JLS Perform ‘Everybody In Love’ On X-Factor

Published: Sunday 1st Nov 2009 by Sam

Pop group JLS made their return to the X-Factor (the very show which launched them into stardom) tonight to perform their new single ‘Everybody In Love’. Peep the performance above.

Judging the performance by the group’s standards (which aren’t very high, to be honest), the guys did quite well. Backed by the show’s in-house troop of dancers, their live showing had the spectacle and pizazz which seems to have become a staple feature of the show’s special guests this season (see: Whitney Houston, Cheryl Cole).

I do wonder what would have been the case had the added extras not been tacked on (what separates good performers from the rubbish ones); judging by the cheesy (and out-of-synch) dancing and at-times off vocals, I doubt there’d be much of substance at all. In any case the guys look a cert for the #1 spot this week…who buys this stuff?

What do you think of the performance?

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  1. Imyourstar701 November 1, 2009

    The youth of today are sooo easily impressed its not even a joke..smh they will go to #1 Sam because its the teeny boppers that buy this nosense…

  2. jg_NYC_Chop November 1, 2009

    I like JLS, I’m no teen girl, granted a twenty something gay man isn’t that different lol but still, they have charisma and good production which is all that matters these days

  3. Mr. Mouth November 1, 2009

    No…No…No. Not horrible, not awful, not even close. But, no.

  4. honey November 2, 2009

    i really like them and NO i am not a teeny bopper!! ive actually heard there album previews and by the sound of it seems much better than alexandra (i like her too). Hang on a minute who the heck is buying cheryl coles music??!!! she is much worser!!

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