Chris Brown; Separating The Personal From The Professional

Published: Thursday 31st Dec 2009 by Trent

Exactly one year ago, Chris Brown was undeniably one of Pop music’s most prolific young stars. From monster hit singles to sold out tours, it seemed that everything this energetic entertainer touched turned into gold (or platinum). Heralded as Billboard’s ‘Artist of the Year’ in 2008, the star was primed to dominate the charts once again in 2009. However, 12 months later,  Brown’s name has become synonymous with everything but success.

Embroiled in a highly publicised controversy surrounding allegations of domestic abuse with his equally famous former girlfriend, Rihanna, Brown has unceremoniously fallen from grace; cast out of the court of public favour. Furthermore, the countless apologies issued by the singer through the mass media have fallen on deaf ears; his efforts ridiculed and his words mocked by audiences around the world.

Nevertheless, Brown continued to pursue his music career, releasing his 3rd studio album, ‘Graffiti’. This too, however, failed to sway the public’s opinion of the singer. Despite rigorous attempts to promote the project with his sold-out ‘Fan Appreciation Tour’, double-single releases and big-budget videos, his album was the worst received record of the year by critics and debuted with the lowest sales of his career to date. It seemed that no matter how hard the young performer tried, he was unable to separate his personal life from his professional endeavours in the eyes of the public.

In light of this, the following questions are raised: should Brown be blacklisted because of his past indiscretions? Should his personal life dictate the direction of his career? Countless singers, including Michael Jackson, R. Kelly and Whitney Houston, have faced career-crippling problems in the past yet have managed to regain their place at the top of the charts. In contrast, given the gravity of Brown’s situation and the increasingly powerful influence of the mass media, the odds of audiences appreciating his music, regardless of his personal issues, are quite slim indeed.

Do you think that Brown’s music should speak for

itself or do his actions warrant his blacklisting?

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  1. kinghershey December 31, 2009

    his album just wasn’t good… you can’t go “pop international” when you known for “popping b****** in the mouth” he should have went back 2 R&B. the Hip/hop R&B community is very forgiving and understanding of personal business… (aka R.Kelly & everybody else who has been 2 jail 4 drugs & domestic violence) twitter was the worst thing that could have happened to his career after the rihanna incident…. he was not a good defender of himself and everything he did an interview or opened his mouth it made him look worst. it defiantly caused him more harm than good. i will continue 2 support him as a performer & i hope his next album has more than 2 or 3 songs i like but until then i will continue bumping Hard!!!

  2. Tracie December 31, 2009

    The media/public has been completely unfair to Chris Brown. I do think he deserves a chance to move forward from this incident especially if people like Charlie Sheen, Tommy Lee, Sean Penn are allowed to continue after similar incidents. Charlie Sheen has a history of domestic abuse and this time even used a weapon, but there hasn’t been any real fallout. Next year he will be starring in another TV series and no one will care. The media is clearly being biased and it is completely unfair! Graffiti is an excellent album and I am amazed at how the public has allowed the media to brainwash them and influence their opinion about this young man in such a powerful way. My prayers remain with Chris because his actions, though wrong, do not warrant this blacklisting.

  3. Dave December 31, 2009

    It really shouldn’t, no matter how bad his personal life “Was”, but people will draw their own conclusions, so I can only speak for myself. But, if he would’ve handled the situation better, he’d have more to go off of. Because in most interviews he was acting like he couldn’t talk upon it, then he waited late as hell to talk about the situation & when he did, he dodge all most all the questions. So, idk. He need to get his social & professional skills together. Because the dude can not speak worth a dime.

  4. Kyle December 31, 2009

    Sad to say, but I think the incident in February will forever leave a dent on his career. I have his first two albums, but I just think what he did was wrong and if I don’t like an artist as a person, I probably won’t support their music. A musicians personal life and music go hand-in-hand more than one might think; as much as some people might disagree.

  5. thestar December 31, 2009

    I find it ridiculous how his new album got the most negative reviews from critics. By far a very a good album with lots of potential hits, of course the critics are going to hate it they’ve already made their decisions way before the album release. Its not music credentials they are basing the album on WE ALL KNOW the reason being.
    We all have second chances thats what life is about you learn your mistakes otherwise whats the point in life?! As long as you accept that what you did is wrong and you are willing to change for the better, then i will be able to give that person another chance. HENCE why i really like Graffiti and for me this has not been the disappointing album of the year-far be it!!

  6. And another thing.. December 31, 2009

    BTW Chris may not be doing as badly as we think…..Graffiti sold more in it’s first week than his first album Chris Brown. I Can Transform Ya entered the Billboard Hot 100 Top 20 and remains in the Hot 100 at #21 this week. It is reaching platinum status in digital sales with over 600k. Granted it’s not what he’s used to but still really good considering he’s being black balled. The backlash he is receiving, I think it’s to be expected, but ultimately if he doesn’t give up he will see his way clear. At the end of the day he still has a loyal fan base and if he continues to do what’s right, things will get better for him. God Bless you Chris Brown.

  7. random December 31, 2009

    his album did speak for it self it wasn’t that great.susan boyle does not get play on pop or urban.i dont know where i’ve even heard her songs,but we know who she is regardless if his talent was greater and the cd better their would be no stopping him.

  8. Kyus December 31, 2009

    I think time will tell. R. Kelly is a disgusting old man and I would never buy his music but that’s a personal choice. Chris should have left it longer to release his album because shadowing Rihanna’s releases so closely seems attention-whoring and made his apologies seem insincere.

    I still play his last album because that was a good album, but I would not buy his music for a while into the future because he needs to learn his lesson. However, at sometime in the future I might. This differs from R. Kelly because Chris apologized and he got punished for it. Kelly managed to wriggle out of punishment and never owned up or apologized for sleeping with underage girls

  9. SG December 31, 2009

    Chris Brown was NOT blacklisted. His videos were played all over major television, his story was featured on ABC, and his songs made it to all of the radio stations.

    The “Graffiti” LP just sucked. That’s all. Everyone has heard “I Can Transform Ya” and “Crawl”, but nobody is receptive to it because it isn’t their piece of pie. We are in a changed industry here, where musicians like Ciara and Mariah Carey cannot reach their former glory. This new industry is crammed with new acts who are getting favor over more experienced acts of the past.

    We live in a fad-industry, where few stars can retain their preeminence in the music industry album after album. Chris Brown didn’t suffer from his personal life, he suffered from the changing of the tides.

    I will concede that many people on the outside have criticized Brown for his actions (I being one of them) and have refused to listen to his music thereafter (I, also being one of them). But to say that the media and radio-industry hasn’t given him a chance is absolutely ludicrous.

  10. bobs December 31, 2009

    This is one of the only sites that loves to publically humiliate Rihanna and put Chris on a pedestal. If Chris had taken more time to let the public calm down, to guest on a series of great songs, and come back next summer – people would have been willing to forgive or at least would have forgotten. However, he chose to release an album 2 weeks after her, and singles on the same day. It was as if he was trying to beat her down again, except he lost. And now I dare say his career is OVER.

  11. Jacob December 31, 2009

    You know what, J.LO would have the answer to this.

  12. Not so fast December 31, 2009

    It will take time for Chris. But there are encouraging signs. The single I Can Transform Ya is approaching platinum status with over 700 thousand sells. That’s excellent for him considering the song has only been out for a few months. He does need to change up the way he goes about speaking about the issue of domestic violence, though. I’m just waiting for someone to call out this Charlie Sheen double standard. They are trying very hard to brush it under the rug, but people need to make it clear that if he can get 25 second chances, then Chris Brown can get one second chance.

  13. Imyourstar701 December 31, 2009

    You cant really compare it to Whitney’s situation because she didn’t hurt anybody..

  14. Karen Caring December 31, 2009

    What Chris did to Rihanna was wrong. I loved Chrihanna and i cried so much when they broke up. Graffiti is a good album. People should give Chris another chance. chris is an 11 out of 10 but I wish he would do something about his teeth. but he is still one of the sexiest men alive.

  15. Karen Caring December 31, 2009

    Charlie Sheen had a knife and thretened to kill his wife. I hope they get divorced. thats dangerous!

  16. nick December 31, 2009

    let’s also not forget the quality of the singles he’s put forth thus far. yes, the incident has a lot to do with it, but let’s face it- “I Can Transform Ya” is not a hit like the number 1 leads from his last albums- “Kiss Kiss” and “Run It”. After his negative press, he really needed to deliver a knockout single, and not only did he fail to deliver, but killed the momentum of subsequent singles, no matter how good they may be. Radio gave “Transform Ya” a chance, but the fact is- it simply wasn’t good enough. Swizz Beatz is a great producer, but doesn’t produce #1 smash pop hits because his sound just isn’t that universal. That, with the RIDICULOUS album cover and negative press is why Chris Brown is in a position he might not recover from.

  17. random December 31, 2009

    MechanicalDummy is back

  18. raychel December 31, 2009

    ewww why cant he just go away @random
    anyway I still listen to his music from earlier but not now… I cant… I cant listen to rihannas without cringing either.

  19. Karen Caring December 31, 2009

    i liked the graffiti album cover. i just wish he had an erection because u would see it right through his tight pants 🙂

  20. aman December 31, 2009

    he made a mistake, hes still young! people need to get over it !

  21. HEY December 31, 2009

    I just can’t get Rihanna face picture out of my head it was bad.

  22. parisian girl December 31, 2009

    @karen caring
    how old are u?

  23. Ben December 31, 2009

    2009 has been a really rough year in the celebrity realm, most noticeably Chris Brown and Rihanna. I decided not to buy Chris’s album for 2 reasons. 1-I didn’t like his choice of singles and his promo was slow, 2-the whole February situation. But at the same time I didn’t support Rihanna’s album either because I STILL don’t believe she is completely innocent. Neither one of them in my opinion did enough to clear up the situation, and the little bit that they did say came only in time just before their album dropped, which really pissed me off. Chris and Rihanna are pure examples of people who let money go so much to their head to the point where they don’t think before their actions. That whole night could have been avoided in a lot of ways. Not to say I won’t support them in the future, but they should have just taken a year off or something to let everything simmer some more.

  24. Karen Caring December 31, 2009

    i was so dissapointed in Chris for what he did to Rihanna. at first I didnt want to believe it. they were so cute together. Chris has to face the consequences for what he did. deep down inside he is a good person.

  25. ashley December 31, 2009

    I have to admit, when the incident first occured, I was horrified and vowed never to support Chris Brown in any way. However, I have since calmed down and with an open mind have listened to interviews by both Chris and Rihanna. My turning point came when Rihanna stated that she wanted Chris to have a successful career and something to the affect that she eventually forgave him. At that point I softened towards him and decided that he indeed deserved a second chance. I have since purchased Graffiti and actually enjoy listening to it on my way to and from work. I will also check out the movie Takers when it is released in the movie theatre. I believe he has a long road ahead of him, however he is young and I think he will be back stronger, wiser and more humble.

  26. Karen Caring December 31, 2009

    I didn’t support Rihanna’s album either because I STILL don’t believe she is completely innocent

    Ben how can you blame Rihanna for what Chris did to her? I love Chris and Rihanna but beating ur girlfriend is wrong. What if ur mother got beat by her boyfriend. would u still think it was her fault?

  27. aman December 31, 2009

    yes yes Ben i totally agree line 5-6

  28. Karen Caring December 31, 2009

    Aman when u beat ur gf do u try 2 brain wash her into thinking its her fault?

  29. CoCo December 31, 2009

    Karen Caring

    December 31, 2009 at 9:10 am

    What Chris did to Rihanna was wrong. I loved Chrihanna and i cried so much when they broke up.

    LMFAO—> get a life!

  30. Its Me Again December 31, 2009

    This Chris Brown thing has been stale news for weeks…

  31. Karen Caring December 31, 2009

    December 31, 2009 at 10:25 am
    LMFAO—> get a life!

    its better to cry and get over it than to be bitter about it forever.

  32. Cyimo Simo December 31, 2009

    Chris Brown’s career is not over!!!! if you think that you must be delusional, watch out for 2010

  33. Jaimie December 31, 2009

    I actually like Chris Brown. He’s an undeniable talent, and is the best male performer since Michael Jackson. So many people know this to be true, and that’s why they don’t want to give credit where it’s due. I’m sorry things turned out the way they did for CB, but when you’re in the public eye, there is no personal, and that’s just a lesson he’s still learning I guess. I will say this, he’s gotten the short end of the stick, and that’s not fair. I hope going into a new year as others put their pasts behind them they can put Chris Brown’s behind them as well.

  34. Erica December 31, 2009


  35. bobs December 31, 2009

    He should become a QVC host!

  36. trucie December 31, 2009

    Tho I am a huge Rihanna supporter (talentless and all) I feel that Chris’s album was a good album and a strong continuation of his last. So in that respect, his music should speak for itself. I have said many times, that I am disappointed that he didn’t take into consideration the consequences of his actions after the initial blow. At that point, it seems that he didn’t care for his career at all otherwised, he wouldn’t have allowed the situation to escalate the way it did. But s*** happens, and as always there is a price to pay. In his case, it could possibly mean his career that he’s worked so hard for. he’s an amazing talent and i wish him the best and I do hope that he can come back from this.

  37. Lilly December 31, 2009

    Aww, poor wittle Bweezy. He doesn’t know what a black listing is. ask the Dixie Chicks who had their lives threatened because of something they SAID, not because of who they assaulted, and their (Dixie Chicks) careers haven’t been the same since. This Chris Brown pitty party really needs to stop. Grafitti is a flop. It sucks from both a commercial and critical standpoint. And no matter how many times this site tries to talk him up and uplift him by refering to Rihanna as an “aspiring singer” or “Bajan model,” it’s not going to change his sales or her’s. “Rated R” has been out for little over a month and will be gold in the US and worldwide platinum (one million sold) by next week if not sooner.

  38. Karen Caring December 31, 2009

    @trucie I bet Rihanna has more talent than u

  39. florida_girl December 31, 2009

    Chris, Kobe and Tiger just to name a few have something in common? ok the bright ones know the answer? Regardless of what Tiger may think he is still considered one and trust in light of all that has happened he knows now….America is a very hypocritical country and this is coming from an American all these men have committed the same crimes as their counter parts yet the mainstream media want to strip them in public leaving them with nothing…ppl need to wake up and remember this could be your father, brother or uncle and forgiveness is key but forgiveness should be granted from the person you afflicted the act to everyone else IMO can kick rocks outside of God and your family….too many ppl have this God-like complex not taking into count once in your life you did something that you wish you could take back so why are these ppl any different….

    America put too much time into what celebs are and aren’t doing when we are in 2 wars that is sucking the economy dry….unemployment and homeless rates are on a all time high…I pray for ppl and keep it moving because many get on these sites and spite hate on ppl they don’t even know but their personal lives are in shambles….let’s give love in 2010…Happy New Year to all….

  40. Lovher December 31, 2009

    No offense to his tema but I don’t think Brown or his prodcut were flawed. I think the people around him gased him up that coming out like nothing happened quickly and saying sorry would be cool. I think they were greedy and trying to make that christmas buck and gambled him knowing better. If they had let him apologize while Rihanna came out and do his tour….but waited till august to drop him after she was done he would be straight he would have sold 300,000 first week at the least. they wen tin too fast on greed and being the artist and work aholic he is he wanted to believe that he could come back out quick. IT WAS JUST TOO SOON. But his career is far from over. I mean look at it, he sold just about as much as her, so the flaw was in timing not material or him. Chris aint going no where Rihanna however…….5 more year…time is ticking. I love her but her type of talent is hsort lived. Chris is timeless. All abuse aised he cool.

  41. aman December 31, 2009


    im actually a female, what im trying to say is yeah he made a mistake but hes paying it for right now, everi1z dogging him down, if anyfin he needs the support of his fans, to make him a better person. Domestic violence is not only common where a man hits the women, its also common the other way round, and i would say the same thing if it was the woman hitting the man. If anything the abusers need help from society. we shouldnt just disown them! We should help them so incidents like this dont happen again.

  42. Karen Caring December 31, 2009

    for Aman

    I agree with u if u put it that way. Tiger Woods wife beat him with a golf club but people think its funny because shes a woman. Rihanna didnt beat Chris with a weapon so thats different. Chris apologize and said what he did was wrong so lets give him credit for that. i just wish feb 8 never happen. I dont know why Chris would do that to her. i feel like crying right now

  43. Kyle December 31, 2009

    Honestly MJ was already a legend by the point things got really scandalous for him, and he did not regain dominance on the chart because of his work. Sad to say, it was his death that brought the appreciation for MJ back.

    As for R. Kelly, I never understand the support for him, especially when he releases his spiritual and inspirational cheesy music.

    I still see Whitney’s career as majorly damaged. Every album can’t be a comeback album and unless she plans on waiting more than 5 years, I can’t see her doing all that well with the next album unless they start releasing better single choices.

    There are a lot of artists who have lost their careers for worse reasons. He may be able to regain his footing, but I won’t be checking for him. Not saying I wouldn’t potentially buy an album of his, but for right now i’m not interest because of the music and because of the personal reasons – the twitter tantrums sealed the deal for a while.

  44. CB ALL DAY December 31, 2009

    I wish him luck and hope he has a better, success and Happy New Year for 2010

    Life is to short to hate, we should just just enjoy his music and the talent he brings, before it’s to late, no one is perfect and as long as he learns from his mistakes and lives a life with no more trouble and scandals, then everyone should let him be and stop knocking him further more, it’s not gonna change anything, the more we judge him, like we are any better.

    What was done, was done, now it’s time to move on, into the future

    Best Wishes to Chris, Happy New Year

  45. Karen Caring December 31, 2009

    Kyle i first wanted to make a twitter account because of Chris but by the time i had one he nolonger had one.

  46. AMOM December 31, 2009





  47. SAY WOT? December 31, 2009

    this album was total crap in my opinion. only 1 or 2 songs worth my attention.

  48. JJ December 31, 2009

    Chris failure can’t be blamed on the incident alone. His released songs from Graffiti were not that good so he flopped and he isn’t as talented as any of those artist you named. I don’t understand why everyone feels so bad for him he will be alright he just needs to take a break stay out of trouble then come back.

  49. Its Me Again December 31, 2009


    I thought I’d share this with Sam, Trent and my fellow TGJ commenters. I think it’s the perfect way to end off the year 2009 musically…:

    Happy New Year All, see you next year.

  50. Syymone December 31, 2009

    I am so laughing at certain people on this site that say ” you’re not supporting Chris because he has a lesson to learn” but I’m like who the hell are you because you’re not God,so stop acting as if you are his ultimate judge………..

    I’m also willing to bet that most people that say his cd is not good don’t even have his cd! It’s evident to anyone with “common sense” that Chris is being maligned because he’s a Black male.

    The same evil media that try to demonize Chris is the same one that is in complete MUTE mode when it comes to the White actor Charlie Sheen who is said to have put a knife to his wife throat,but the media is not the only one being mute,so are all YOU HYPOCRITES that judge Chris Brown. Where is all your anger for Charlie Sheen? Could it be since the media has not brainwashed you hypocrites into hating Charlie Sheen,you just dismiss it as the media does?

    The thing that is truly sad are all the dumb Black people who can’t even see when you are being played by the media.Many of you are so damn stupid that you can’t even see how you aid the media in their attempt to destroy another Black person.I thank God that there are people outside of this country with more open minds because America is one of the most backwards countries on this earth!

    Chris cd is doing well,he has sold over 600,000 cd’s world wide but you see the media has not reported that,have they? The media also leads many of you to believe that what they do report in terms of sales are worldwide,but what they report are physical cd’s sold in America only.

  51. SAY WOT? December 31, 2009

    ”I’m also willing to bet that most people that say his cd is not good don’t even have his cd! ”


    y would some1 buy his album is they thought it was crap?

  52. Syymone December 31, 2009

    @ AMOM……..I TOTALLY agree with your comment especially your last sentence!

  53. COLD CASE LOVE December 31, 2009

    Chris flopped HARD. He sold 122,000 worldwide first week (102,000 US) so what does that

    Tell you? Dude is over. He should’ve waited and gave one candid interview like rihanna

    But instead chose to make himself look like a fool multiple times on twitter and on tv.

    His single choices were bad, his album is bad and his sales are bad. He has no endorsements,

    Anything. Its over for him, now he can tap dance his ass to the unemployment line.

    While chris is flopping rated r will be gold in the US and surpass 1million worldwide sales next week.,

    Its also 80k away from platinum in the UK, 20k away from platinum in australia, and already platinum in Poland.

  54. Destined December 31, 2009

    Chris has undeniable talent point blank! That cannot be argued. Honestly, I do think it was better ways for him to handle this after the situation, but I also blame his management too. They handled this whole thing poorly and allowed Chris to make bad decisions. Then the album, it was hot no doubt about it, but I do wish he would have waited and def not have shadowed Rihanna. But as far as his treatment goes, it all comes back to one thing , RACE! Race will always trump black celebrities no matter what. The media is so damn biased and hateful I could just set they asses on fire, but sadly this is the unfair and unequal world we live in. Chris was wrong no doubt, but he confessed and is paying his dues and will be paying his dues. His punishment is the worst because this will taint him for the rest of his life like the Scarlet Letter. People have already made up in their minds what they think about him and that is truly sad. And like he said about Oprah, it was an insult to even try to categorize him with all those dv guys on her show. Chris did hit Rihanna, but I can tell you he is no habitual offender. They have dudes who will smack a chick up for looking at them wrong and Chris is not that. He let his emotions get the best of him and snapped. It happens, wished he wouldn’t went there but he did. And honestly I’m mad at his team and her team who did not see this train wreck waiting to happen. They both should have stepped off a long time ago, but they ignored the writings on the wall. Things just don’t go from 0 to 100 in a night. Their relationship had ran its course. My prayers are def with both of them and I’m wishing Chris well and much success and hope he is letting go and letting GOD because HE is above man.

  55. Anne December 31, 2009

    I read some of the comments and I think the problem is two-fold. His latest releases are not as good as some of his earlier stuff AND he is suffering from backlash from the Rihanna attack. Anyone who thinks the Rihanna incident is not a factor is naive. There’s no way something like that can happen and not affect the way some people perceive and receive his work. Several artists release a peak album or song or have a peak period and then release music that arguably is not as good as the earlier stuff but they are still successful because they have a fan base, people will allow their new music to grow on them and they are not suffering from black ball or backlash like Chris is now. Now his music will have to be twice as good (and this time it’s not) to get the same result he would have had minus the incident. You can’t really compare him to Michael Jackson or Whitney because they were much more established artists at the time things went amiss. Also, R. Kelly seems to be still suffering from the damage to his reputation and not fully recovered. Chris may have the same fate.

  56. Anne December 31, 2009

    Chris still has a fan base but I think it has been significantly reduced after the Rihanna incident. Like I said, now he’ll have to work twice as hard and things MIGHT improve.

  57. Ben December 31, 2009

    @KarenCaring. I am not saying what Chris did was right because it wasn’t, he should have controlled his anger. But I don’t believe he would just upright beat her ass over a few words. She either threw that blackberry at his forehead, shoved him, slapped or punched him while driving. I don’t believe that either one of them are right.

  58. karen caring December 31, 2009

    if Chris and Rihanna was still together he would be in dubai with her right now. he probably would of did the umbrella remix with her. im so confused. he is so nice most the time why cant he control his anger 🙁

  59. nikki December 31, 2009

    my head hurt as i read through some of these comments here it is almost a year n u still mad at what? he said sorry what else do u really expect him to do? his album was good his videos did get play time but his songs did not get played on every station that’s a lie he sold 600,000 world wide not 102,000 that is what he did in the us alone if u want facts please look it up the media is not going to talk about worldwide sells some people really crack me up anyway i’m so tired of undercover rihanna stans posting stuff if u don’t like him ok but don’t throw shade then uplift her by saying check out her video at the end of a sentence that’s dumb i wish him well he has so much talent last year was never a team chris team rihanna so alot of people r fake but what ever this is the last time we should talk about it if u still talking about this u have no life period

  60. karen caring December 31, 2009

    Ben u assume Chris wouldnt get violent first then u assume Rihanna would. when u ASSUME u just make an ASS out of U and ME. why do we have to always blame someone? what happen just happen. Chris said in his song ‘famous girl’ he cheated and she got mad and it just esculated. i cant talk about this anymore. it feels like my heart is breaking all over again

  61. COLD CASE LOVE December 31, 2009

    @nikki you are lying your ass off. Graffiti didn’t chart in the top 40 in any country except the US. His album fell off the world charts second week. He flopped, show me a link from the world charts where it says he sold 600k

  62. Anon December 31, 2009

    OK Chris needs to slap his management team and go on a nice sabbatical.Take Michael Jackson for instance, there no question of how phenomenal the man was as an artists ,so much that there were crowds of people screaming in support when he went through his molestation charges. (which were bogus btw) But even then MJ took a nice break from the public eye before releasing anymore material or trying to gain his shine back.
    Chris got cocky and over estimated his relevance in the industry by releasing an album the same year as his scandal, as if it were some kind of good publicity champagne. I mean if your going to the mall and people screaming “women beater” at you, chances are is your material wont be selling too well, especially when the success of your last two efforts were due to popularity and not really because of your music….

  63. nikki December 31, 2009

    @cold case love lol exactly sweetie his second week he fell off but he still sold that much though google it it’s not that serious see this is how i know your a riri stan why r u concern about his sells like that if u support her good i’m happy for u but for u to dig for his info is just lame so what u wanna go around posting he flopped to people that’s what i’m talking about people with no lives i don’t like her but i will be damn if i went around posting stuff about her doesn’t make since a lot of people say when u don’t like her u must be a stan of Chris no i like talent and if i wanna see a performer than that’s what i wanna see how r u a hater cuz u iike talent it doesn’t make sense to me yea she can sing for her own style and vocal ability but sweetie just keep supporting her that’s good i want people too she got her ass beat and she needs all the support i think it’s cool u like her but just don’t worry about chris that’s when it seems like your a hater u feel me

  64. MORE TRUTH December 31, 2009


  65. Lilly December 31, 2009

    Complete and utter cosign, Karen Caring. Talk about victim blaming. How many times does Chris have to say that Rihanna didn’t do anything physical to provoke his assault? So many Chris Brown stans believe every other word that comes out of his mouth except that. Chris whines about how Walmart supposedly isn’t stocking his cd, then all of sudden Chris is to be believed. The minute Chris says Rihanna didn’t hit or physically assult him, then all of a sudden his credibility is doubted.

  66. bobs December 31, 2009

    Oh god, here come Nikki and Symone. If I were Chris Brown and saw I had fans like them, I might be driven to beat up the next person I saw, too!

  67. COLD CASE LOVE December 31, 2009

    @nikki your yet another delusional stan. He’s a flop. He didn’t even graduate high school.

    Get your boy an application at UPS. They’re hiring.

  68. Raychel December 31, 2009

    @ccl oooh wow lol that was mean

  69. Raychel December 31, 2009


  70. justsaying December 31, 2009

    Chris is being blackballed re the reviews of his album seem to almost be personal attachks and some stations have flat out refused to play him- however, he has not promoted/performed on tv and u can’t sell without promo so

    R. Kelly has been affected- after the trial and that tape, his sales are not good at all- the only diff is that radio is still playing him but people not feeling him

    MJ – more established but his rep and sales took a huge hit

    Whitney- never hurt anyone- that’s the difference, whatever transgressions were done to herself- she has always had the ability to come back as the public and label was behind her as long as Bobby brown was not part of the package and she cleaned up- she did both and her album is one of the best selling cds in the us and worldwide- her tours in europe are selling out-

    I feel that people who do things to themselves shouldnot be grouped into artists who are suffering from public backlash because they have hurt another person!

  71. Maggie December 31, 2009

    I’m surprised that people still accept R Kelly. No Chris Brown can’t be forgiven in my eyes because I’ve actually worked in a woman’s shelter and know first hand about emotional abuse.
    Michael Jackson is different because, despite rumors and such, there is no actual proof that he did anything illegal.
    Whitney was just an addict, and that in itself is forgivable.

    Chris Brown beat Rihanna to a pulp, and then he whines wondering why people just don’t let it go, as if this is about him. It’s not about him. How anyone can even be interested in his art knowing what kind of things he would do to another person is unbelievable.

    I also get really sick of people saying, this is about his art, not him as a person. Because part of liking music is knowing about the artist and their personality. I didn’t support Madonna many years monetarily just because I didn’t like her personality. You can’t separate art from the person creating it unless the person covers their face with a mask and never reveal who they are. There are a few musicians who have actually done this.

  72. Maggie December 31, 2009

    And those of you who keep saying Rihanna provoked him…

    Who gives a flying f*** what Rihanna did before he began hitting, biting, and calling her name? Men who beat will get angry out of the blue, and this is true. Considering the history that came out after this with Rihanna, you should not be surprised that such a silly argument provoked him. He lashed out twice before that, destroying property.

    She didn’t hit him first, and even if she had, would that matter? Does that deserve what he did to her? are you really trying to use this as an argument? An average woman’s strength does not compare to that of a man. That’s just fact. I don’t believe anyone should be hitting, either, but you need to your brains.

    Chris Brown is forever condemned in my book, just as any man who hits women is. Only few other things are more despicable as beating a woman.

  73. mez December 31, 2009

    he is a convicted felon who attempted to compete with his victim for sales while the incident is still fresh in peoples minds. I think his management should be fired!

  74. nikki December 31, 2009

    lol @cold case love how u gonna talk about chris not graduating n rihanna didn’t either and she doesn’t have a GED she says she was to busy to get one smh at her stans trying go in on breezy make sure u got facts about ya gurl too n u can look that up in her interview she just did with GQ magazine gurl boo

  75. Raychel December 31, 2009

    @nikki whatever

  76. COLD CASE LOVE December 31, 2009

    @maggie cosign all your comments.

    @nikki once again you prove to be yet another dumbass b****. I only brought up chrissy “flop” brown not having a high school diploma since he’s GONNA NEED ONE to get a job when jive drops him in 2010.

    He knows he flopped hard, embarassed himself, his friends, and his family on tv and twitter. What a dumbass. You seem him laying low don’t you?

  77. karen caring December 31, 2009

    @Nikki u make a lot of sence. we shouldnt be bitter toward each other. it wont get us anywhere. my parents are divorced. they never got along as far as I could remember. i thought Chrihanna was everything a loving couple should be. but i guess behind the senes it wasnt what it seemed. I had a dream a few days ago that they are still together but they where old like in their 30s. and we was at desney world in orlando and we were happy. but then my real parents wanted me back but they were still married but they fought all the time. and I was crying and didnt want to go cause they fought all the time and I wanted to stay with Chris and Rihanna. if Chris and Rihanna can brake up even though they were so good together and loved each other than what does that mean? i dont think i will ever get married because hell probably just break my heart.

  78. tiffany December 31, 2009

    I just feel like Chris Brown and Rihanna should have waited for thier negative buzz to die out before they brought out new albums . look at mary j.blige she headlining a bad buzz now ,they may have had a good chance to pick up now and get tracks out .

  79. king December 31, 2009

    untill I get the physical proof in my hands, I still say both rihanna and chris were physically fighting each other that night,and rihanna lost. and out of rage and being a woman scorned, she played the domestic victim part.
    I dont care what anybody say rihanna is not a domestic violence victim. she knew since shes a woman people were gonna feel more sympathetic toward her and since her pic was released, she knew people were gonna be on her side. and that since chris brown cheated on her, that was gonna be the perfect (payback a b****), f****** up with his career.
    am not gonna lie when I first heard chris brown beat up rihanna, i was on her side. then the pic came out, as a woman, my heart went out to her,
    but the police report came out, and it clearly stated rihanna was the one that started the fight she kept hitting him on the face with her fist, and with her shoes(rihanna own words)
    because he lied bout wo was texting him.
    now I started to think,y would chris brown just snapped and started beating on rihanna?
    we all heards reports bout how rihanna is violent, hell she even admit she hit her brother on the head with a bottle.
    then the 20/20 interview came out she lied about ever touching him.she claimed he beat her more than once..her answers were never consistent. now was the time to tell the world the thruth.that shes not a victim, that both of them were fighting eachother and she lost..but bish got a cd to sell

  80. Leave Chris Brown Alone fOR 2010 December 31, 2009

    Dam, it’s a new year and all you haters on here, want to still hate, MOVE ON AND GET OVER IT, IT WAS SO LAST YEAR!!

  81. mez December 31, 2009

    King you are a revisonist! No such police report exists. Chris brown beat and essentially mauled Rihanna. Period. He was CONVICTED for it so your assessment does not go with the actual facts.


    Chris should have taken a much longer break then reurned with a more adult sound without stupid “i will transform you ‘ nonsense….

    He was the abuser and he is lucky he is not in Jail as well

  82. king December 31, 2009

    and i dont think its fair that rihanna letting chris take all the blame for that night.both of them were wrong.. i think chris should have let things die die first, than released his album.and stop with all the “I’m sorry” interviews. after the 3rd “I’m soory” i was ready to beat his a**.
    he may not be getting his paper with this album, but he’s also a songwriter so he’s gonna make that money regardless. if people can forgive r kelly for peeing on a minor, s*** people need to realize people make mistake.
    dont worry chris, rihanna a** aint doing so well either, people are finally realizing that bish has no s*** to offer, but her looks and body. her album flopping proved people didnt fall for the “I’m a victim” act. I guess payback can be a b**** huh

  83. king December 31, 2009

    @ MEZ. there is a police report..the police report rihanna filed, looked it up then come at me with ur bull

  84. Come Again?? December 31, 2009

    @ Maggie: You are entitled to your own opinion, but you CANNOT dictate what people can and can not find forgivable! It if obvious that you harbor ill feeling towards CB because of the fact that you work with abused women! But do you even realize that a lot of abused women forgive their abusers just for the sake of their own healing! You cannot say that, oh well wha Whitney did, abuse drugs and put the safety of her own daughter and expose her to drug use at such a young ageis unforgivable! Perhaps you are unaware of the damage that drugs use can due to destroy a family! There are probably many children who are unable to forgive their parents for using drugs and destroying their homes! You can’t sit back and say which sinner is capable of forgiveness and which isn’t just because of you personal feelings! All the people that you mention are SINNERS in one way or another and since no sin is greater than the other, according to the Bible, then ALL of them are capable of forginess! Plus you say that it doesn’t matter what MJ was accused of because they weren’t able to prove it! Are you efing kidding me? I guess you didn’t read the court documents from his case! Child Molestation is one of the most heinous crimes a person can be accused of and equally as bad as beating a woman! Being that he was accues of it twice, is enough to raise suspision! Yes he was found not guilty the SECOND time, but the first time he settled out of court! Those charges stuck with him throughout his career and had a huge negative impact on him! He even admitted to letting boys sleep with him in his bed in an interview back in 2003! That is compelely inappropriate behaviour for a grown man. People over looked MJ’s discretions because they loved his ‘art’ and were able to separate his personal life from his ‘art’! Which they have every right to do , just as the CB fans do. Just because people aren’t able to prove it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! OJ was found not guilty, but everyone know he did it! People are only willing to look past MJ issues because of the fact that he was already the biggest superstar in the world by then!
    Furthermore, there have been manyy men in hollywood accused of the same thing that CB did, and have carried on with their careers with out a fraction of the coverage that CB got! Sean Penn (who recently one his second Oscar this year) Terrence Howard (who has been nominated for an Oscar twice) James Brown, Don Cornelius, Josh Brolin (another Oscar Winner) and most recently Charlie Sheen! Charlies Sheen has had several DV charges on his record (as well as drug charges) and never did jailt time. ALL of these men have been accused of Domestic abuse against their wives/gf and ALL of these men have been able to continue on with their careers! Winning awards and not even losing their endorsments! So, obviiously unlike what you said, people are able to separate those men personal lives from their art, so what is the difference with CB! The difference is, people like yourself, are hypocritical and base opinions of your personal feeling and persoanl issues, and seem to think that it is up to you who can be forgiven and whose crimes are worthy of punishment and whose aren’t!
    And no matter how sick of it you are, YES it is about art! It is not about his personal life! once again, just because YOU are not capable of separating the personal life from the music, doens’t mean that others aren’t! Being that he his single “Transform Ya’ has been holding steady on the charts for months now ,has sold over 600,00 digital down loads, is still No. 1 on r&b itunes top downloaded and top twenty itunes 100, and his other singles “Crawl’ and ‘Drop It Low’ are on the charts,he has had sold out shows for his Fan Appreciation Tours is featured in a very popular urban Magazine VIBE,it proves’ that people are still interested in his music no matter how unbelieveable it is to you or not! He has been punished for his crime by LAW, recieved the punishment that the JUDGE say fit and has every right to continue on with his career if he chooses! As long as he doesn’t violate the terms of his probation and as long as he as fans that still choose to support him,then no amount of negative comments on a blog from bitter unforgiving people like YOU can stop him! Get over yourself!

  85. mez December 31, 2009

    Just saw people magazine and guess what Rated R is one of the best albums of the year …. this is her most critically acclaimed album and it is still selling STEADILY .

    KIng clearly you cant read…. nowhere in the report does it say that Rihanna hit him. Chris B has been violent in the past as well and he will be in the future especially since people like you keep making him think that he is right .!

    He should be in Jail and therefore he should be thankful he is free and can record music. I think Rihanna was TOO NICE to him after what he did to her!

  86. king December 31, 2009

    and for the record the only reason chris brown was convicted cause he pled guilty…..DUH
    he chose take the blame for that night so dont come with s*** “he beat her to a pulpe crap”,,,,she even admit in the 20/20 interview that half the s*** people were saying bout her being in a concussion, was a lie. she was only in the hospital for 1 hr.
    now who stays in the hospital for 1 hr after getting beat to a pulpe, and having a concussion??
    common sense here people..bish was a woman scorned.and shes making a mockery of domestic violence. and I’m suppose to feel bad for her? for what
    and u wait till 2 weeks till ur album dropped, then suddenlly u remembered u a victim of domestic violence..yea i feel bad for her
    and stans dont come on here and say she had to go on 20/20 and get the incident out of the way so she can promote her album. cause they were gonna ask her about it anyway. thats bull.rihanna is a very famous person, all she had to say was she didnt want to talk bout the incident, and kept it moving.
    but the bish got got a fake a** empire to run, and an album to sell.

  87. mez December 31, 2009

    Its way too early to say forgive an forget…. who are you to tell us to do so… Chris bis a monster and up to now I still get the impression that he is not being sincere when he speaks!

    He needs to cool off ( too bad he did not do sin Jail)!

  88. mez December 31, 2009

    Rihanna is doing very well thank you haters!

  89. king December 31, 2009

    @ mez..stp making up s*** to make rihanna seem a victim..didnt u just said there wasnt a police how do u know what rihanna said?

  90. king December 31, 2009

    we’re all a so call “hater” because we have a thing call common sense..ok
    nobody on here are condoning chris’s actions.but at the same time u cant expect to hit someone repeatly and not get hit back..and just because the person stronger than u and bigger, hes suppose to let u hit him?…get the eff out of here.
    if we gonna sit here and call chris a women beater, then rihanna is a men beater too.

  91. mez December 31, 2009

    1.I never said there wasnt a report …I said you were a revisionist ( i.e you made up the report to fit your argument).

    2. Why would he plead guilty if he wasnt??????? so I guess that means hes not only violent he is also STUPID!

    3.So he chose to take the blame for beating his GF up and leaving him abandoned in the road…how very gentlemanly of him what a fffing hero.!!! Wish more men were like that…maul they girlfriend leave them in the road then man up and take the blame for doing so!!!! Sounds like a plan for sainthood!

    4. So why did he give interviews and ‘apologies before his album came out….??? oh I see because he was TRULY sorry LOLOL! and not because he had an album to promote…. and why did he wear a bowtie …because he is a bow tie wearing guy… I get it…. nothing to do with making people like you think he was soe weet and nice an wonderful LOL! he sure fooled Rihanna…!

    5. Chris brown is a controlling p**** and evidenced by his entire behaviour… he even goes on a rant because stores are not stocking his record AS IF the RETAILERS owe him something! No one owes him s***! He needs to be thankful he is not in JAIL!

  92. mez December 31, 2009

    Chris B needs to go sit down somewhere …and his fans need to grow up.
    He is no longer PRINCE F*CKING CHARMING!

  93. Raychel December 31, 2009

    @king you really need to go somewhere
    it dosent matter how BEATEN she was or if she was only admitted to the hospital for an hour
    she was still beaten
    that picture was real
    you really need to stop with ‘theres only so much a man can take’ and ‘she didnt even have a concussion’ stop making excuses for the boy!
    he beat her up! he left her there!
    you really need to evaluate yourself and stop bringing up all these ‘accusations’ to ease the guilt off of chris
    he was wrong. deal with it

  94. Raychel December 31, 2009

    @king if there was a physical fight where are his bruises?
    where are his pictures?
    why didnt he fight so that the notion you are trying to say would be proven?
    why didnt him and his team tell the court that?
    dont you think, if thats what went down, he would have told?
    and dont give me that ‘chris didnt do that because he wanted to save her career, or ‘he only did that because he loved her’
    yeah right both of their careers would have been jeapordized if that were the case.
    people never want to just buckle down and say that he was wrong for what he did
    yes he can be forgiven, but people like you dont wanna pin the blame on someone who DESERVES the blame
    really it just makes me sick, thats why I want him to go away
    everybody makes mistakes, but your trying to make the mistake he did lighter?
    he sinned. he beat rihanna up. there is no side storys or other sides to the story.
    this is just ridiculous

  95. Maggie December 31, 2009

    @ Come Again

    I didn’t read your whole rant, but I will address that I said exactly “No Chris Brown can’t be forgiven in my eyes”

    I never said everyone must not forgive him. Different people feel different ways toward it and I can’t change that, nor will I try to unless it’s harmful to their health.

    All opinions are based on feeling, that’s why they’re called opinions. Facts are very different.

    I’m not going to argue about opinions.

  96. Raychel December 31, 2009

    im really getting mad
    how is rihanna a MEN BEATER? are you serious with that statement?
    reading your posts just makes me mad, and I have to respond because this is crazy
    it really is just crazy
    your crazy!
    and dont give me that I have unresolved issues because thats BULL
    I call people out like you, who are delusional cb stans, who weigh the situation and try to make it in his favor
    gth out of here with that mess. forreal.
    cause thats complete and utter crap your talking
    your mouth is full of lies.
    you have no sympathy for the women who’s been beat

  97. Anndee December 31, 2009

    NONE OF US WERE IN THE CAR! The grown man who hired a legal team to defend him plead guilty to a FELONY assault. He will have a felony on his record for the rest of his life and is still dealing with the consequences of his actions. If you like Chris Brown then support him, if you don’t like him don’t support him. Y’all really gonna go into a new year with the same old tired arguments about that incident?

  98. Maggie December 31, 2009

    The problem is, some people are going to defend him no matter what. You kinda have to just ignore them because this happens a lot with men who beat women.

  99. Raychel December 31, 2009

    @maggie your right
    @andee sorry but whenever its a domestic violence thing im right there to debate againt it
    its not just chris
    its anything and anyone

  100. Reasonable Voice December 31, 2009


    You sound really ignorant. There’s this mentality among some Breezy stans like you that Chris was incapable of doing what he did, so you all like to come up with every excuse in the book to try to justify his actions.

    A) Had Rihanna assaulted Chris, then she would’ve been charged.

    B) We’ve all seen the pictures, and the amount of time Rihanna stayed in the hospital is completely irrelevant. STFU with that!

    C) Chris plead guilty. End of story.

    I suspect that one of the reasons why Grafitti isn’t selling is because the majority of Breezy’s fan base is female and most of them just aren’t feeling him right now.

    The fact that Breezy’s former fans are turning on him, as opposed to other famous men involved in domestic abuse situations, probably has something to do with the fact that most of his fans aren’t old enough to know who Charlie Sheen is or what Sean Penn did to whoever, way back when.

    And can we please stop dancing around this elephant in the room. Lets not pretend that his victim was some random chick. He beat up an artist with more fame and more money than he had. People stay trying to play it off like they were equals before the incident, when she was clearly moving more units than he was. And then people are like, “I just don’t understand why people are making such a big deal about this . . .” Oh I don’t know, maybe it was because he beat down f****** ROBIN RIHANNA FENTY.

    If Justin Timberlake beat the s*** out of Britney during the height of her fame , would you honestly expect people to forget all that mere months after the episode in time for his album release?

  101. VA STAND UP!! Everyone else…SIT DOWN!!! December 31, 2009

    @Cold CaseLove: Being that you refered to another woman as a ‘b****’ shows your obvious lack of maturity and inability to respect someone else’s opinions who do not coincide with yours! Futhermore, WTF are you talking about! CB was just seen sitting courtside at a game with Usher! How the hell is sitting at a game courtide with another famous singer considered laying low! He was just at Disney World with his best friend Mijo and Teyana Taylor (Mijo Tweeted it). He was just on 106&parkand the Wendy Williams Show where he got a warm reception from both audiences from mostly women! I don’t know where you been but he has been out and about and enjoying his life!
    FYI, unlike your girl Rih, CB did finish school! He obviously didn’t go to public school, but he had a tutor and did finish! My cousin actually went to school with him before he left for and said he as a good student! He has no need to apply for a job at UPS, he is a millionare you jackass! Regardless of how his current album is doing, he is already rich! He doesn’t have to work for years if he doesn’t want to! He just wrapped up a tour, which every show was sold out except one! Everyone knows you make more money touring than from album sales. He is still getting royalties from ‘Disturbia’ which he wrote for your gurl Rih! He has co-written songs for other artist this year such as ‘Stronger’ for Mary J. on the “More Than a Game’ soundtrack and ‘She Ain’t Got’ for Letoya Luckett’s album He is collectling checks from those albums as well. He is hardly hurting for dough!
    Furthermore, for all the people saying that Graffiti (the Deluxe version) was a bad album, clearly haven’t listened to the album! It is obvious you are just going on what critics are saying and haven’t really listed to it! It really is a decent album. He has club bangers on there such as ‘Wait’ feat Trey Songz and ‘What I Do’ feat Plies ; r&b slow jams such as ‘Take My Time’ and ‘Movie’, beautiful ballads such as ‘Crawl’ and ‘I need This’, pop/techno songs such as ‘I.Y.A.’ and ‘ Pass Out’ and just cute & catchy songs such as “Sing Like Me’ and “Brown Skin Girl’. It truly is a well rounded album and can appeal to a variety of audiences if people will just give it a chance. Anyone who said his album is too r&b or too pop, is an idiot and clearly hasn’t listened to it! It has some of everything that You can’t go by critics, most of whom were too busy kissing Rih’s ass and slinging insults at Breezy rather than reviewing the music.
    Trust CB ‘s career is far from over! He has plenty of potential singles that he can release in 2010 from Graffiti. Plus he has a movie coming out early next year, that he executive produced! The dough will keep coming in! He will be fine! He has been fine! All the haters can keep bitchin and stay mad! Keep wishing for him to fail, as he continues to prosper with a smile on his face! You cannot bring him down and you cannot say when someone’s career is over! CB has had a bad year and a bump in the road of his career, but it is far from over!

  102. cold case love December 31, 2009

    @stand up va shut up. im talking about SINCE his album flopped not before. he hasnt been on tv or anything thats what i was talking. he wrote disturbia with like 5 other people so split that money five ways. all his venues are 2,000 seaters. what happened to 20.000???? he is not making that much money off 2,000 seat venues. that is horrible. crawl is flopping and ICTY has yet to pass the 1million mark of digital sales worldwide and its been out since september.

    bottomline he expected to sell a lot more so he’s been spending money like crazy. he WILL have to cut back since his income is decreasing. “takers” will flop too and wont remake its budget costing him MORE MONEY!!! its over for him,

  103. Jmoore December 31, 2009

    I think people should give him another chance. He is Human we all make mistake. i purchased the album but wasn’t really feeling it. I still think he is talented…good luck CB.

  104. Anndee December 31, 2009

    @ Raychel, I understand that you feel you have to speak out about domestic violence, but it’s almost futile to argue with people who believe Rihanna, or other women in her shoes are to blame for violent acts against them. They’ll argue all day that they don’t condone his actions, but lessen the severity of it by mentioning she POSSIBLY hit him too. Their opinions are fixed even though the photo of Rihanna shows evidence of him punching her in the face, even though there are videos of him turning himself in 8 hours after the incident without any scratches on him and even though absolutely none of us here posting were in the car or have any idea what their relationship was prior to February. Convicted felons face discrimination and his fans aren’t ready to accept that he is now in that category so at any moment will bring up anything to discredit Rihanna as the victim. You can argue all you want, but I believe it’s a waste of your time. Anyway, I love this site but I’m going to enjoy what’s left of this New Year’s Eve. Good evening all and Happy New Year!

  105. cold case love December 31, 2009

    @king rated r will be gold next week in the US. not flopping

  106. cold case love December 31, 2009

    CB is over. now he can tap dance his ass to the unemployment line LOL

  107. lol December 31, 2009

    Sounds like someones mad because their standing in the unempolyment line theirself-@COLD CASE LOVE
    if anything 4head should be their with her can’t hold a note without the computer help ass!

  108. Come Again?? December 31, 2009

    @Maggie: Right…you didn’t read it but you felt the need to comment. Okay! Its funny how when you leave a comment it’s your opinion, but mine has to be a rant! Okay! Trust, you read and you realized how much of a damn hyporcite you are! Clearly you cannot respect others ‘opinions’ and you seem to over look others sins and only want to acknowledge CB’s. Like I said, no sin is greater than the other, and it is not up to you or anyone else to determine who is capable of forgivness! Ask yourself this, have you ever watched a Sean Penn or a Terrence Howard film, listened to James Brown. Then you have supported an abuser! You probably aren’t even aware of all the men in Hollywood that you have supported and are unawarre of their sins and indiscretions! E

    @Raychel: Maggie is NOT right! She is just voicing her opinion which does not carry any more wieght that any other on this blog! Opinions can not be right or wrong! Just because you agree and her opinions coincides with yours does not maker her right!

  109. Raychel December 31, 2009

    @come again understand that but im saying to me shes right you dont have to agree

  110. king December 31, 2009

    @Reasonable Voice..let me get this everyone on here who feels that rihanna is not innocent in all this, is ignorant? get the f*** out of here with that bull.
    did u read anywhere that said I was a chris brown stan? NO
    did u read anywhere that I said its all rihanna’s fault, that she deserve to get her a** kick? NO
    how is rihanna gonna get charged with asault, if by the time the police got there chris brown was gone? chris chose not to file charges dumbazz.. second, the police report was only filed by u saying she lied when she said she started the fight?
    news flash, if u decide to plead guilty of course u gonna get convicted..
    i dont give a fug if rihanna was my damn sister, if she put her hands on a man thats bigger than her, and get her a** beat, she cant cry victim
    sound like its ur a** thats making excuses.
    and news flash rihanna only sold 80,000 more her first week than chris brown..
    so i guess rihanna’s fans turn on her a** too…cause the bish only sold 181,000 copies 1st what a big damn difference from 105,000 chris brown sold
    i’m tired of u sad a** people sitting acting like ur s*** dont stink..nobodys perfect.
    the bish couldnt even managed 300,000 copies first week?

  111. king December 31, 2009

    @cold case love..took what 5 weeks to reach gold..while some white lady nobody heard of manage to pull 1mill in 2 weeks..thats not something to brag out k..cause rihanna suppose to be a bad bish, and all those other h*** nobody heard of selling 10 times more than her.
    i wouldnt brag bout rihanna finally selling 800, 000 in 7 weeks

  112. VA STAND UP!! Everyone else….SIT DOWN &STFU!! December 31, 2009

    Once again, you are FULL of ish and talking out of your ass! Its funny how the Rih stans seems to think you know so much about CB when you don’t! He was on 106&Park AFTER his album dropped! He had sold out shows AFTER his album dropped! He was sitting courtside at the game (I am sure he paid a pretty penty for those tickets) AFTER his album dropped! He is featured in VIBE after his album dropped! Since when is selling over 100,000 albums a flop! Regardless of how many he sold previously, he soldmore than someone who has had the year he has had should sell! Tell that to Amerie, I bet she would have killed ot sell that many records! You RIh stans fail to realize that unlike your gurl was promoted by damn near every outlet imaginable, even Oprah plugged her ass an she still sold less than expected! CB got NO promo except for his won twitter and urban blogs! He could not perform on talk or morning shows and some radio stations still aren’t playing his music! If you recall, GGGB sold poorly, and then when on to sell over 7 mil worldwide! It doesn’t matter how much you sell opening week, but how much you sell overall! He ha sonly relased 2 singles out of 20 from his album.
    He co-wrote disturbia for RIh, along with five others, and it currently has sold over 5 million copies! Trust, he got a big paycheck from that! He, and the other 4 writers! It is still selling and he is still collecting.
    Furthermore, his shows were more than 2,000 seaters! Some of the venues seated 4,000 to six thousand! It is a recession, besides Beyonce, who right now is selling 20,000 seat arenas! No one! It was a ‘fan appreaciation tour’ a purposely smaller venues and it wasn’t for promo, he did it as a thank you for his fans for sticking by him. It was supposed to be a smaller set. Most artist do tours AFTER their albums drop, not before. He had just released a single when the tour started! He didn’t have any music out except from his two previous albums. Who launches a big 20,000 arena tour with no new music the same year of a big scandal? He will be going on a bigger tour this summer, and get to travel overseas after he has completed his 150 hours of CS.

    ‘Transform Ya’ has sold over 600,000 digital download since september! How many other artist this year have sold over half a mill in only four months? He has not performed on ANY major networks and the only form of promottion he has had ha been on his own Twitter and urban blog sites! And it is still holding steady on the charts after 9 weeks! How has ‘Crawl’ flopped? How is anything on the charts is not a flop! Especially when he hasn’t performed anywhere and some major stations still aren’t playing his music.! When Rih’s RR debuted at #100 on the charts and then only climed to #75, did ya’ll say it was a flop?
    LMAO at the fact that you think ‘Takers’ will flop? Are you effing kidding me! Now you know you are talking out of your ass right now! You must really want this dude to fail and will wish anything bad on him no matter how ridiculous it sounds! Have you seen all the fine ass men in that movie! Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, Idris Alba, Matt Dillion, Jay Hernendez, Ti and CB! And you think it will flop?! GTFOH!!! Their are plenty of more accomplished and well respeceted actors who can carry the film, so CB’s scandal will not have a negative impact. Trust it will not flop! Women will flock to see that movie because of all the men! It is rated PG-13 so plenty of the young CB fans can go see it just to support their dude! Men will see it cause it is an action film and people get shot and things blow up! He is an excutive prodcuer but the studio puts forth the majority of the money. He won’t lose anything cause it will recoup what it cost to make!
    Get over it! Dude is a millionaire and ain’t going no where! He is rich and doesn’t have to worry about working anytime soon if he chooses not to. He is still collecting checks and not hurting for cash. His movie will do undoubtedly do well at the box office domestically and internationally. When he gets more singles out such as “Wait’, his sales will pick up! He will do a bigger tour next year and collect more cash. 2010 till is looking real good for Breezy and he will continue to enjoy life with a smile on his face while you haters continue bitchin on blogs.

  113. king December 31, 2009

    ill be first to admit i dont agree with half people on here who are only condoning chris’s actions cause they dont like rihanna..or they really r a chris brown stans.
    if chris’s brown was beating rihanna’s a** on the regular, ill be the first in line to burn his a** at the stake. but am not gonna sit here and automatically take rihanna’s side because I’m a woman. before I passed any judgement on rihanna or chris I read the REAL police report rihanna filed, and the 20/20 interview….
    like I said until I get the physical proof in my hand I still say they were both physically fighting each other and rihanna lost

  114. king December 31, 2009

    @VA STAND UP!! Everyone else….SIT DOWN &STFU!! tell the rihanna stans y u
    chris is not going anywhere. he got a thing call TALENT..talent always last longer than just using ur body and looks to get by,

  115. random December 31, 2009

    cb fans are as delusional as him come guys #graffiti on racks #grafitti on racks
    i miss him on twitter showing his ass with all his whining and bitching
    get graffiti if you didn’t already tell your friends and blah blah blah it’s walmarts fault
    oh mtv is not playing me whine whine whine #graffiti on racks folks LOL

  116. vegasgirl December 31, 2009

    chris brown may not have had all the decision on when his cd was released as most artists don’t. When your job has a deadline for your work generally you have to make the deadline no matter what so I don’t know if it was solely his decision.
    Cold Case Love- it’s obvious that you dislike chris brown but what do rihanna’s sales have to do with the subject of the article. And where do you guys that have all these numbers get them from? I like to check for myself rather than rely on some of the stats i’ve heard from both sides.
    A sidenote, the main reason why some are saying rihanna hit him is because TMZ reported that their source said she stated she hit him in one of their stories back in March so for those that are mad…contact TMZ and call them on it! And the only police report we have been allowed to see is and affadavit for text msg’s not the full police report (yet). The affadavit was from the day of or the day after, they hadn’t even charged him with assault yet just the criminal threats so the investigation couldn’t possibly be over at the time that document became public . The media ran with this story because there was no other celebrity gossip at the time ( no lindsay or shaven brittany) and it is a lot easier to enjoy the failure and fall of celebrities than deal with real life issues ( economy, war, etc.), so people ate it up.

  117. random December 31, 2009

    so his fans want rihanna to be brought up on charges for provoking him cus she asked about that jay leno chin trick,she must have really meant a lot for him to go in on her like that.if it was it that good the decision should have been easy enough rihanna didn’t have to get beat over some video ho that doesn’t threaten his manhood.that Natalie trick is such a dumb ass perfect for cb

  118. Karen Caring January 1, 2010

    all this back and forth arguing just brings back painful memories for me. 2 of my most favorite people in the world are now separated and probably hate each other. and now all their fans hate each other too. one side keeps blaming the other. this is horrible. i felt so happy this morning but now im starting the new year in tears. it feels like its my fault somehow. i just wish i was there so i could of stopped them from fighting. why did february 8th have to happen? didnt they know how heart broken their fans would be and all the nights we would cry ourselves to sleep. i dont know what to think anymore. why does life have to be this way.

  119. mez January 1, 2010

    CB is a convicted felon

  120. Reasonable Voice January 1, 2010

    “how is rihanna gonna get charged with asault, if by the time the police got there chris brown was gone? chris chose not to file charges dumbazz.. second, the police report was only filed by u saying she lied when she said she started the fight?”


    Any insinuation that she provoked his reaction is placing blame on her, though I’m not at all surprised that you can’t appreciate that fact. You keep throwing out these lame strawmen. This whole, “Rihanna said she started the fight . . .” Initiating an argument is not grounds for assault, understand? Chris has said repeatedly that she didn’t touch him. The “FIGHT” started when he beat her bloody, not when she started arguing with him. What does Brown’s fleeing the seen have to do with Rihanna not being charged with assault had she assault him. So now, according to you, the police only charge suspects with crimes only if they’re present at the scene of a crime? Please read ANNDEES last post.

    “news flash, if u decide to plead guilty of course u gonna get convicted..”

    Really? I did not know that. Here I thought felons entering guilty pleas at hearings were usually exonerated. So we shouldn’t be at all surprised that he’s guilty because he admitted guilt, or should we not be surprised that he got convicted because the evidence against him was so damning that he did himself and his fans a favor by pleading out and not having the case go to trial?

    I really need to stop discussing this with you because it’s really not fair . . . to you.

    And yawn! Rihanna’s never had a huge opening week. Her sales always build gradually. And SuBo is selling more than anyone right now, Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce included. Grafitti isn’t selling, so all of a sudden Ri’s sales are supposedly lackluster? That’s a real theme around here, trying to excuse his behavior and lack of sales by trying to throw salt on her. Unlike Chris, Rihanna’s sales are up. It’s week 7 or whatever, but she sold more albums this week in the UK than she did when Rated R debuted. Chris wishes he had Rihanna’s numbers right now.


    “A sidenote, the main reason why some are saying rihanna hit him is because TMZ reported that their source said she stated she hit him in one of their stories back in March”

    Fair enough. However, even if TMZ reported that, you’re the first I’ve heard use that rationale behind why people are saying that Rihanna hit him, and I think you know that TMZ didn’t need to allege that she hit him for people to blame Rihanna.

  121. Raychel January 1, 2010

    @king there was no physical fight, if that was the case one blow and rihanna would have been done by chris, so shut up with that bull
    after rihanna hit him first, chris brown continually hit her OVER AND OVER
    after that, it wasnt a fight!
    he could have stopped but he didnt
    yes I agree she may have hit him first but, there was NOT a fight after he started hitting her. she didnt lose, at that point she was the victim. he could have stopped but he didnt.
    so please this is 2010. dont come with that rihanna was fighting and lost.
    its just stupid.

  122. mez January 1, 2010

    why is it that certain females seem so ready to eXCUSE CHris B when all the avaiiable evidence points to him being hot-headed, controlling,egocentric and violent. FYI Rihanna is not in competition with you for Chris B affections…He does not know you exist! Secondly it saddens me that you could hold him up as someone to adored and excused so easily which suggests that you think that MEN in general should be excused when they beat up, maul and almost kill their women. Being a man to me means being able to show appropriate restraint, being able to know when to kool it and when to end a relationship. ChrisB had beahved so very immature so very unmanly so it saddens me that you have no standards! And finally you are saying that women like Rihanna should just take it because they started the fight, RIhanna who almost lost her career due to this incident both because of the damage she endured to her face and to her reputation somehow you expect her to EXCUSE him…

    He did not care about her when he was pummeling her face and biting her, he did not care about her when he left there bruised and bloodied. Why should she excuse him??? He could have killed her quite easily!

    Yall need to grow up!

  123. Trucie January 1, 2010

    @Karen caring… Ur life is pointless. Lol. No I kid. I kid. Speak only of what u know and nothing more. Being a Rihanna fan,im aware of her talent regardless of those don’t care; and my comment bout her being talentless is aimed at the blogs creaters and owners who seem to have a personal vendetta w/ the bajan beauty. So get a life b**** and don’t come at me again. Happy
    New Year haters!

  124. Syymone January 1, 2010

    To VA Stand Up and Come Again,I applaud both of you because you are making much sense……..

    One thing that has become painfully clear for me is there are many people whether women or men who have UNRESOLVED ABUSE ISSUES that they project onto Chris Brown which indicates just how much help they need.You have one poster who obviously needs to take a break from her job at the shelter because she can’t separate her anger from reality.Chris Brown doesn’t know the men who abused the women she works with,so she’s already sick in the head by not being able to separate cases…..

    I think many that HATE Chris are upset that despite all of the whining they have done about him,he still managed to sell 574,416 cd’s worldwide as of Decemeber 18 ! ICTY has already reached platinum status and Crawl has reached already reached gold status.

  125. Syymone January 1, 2010

    For all “common sense” people………..Know that it’s a waste of time to go back and forth with some of these people.

    Some are Rihanna Stans and others are people with emotional ties to abuse that they have yet to resolve. The very fact they excuse what Rihanna did while whining about what Chris did,shows that they think it’s okay for women to hit men while whining all day about a man hitting a woman. People with COMMON SENSE know it’s wrong either way because for every action there may be a reaction………

  126. Raychel January 1, 2010

    @symone cb stan, shut up!
    there you go with that unresolved issues crap
    I am a rihanna stan, and I didnt say what rihanna did wasnt wrong
    but cb could of stopped after one blow to her and he didnt
    thats a fact
    and she’s selling more, she has 1 millon copies sold worldwide
    so you really need to gth out of here with your psychriatric anyalisis of this whole situation.
    because like I said to king
    its STUPID.

  127. king January 1, 2010

    @ Raychel, ur comment bout so what if she hit him, he should have stop after the first blow, is ignorant.
    u honestly think a hot head like rihanna just sat there and took a beating for no reason?
    what is with u type of women who has a mind set, that just because a man is bigger than u, he should just let u keep hitting on him, and him not hit u back?
    did u read what rihanna stated in her police report, she stated she kept hitting hiim on the face over and over again, with her hands and shoes, thats when he snapped, and bit on her fingers, and started puching her on the face nonstop, he had a ring on his finger, thats where the knot on her head came from.
    so raychel before u come @me like u always do..GET UR F****** FACTS FIRST.
    it pisses me off that people like u are making a mockery of domestic violence.cause there are real men and women out there getting there az beat on the regular, FOR NO F****** REASON…this is not a domestic violence issue, this is a b**** that got mad at her boyfriend for cheating on her and used a fight she lost, as a payback.
    yes u right all the evidence shows that chris brown beat rihanna’s a**, but u forget only her picture was released, only she filed a police report..and shes more famous than him, who do u think people gonna believe?
    he had no right to put his hands on her, same goes for rihanna, she had no right to put her hands on him either.
    my opinion has nothing to do with me not being a fan of rihanna’s..I look at the facts first before I pass any judgement on anybody.

  128. king January 1, 2010

    @Reasonable Voice. u must have nothing better to do with ur life.
    Tmz didnt say rihanna said she hit him first, they have the REAL police report
    that rihanna filed, how do u think they got that pic of her so fast? they paid the cops who got the police report, and took her pic..
    I swear to god some just like making up s***.u got to much time on ur hands.
    and for ur info, my uncle’s is a criminal lawyer. he deals with case like i know what I’m talking bout when i said when u plead guilty, that means u take full responsibility for what happend.

  129. Raychel January 1, 2010

    @king YOU are ignorant
    he should have stopped after the first blow. and thats correct.
    that would have knocked some SINCE into her from how much strength he has
    I cant believe Im arguing with people like you. you are just stupid. I cant believe you would say such a thing.
    a real man would have walked out that car
    a real man wouldnt have started a fight with a woman knowing he would win!
    are you sick???
    you ARE passing judgement on someone
    I believe that she hit him first, and there were probably problems before that night with the relationship. and she got mad, and thats understandable
    but you dont think if he had enough he would have left her there by herself?
    no harm done. no harm to his CAREER? just get out the car, or throw her out the car and keep driving? he had to be immature, and he had to beat rihanna up and she had no chance. no chance. he bit her, bashed her head against the car… and you think thats a fight with rihanna? rihanna wasnt hitting him back after that!
    and if you so call claim that it was a fight your crazy. rihanna had no chance after he started hitting her. think about it
    they both were wrong, but chris knew he didnt have to go that far. he didnt.
    and he already had a history of violence! he shoved rihanna and he bust the windows out of her car courtesy of his lame song famous girl.
    Im tired of arguing. both of them were wrong. but chris has a problem, and if you cant admit that you obviously are making excuses for him
    yes, rihanna had no business hitting him
    but chris had no business beating rihanna to a bloody pulp.
    Im sorry, but everytime I read your posts I get mad
    it just dosent make sense. he didnt think about his career, he didnt think about his family, her family, he didnt think about maybe he would have killed her?
    smh. Im so mad and confused with all your posts everytime I read them I have to respond because your not making sense every time you say what you say
    rihanna should have just admitted she hit him, then people like you wouldnt be saying it was a fight…
    Just… UGH

  130. wtf January 1, 2010



  131. Karen caring January 1, 2010

    Trucie it was really rude of you to call me the B word. All i said was i bet Rihanna has more talent than you. but i didnt mean it to be disrespectful to you. if i offended you than im sorry.

  132. random January 1, 2010

    a REAL one so it’s a cover up(who are they covering for).if there was anything other than lying about hearing the song MR Brown would have squealed by now.

    i’m still waiting for the in depth interview of mr brown with some questions like so while you were choking her what were you thinking(what about your career),after the first couple of punches and she spit blood in the rented car did you think what am i doing or even to stop.when rihanna pretended to be on the phone with the cops why didn’t you want to stop then why threaten to kill her. why throw away her phone and then leave where did you go(who picked you uo) did you think that you could hide.even if he got away with the car the dna could still be found.

    *robin roberts voice* the question that that EVERYBODY(you really think anybody cares) wants to ask do you still do you still LOVE her LOL i nearly fell out of my chair(cut to crawl video),this was the week before that gem of an album came out and it was expected to do very well.

  133. J-Wellz January 1, 2010


  134. Tiffany January 2, 2010

    I think his personal life should have nothing to do with his career. I bought his album and I loved it… At some point he has to be forgiven. The lord teaches us to forgive an if Rihanna was able to fogive him then his true fans should be able to too.

  135. IVY BROWN January 2, 2010

    well im speakin on my behalf even tho chris is my cousin and all yea he shuld hve been punished for wht he did but look he made a mistake and he”s growin frm tht mistake the media and thepublic need to give him a break i think his album is really good the only reason why the media says its bad is because he hit rihanna. but seriously has anyone heard rihanna album its suck compared to chris her’s tlks bout killing ur self and wht type of influences on the people who dnt understand the music they try to do the things tht she says in her song… besides if mj whittney and r.kelly got a break then i think he deserves a break now leave him alone

  136. random January 4, 2010

    since your a cousin could you tell us what Mr brown ever saw in rihanna she obviously isn’t his type.those questions ^^^^are legit that people seem to be afraid to ask him.he has had numerous occasions to explain himself and what he did but he wants to keep the fact that he cheats and beats a secret.

  137. MS.CLAY January 6, 2010


  138. Midardley Josep June 5, 2011

    i think the public should give chris brown another chance, i’m not saying what he did to rihanna was right, but the man did pay for what he did, he apologized, what else do you want him to do? kill himself? what about what Michael jackson did, did you people blacklist him? no, i don’t see why you should blacklist Chris brown. I think you people should just stop blacklisting him, i mean Rihanna just shot a Video about violence (Man down.) it was aired on BET, if Chris brown did something like that, i’m pretty sure you people would of think he is a bad person, but when rihanna does it, it’s s***?! seriously people Chris brown did not cause Rihanna to wear all these crazy clothes and made her songs about her life, she was already on the path to doing it, so PLEASE STOP BLACKLISTING CHRIS BROWN!

  139. Midardley Joseph June 5, 2011

    Midardley Josep
    June 5, 2011 at 8:51 pm
    i think the public should give chris brown another chance, i’m not saying what he did to rihanna was right, but the man did pay for what he did, he apologized, what else do you want him to do? kill himself? what about what Michael jackson did, did you people blacklist him? no, i don’t see why you should blacklist Chris brown. I think you people should just stop blacklisting him, i mean Rihanna just shot a Video about violence (Man down.) it was aired on BET, if Chris brown did something like that, i’m pretty sure you people would of think he is a bad person, but when rihanna does it, it’s s***?! seriously people Chris brown did not cause Rihanna to wear all these crazy clothes and made her songs about her life, she was already on the path to doing it, so PLEASE STOP BLACKLISTING CHRIS BROWN!

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