Britney Spears; A Knife Without A Blade

Published: Tuesday 29th Dec 2009 by Trent


She was once the most powerful force in Pop music; the heir apparent to the Pop dynasty. It seemed that at the turn of the century, there was no bigger star than Britney Spears. From show-stopping performances to worldwide #1 successes, she exploded onto the charts, toppling the long held reign of more established artists. However, the ‘fire’ that once made Spears the most sought after entertainer of her time appears to have been lost.

After a string of well-publicised personal turmoils, the world was made privy to Spears’ now notorious meltdown. Yet, the singer managed to rebound from those upsets and regain public favour with multiple chart-topping hits and platinum albums. Nonetheless, Spears seems different; the ‘spark’ in her eye is gone; and her live performances depict an entertainer who is but a shell of her former self.

Her energetic choreography has been replaced with awkward stage presence, and lip-syncing has become the norm of her entire productions (although many would argue that she rarely sang live in her earlier career as well). Regardless of the position that her music is now arguably at its best, the energy that Spears exudes in the studio no longer translates on stage. In fact, some critics assert that it is this decline in potency that allowed Beyonce to rise to the helm of the Pop charts.

This begs the question: has Spears permanently lost the ‘glint’ in her eye? Or does she stand a chance of returning to fine form? In any case, with mounting competition from her younger contemporaries including Lady GaGa and Rihanna, many contend that unless she is able to recapture that ‘magic’, her days as the Princess of Pop are surely numbered.

Do you think that Spears has permanently lost her


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  1. anonymouss December 29, 2009

    who cares about the princess of pop? Beyonce is the reigning QUEEN of pop. even rolling stone said it and they only like white ppl.

  2. anonymouss December 29, 2009

    madonna had the 80s, Mariah was Queen of the 90s, and Beyonce has the 2000’s. End of story. Brtney was just a bump in the road. I dont know who’s coming next, but its definately not Britney. she had her chance to be queen and she messed it up, again and again and again.

  3. Dom December 29, 2009

    Im happy to say that britney will b left in the 2000’s. She has no spark, no presence. To b honest, i think she never had any. She seems so manufactured. She has no contributed to any think artistically imo. Recycled dance moves are the cheeries on her cake.

  4. Dom December 29, 2009


  5. marjie marj December 29, 2009

    okay, obviously britney hasnt lost her TOUCH because her first single “baby one more time” went to number one back in 1999… and she didnt have another number one until WOMANIZER in 2008, and her current single “3” went to number one as well…. on billboard hot 100. so id say she isnt ALLLLL Over the media as before, but her singles as of recent have been reaching number one.

  6. Wes Jones December 29, 2009

    Britney is exactly what she is, the Pop princess. Everyone else after her, copied her success. Britney will have no problems selling music, which means she will still have career in music. Yes she doesnt peform like she used to, but thats alot of people. For example Mariah Carey.

    I’m just happy she could get her career back, and still be relevent with all the new artists and music.

  7. Plain&Simple December 29, 2009

    Ok, who gives a damn about Britney???
    Yeah, she lost it, but honestly she will always be better & bigger than lady gaga or rihanna…
    britney is britney no matter what

  8. Michael December 29, 2009

    Britney’s had more hit singles in this decade than the previous one. Whether or not she’ll ever return to the super toned carefully choreographed pop star she used to be is one thing, but her days being numbered is another. She still gets hits. She still fills arenas. More so than most of the people you named. She’s not done. Her fan base is solid.

  9. Carl December 29, 2009

    She’s not interesting anymore. Now everything she does seems forced by her label.

  10. I_was_a_slave4u December 29, 2009

    Shes tragic. I honestly dont think she cares and thats the biggest problem.

    IF she starts WANTING to be better than GaGa, beyonce ect then maybe we will see her back to her former best…..

    Until then, she’ll be just as crap as she is now…..i wish she would fade away rather than release total halfhearted attempts like 3.

    I almost feel like she thinks her fans are idiots… comparison to GaGa who clearly goes out of her way to create the best show.

  11. WTF December 29, 2009

    ok i like u trent when your are talking crap but this post gets a DELUISIONAL stamp from me…it gets a boy sit your ass down and stan for mariah coz that is all u know…

    fact is even at britneys worst beyonce could never get to her level..beyonce has to work twice as hard just to try and keep up with britney…even when it comes to concerts, britney to this date still sells more than beyonce so what loosing of touch are you talking about??

    lets go to so called people you talk about comming for her spot…britney has been in the game for 10 years and can still outsell the likes of rihanna..i cant even fathom why you would dare put rihanna as competition..rihanna with the world at her feet due to the beatdown could not even outsell britney at her worst…you know with this post you have lost all credibilty in my book..britneys “3 went straight to number 1 and went platinum in a month and you want to bring the likes of rihanna and beyonce to question her staying power??? boy please, do you research before u ask about britney…thats all!!

    talk about rihanna when she has a number song with her album…talk about bey when she does not have to work 200 times harder than brit to get to her level and fail…gaga maybe but is a newbie…cant touch the queen sorry…brit still rules and its time u broaden your horizon from the likes of bey, mariah, rihanna who u talk about everyday!!! jus saying!!

  12. tdubbs December 29, 2009

    janet jackson was always the princess of pop, not britney sorry, next story please

  13. i.m. December 29, 2009

    *AGREES* with anonymouss

  14. 12345 December 29, 2009

    britney is already in the history of music, she is not just an artist, she is a brand (or was), she was the beggining of a new era, you cant take that from her thats for sure, she has no promotion and she only gets to platinum in record times, she has the most loyal fans ever

  15. Parisian girl December 29, 2009

    Dead@Some comments,
    I trust britney and i am sure she can surprise us,she is still the princess of pop no matter what!That bish doesnt even need to promote to get a #1single!
    And please saying beyonce is the queen of pop,Madonna is the only one!britney is still the princess,beyonce too,gaga is very talented too but i can believe we call her princess of pop just after 2years of career!

  16. Lovelarah December 29, 2009

    You guys, she is still under her father’s control…what artist can create their best when they are not free?

    she said it herself.

    And having taken bipolar medications i can tell you they kill creativity & the life in your eyes.

    Give her a minute! i will reserve judgment (old vs. new) until she is free again, to be britney.

  17. Parisian girl December 29, 2009

    @WTF yes boy you betta preach!!!
    I love rihanna tho…

  18. sdzgaegt December 29, 2009

    WTF Britney>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GagaRihannaBeyonce

  19. sugar honey ice tea December 29, 2009

    What a load of badly written pointless BS you obviously had nothing better to do with your time other than write what seems to be a frankly pathetic pointless article that just makes no sense what so ever …

    Ok please name what critic that other than TGJ that has written off Britney spears as a creative force when Rolling Stone, The Guardian, The Times and Billboard just to name a few have all said that her last two albums were the best of her career and the best pop albums to come out in 2007 and 2008 respectively … Billboard just named her the 2cnd greatest artist of the decade, Circus was one of 2008 fastest selling albums and it came out at the END of 2008…

    Most RESPECTED critics have said blackout is one of the GREATEST pop albums of all time (Billboard, The Guardian, and The Times)

    PLEASE explain as to were exactly she has fell off and stop using the tired line she can’t dance as good as she used to SO WHAT, name any act that is as good as they were 10 years ago and dooooonnnnnnnn’t say “bouncy” as not one of her albums has been better than her first or even “the writings on the wall” for that matter … Brits last single went STRAIGHT No1 in the US charts without a video or any promo and is still in the top 10 after 5 weeks…. Britney Spears can sell records sitting in the bath tub, were good ol “bouncy” has to perform at every show that will give her a dressing room to promote her records and she still only sells a fraction more than Britney does .

    Yes Britney doesn’t have the stage presence she used to and yes “bouncy” is all round better entertainer, but even were she’s not at HER best Britney is still THE best pop entertainer in the business PERIOD she popped out routines on her circus tour that very few acts could match without dropping on their head (or resort to silly gimmicks to get attention)

    And this leads me to my next point to why this article should never have been posted THE CIRCUS TOUR and I quote “THE BIGGEST GROSSING FEMAE TOUR OF 2009” she trashhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd yer girl in critical reviews and ticket sales (check the sources), again SO WHAT if she doesn’t sing live no one goes to a Britney show wanting that…. they just want to be entertained and at the Circus tour that’s what they got …everyone that went to that show has nothing but greatness to say about it (just go to you tube clips and check the comments)

    This girl went to hell and back in front of the public eye, most people thought she wasn’t going to see 2008 alive let alone make a comeback, she had two kids and then she lost her kids, lost her marriage and lost control of her life and her mind but slowly but surely gained her strength and soul back, then went on to rebuild her career and not only come back out on top, come back and proved to the world why she deserves the Princess of Pop Crown

    The people you compare her to are not in the same league not even beyonce ask yourself this if beyonce had gone through what Britney went through do you think she would come back as strong as Britney did…nope I don’t think so either…she is more the Princess of pop now than she ever was before why-because she earned her title back by overcoming adversity and showing that her music can still defy genres and set boundaries unlike others who I have already mentioned..That is a true super star

    Check your facts before you start posting nonsensical BS not saying this as a Britney fan but come on you must of known writing that post you were chatting foolishness….

  20. Christian December 29, 2009

    I was a HUGE Britney fan when she first came out and I’m still a fan. Whether people want to accept it Britney will ALWAYS be the ‘Princess of Pop”. She’s worked her b*** off to have accomplish what she has accomplished in the last 10 years of her career and she deserves all the success she’s getting an continue to get. To some that believe Britney is a manufactured pop artist, that’s your opinion but I believe different. Britney is a GROWN ASS WOMEN!!!!! But I will admit, when she first came out, she probably did do what her label suggested BUT Britney is one of the biggest selling artist that Jive has and I’m sure Britney has her say. Why would you think Jive has kept her for so long. Also I think people want tobelieve ALL the negative that’s been printed about Britney but refuse to accept iall the positives and what she has overcome these past few years..

    As for the “Circus” Era – I will admit, Britney’s performance haven’t been that high energy and I’m not gonna make any excuses for her. But for a girl that has been dancing ALL OF HER LIFE and to say she no longer can dance, please excuse my language but that is F**KING ridiculous!!!! Give the girl as break!! She conitnue to sell millions of records, having #1 songs, sold out tours, #1 perfume, etc I mean what else does she have to accomplish to prove to her doubters????

    As for Lady Gaga – yeah she is the “IT’ chicK right now. But she’s only been out for a year and a half. I like Lady Gaga but let’s see where she is in TEN YEARS!!!!!

    As for Beyonce – I honestly don’t even know why Britney and Beyonce are ever in the same sentence. Both are different artists, both have HUGE fan bases, and both do different styles of music, etc

    Final Word – IMO Britney is an amazing talent and she is here to stay. If she was done with the music business, I’m sure she could easily buy out her contract with Jive and try and start a normal life. But has she done that yet???? NO!!!! Maybe it’s because she loves what she’s doing and I’m sure when she releases her album next year, you guys will see that quote on quoye “SPARKLE” in her eye again.

  21. me December 29, 2009

    Trent your a terrible blogger… you actually suck, I thought you should know. Leave Britney alone and stop pretending you listen to anything apart from R&B (re: that Codplay – Fix You s***) KMT. K***.

  22. ChrisFresh December 29, 2009

    but i might as well address the topic anyway.. Britney has been performin for 10 years+ (I.E. Madonna, Mariah, Janet) NONE OF THEM have the same umph as when they first started. Stop comparing her to gaga, shes sold more, performed more, and has 2 children. J.Lo didnt have kids till she was 40.
    I cant wait for Britney’s 7th album in 2010. I hope its not her last.

    P.S Britney had the biggest grossest concert of 2009 while Gaga plays Arenas.

  23. Parisian girl December 29, 2009

    @sugar honey ice tea
    YES honey i say YES!!!your speech is the TRUTH!!!
    You even made me want to cry!yes yes yes!!!
    I agree this article is useless leave Britney alove and give her a break!!!

  24. Jay2009 December 29, 2009

    I like Britney, I like her music and I used to like her perfomances, she’s still good but she ain’t on the same level as the others. I mean, back in the days we really didn’t care if she was lip syncing, now the game has changed, Beyonce arrived (I’m no stan but let’s face it, the woman brought the standard of what it is to be a Popstar nowadays, SING AND DANCE is MUST HAVE if you want to sell) and a lot of great SINGers too (Christina Aguilera to name a few …) there’s COMPETITION.
    I loved Blackout and Circus too, but her tour was a JOKE ! I don’t think that she lost “it”, but she’s just LAZY, maybe she thinks that her fans are so damn happy to see her back up again that they will give away money to watch some chubby girl walking around the stage half naked while her lips are moving, and that shows no respect towards them or the industry.
    So Britney, PUH-LEASE step up your game girl, you don’t have to sing everything but damn just take some dance class if you forgot how to shake your body CORRECTLY.

    But anyway can’t wait to hear her new album in may, cause she knows how to bring it on a CD.

    PS.: And please stop with the “Ow Britney is the Queen (…) no Madonna is, no Rihanna, no GaGa”, WHO CARES ?!! really …

  25. kenney December 29, 2009

    Jive has only kept her because shess a push around kind off person and very dependent. Do you honestly think shed still be releasing if she had her own label? This is why I’m saying that once christinas back, we will def know who the queen ish of everything is! Christina is gonna rule 2010 with her new album, new concert and new movie.

  26. 12345 December 29, 2009

    for f*** sake, I am…Sasha Fierce (this f****** name still cracks me up, what a moron) isnt even a solid album, asked thousand of beyonce fans if they liked all the musics in the album and no1 said yes rofl, overrated much because artists like Britney Janet Mariah Madonna dont even have to prove anything now so they just dont even use their full strengh, they have a personality and their fans love them for their art and personality, Beyonce has no personality whatsoever, she’s a papa’s doll and a thief, what’s worse then that?

  27. ANDREA December 29, 2009

    I actually agree with Trent! It was a little (drama queen) much but atleast the r***** is trying to come up with new content

  28. sugar December 29, 2009

    Go Britney Go

  29. Javonnni Brustow December 29, 2009

    Beyonce has no personality whatsoever, she’s a papa’s doll and a thief, what’s worse then that? via 12345

    Ladies and Gentleman..AND THATS THE SHADE! hahaha

  30. ::SquareBizz2020:: December 29, 2009

    ok, so heres the thing,

    i think it is absolutely hilarious how people are comparing brit to bey! SIT DOWN, two completely different lanes! if your gonna compare brittany, then compare her to people that are in her relm. brit is NOT on bey’s level. at all. and i shouldnt even say that because like i just stated they are two completely different artist,in two completely different places. She doesnt do what beyonce does…she couldnt if she tried. yeah the world considers them both pop artist but you need to take into account all that the “pop” genre entails, the gage is far too wide to be realistic. (honestly they should come up with another genre, pop is just tooo general!)
    as far as beyonce working way harder than brit or whatever the f*** was said, you guys are incredibly asinine! obviously she works hard!! and if you think for two seconds that brittany doesnt bust her ass to do what she does, then you’re retarded and im amazed that you were able to even read and respond to this post at all! get a clue. you dont get status without working hard! and if you mean beyonce does more in her shows, well thats obvious. SHE’S AN ACTUAL ARTIST WHO ACTUALLY CREATES AND ACTUALLY SINGS AND PERFORMS!! and common sense will tell you that actually doing something entails ALOT more work than pretending to do it! you’re stupid. SMH
    now as i was saying, comparing brittany to artist in her relm, i.e. rihanna, janet, madonna,lady gaga. honestly i think that brit has put her stamp on that genre and done her part to establish herself. i personally think that she is complete garbage and a fraudgulent performer, but by the same token i think she is completely genius in the way she was able to manufacture so much fame with out really having anything to substantiate it, shes incredibly famous sinply because she is! much like paris hilton(another person in her relm) who knows why the f*** she famous? but you cant get the b**** off your tv and magazines so honestly you cant knock her hustle! so for that i applaud brittany! she knows how to market herself and she has extremely loyal fans. evben inspite of her ridiculous public meltdown the stood by her, and tho it did alot to damage her character, it didnt really effect her carrer. so do i think she has fallen off to the point of no return…no, i think the same people that looked at her then, behind all the big lights, theatrics, slightly above average danceability, and pathetically obvious lip sycing and saw greatness, will always see it. they will always go to her shows, and always buy her albums. shes not going anywhere. hurray for brittany hilton!

  31. ::SquareBizz2020:: December 29, 2009

    BtW….thank you @ jay 2009!!! and LMFAO and “knife without a blade” PERFECT discription!

  32. Sugar&Spice December 29, 2009

    Britney can still dance her ass off. She just needs time to rebuild her stage confidence up before she really wows the public again. Here’s a video of her rehearsing a routine to “mannequin” off her new album, and she RIIPPPPPPED the choreography with that old-school britney energy. Lemme know what you guys think:

  33. Ghetto Fab December 29, 2009

    Britney Spears needs to sit her ass down! Its very clear that she don’t care so why should we? Have any of you seen her recent performances? They are a MESS! Nothing but bad lipsynching with half ass choreography! She needs a new routine cause its getting old. Shame on anyone that pays good hard money to go see a half ass mess like that. Put your money to better use. Even though Beyonce sings the same s*** as Brit at least she can perform. Eventhough they both need new material. Grown ass women singing about teenage s***! All these “pop stars” need to step their game up. Grown ass women singing childish rubbish!

  34. Mario December 29, 2009

    I completely agree with this article. Britney is a shadow of her former self. No spark, no energy. She just lost all the stage presence she used to have. You feel pity for her, second hand embarrassment. She’s become pathetic.

    And I’m a huge fan. But it’s true.

  35. Andariego December 29, 2009

    I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been a Britney fan for a long time, but ever since she had that meltdown she hasn’t been the same and it’s been as obvious as hell. Which is why my new favorite artist is Lady Gaga. Can Britney make a serious comeback (both singing/dancewise)? I’m not sure. But while she’s under that conservatorship, I doubt it. As for now, Britney needs to postpone the release of that 7th album, take some time off to herself (about 2-3 years) and see if she really wants to pursue music.

  36. Tom December 29, 2009

    Can you say delusional? It’s spelled T-R-E-N-T.

  37. Misty Knight December 29, 2009

    Lord I was never a fan of Britney anyway. She has always sounded like a constipated helium filled chipmunk-and if it wasnt for her blonde hair, Disney machine, and barely there outfits, she’d be frying pickles with her Pappy in Arkansas.
    She can’t sing
    I never thought she could dance- I don’t count rapid arm movements as “dancing”
    and was about as bright as a box of rocks
    And has made some of the cheesiest painful Pop music mine ears have ever heard.

    -What saved her from an even earlier expiration date was her highly publicized meltdown.
    People loved to see her fall, then loved to “support” her “rise”
    It helped alot of lifeless drones “identify” with her. For some reason morons need to feel like they are BFF’S with stars nowadays (ps get a life)

    Even though Im not a fan, I feel sorry for her. She has no choice but to dance for the camera. If her “fans” cared about her as much as they claim to do. They’d want her to take a looong sabatical on a exclusive island. To raise her kids and nurthure herself. There is no way in hell a grown woman who needs to have her father be granted “conservertaship”, yet they still manage to prop her dazed ass up there and play “Where’s muh Tampon String?” for thousands of selfish adoring fans.

    Hell even the crazies who aren’t famous get disablity because they are not fit to work!

    You can look at the girls pics and see that she is tormented and vacant. I couldnt even imagine how painful it is to watch someone perform in a haze of Lithium and Zoloft, and pretend she still enjoys it. So she can pay off debtors and recoupement fees, and her nephew, and her parent’s quality of life.

    Its simutaneously sickening, and bizarre to me at least.

    Far as her “comeback” *shudders*- I’ll echo her stans and concede that she doesn’t need to do much to sell records. She can fart on a track, and they’d proclaim it to be heavan-sent. But No, I don’t think she’ll ever fully “reclaim” the general popularity and hype that she had pre-breakdown.

    #1-She’s not the same girl-least of all the same performer
    #2- As it happens with all artist the world moves on-Everybody’s hype dies it Madonna, MJ, Janet, Mariah etc.,-the entertainment industry is cyclical. the saying “Here today gone TODAY” is not an dramatization. SO she is lucky to have the staying power that she has now.
    Cuz lord knows Ive never understood it.

    Lastly the greater question, and invested concern SHOULD NOT be ” Can She Reclaim Her Throne?”.
    beyond anything else she’s human-and at the very least deserves it.

  38. lol December 29, 2009

    I can’t take this sh!t seriously when you bring up Rihanna who dances and moves even less than Britney while on stage and sounds like a dying cat while singing. That AMA performance was an embarrasssment for Rihanna yet nobody threw shade her way. Why? Because nobody gives a s***, people obviously still care about Britney, even with her putting in 50 percent she’s still that b**** that is getting number ones without any promo.

  39. Beto brazil December 29, 2009

    I used be here cause i think your review funy ans smart but this is realy poor of information. I thinh bee amazing just her can what she does.. But i realy thinh brit is in another fame level brit is becoming a legend lime Madonna is and we can’t denny. She dont need make a vídeo music by week Kr many interviews ans tv show to keep attencion on her music or life she is brit. She hás the mos sell perfum and the circus was the 33 álbum mos old in 09 even relesead in 09 and the circus tour amazzing and lucrative i really font understood this reviem

  40. parisian girl December 29, 2009

    @misty knight nobody cares about your boring essay!!
    d*** take a seat please!

  41. Misty Knight December 29, 2009

    Aww its only an essay to those who have yet to develop reading skills.
    Im sure they offer remedial classes for helmet-kids like you snookums…go back to drooling and sticking crayons up your nose.
    My post was for adult eyes with readhing comprehension skills.

  42. lol December 29, 2009

    people are allowed to like and follow more than one artist. there is more than an enough room for all of these ladies on the scene.

  43. Truth December 29, 2009


  44. parisian girl December 29, 2009

    LMAO@misty knight i think huffington post needs people like you,you should try to get a job there since you pretend to write essays for adults
    buh bye again!

  45. Misty Knight December 29, 2009

    You only need to say “bye” once.

  46. parisian girl December 29, 2009

    can u vanish please?you are like a leech!
    bish bew bye!

  47. Kenney December 29, 2009


  48. parisian girl December 29, 2009

    @kenneyi notice you are a christina fan,humm honey let me stop before i start…

  49. AsraStar December 29, 2009

    Whitney actually still holds the Princess of Pop title. #justsaying

    Wish Britney all the best tho, mayb whn she gets to reclaim her life she can go bk to enjoyin her career. She may well be a manufactured star but as a “brand” shes brilliant in her own right.

  50. Jasmine December 29, 2009

    I disagree with this post. Britney has not changed in any major way. Public consumers and audiences are more intelligent now and expect bigger things than what Britney has delivered in the past.

    At her peak, Britney has always lip synched most of the time live. Her choreography came from one or two choreographers and their imagination was not that creative with the dance steps. Britney does not write a lot of her music. Britney relies on different producer’s ideas for her music. Essentially she is a younger female version of Elvis Presley.

    Present day, nothing has changed. She dances a little slower and does less routines but that is largely because she still has not hired a new choreographer. Everything else is still the same except audiences want better stage presence and dance routines now. Also, public consumers have reduced their music buying budgets largely because of the economy.

    Lady Gaga and Rihanna have not done better than Britney yet in dancing or singing.

    While Beyounce stans go on every message board and claim how “great” Beyounce is, she is a different artist with a different type of music (ie southern style r&b & popeyes chicken music) that come across to many as just money hungry, not nice, and not sincere. Britney is still an artist that has a likeable personality and regular acting (ie makes human mistakes, f**** up sometimes, admits her flaws, and knows how to pick hot tracks for her album).

  51. BLACK December 29, 2009

    WOWWWW.LOL DEAD @ the well i see the britney fans gets a little mad @ the truth, well i mean come ON Britney has never been on beyonce level, REMMBER DESTINY CHILD (people dont even remmber the group) she has blown up such a star. CRITics has called beyonce the biggest star in 20 years. come on man having the most #1 singles this decaded (not including the group #1’s). BEYONE IS THE QUEEN, get over it and take it, her achievements HAS GONE BEYOND Britney spears has in 10 years as a solo artist.

    But i like britney, her songs are cool, but please dont try to bring beyonce down a level for britney to get up there, OHH PLease. the only reason why britney spears conert been selling because it was A CIRCUS come SHe didnt even live up to her OWN GIRL the title of this article was soo true, a knife without a blade, and thats really what she is, britney will be left in the 2000’s Thanks to LADY GAGA. HAHA peace

  52. PHIL-UP December 29, 2009

    I think the better question is can she get that fire back before the public loses interest? I mean albums are already hard to sell as it is. ANYONE can get a number one hit with the right producer. Creatively and artistically, Gaga is giving the industry WAY more than Britney is.

  53. BLACK December 29, 2009

    GIRL PLEAse, the lil racist comment, dont try to get away with that. YOur whole COMMENT WAS B*******. get a life

  54. parisian girl December 29, 2009

    oh lord here come the yonka stans i just can’t….

  55. bobs December 29, 2009

    Huh? Britney has has more chart success in the last 3 years than in her entire career. All she has to do is fart in a studio and it goes to #1. She has the highest grossing tour as well. So, she’s not going anywhere

  56. rightround(U.S.A pride!) December 29, 2009

    Bey stans are crazy. this isn’t even a Beyonce post(she’s just mentioned) yet you all parade here like farm animals! “Queen of POP”??? puh LEASE!! gtfoh!

    Britney was and still IS bigger than Beyonce… let’s just get that out of the way. Secondly, I don’t think Britney cares anymore. She’s not hungry for it anymore. It seems like she’s always force to record songs and do live shows. If she starts to show a little more passion in her work then she can surely get back to the “old Brit”. just my two cents..

  57. toc tac ho December 29, 2009

    beyonce can’t even talk write let alone write her own music. come on now. everybody knows she steals writing credits her daddy buys for her. she’s an excellent entertainer but she’s a robot, she keeps going and going, no soul.

  58. Minerva December 29, 2009

    Since you start the comparisons:
    Rihanna,please b**** this girl HAS ZERO STAGE PRESENCE,Have you seeing her last performances,she is just a cat crying walking on stage,the girl can`t dance for good.

    Gaga:Her dancing consist more of seizures on stage that actual dance steps.And have you seeing her tour,she practically falls in every show and her lipsynch is pretty obvious.Just watch this video.
    Her performances on awards might be great,but on tour when she needs to perform more that an hour,are not.

    Beyonce:I will just quote an interesting article about her:
    Now my question is, why does Beyonce have to work literally four or five times harder than her contemporaries just in order to match or slightly better their musical success? It’s natural for an artist to saturate the market when they first come out in order to establish themselves, but Beyonce was the lead singer of the highest-selling girl group of all time, and then she proved herself as a solo star with the success of Dangerously In Love. If that’s not establishing yourself then I don’t know what is.

    Even when you look at touring Justin, Britney, and Pink have all out-grossed Beyonce.

    Where her contemporaries usually only release a few singles with no album re-releases or major features, Beyonce will re-release her albums multiple times, release double the amount of singles as everyone else does and film video’s for them all, perform at every award show possible, appear on every television show and magazine, and collaborate with only the biggest names in the biz like Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lady GaGa, and Shakira.

    She also has the advantage of being played on both urban radio and pop radio, which is a luxury her contemporaries aren’t generally given.

    Look at all this information. Why is Beyonce not only working harder than all the people mentioned yet not surpassing them in leaps and bounds like she should be? This is without even mentioning allegations and rumours of fake song-writing and payola which seem to surround nobody but Beyonce.

    Is Bey simply lacking some kind of “X-factor” that the others possess, or has she become her own worst enemy by overexposing herself? I’m not taking away from her success or work ethic, I just find it strange that Beyonce requires 10 times the amount of effort to sell herself as an artist than anybody else does.

    And for Britney just like this article stablish , she doesn’t even need to leave the house in order to sell millions of records and singles.

  59. keith December 29, 2009

    Britney will always garner attention because she is the blond white girl…She has certainly earned a mention in the annals of pop history but she also has turned in some VERY lackluster performances in the last year. The Circus tour, while well attended, was a joke artistically (if you can even use that word). Whether she will regain that “spark” remains to be seen.

    I would wager that in today’s technologically enhanced fickle environment, Britney might want to really think about this before recording again. If she doesn’t want it bad enough, she might as well rest on the laurels (and money) because the latest girls (Beyonce, Rhianna, GaGa) are coming hard and fast and seem to be backed by people who understand the game as its played NOW. For those Aguilera fans, SHE IS THE ONE WHO STANDS LIKELY TO LOSE the pop hierarchy game. Cyndi Lauper vs. Madonna, anyone……..

    It will be interesting to see if GaGa celebrates a decade in the music business….

  60. candace December 29, 2009

    I think Britney is basically “over it all”. I think she is basically trying to fulfill whatever contractural obligations she may still have with her record company and make some extra coin, but she don’t seem beat anymore.

  61. it britney b**** December 29, 2009

    Rihanna can even dance she sound a mess on stage she walk up n down just lookin cute. Britney made gaga britney always goin 2 out sell beyonce the. Yea beyonce is the s*** right casue is her time…but hand down britney spears made her name beyonce is still doin that right. britney black out cd sold more that lady gaga n rihanna n that cd came out at her wrose. That just come 2 show u that britney will all ways britney the qreen of pop…..go britney haters just keep hatein britney u still makin money over this b******…….b4 u think of pop u got 2 think of britney frist not beyonce or rihanna or lady gaga….

  62. Yuff December 29, 2009

    Great post! Yeah, Britney’s reign is definitely over. She really bounced back now, but she’s going to have to really step up her game if she wants a place in the spots that many feel Beyonce, Rihanna (for the wrong reasons), and Gaga currently hold. But! Britney will always be Britney and anyone who knows about her can’t forget when she was the hottest chick in the game. 🙂

  63. KarenCaring December 29, 2009

    I like Britney Spears. I practice dancing like her when I look in the mirror in my bathroom. LOL

  64. ??? December 29, 2009

    my parents and older people know Britney Spears (they knew her before the scandals in the last years), they dont know the other ones, so that says something

  65. bloasdn December 29, 2009

    beyonce looks very fake, people dont know her and the artists need to have some kind of afinity with their fans, she hasnt, she seems very shy then she comes with that sasha fierce thing, she is just like rihanna, they do like bipolar retards

  66. bloasdn December 29, 2009

    beyonce looks very fake, people dont know her and the artists need to have some kind of afinity with their fans, she hasnt, she seems very shy then she comes with that sasha fierce thing, she is just like rihanna, they look like bipolar retards

  67. 12345 December 29, 2009

    f*** off b****, you talk like it is a honor for beyonce to be the biggest artist this decade, this decade was s*** in music, what did you expect, and she isnt even the biggest artist this decade, no1 was because everyone failed, 80s madonna, 90s mariah carey, 00s ??, get a life beyonce will never be a legend

  68. rofl December 29, 2009

    you are talking about all these girls but you forgot Christina Aguilera, she is the only one between Rihanna, Beyonce Britney and Lady Gaga that has it all, she has the x factor and guess what? I dont even like her, she dances, she has a great voice and she does this for passion, she is no robot or doll so yeah, she will shut everyone down

  69. ::SquareBizz2020:: December 29, 2009

    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL dead@ BLACK!! thank you for catching that!!
    B****! @ jasmine, dont try to throw you little racial slurs in there low key, you aint slick!
    @ minerva ……………. sit down

    the reason brit doesnt have to leave her house to sell records is because she never has1 she is completely manufactured. she has never had a hand in her carreer, she has always been pumped by other people that do everything to make her what she was she just sits there and gets told what to do! and thats even more true now! brittany is trash dont try to bring bey down

  70. Reina December 29, 2009

    ^I like Christina and I think she is way talented than alot of people in the game but I dont know if she is going to shut beyonce, rihanna,or lady gaga down now. One thing is she hasnt been consistent like the others and she has an uphill battle ahead of her. I wish her luck though,

  71. minerva December 29, 2009


    And beyonce,rihanna and gaga doesn`t have someone to tell them what to do really?.
    Let`s start for Beyonce,papa knowles IS BEHIND HER,EVERYBODY knows that this man use payola to get writing credits for beyonce or to win some awards.Please don`t pretend that beyonce is not told what to do.Who do you think you are kidding,maybe children of 6 years old but not PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY KNOWS HOW THIS WORK.

    Just look how gaga was before she was big,she was just an ordinary girl that performs in clubs.
    And then she suddenly change her image/style change,please she is just another manufactured pop part,don`t let you being confused for her gimmicks as “artistic input”.Please gaga`s image is just a ripped of Roisin Murphy’s,nothing original about that.

    And about rihanna,please her image in this new era is another ripped off.Who really is buying the image of this “hard b****”?.Why did she used her unfortunate situation with Chris Brown to get attention?.Isn`t all this a calculated move for her label?.
    Rihanna is just another manufactured pop start.

    Again don`t kid your self,britney is not the artist only who is being told what to do.

  72. FiercerMC December 29, 2009

    i second this emotion
    madonna had the 80s, Mariah was Queen of the 90s! and Beyonce has the 2000’s.!!!

  73. DOM December 30, 2009


    Go out a buy her lame ass songs, and go watch her mime on her lame ass tour. ur just reinforcing to her that the crap she puts out, u stupid fuckers will buy regardless. y shud she try when people like u dumb f**** will buy 20 copies of?

  74. 12345 December 30, 2009

    beyonce never had a biggest selling album in a year, how can she be the artist of a decade? she is so big so big that her last album didnt sell that much for such a big artist like everyone says, b**** please

  75. 12345 December 30, 2009

    beyonce never had a biggest selling album in a year, how can she be the artist of a decade? she is so big so big that her last album didnt sell that much for such a big artist like everyone says she is, b**** please

  76. DOM December 30, 2009

    80s – Madge
    90’s – Mariah
    00’s – Beyonce

    Dated and Old News and Irrelevant – Britney

  77. MORE TRUTH December 30, 2009


  78. LMAO? December 30, 2009

    never saw a dated old new and irrevelant breaking records jumping from the 97 spot to 1 in billboard, going platinum in 2 weeks, having the highest gross tour of the year.. the list goes on
    check your facts please and get some knowledge

  79. DOM December 30, 2009

    get some knowledge about britney? she aint worth it. what has she contributed to music?

  80. DOM December 30, 2009

    Sales and numbers don’t mean sh!t these days. e.g. people like britney go from 97-1 and have number 1 tours lip synching…


  81. LMAO? December 30, 2009

    yes, saying that someone is irrevelant when she is still making all those millions just isnt right

  82. number1k9 December 31, 2009

    Completely wrong time to post an article like this! I don’t normally go in on TGJ as a blog and for posting opinions but this seems completely off kilter to me. I don’t know how you can post this after the successful year Britney Spears had.

    I mean in late 08 she received her 2nd number 1 single nearly 10 years after her first. Months ago she received her third number 1 single.

    Her tour despite what any critics, bloggers, reporters want to say-good and bad, have the numbers to show an prove how many people are willing to pay to see Spears live!

    The test of time, you can argue and say that many artists lose there original thunder as the years go on, but it’s not like you can say Spears is one of a few to which that happened to. So I don’t think it’s right to say, awww she doesn’t dance like she used to. Does anybody dance the same, over a vast period of time. I’d say no, but that is only my opinion.

    Another issue I have with this post is how you say in it, that many would argue that her music is at its best right now. Do you believe that as we;ll, cause if you do that makes this extremely contradictory. Yes Britney Spears is an Entertainer- she is known for her singing, dancing, music, and persona. But first an foremost before being a dancer or stage performer, she is a musician-a singer. So if her music is at its best what more can you ask for. [To me saying her dancing and stage presence is as important as her music, is like saying if she just danced on a stage (no music) she’d be as big of a star as she is today.] I personally agree, her music is at its best, and while not all of the moves and changes Spears has made I support, but I think she has done a damn good job with where she is currently in music. I like her music now, more than I did from the get go, and I actually did by her debut CD.

    Britney has always been at her best when she released music and albums back to back, so I say she’s on a great run, why should she stop and take a break. Some ‘comenters’ were saying take time to think if she really wants to pursue music any long cause she doesn’t have that spark, but her music is still doing well, and as known as it was 10 years ago. Why stop? I say who cares if there are other pop stars and peers of hers that may seem to be doing what Spears did 10 years ago, it’s the music business what do you expect there never to be another similar act (that gets successful). not to name drop but Madonna is not selling albums like she did back in her hey day, does she still make great music and sell albums: YES! So why can’t Spears continue to be a big pop star who sells albums, concert tickets, etc. despite her dancing and who else is currently popular in the music industry. Bottom line if the music is good, it’s good music.

    I’m all for musicians making their fans happy by releasing new music. More power to all of the successful stars from over the recent time, years, and decades. I love great new music.

    [If you would like to respond to me, feel free on my blog or on Twitter]

  83. ::SquareBizz2020:: December 31, 2009

    @ minerva

    no sweetie who are yuo trying to kid?!?! you dont “actually know how this works” lmao your just another blog consumer that reads what ever rumors are written and chooses what to and what not to believe! hunny please dont act like you have inside information, like you were actually there during a payola transaction. you read that s*** somewhere and you ran with it! sit down. people need to stop lving in 1999 mathew knowles hasent been the captin of her estate since late destinys child days. you’re incredibly simple in the head if you believe that beyonce became the star she is simply because daddy said so! who the f*** is mathew knowles? NOBODY! yall be talking about him like he was a heavy weight in the game before beyonce got famous! no hunny he popped on the scene at the same time as DC3 hes no one! he doesnt have that type of pull! think about it honey, use ur noodle. you dont just walk into a multi BILLION dollar corperation and say “this is my daughter, so there for you so what i say!” PLEASE! mathew is one of MANY people working on the brand that is beyonce. come correct ma! i never said brittany was the only artist being told what to do, im sayin that your on here saying stupid sshit like she dont gotta leave her house to sell record as if that is a tribute to brittany?!? HA! that dont have s*** to do with her it has every thing to do with the machine fueling her career cause if it was left up to her she would have died out LONG ago, hell atleast beyonce has a say, and creative leway, brittany is being RAN! from top to bottom and thats factual!

  84. LaKee December 31, 2009

    For me, the real question is “Why are people all over the world so willing to give their hard earned money to someone, that doesn’t sing, doesn’t dance anymore, and doesn’t have anything to say?”

    I’ve been a fan of Britney’s since 2000, and will probably alwasy listen to her music. I WILL NOT however, buy her music, or purchase concert tickets becauase she’s doesn’t sing live, and she does dance very well anymore, so why would I want to go out and support that.

    I love pop music as much as hip hop and rock, as does everyone, and I believe that “Music Lovers” know who the real artist and the real musicans are.

  85. walkitout January 1, 2010

    Who gives a flying f*** about Britney and why the hell is she on TGJ??? For real now.

  86. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut January 2, 2010

    80’s – Madonna

    90’s – Mariah/Janet (Janet HAS to be included in the 90’s as well, I mean she sure as hell ain’t done much in the 00’s yet she is one of the Queens of music – she had her hayday in the 90’s along with Mariah))

    00’s – BRITNEY F****** SPEARS!!!

    Beyonce’s fans are clearly a bunch of f****** idiots to think that her 25 million album selling ass beats out Britney’s 90 million albums sold. It’s not about talent, it’s about the impact you make in the music industry and in pop culture in general. Britney Spears is by far the most talked about, most gawked over, most controversial, biggest selling female artist, biggest comeback making female artist OF THE DECADE. How in the world people think Beyonce can beat any of that is totally beyond me.

    Britney Spears MUST have a blade in her knife because she’s slit the throats of EVERY OTHER FEMALE ENTERTAINER in the past 10 years, so the title of this post is highly inaccurate.

  87. angel February 3, 2010

    okkii could kinda of agrre with wat ur sayin she has lost her touch shes nt out perfrmin in televison orr even he grammys or into it all she dosnt promet her songs nor albums she grown tired her danceing is nt wat it was wenn she left you with your mouth openn thinkin she hot but she still there prettytrong even if its a shell of her former self its been 10 years nn she went thru a melt down nn her last album was more lyk a way 2 show she back 4 gud but not 2 show who she once was imm pretty sure wen her new album drops ull c her bak on her top game nn 4 da comparions 2 beyonce uu knt compare dem artistitly but uu can compare them byy star power..beyonce has a stronger voice den britney we all knw that but uu dnt need a strong voice eyonce is alwso wrkin on makin her music the best her single top while britney is wrkin on gttin her life in check shes still goin 2 the courts nn being contolrred lyk a minor that is yy u ddnt see her as strong but britneys fame is far greater den beyonce at an international level because now beyonce is huge inn the u.s.a. but not britney becuse sence in the zone weve never lked at her like we did once sure she still her but nt lyk she once was she is nolonger the center of attention but internatinally britney currently nn be4 is bigger the beyonce britney is one off the artist how is been here 4 longg nn is a internatinal artist but u mite say beyonce is 2 but britney is much moree her single laiides was huge but it wus only truely huge in the u.s.a but for britneys womanizer it was huge but songle ladies was bigger in the u.s.a womainzer was bigger internationally her star power is so diffrent beyonce ii strong noww it is true but britney is out nn still only slightly behind…as for rihnna dnt even ply w. her she hasnt had a nuer one album after 4 tries sure she gt singles but the album makes the money nn her concerts dnt comapree rihanna isnt even that famous as for lady gaga she goin rally strong nn she will be strong as 4 how much we kn see da futer noys knw really but shes nt at britneys level she 2 young in terms of time in the businnes in the big businnes only bout 1 year in a half max 2 nn 2 albums no number 1 nt even past 3 remeber singless rnt da most impoetant nn yess her blade has becum dull aftyer her meltdown but she wnt be taken 4rm pricness easily she britney spears shes an icon think bak iff ur young enough uu mite nt off knw britney as u knw her now but uu always knew she was there the blond singer even madonna sees her as the biggest step but she has slowed down due 2 her meltdown only time will change dis nn 4 da ppl who say shes da queen nt yet nt yet madonna is the queen she will be until shes dead becuse she imacted music hugely she is an isperation 2 femlae musicans moost if nt all have her as an insperation britney mite be a queen but it will take time she will need 2 be let frre first nn take true contoll over her music nn 4 the ppl who say if nt 4 her lable she would be here anymore that is the biggest eror ever she sells millions even if she messes up that all adds 2 money nn iff anyof uu knw aboutt buisness its all about moeny nn power nn w. brintey tey have both because all she does is taken 2 the tabloids nn sells soo anny record company will kill 2 get her she is mannged by her company if dey gt here dey will make the disons nt her the time were she was callin the shots more or less waas bak in in the zone nn britney after that black out nn circus shes only told what 2 do she will be queen wen she controls wat songs are realsesd nn which make the album nt be4

  88. dboy September 2, 2010

    i know this is an old ass article but i gotta give my 2cents on it just for future ref

    FIRST QUEEN BEE ISNT WORKING TWICE, THRICE AS HARD AS HER PEERS LIKE HATERS CLAIM: on the issue of multiple videos, if u pay attention u would realise that bee was treating i am and sasha fierce as 2 distinctive projects hence 2 simultaneous releases plus, all the videos were not released in the same region e.g. ego n diva were not officially released here in uk, . besides isnt multiple releases a sign that the album is still thriving well and label still believes in other song son the album, janet jackson, mariah carey,michael jacksOn have all released upwards of 6 singles from very succesful albums, so having many videos is a good thing , consider the fact that bee loves the dress up, make up , dancing etc vids require. for bday she dint have to make all those vids cus those songs were not released as singles btu she did..cus she can
    if u wanna compare their album sales y dont u start from 03 onwards when bee first released, both released albums in late 08 and bee’s stayed on charts for over a year and sold more in both US n WW. majority of britney’s album sales came from d 1st 2 albums when cds sold more bee was in destiny’s child but u conveniently leave out the millions of albums beyonce sold as part of dc plus brit has doulbe the no of albums that bee has.
    TOUR: this is the only spot were britney wins in terms of revenue but then again britney’s previous tour was in 2004 while bee’s was in 2007(there’s a theory) and as far as performances – compare the reviews urself,
    u say she going on all tv show and coveing all mags, am sorry but last time i checked these were part of the yardstick used to measure celebrity power hence britney topping list in 02 and bee triumphing in recent years, they put bee up der cus she sells them mags, many artistes would kill for those promo spots the onli media where britney rules is the tabloids that covers her soap opera of a life! beyonce has more awards including grammies, more weeks at number 1, more number 1 singles than britney, not about talent? i don’t think evn brit take dat as a compliment lol, beyonce been succesful at box office too, how did cross roads do? bee’s pepsi contract was renewed, brit’s? didnt think so and since yall care bou d millions so much, BEE GOT MORE IN THE BANK THAN BRITNEY, ASK FORBES, AND SHE THE TOP FEMALE ARTISTE OF THE DECADE..THE ONLY THING YALL BRING IS BRITNEY’S ALBUM SALES(mostly from baby 1 more time of 1999), THINK ABOUT IT, WHAT WOULD BRITNEY CHALLENGE BEYONCE TO AND WIN? ..LIPSYNCHING?

  89. Heather January 17, 2011

    I am curious just what Opal can do about this!?!


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  90. Charm Beaded Bracelets June 14, 2011

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  91. manwin June 23, 2011

    yes, she has. The depression meds she is on can make you lose your zip…she has lost hers.

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