Ciara ‘Never Ever’ Access Granted Commercial

Published: Wednesday 28th Jan 2009 by Sam
Peep the short commercial above for Ciara’s Access Granted for the video for her single ‘Never Ever’. CiCi looks great in the clip, which premieres in its entirety on Friday, however I just cannot get into the song. Here’s hoping the video compensates for the song ala ‘Go Girl’.
Your thoughts?

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  1. Juztoon January 28, 2009

    I’m lovin’ Never Ever right now…!!

    Cant wait to see the vid!!

    Go Ci Ci =D

  2. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    i absolutely love the song. it’s like a luluby except the lyrics are a bit sad.

    she will kill in this video. i’ve seen it. it’s like a brighter version of promise but hotter.

    she’s brilliant in this nitch. great warm up for that uptempo coming in late march

  3. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    Ciara shutting the game down!
    The song is SO beautiful and the radio edit is the best!

  4. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    Get it Cici!

  5. Corey January 28, 2009

    OH YEAH! Only Ciara videos I get amped for! Goodness im over here going crazy! Cant wait to see it! Her Bod is amazing and video is so s***!!!!!!!!

    Ciara 09 she is about the shine!

  6. JJ January 28, 2009

    808's and Heartbreaks State Troppers & Interstates giving me a bad vibe Im guess Im just a bad guy…. Throw ya hands up in the air if you know he luv you..tell the dj play this song right here if you know he luv ya! OH WEE I love this song!!!! And VIDEO is so freaking HOT and sooo CICI= Killing it!!!

  7. Jamie January 28, 2009

    Beyonce Rihanna are goons but whats a goon to the Queen Goblin CIARA! Get it MAMA! Video looking Fab and S***!

  8. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    ci can hold her own and in her own lane. no need for comparison

  9. Talisa J January 28, 2009

    Yessss, Queen. SPIKE and PUNCH us with this one!

  10. beast January 28, 2009

    Ciara stans are a bit weird 0___o

    _ _ _ _ _

    The Beast is Herr!!

  11. Nick January 28, 2009

    hahaha, LOVE CIARA, BUT THIS IS A WACK song, IM SURE the video will b GREAT THO!!! shes goooood/

  12. Anonymous January 28, 2009


  13. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    She looks gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the video. Go Girl was a fantastic video.

  14. Anonymous January 28, 2009


  15. Anonymous January 28, 2009

    DAYUM Cici looks s***! look at those hips/thighs/a**/and abs!!!!

  16. Anonymous January 29, 2009

    You guys was saying this about GO Girl and you guys still didn’t helpur girl out on the

  17. Anonymous January 29, 2009

    Ciara’s hella s***, she always give her all-thas wut I love about her. The songs great, she sounds beautiful, cant wait to see more of her!

  18. Anonymous January 29, 2009

    i agree sam…that song is terrible…and its supposed to be the “first” single? ugh..she has better explodem, supernatural, and high price

  19. Anonymous January 29, 2009

    SOME OF the songs that leaked will not be on the cd. it’s hot though. if you don’t like it oh well. but to me the song is hot. the vid will be hotter.

    i think the label pulled the plug on go girl because they new they were pushing back. so haters don’t be too happy using the fact that it wasn’t on the charts long as some sort of hate speech. we all know that if ci had pushed that song it would have gone top 40 atleast.

    this song is a better first single than most first singles i’ve heard from females for the past 2 years. and when she follows it up with that club banger, it’s a wrap.

  20. Anonymous January 29, 2009

    yeah ci stans are wierd becuase they support her and for the most part arent concerned with haters or bashing other artists. they don’t need to overhype anything bc the talent speaks for itself.

    that makes them really wierd.

    can’t wait cici

  21. Anonymous January 29, 2009

    So true, This is gonna kill da charts. and when her dance track is released, its a wrap. Nobody and i mean nobody can compare to Ciara when she release an up-tempo joint so sit back and enjoy the “takeover”!

    -taylor payne

  22. Anonymous January 29, 2009

    She looks thicker. Like old school Ciara.

  23. Anonymous January 29, 2009

    i hope wither i catch the re-run or somebody uploads the access granted to youtube….
    *crys in a corner*

  24. Anonymous January 29, 2009

    lol. well i’ll be at my tv front and center and i’ll be tivoing it at the same time

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