From The Vault: TLC – ‘Red Light Special’

Published: Sunday 18th Jan 2009 by Sam
This week’s classic From The Vault clip is TLC’s 1995 sensual smash ‘Red Light Special’. Lifted from the trio’s Diamond selling LP ‘CrazySexyCool’, the song, which reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, saw its racy video become a staple on music stations across the globe and to date serves as one of their biggest hits. Check it out:

Cliche sounding, perhaps, but back then really were the good ol’ days of R&B.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous January 18, 2009

    R&B is dead now. There's so many good new artists that come out with real R&B but no stations wanna give them any air time or spin their records cuz they ain't popular enough or their singles ain't "radio friendly". That's why we are always stuck with the same played out R&B artists. SMH. I miss the 90's.

  2. Anonymous January 18, 2009

    TLC, best girl group ever. Hands down.

  3. Jessica January 18, 2009

    Awww! Thanks for picking TLC! I have been a gigantic fan since 1992. Everyone make sure you get Left Eye’s new album, Eye Legacy, on January 27th!

  4. Bebu January 18, 2009

    I was only like 11 but the memories, they were so good. This is when music was good and it wasnt about just shaking your ass on stage(Ciara). It was about using the microphone and singing the song.

  5. Anonymous January 18, 2009

    it brings me so many good mm’ries of the good era a fan from cameroon

  6. Anonymous January 18, 2009

    Pure coincidence that you post this at the same time I'm listening to it on my ITUNES.

    I LOVE THIS SONG. Number 7 on my Top 25 most played song and still gets regular spins in my car.

    This is R&B gold and I really do miss those days. Babyface did wonders for R&B and his new replacement (Ne-Yo) isn't up to par.

  7. Anonymous January 18, 2009




  8. Duane da Vinci January 18, 2009

    This truely was a classic and the hype of thier careers. heres hoping in 2009 all three members projects will get lifted off the ground. Starting with Left Eye” Eye Legacy, on January 27th, Chilli’s Bipolar, and T-Boz’s Untitled.

  9. Anonymous January 18, 2009

    Hot video, I miss TLC that was a hot album. Creep was my joint though

  10. number1k9 January 18, 2009

    I think their best song from that album was “Diggin’ On You.” Everybody likes “Waterfalls,” prob. cause Left Eye had a verse, but I really liked ‘Diggin’ ‘ because it had more of a mid-tempo-flow-y vibe.

    Just my opinion!

  11. you already know January 18, 2009

    TLC was one of the best girl groups that EVER did it. They all had parts and they went with the vibe. I think that’s why so many ppl miss them. RIP Lisa “left eye” Lopes. You will be missed.

  12. Anonymous January 18, 2009

    YEAH TLC!!! Theee best group and no body will ever be like them. Gawd I miss them and real RnB music, there is no RnB now days 🙁 RIP Lisa

  13. Anonymous January 18, 2009

    I couldn't agree any more! Very true! Back den really was da good ol days of R&B. Da so called R&B songs playing now are almost not true 2 da R&B style. But songs like dis are Timeless n true 2 da R&B style.

  14. Anonymous January 18, 2009

    ahhh.. the 90s. TLC IS FOREVER.

  15. Ms Keia January 18, 2009

    Yes . . . this was my JAM . . . and I def had the red light bulb poppin in the room . . . back when music was real . . . I forgot this album went diamond . . . I was listening to Silk on Friday at work . . . ‘Meeting In My Bedroom’ . . . let me stop NOW . . . TLC . . . blazing trails for many to follow . . .

  16. Anonymous January 19, 2009


    (origdjeh1 on youtube)
    Read Psalm23


  17. Anonymous January 20, 2009

    Theres nothing cliche about it Sam..
    Back then RnB was 100 times better than the trash we hear today,thats a fact!!

  18. Anonymous January 23, 2009

    *sigh* the good old days when music had ambiguity. I was like 10 singing this song and had no idea what they were talking about cuz it didnt sound nasty. Now a days the lyrics explain the entire act! *sigh* Oh how I miss it 🙁

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