Alexandra Signs £3Million US Deal

Published: Friday 13th Feb 2009 by Sam
Alexandra Signs $3Million US Deal
Following in the footsteps Leona Lewis, X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has reportedly signed a record deal in the US worth £3Million. Check out the report below:

Alexandra Burke has reportedly signed a US record deal with Epic worth £3 million.

The X Factor winner was picked up by the label for a five-album contract as a result of the success of her ‘Hallelujah’ single, The Sun reports.

An industry insider said: “Epic think Alexandra can follow in Leona’s footsteps.

“The US market loves women with big voices – and Alex certainly has that. If she comes close to Leona’s success it will be a job well done.”

It is claimed that Epic is planning a similar launch strategy to the one used by parent company Sony to promote Leona Lewis.

Earlier this week, Burke said that watching Coldplay’s success at the Grammys has made her more determined to crack America. {Source}

I must say, I’m particularly happy for Alexandra. With all the talk of her being ‘the’ next big worldwide star, a US deal really was a necessity. With Leona signing with J Records (also under the Sony Music umbrella with Epic), it really seems that they are following a similar template with Alex – a fact also made evident with the label’s choice to take time with the recording of the album (which is due in November). Working with the top US producers, stylists etc also seems an inevitability as the £3Million is what will be used to both make and market the album, as well as carving out an image for Alex. Exciting stuff.

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  1. Anonymous February 13, 2009

    who is she??

  2. Anonymous February 13, 2009

    Wow!! That’s awesome! Now she’s really goin to be BIIIIGGGG!! Could she hit US market harder than Leona? Hmm…i think maybe she will cuz these english ladies lately have done it just fine…Leona, Amy, Duffy, Estelle…n now…Alexandra!!!

  3. Anonymous February 13, 2009

    overmanufactured pop tart!wat abt shayne ward?he could gota same aint fair,shayne ward is talented young man and am still hopin he goes in2 us and expand his music there
    alejandra sucks,she cant sing

  4. Anonymous February 13, 2009

    Who cares. She’ll flop here in the US

  5. Anonymous February 13, 2009

    ^^Have to agree. How can she compete with the likes of Beyonce and the other hard hitting females in the US. What annoys me the most about Alexandra is people touting her as the next Whitney. Absolute s***!! No way that is ever going to happen. Beyonce couldn’t do it so how can Alexandra?

  6. bb February 13, 2009

    wow watch dem haters c** out wit claws and s***

  7. JULI-H0 February 14, 2009

    how much is that in US DOLLARES!?
    i don’t speak EURO… sorry.
    but yea i have to agree, there ain’t enough room for her and Leona here in the states, plus we have Estelle and Adele, and lots more. She’ll probably do good, but she won’t be or take over Leona Lewis.
    Unless she can bring on her own swagg and style, a different tone of music and lyrics from today’s superstars. We already have enought diva’s here in the states, but we’ll see what GOD has instore for her future, so we’ll see.

  8. Anonymous February 14, 2009

    shayne ward is crossing over to US with his third album… he’s just wrapped up the record, now the label is working on promoting him, i really like this guy… if he comes out with the right sound, he might have a chance as well

  9. Anonymous February 14, 2009

    Good for her! She seems a really great person with a genuine passion and talent for music and singing. What an amazing opportunity this is for her, I really hope she does well. It’s true that there are already a lot of strong female artisits saturating the charts, but if she has an audience she deserves a shot. It’s not really a competition, and I wish them all well.

  10. Anonymous February 14, 2009

    Good for her but she ain’t no Leona Lewis and if they try the same thing she’ll flop not that she’s not talented but people will see a follower not a trend setter, let Alex do her on thing with her own style cos she can sing and she’ll do fine as both her and Leona won the X Factor and if she takes her time and releases a hit like Leona did with Bleeding Love she’ll be cool but the label has to be careful they don’t copy as she doesn’t have Leona voice but she can hold her own

  11. Anonymous February 14, 2009

    I am so happy for her. I am glad they gave her a record deal here in the states so people over here can see what she is really about. Can’t wait to hear it.

  12. Lunessa February 15, 2009

    see. like the american idols, all seven aren’t in the same genre.
    we the rockette, the rocker, the pop/rnb princess/ the country cooner, the soul bear, the rnb/jazz queen, and taylor hicks.
    I think Leona and Alex will fall in the same genre, unless Alex decides to do something more upbeat and urban than Leona, with a British kick. she might reach out to fans out here, if she starts off as herself. cuz most labels try to make artists into ppl they aren’t, so that they could compete with other artists, and gain lots of money.

  13. Lisa February 15, 2009

    shes no leona…but she deserves uk success…just don’t think shes in the league of a £3 million recprd deal.

  14. Anonymous February 15, 2009


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