New Video: Shakira – ‘Give It Up To Me’

Belly dancing beauty Shakira has just dropped the full version of the video for her new song ‘Give It Up To Me’. The track was produced by Timbaland, who also co-wrote the track along with Dwayne Carter, and features the ever-present Lil Wayne. Shakira’s new album, ‘She Wolf’, will be released in the US on November 23rd.

The video is by no means as thrilling as her other recent releases (see She Wolf) but it serves its purpose. I appreciate the fact that Shakira is experimenting with new sounds and concepts on this album, as well as more intricate choreography instead of remaining in her comfort zone (although I have no problem with her mesmerising hip shaking). All the more power to her for being creative with her artistry.

Sidebar: I am eager to hear the Illuminati theorists perspectives on the symbolism of her multi-handed Statue of Liberty. Bring on the crazies…


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  1. love_lisa November 16, 2009


  2. Jelena November 16, 2009

    omg people this vid is so horrible! wtf??? this looks soooooooooo cheap! the coreography was awful! what is this ish???? whatevaaa

  3. Jelena November 16, 2009

    i bet the “if i were a boy” earrings are the most expensive thing about this vid :))))

    and no, im not a hater, im just realistic.

  4. symone November 16, 2009

    i love this video.. the dances r cute

  5. SOOS November 16, 2009



    Jelena! I’m a big fan of Shakira and Beyoncé too, but i have to admit, that ALL OF THE RECENT VIDEOS of Beyoncé (except If I Were A Boy) were awfully cheap and all the choreographys were awful…

    This video has much more energy and better choreography than any of the Beyoncé videos in the previous one year.

    So this is NOT a cheap and awful video, it IS AWESOME!

  6. shimmy shimmy November 16, 2009

    welllllllll…… the statue of liberty part def has some ties to some interesting things.. especially mind control… that scene of her as the statue of liberty is very similar to something out of the 1929 film metropolis… a film about brainwashing and mind control… jus sayin is all…

  7. Silly Little Gurls November 16, 2009

    LOL at you silly little gurls not realising that Dwayne Carter is lil’ waynes real name! Proves if it aint a woman catwalking in lycra u lot dont know much about it

  8. Jelena November 16, 2009


    I’m not saying that B’s videos were great (except for Single Ladies, gotta love that one), i was just noticing Shakira has the same earrings B had in the If I Were A Boy video (not that it really matters, just thought it was interesting).
    I still think this vid is totally boring, Shakira’s videos are waaaaaay better when she’s doing her own thing with the dancing…


  9. Rhea Listick November 16, 2009

    OMG!! Love shikira, but looks more Like A Gwen Stepani Act:-(

  10. sokmidyk November 16, 2009

    i like everything except the lady liberty thing just didn’t fit in the vid also couldn’t help but too think that it wasn’t really her style at all almost like shes trying to fit in

  11. MRSJONES November 17, 2009

    well trent since you are eager to hear from iluminati theorists, that must mean it interests you in some way. just go to and you will find all the info you want to know. yes the statue of liberty scene is a very blatant symbol. they don’t give a damn anymore

  12. TheOtherSide December 19, 2009

    This video just strikes me as odd… Shes changed her whole style and now shes sayin “You can have anything in the world… Give it up to me” Which sounds like words straight from the devil. and lets not even talk about the statue…. Im not gonna jump to conclusions though………

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