL. He’s never hidden his ignorance. Does his age play a role in this? NOT AT ALL, it’s an excuse. He is just a reflection of a generation who is being spoiled, overprotected and defended for anything instead of being instilled respect of elders, honor and responsibility. When Nas was his age (about 18), IllMatic came out and he was crowned one of the greatest lyricists EVER. Nas NEVER disrespected those who paved the way for him at the time.

    Am I mad at him? Nope. WHY do people BUILD UP these blatant disrespectful monsters to be mad as heck at their ignorance later on? i’ll never understand. This guy is only doing what millions of people gave him the power to do. His ignorance is nothing new, just like 50’s ignorance has never been hidden. Why are so many people shocked like Soulja’s always reflected intelligence and wit? I’m trying to figure this one out. I know people who complain about Kanye’s arrogance but STILL buy his music and concert tickets. Why? Explain this to me. Money talks, if they didn’t generate money, they’d be gone. All these popular artists we have, we deserve them.

  55. Anonymous January 2, 2009

    That’s why his little manorexic ass got jacked up. Karma is a b****!

  56. Anonymous January 2, 2009

    @12:29 shutup.nobody cares

  57. Anonymous January 3, 2009

    Put a shirt on fool…aint nobody wanna see yo boney ass!
    NaS= Legend
    Soulja Boy= b**** niggah.

  58. Anonymous January 4, 2009

    @January 1, 2009 7:59 PM – You are speaking the truth. To everyone else…you only hating b/c you jealous. If I had a chance to make a mil off one freakin song(bad or good), I would and you would too. MESSAGE!!!

  59. Anonymous January 11, 2009

    he presents a valid argument with the idea being that Hip-hop is a business; but with Hip-hop as music he just pisses me off.

  60. Anonymous January 21, 2009

    Nas is a f***** legend. Soulja Boy is p****. This n**** needs to sit his b**** ass down somewhere.

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