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Published: Tuesday 29th Dec 2009 by Trent

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Pop sensation Lady GaGa was recently interviewed by MTV News and took the opportunity to elaborate on her next studio album. The LP will serve as the follow-up to her widely successful ‘The Fame Monster’, which spawned the worldwide smash hit ‘Bad Romance’. Peep an excerpt from the interview below:

“Well, I’m going to write new music … that’s the beauty of writing your own music — you don’t have to rely on songwriters and producers to write hit songs for you,” she told MTV News. “So I’m going to write a new album and I’m going to have new ideas.”

“I find ‘The Fame Monster’ to be completely different than ‘The Fame’,” she added. “I’ve evolved, but artists should evolve. In the ’70s and the ’60s, artists evolved all the time — from album to album the music was changing, the feeling was changing, the artists seemed almost entirely different than who they were five or six years before.”

“Most certainly I have no f—ing clue what they’re going to be yet, because I’m just starting this tour, and I wrote ‘The Fame Monster’ during the last tour, so … I assume that it will inspire some kind of new sonic energy and lyrical style,” she explained. {Source}

Having witnessed many Pop acts experience incredible surges of success early in their careers and fade into obscurity with similar rapidity, I am sure many share my curiousity as to whether or not GaGa will enjoy a lengthy career. As observed over the last decade, popular music is generally characterised by nonsensical fads and trends. However, unlike many of her contemporaries who have already begun their descent from the top of the charts, GaGa is indeed a rare talent. In fact, some may go as far as to compare her rise to fame to Madonna’s massive success in the 1980’s. It seems that only time will tell if she has what it takes to survive the next decade.


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  1. WTF December 29, 2009

    personally, i am team gaga..people always raise that question but i think she will be around for a while…i love how she is charge of her career..she writes her own music and takes times to understand what direction the music scene is going..she is a force and think she will be around for while…

  2. OB December 29, 2009

    I’m CooCoo for GaGa. She is sooo here to stay. She outsold Beyonce’s I am album and wrote all here songs unlike Beyonce who co-wrote or who got songwriters (Mathew) to give Beyonce songwriting credit for more money (publishing). Yes, this has nothing to do with Beyonce but its only natural to compare her to someone who does the same thing. Gaga will also win album of the year…!

  3. loso December 29, 2009

    I really aint checking for GAGA her sh*t is to vulgar for me. I mean honestly what made this h** think that pic was appropriate she forgot to put devil worshipper on her body as well. I’m not a hater I just like to pick and choose what and who I listen too beause some people dont deserve my hard earned money *cough* (GaGa, Rihanna, or Beyonce). I’m a MIss Kelly fan for life her new LP is going to be the sit these h*** down ablum of the year go team Kelly!!!

  4. OB December 29, 2009

    Oh and chart positions dont lie…
    Follow me so I can follow you on Twitter @mrsoproper

  5. Mya December 29, 2009

    hummmmmmmmmmm Lady Gaga album didn’t out sale Beyonce’s sorry to break it to you. I like lady Gaga But she is noooo match for Beyonce sorry Beyonce doesn’t do tour shows in The House of Blues like Lady gaga see Bey at MSG LOL!!! Gaga has lost to Beyonce at every award show the best selling albums of 2009 are Taylor Fearless, Beyonce I Am. Sasha Fierece then Lady Gaga The Fame. Also Artist of the year list was

    2. Beyonce
    3. Lady Gaga

    Sorry to break it to ya!

  6. anonymouss December 29, 2009

    gaga MAKES sensical fads and trends! she aint going nowhere!

  7. matt December 29, 2009

    im sorry to break it to you @MYA. but lady gaga had the second biggest selling album in the world, with susan boyle being number one which is understandable. i can tell you are a beyonce stan as you are not saying facts. the info is below if you don’t believe the stats:

    “Lady GaGa’s debut album The Fame is the second best-selling album of 2009 in the world, according to the United World Chart. It sold more than 5,800,000 million copies worldwide this year. Check out the Top 10 of the global albums year-end chart:

    1) Susan Boyle – I Dreamed A Dream (6,2 million copies)
    2) Lady GaGa – The Fame (5,8 million copies)
    3) Black Eyed Peas – The E.N.D. (4,6 million copies)
    4) Taylor Swift – Fearless (4,2 million copies)
    5) Michael Jackson – Thriller (4,0 million copies)
    6) Michael Jackson – Number Ones (3,6 million copies)
    7) U2 – No Line On The Horizon (3,5 million copies)
    8) Kings Of Leon – Only By The Night (3,5 million copies
    9) Michael Buble – Crazy Love (3,3 million copies)
    10) Beyonce – I Am… Sasha Fierce (3,2 million copies)”

    just got told to be fair 🙂 LOL.

  8. nat December 29, 2009

    I do not know where you got your info from. But that s*** is not right. World wide beyonce has pushed more units.

  9. oz December 29, 2009

    gaga ain’t going no where! trust when i say that she is a force to be reckoned with. respect.

  10. Ghetto Fab December 29, 2009

    Matt’s list is a little wrong but he is still right. “The Fame” outsold Beyonce’s “I AM ….” album all the way. Lady Gaga has sold over 8 million copies world wide. While Beyonce’s “I am” only pushed a bit over 6 million albums sold. Gaga still whooped that ass. Not sure who is number one because you also have to factor in Susan Boyle and Black Eyed Peas who also owned the charts this year. Beyonce came up short.

  11. tmm09 December 29, 2009

    @Mya. in the US yes… but worlwide ladygaga sold almost the most albums if it wasnt for susan boyle she would be number 1 ! check my source at the unitedworldchart !

  12. matt December 29, 2009

    yesss @MYA you cannot just go along with what beyonce sells in the usa, yeah she may have outsold gaga in usa. there are more people worldwide than in the usa so you have to count just more than one continent!!

  13. Ghetto Fab December 29, 2009

    Silly Americans thinking everything revolves around them. There is a whole other world out there MYA where people do buy albums.

  14. ::SquareBizz2020:: December 29, 2009

    F****** BEYONCE HATERS…i cant take it… in the f*** tdid this completely UNRELLATED post become about beyonce?!?!?!? ya’ll stay hating!! for no reason! idk about numbers, and i dont care enough to go stalk the web to find them but if were gonna talk about it then mya is right gaga doesnt have s*** on beyonce. but honestly stop comparing the two because they are so f****** different they’re not even in competetion! ugh but forget it i didnt click the post to talk about that!

    what i wanna say is that, whe i first discovered lady gaga, i wasnt a believer! i wasnt a fan i didnt buy her album someone burned it for me and i played it a couple of times, still wasnt convinced! i am a stan of music. period. i love new finding new artist and new styles and all that jazz, so i just told myself i’ll keep an eye on her and see what she does. she has been progressivly proving herself to be a force! im slowly becoming a fan. i have to be honest! the bad romance video,while not really a fan of the song, is a great testiment to her creativity, i love how out of the box she is ive seen a few intervews and i like her vibe. shes dope! then to top it off i saw a live performance of speechless and the b**** can actually sing! thats what won me, when you’re wierd and fun, not afraid to push extremes, and actually have the talent to back your outrage you are golden in my book! she has all the makings i think she will be around for a while! im definitly going to purchase the next lp.

    oh, and i think the photo is savage!! i love it!! shouldve been the album cover

  15. Ghetto Fab December 29, 2009

    Nobody is a beyonce hater. Just stating the facts. If you stans would stop mentioning her name in every damn post than people wouldn’t have to knock Beyonce off that pedestal you all put her so high on. But you are right this is about Gaga and right now Gaga is a phenomenon. She is a movement. She could leave and never come out with another album again and we will still be talking about the time Lady Gaga ruled the music scene.

  16. matt December 30, 2009


    really f****** annoys me when people like you think that because beyonce is bought into a conversation then they must be hating on her, so people can be bought into the post and start sayin queen bey and she’s amazing f*** the haters, beyonce is beyonce. gaga is gaga. leave them seperate, heck there duetting on each others album, don’t give a damn if people hate them. and stupid americans like @MYAA who think that usa is the platform of worldwide record sales, shut the f*** up and go sit down!!

  17. number1k9 December 30, 2009

    This was not a ? or discussion of who has sold more Lady Gaga or Beyonce, worldwide.

    THE ? POSED was do you think Gaga will be able to carry her success into the 2010s. I think if Gaga doesn’t continue to do the same sound/style of music (Electro Pop) she will be able to. But if she continuously creates Electro Pop music, her time may be limited to while Electro Pop stays popular.

    I like music from artists like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Rihanna songs, but all artists have to keep their style while still managing to update it ever so slightly in order to keep a mass amount of fans interested. That’s what I think.


  18. ::SquareBizz2020:: December 31, 2009

    @ matt & ghetto fab.

    both of of you completely missed the point you said exactly what i was saying! i dont understand why people have to reference or compare beyonce in every single post! this article had nothing to do with her! yet almost immediately people start in on their comparisons and bashing, who care like i said they are two COMPLETLY different artist and should not even be compared i agree let gaga be gaga and beyonce be bey! thats why i call ya’ll beyonce haters because you start going in on her for no reason when the post you are commenting on is not even remotely related to her! its ridiculous! and Getto fab it wasnt her “stans” that mentioned her it was people making satupid unrealistic comparisons and talking s*** that brought her into it! come correct. like i said i didnt click the post to talk about beyonce! i just got annoyed when im reading comments from people who took the post on a complete tangent.

  19. Miss Havisham December 31, 2009

    Doesn’t matter what it will be about. It’s popcorn and popcorn sells like hotcakes. And her videos deliver. Always.

  20. walkitout January 1, 2010

    Lady Gaga is a damn clown. I don’t take her seriously for half a second. Some of her songs are good, but that doesn’t mean much in respect to her herself.

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