Cover Star: Enrico Sings ‘Feedback’

Published: Saturday 28th Nov 2009 by Sam

Holding true to our promise of keeping things fresh here at That Grape Juice (v.2.0 baby!), we bring you ‘Cover Star’. Completing our current feature-list (From The Vault, Back In The Beat etc), Cover Star will each week showcase regular folk’s rendition of your favourite tracks. Recent history has shown the web to be the place to discover new talent – talent which is undeniably out there in abundance. So what better way to give shine to undiscovered talent than on your favourite site and mine – That Grape Juice!

This week’s Cover Star is 21 year old Enrico from London who, with a little help from his friends, offers a unique spin on Janet’s ‘Feedback’ (with a vocal nod to Destiny’s Child and Brandy…you’ll see what I mean). Check it out:

I really enjoyed this! From the harmonies (which for the most part were uber on-point) to the arrangements, to the DC3 and Brandy references, to the overall switching up of la Jan’s classic (yes I said it), this was awesome.

For more on Enrico, check out his Youtube page

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  1. Rashaan November 28, 2009

    OKAY that was hot and to put my girl Brandy in there at the end really set it off! That was really good!

  2. Rudy November 28, 2009

    His amazing, Ive actually heard of him.

  3. paul November 28, 2009

    Sickkkkk!!!!!, were they from?

  4. Jr November 28, 2009

    They were great!

    PS – Sam, this blog has been AWESOME since the revamp and bringing on Trent — keep it up!

  5. Ms Lil November 28, 2009

    Cant lie, dat was actually hott!, dey pretty cute too, lol

  6. PapaGoon November 28, 2009

    These dudes harmise are really gud, im luvin da way dey fliped it.

  7. ROB November 28, 2009

    THAT WAS SICK!!! where that leave JLS

  8. Hate Ter November 28, 2009

    WOW!! speechless

  9. Johnathen November 28, 2009

    Da boy did a good job!

  10. Beyonce November 28, 2009

    Wen yall cumin over 2 da states? your really gud!

  11. Gaga November 28, 2009

    That’s Hot!!!

  12. mthoshushine1 November 28, 2009

    wooooow u guys a super dope!!!
    Janet and Darkchild should check this out! the harmonies are off the wall!! soo much talent! thanx 4 sharing… 🙂

  13. VeronicaJay1 November 28, 2009

    yesss,i love it especially the destiny child part!

  14. sweet2touch November 28, 2009

    DANG seriously!!!!!! you guys should make an album!!!!!! honestly! if you ever do i will totally buy it <33

  15. glamr4life ( November 28, 2009

    WOW. you guys are CRAZy good. I loved it so much, 5 stars for awesome 😉

  16. Jmoore November 28, 2009

    Feedback OOHH..that was hot…

  17. AWOLLUVA November 28, 2009

    I’m actually pleasantly surprised, these guys are pretty good! Janet would be proud, Sam. 😀

  18. mel November 28, 2009


  19. ::SquareBizz2020:: November 28, 2009

    DAMN take a bow cuz yall are dope! harmonies were so creased, i had to hit the subscribe button! lol
    ya’ll killed that, holla when the album drops!

  20. sokmidyk November 28, 2009

    Nice sounds better then Janet herself and did you say classic? lol didnt this song come out a couple years ago?

  21. LIKETHAT November 28, 2009

    The Brandy insert was amazing. Good harmonies, and the one in the middle is cute.

  22. Mix November 28, 2009

    WOW!!!! that was crazi!!!!!!, ima go on youtube now, to watch you somemore.

  23. Roses23 November 28, 2009

    I LOVE, I LOVE Yall orginal.

  24. Wish November 28, 2009

    I luv what you did with the song!!, well done guys

  25. Bigman November 28, 2009

    lololol, that was actually kool!

  26. Bigman November 28, 2009


  27. DOM November 28, 2009

    i fort lil’ fizz was in b2k? did they split up?

  28. Galwind November 28, 2009

    U guys are serious man

  29. SugaBrown November 29, 2009

    Super & Reppin UK Well Done the sounds were fierce!!!!!!!!

  30. antertain November 29, 2009

    YES YES YES!!!

    Thats was raw and hot!!!
    They had some super blending with those harmonies and sounds.

    Enrico has been around 4a good while and needs the proper spotlight so thanks Grape for showing him & the cool bv’s off

  31. MagicMan November 29, 2009

    That was awsome!

  32. Chinny December 1, 2009

    ironic that all d songs are from Dark Child

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