Beyonce ‘I Am…Yours’ Preview

Published: Saturday 31st Oct 2009 by Sam

The force that is Beyonce is set to have her intimate ‘I Am…Yours’ tour show aired in the US on Thanksgiving  (November 25th) on. Check out the trailer for the special, which was filmed at the Wynn Auditorium in Las Vegas several months back., above.

It pretty much goes without saying, that love or loathe her, Beyonce is the industry’s best all-round performer at this point in time, hence you can always expect one hell of a show from ol’ Bouncy. Will definitely be checking for this one.

Tidbit: Did anyone else find the “Thanksgiving Night…give thanks for Beyonce” hilariously funny?! OTT, much?

Will you be tuning in?

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  1. black October 31, 2009

    OMG I LOVE HER , cant wait to see this!!

  2. fuckkerihilson October 31, 2009

    Thanks for posting this SAM!!!! I can not wait to see this…ahhhhh #IamYours in stores Nov. 23rd <<<< LETS GO!!!!

  3. SteevieFantastic October 31, 2009

    awww when are they gonna show it in the UK? :(((((

  4. anonymouss October 31, 2009

    SQUEE! i will be setting my VCR! ^__^

  5. Tori October 31, 2009

    Absolutely watching!!!! She works hard and always gives 100%, that’s why she is one of my favs, can’t wait.

  6. rightround October 31, 2009

    Give thanks to Beyonce for what? Is she God? love the girl but that was too much.

  7. Jark October 31, 2009

    It does NOT ‘go without saying’ that she’s the best all-round performer. P!nk is.

  8. Sef86 October 31, 2009

    I will definitely be tuning in and I’ll be buying the DVD. Can’t wait!!!

  9. Dom October 31, 2009

    P!nk ??? Yea right. Sit ur A** back down with that one kmt

  10. Chile October 31, 2009

    Lets hope your site doesn’t go down again for posting on Beyonce. lol

  11. x October 31, 2009

    I love Beyonce but she is not best performer. Madonna is far more better performer

  12. mediacannibale October 31, 2009

    CAN’T STAND THAT F*** COMMERCIAL B*TCH and all of her commercial talk
    and fake egos/personnalities

    THAT F*** C*** has no personnality and is OVERRATED.

  13. fuckkerihilson October 31, 2009

    @mediacannibale << best thang for you to do to refrain from looking at the commerical is to get lost in a cave and turn to dust! #OUCH

    Stop being so bitter and RESPECT ur QUEEN! LOSER!

  14. SnijanaFleur October 31, 2009

    I hope I get to see it. The boss says “It’s good. It’s alright, but it aint great.” Chop it up :-). Love Bey.

  15. AllNightDontStop09 October 31, 2009

    Beyonce is a great entertainer by any given means but when you talk all around where was Janet Madonna early Britney era Ciara mentioned????? These ladies esp Janet works the hell out of a stage cant wait til her next album

  16. marquies October 31, 2009

    Madonna!! her old ass 90% isnt even singing live….she maybe has the best smoke and mirrors, beyonce can just have her voice, and a band and slay and thats whats the i am… yours concert is about its intimate and accoustic and PINK lol shes good but theres really really no one touchin bee this generation any hater cannot sit there and say bey dont kno how 2 put on a good show…check the reviews hatas

  17. dillpickle October 31, 2009

    Why should I give thanks to Beyonce? This girl has too much ego and that fake smile at the end of the preview is killing me. I’m sorry ,but I’m gonna be having better things to do on Thanksgiving than looking at her shaking her b***….like spending time with my family and stuffing my face.

  18. Joan October 31, 2009

    Good Evening
    have you notice everytime one of her destincy child come up with a new single or album Beyonce has to be right there. it like she doesn’t want anyone else getting anything. that something i don’t understand why no one else see this. but still everyone want to give her praise all the time.
    come on now. first give yourself praise and God. that should thee only person that you are givng praise too.

  19. inthesedays October 31, 2009

    looking forward to it but i won’t give thanks gor he though

  20. KingMo October 31, 2009

    I went to the Vegas show and it was INSANE! I cant wait to relive it when I buy this DVD…and of course I’m gna check it out. She’s the Queen of the industry right now and thats not abt to change anytime soon. She’s not God by ANY means, lol, but she’s music royalty. Gotta respect that. Love her.

  21. Dom October 31, 2009

    Love her or hate her, u cannlt deny beyonce is the best performer of this generation hamds dpwn.. Male or female…. She can damce, sing LIVE, write music, produce, has stage presence…. If u go thru any of ur lame ass “talent” list… No1 can do it all like b can…..

    Pink – cant dance
    ciara – cant sing
    ashanti – cant dance or has stage presence
    leona (love her) – cant dance
    britney- not original, does same dance moves since she came out, cant sing
    mariah- cant sing live anymore, cant dance
    madonna- cant sing, cant dance….

    Shall i go on? Point is, beyonce is the best in thd industry… No1 can touch her as far as stage presence, vocals, dance, perfotmer all combined….

    Deal with it… Kmt at s****** n mad-onna

  22. MG October 31, 2009

    Yall haters fall back! Beyonce is snatchin wigs on Thanksgiving!

    All the people who said their not going to watch……your going to watch!

    RESPECT Beysus!

  23. x November 1, 2009

    Dom: Madonna can sing and dance. Her latest tour Sticky And Sweet grossed 408 million $. Beyonce’s tour I Am grossed only 57 million $ so far. Who’s the queen? MADONNA

  24. diva2 November 1, 2009

    As far as a female performer in the industry, Mandona has always been one who profit in the money. But by no means is she the hottest or best that have done it or is doing it. I agree with dom your commit was on point but don’t forget to add to the list
    Rihanna- can’t sing,dance or has stage presence
    Ker Hilson- can’t sing
    Brandy- can’t dance or stage presence
    Beyonce is the best by far straight up

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