New Video: Chris Brown – ‘I Can Transform Ya (ft. Lil Wayne)’

Literally moments ago, Chris Brown’s video for ‘I Can Transform Ya’ debuted on MTV Jams. The video features rent-a-rapper Lil Wayne and has notable cameos from producer Swizz Beatz, who produced the hit track, and Tyrese. The single has so far peaked at #27 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #16 on the Hip-Hop/R&B chart.

All I can say is “GET IT’! This is without a doubt one of the most visually exciting productions of the year, employing almost as much special effects as the ‘Transformers’ movie itself! As one of the people who were still somewhat on the fence about this song, the video has definitely won me over. The graphics were c-ra-zy and were placed perfectly to match the flow of the lyrics without ever appearing random or overdone.

The choreography was insane as well and with all the ‘tutting’ and ‘popping’ that was going on, I felt like I was watching an episode of ‘America’s Best Dance Crew‘ (minus Lil Mama, who somehow managed not to storm the set of the video). All I sense was missing was a dance break where Chris could just go OFF and move like only he can. Either way, this video is fantastic!

Are your eyes spinning like mine


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  1. cabo October 27, 2009

    Haha, for all the haters. This song will be number 1 (only if it;s for 1 week)

    Chris needs the promo bad though, lady gaga, beyonce and rihannan all want the top spot!


  2. Tiffany October 27, 2009

    Hot hot hot tamale!

  3. Travis October 27, 2009

    Cool as vid.

  4. Wassup? October 27, 2009

    Hot song. and the video is cool too.

  5. bobs October 27, 2009

    The song is already released to Itunes and never went past 23. Bad song, OK video – tho as an editor, I have to see it looks pretty cheap.

  6. junior October 27, 2009

    jsut ok song sucks but video is aight dancing is dope but looks cheap and just blah to be honest!

  7. antertain October 27, 2009

    Maybe it’s just me but i find the track soooooooooooo wack.

    Video has very good effects and style but not helping like the song.

  8. Nick October 27, 2009

    I knew dancin would b tite, but this sing is cheesy and video isnok— I’m ready for rihanna to pull the trigger!!.., hahaha

  9. jemma may October 27, 2009


  10. Marcus October 27, 2009

    @NICK that was funny…… The video was alright actually… It wasnt the best video.. I think if he just danced and not all that other stuff it wouldve been good… even the dancing wasnt that good.. Lets not knock his talent for entertaining…. but wasnt his best

  11. markfresh421 October 27, 2009

    I think the video is good. Shows an evolution in Chris.. His videos are becoming more mature as he is.. I don’t think it was revolutionary.. But it was an excellent way 2 put himself back out..

  12. Stephanie October 27, 2009

    I think it’s a great video, you can’t please everyone, what more do you want?

  13. Adam October 27, 2009

    The video is sick, but the song is still bland monotone and repetitive.

  14. B October 27, 2009

    The video is HOTTTT…I’m with Sam, the video has made me like the song more!

  15. bobsdoubter October 27, 2009


    Are you kidding me? I’m an editor myself and this is top quality special effects for a music video. It’s not like it’s supposed to be a movie. Though it can be done on After Effects and 3D Max, it was pretty good.

  16. Craver October 27, 2009

    I think given the type of videos artists have been dishing out lately, this was definitely pretty damn good as far as the effects. A little over-done, but it was nice and atleast fit the song’s theme, even if the song itself is kind of flat. I’m glad he’s coming back strong and the dancing was cool but I wish he would’ve done a little bit more.

  17. bobs October 27, 2009

    Most of the effects here are just a simple “shred transition” placed over the image. There are several ‘out of the box’ FX suites that do this kind of stuff right in Final Cut Pro (see FX Factory for $400.) Aside from keying, I don’t see anything in here that needs After Effects, certainly nothing that needs 3d max. What I see is someone saying we have $25,000 to make this video, let’s break out the HD camera and head down to Rainbow for some wardrobe.

    Looking at videos from the Ting Tings, the White Stripes, Justice etc – They do a lot better job stretching a small budget into something truly jaw dropping. This video looks generic at almost like a bad reproduction of Singles Ladies meets some kids show on Nickelodeon.

    Also, shouldn’t he have taken just a little bit more time off after beating Rihanna? I mean, take a year to guest on some hot songs, build your cred, prove the public that you’ve changed and aren’t desperate to restart your career. Certainly don’t go into chart-battles with the girl you almost killed with a set of crappy songs and videos.

    Just my take.


  18. Fatima October 27, 2009

    I’m so split. I don’t want to say we should never forgive Chris, but at the same time, it’s so soon and I don’t think he should get a free pass either. Picking the misogynist Lil Wayne wasn’t a smart pick in my opinion. Chris has to be extra sensitive now. Even a line about ripping a woman’s clothes off sets of sensors you wouldn’t notice before hand. He deserves an uphill battle.

  19. DjMagicMyke October 27, 2009

    @ Bobs! I totally agree with you ! This what happens when you don’t have an education! I hate to be an asshole, but this dude is only riding on his looks, and his dance moves! No way in hell could he be an actually singer! People always wanna say you hating on a person, but actually you are only speaking the truth! To me people are so backwards, I understand he beat that girl ass, but then people want to praise him for coming out with a music video??? To me his has not moved on from what happen, this is a total example of how we as a society will uphold beauty over responsibility! This is why I really don’t like R&B anymore. This video was soooooooooooooo basic and boring. I mean s*** try to have a concept, try to be more imaginative!

    Oh I forgot we live in a microwave music age!

  20. Nicky October 27, 2009

    I’m sorry but Chris Brown will be a flop. His song, though it was #1 on itunes top 100 RB Songs, it is nowhere to be seen in the Billboard top 20 after several weeks. This video will not help. Currently his song is #26 on itunes top 100 songs. He hasn’t even made it to the top 20 or 10, after several weeks. SMH. Sorry Chris, Karma is a Biyaaaaaatch.

    Rihanna has debuted at #36 on POP 100 SONGS ahead of Lady Gaga “Bad Romance” song which debuted at #38.

    It will be a slap to Chris face when Rihanna’s song will be #1 on ITUNES TOP 100 SONGS when it releases on November 3rd. BUT HEY, he ALREADY SLAPPED HER. KARMA

  21. KBJr. October 27, 2009

    That song comes across rather cheesy to me. “I Can Transform Ya?” Give me a break. The video has great production, but I think its a little busy. And the quality of the video doesn’t match that of the song…it’s just not a great single in my opinion, which makes the entire exercise rather tepid.

    I’m also not comfortable with this guy getting a pass for his brutal tactics earlier this year. My how we forget so quickly he brutalized a woman in February. So he leaves for a few months, does an apology tour, and all is forgiven? He has had no lasting suffering/punishment for his actions. The justice system may have given him a pass, I don’t think we listeners (and potential buyers) should.

  22. sokmidyk October 27, 2009

    The song is garbage! but the video is nice & Chris is looking good too bad Im not into woman beaters.

  23. whatever October 27, 2009

    @nicky, bob, djmagic…you guys need to go ride d****..chris should have taken a year out for who???? you??? you got jokes…go to fans wanted him back..its your problem if you have an issue with it..he is not here to please u but us his fans..

    AS a matter of fact, chris is number 27 on billboard..he dnt need to get into the top 20 yet..he will be there next fans aint worried coz we got his back!!!with all the negativity the boy is back on the charts and we could careless what u think..rihanna the so called victim could not even go to number one with all the sympathy..that is a jokeeeeeeee…lmaooooo, i am rolling right now..chris is back and he aint going no where…video was dope and the effects were great…

    instead of bashing him, go save rihanna’s weak song and useless cover that she just released…the joke is on you..dej jam is even planning releasing the next single coz the first was pure garbage….ha ha…get it are flying right and now haters cannot stand it!!! love it!!!! he is shitting on rihanna and yet he lost all his deals…ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  24. Nicky October 27, 2009

    @ Whatever.
    Rihanna will definitely be #1. Don’t be delusional. Rihanna helped give Jayz his highest charting lead single thus far, #2 on HOT 100 Chart. She’s hot, and you cant stop it.

    Chris Brown will learn from his mistakes. Never beatup someone like Rihanna. She’s on top of the world. He lost alot of fans, endorsements, music industry people and his success. He will not be in the Top 20. I can assure you that!!!! lmao.

    Hes even dumber to go against Alicia Keys and Mary J Blige on Dec 15 who have sold over 700k in their first weeks LMAO!!!!!

  25. parisian girl October 27, 2009

    wow!!i didn’t expect it to be that GOOD!!!
    i love it!!!!

  26. Anonymous October 27, 2009

    I really don’t see the hype of this video. The video looks all over the place. They graphically just decided to transform Chris and Wayne into robots on a white screen background. There was no dance break. The background dancers in helmets look like a replay of Janet Jackson’s FEEDBACK video. The eyeycandy looked stupid and retarted just standing there in a clown outfit. Lil Wayne just look stupid period. Swizz Beatz looks like a lost dog wondering what Alicia is doing right about now. The whole concept of woman on a motorcycle reminded of Ciara’s GO GIRL video. I guess what I’m saying is two thumbs down.

  27. bobs October 27, 2009

    To Whatever: If you read the comments in this blog – not to many people are ready to forget how Chris Brown brutalized his girlfriend back in February. What I’m saying is he should have proven himself over the course of a year by guesting on singles, preferably ones that aren’t about objectifying women. He could also do more of a talk show circuit, do ‘Idol Gives Back’ and some other benefits then come back hard and strong in time for summer. Instead, he did a crappy Larry King spot and released a cheap video and bad song.

    People clearly want Rihanna right now, so he picked the wrong woman to *transform* with his fists.

    Rihanna & Jay Z have the #1 most played song at Radio in the US right now – Run This Town. This follows her last #1 song with TI Live Your Life. Her new single doesn’t push aside any of the issues of this year. She’s adopted a dark image and tone to her music, one that’s very powerful and moving. I find Sam’s comments irritating on this site, because he just seems to want to stir people up to produce more traffic.

    In conclusion, I don’t understand how Chris Brown can reach the top #20 if he’s #100 on Airplay and #30 on sales. That’s some fuzzy math ala President Bush.

  28. Dancer October 27, 2009

    I see the appeal… As a dancer though, I would have to say that the tutting is pretty slow and simplistic. I’m actually a little underwhelmed only because I know CB is an amazing dancer. For me, anyway, I would say that the video is a little over the top, and I understand why it’s such a well funded video. I’m sure ZLG/JLG want to invest a LOT of money in his projects right now to ensure that they get a return on their A&R investments considering his pretty s***** public image right now. I’m sure executives are making sure they didn’t make a mistake when they stuck by him.

    It’s a good video with public appeal. In terms of the dancing it is not his best (glow in the dark costumes, anyone??), but it is still a very solid effort. As I said, it is way too busy for my personal taste- I would have preferred to see more actual dancing, faster and more intricate tutting, and the “raw talent” CB that we’re used to. I felt he was little overshadowed by the production quality.

  29. Fatima October 27, 2009

    The reason I balk at Chris coming back is because of people like WHATEVER. Completely brainless, unable to put together words, and wrapped up in some insignificant bull like chart position to prove worth. People as defensive as that are the exact type of people that make me worried for Chris’ return. Apologists no matter what. Same people who are going to end up in Rihanna’s shoes. Get your celebrities off pedestals. No one is asking him to go away forever, but to have him back less than a year later after an insincere media tour is not enough. Everyone makes mistakes, but to act like everyone should forget just because you personally like Chris is depressing. That’s my two cents.

  30. Fatima October 27, 2009

    And Bobs is right… I would feel differently if this were a song about something other than talking up women and objectifying them. He hasn’t grown at all. Putting Lil Wayne on the track is an even greater insult. I asked this before on a different post: “Does anyone even think anymore?” He releases a song whose title actually sounds like a physical threat with a rapper that lives his life with the sole intent to work the word “p****” into everyone of his songs. GET A BRAIN CHRIS.

  31. DF October 27, 2009


  32. GeeMan October 27, 2009

    We forgave R.Kelly neff said. Let CB have his moment the video is straight fiyah.

  33. IVORY’S INTELLECT October 27, 2009

    “Also, shouldn’t he have taken just a little bit more time off after beating Rihanna? I mean, take a year to guest on some hot songs, build your cred, prove the public that you’ve changed and aren’t desperate to restart your career. Certainly don’t go into chart-battles with the girl you almost killed with a set of crappy songs and videos.”

    Bob, get out of my head, please, and leave my thoughts behind. You should post on here more often.

  34. SparklyD October 27, 2009

    Come on! This guy is getting rehabilitation while serving his sentence. Why can’t he move on with his life. He IS an entertainer. Why can’t he entertain? The video is decent. I think some of us are letting our personal feelings for Chris get in the way. He did wrong, but at least this young man can change. Sean Penn beat Madonna; Tommy Lee beat Pamela Anderson; Mike Tyson beat Robin Givens. I think you all are tougher on Chris, who was a teenager, than these men. At least he got caught earlier where he can deal with his demons. He won’t be able to progress into a woman killer.

  35. Get Over It October 27, 2009

    This post is about CHRIS BROWN’s video, not Rihanna. I am not a die hard fan of either, but I have to say that although Rihanna is a very attractive girl, she does NOT sing, dance, or perform well enough to the deserve the hype.

    Rihanna did NOT push “Run This Town” up the Billboards, if anyone did it was Kanye and Jay-z. I actually lowered the volume on her part.

    As for all the “woman beater”, “attempted murder” labels, some of you have gotten up in the media hype (albeit fake pictures, eye catching headlines, etc) and lost perspective of what we THINK we know transpired between two teenagers. “Beat her to a pulp”? She suffered no broken bones, short/long term hospital stays; hence, the sentence he received. The police leaked a close-up polaroid photo of a swollen, bruised lady, with minor bleeding.

    That said, however she came at him, he is wrong for the way he responded. He should have never put hit her back. But knowing what I’ve seen of women who have nearly been beaten to death, this kid does not deserve to be put in the same category.

  36. Jmoore October 27, 2009

    This video is fiyah…BIggup CB!

  37. Gary October 27, 2009

    you are disgusting! u support and praise chris browns wack efforts and slam rhiannas efforts!



  38. ThatGrapefruitJuice October 27, 2009

    This is so unfortunate. The song is garbage, make no mistake about it, but the video is pure fire. Oh well, you can’t always get everything I guess.

  39. Tiffany October 28, 2009

    LOVEDDD IT!!!!!

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