New Song: Ciara – ‘Roll Call (ft. Lil Jon & Lil’ Wayne)’

Published: Monday 12th Jan 2009 by Sam
New Song: Ciara - 'Roll Call (ft. Lil Jon & Lil' Wayne)'
Having been left with a salty taste in my mouth after hearing Ciara’s new single ‘Never Ever’, it’s great to finally hear material from her ‘Fantasy Ride’ album (due April 7th) that reignites my anticipation for the project. ‘Roll Call’, which features Lil’ Jon and Lil’ Wayne, is a guitar driven, hard hitting cut which sees the singer give a nod to her ‘Crunk’ beginnings – and taking it to another level. This one is definitely a winner. You can listen below:

Hit or Miss?

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  1. mimi January 12, 2009

    It’ straight

  2. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    This goes haaaaaaaaaaaaaaRD!

    Snippet of the Lyrics to the official “Go Girl” remix feautering Beyonce.

    I’m the incredible bootylicious one,
    they call me Sasha.
    I wear that one iron glove, leotard and 9 inch lamboutin, like it never had been.

  3. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    this isnt her song…its waynes ft ciara

  4. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    Actually it’s LiL johns and it’s old. I like NE. The song w cb goes hard

  5. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    definitely…a miss…such a boring song from that album..once again. try again cici

  6. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    But it was for Jons Crunk Rock Album I guess they are putting it on Fantasy Ride.

    NEVER EVER IS HOT! Could pick on the radio tho! CB n Her Record is a hit with most of her leaks!

  7. FoxyCleo January 12, 2009

    go ciara!!

    i love this song

  8. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    The crunk rock beat is hot. Club banger!

  9. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    Its hot once again but i dont know about all these leaks. Im sure its not what she intended.

  10. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    jeez, how many more songs is she going to leak?

  11. Anonymous January 12, 2009


    (origdjeh1 on youtube) DON’T GIVE UP!


  12. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    I hate to break it to you Sam, but this song isn’t hers it’s Lil’ Jon’s FEATURING HER AND WAYNE and it’s OLD.

  13. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    Horrible song, the song with CB is a lil better. She shoulds went with “go girl”. Her vocals on “neva eva” sucks, the video may be cool. Jeezy looks nice in the video pix. Sorry Cici!!

  14. Nick January 12, 2009

    how many leaks girl??? i luv me sum Ciara, BUT she fallin off honey/

  15. Beast January 12, 2009

    old old old

  16. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    the s*** sam finds as good music is beyond me

  17. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    This is not Ciara's song. This song is from Lil Jon's new album Crunk Rock which features Ciara & Lil Wayne, so you might want to change the title from Ciara to Lil Kon and taker her pic off..

  18. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    not ciara song!

  19. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    Ciara Never Ever is Hot Sam first off!
    Secondly you must not have even heard the radio version its even hotter. So request if yall want to hear it its a difference.
    Thirdly song is 3 years old not Ciara’s Lil Jons she just did what she did in So What. Sing everything and most of the song but it wasnt hers.

  20. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    ciara is just hot altogether

  21. Anonymous January 12, 2009

    wow Ciara need to call Jazze Phe and work it out! This is bad!!!

  22. Chad January 12, 2009

    the song sounds good to me. but lol, lil wayne sounding so normal and coherent on the track tells of how old is it =)

  23. Anonymous January 13, 2009

    naa man, i ain’t feelin dis

  24. Anonymous January 13, 2009

    0Ciara needs to just hook up with all the people she knows in ATL and worked with before like T.I., Jazze Pha, Monica, Ludacris, the Dream, and Lil’ Wayne…get like 7 good tracks and add some songs leaked already to go ahead and put out an album. It’s not like making tracks is free so its a shame if her album never gets released and all these tracks are floating around free.

  25. number1k9 January 13, 2009

    That’s so LMAO funny, saying that she needs to path things up with Jazze Pha. It was sad they parted ways anyways….

    She was his biggest artist.

  26. Anonymous January 13, 2009

    I heard about this song way back. heard it was pose to be on the Evoultion.

  27. Anonymous January 13, 2009

    Now this is Ciara I love! I just wish she was alone on the track.

  28. Anonymous January 13, 2009


  29. Anonymous January 15, 2009


  30. had0me0at0hello January 18, 2009

    Roll call? I’m skippin’ class if Ciara is there. She’s tired and played out. To the left, all the crappy Ciara songs in a boxes to the left. Get this t***** out of here…. she looks like a man.

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