Lady GaGa Talks ‘Telephone’ Video

Published: Wednesday 30th Dec 2009 by Sam
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When giving her iTunes Celebrity Playlist Podcast, Lady GaGa included her collaboration with Beyonce ‘Telephone’, providing insight into the song’s hotly anticipated video:

“I’m in the middle of writing the treatment for the video (‘Telephone’) so I have the song on my mind and I have been speaking with everyone that I’m working on the video with and pitching to everybody the treatment that I’ve come up with and it’s very, very exciting. So to all my little monsters who are listening I can’t wait for you to see it.” {Source}

After ever-so-slightly disappointing clip for ‘Video Phone’, here’s hoping the industry’s two biggest stars knock this one out of the park. Can’t wait!

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  1. RLS December 30, 2009

    I thought the Video Phone video was fine. The problem was that it wasn’t treated like the event it should have. Nowadays everybody just dumps their video on youtube or something and it’s old news 3 days later. I say we bring back the days where new videos were events, with MTV premieres, etc., etc.

  2. WTF December 30, 2009

    ha ha, the bootleg juice is finally up…ok then!!!

    with regards to video phone vid, that was ALL and crap just like all her other recent vids….gaga had very little or no say at all so please dnt blame gaga at all…now,watch the art Queen at work that is gaga…i know the vid is gonna be amazing.. cant wait..i am one of her little monsters.

  3. Steffon December 30, 2009

    Should be interesting. Hope it way better than VIDEO PHONE

  4. Mya December 30, 2009

    Beyonce Video Phone was just S***!! All the way around Beyonce kills it with her s** kitten stuff. The song is called Video Phone a lil Fun Song I can’t Wait for Telephone Video Which Beyonce Kills her part like no other.

  5. delroy December 30, 2009

    Tbh i thought Videophone was a good effort from beyonce. The only problem that i had was the whole just focus on B and with Gaga you no it will be good i mean bad romance was something that no one has done for a while, so you no it will be good.

  6. Nick December 30, 2009

    VIDEO PHONE was HOTT, its Beyonce song, so of course, she had more outfits-clips, it will b the same wth Gaga Telephone …. I LOVE VIDEO PHONE video, it made me like the song a lot more, cause it was the only song I didnt care for….TELEPHONE IS HOTT THO!!

  7. anon December 30, 2009

    the thing is, i love beyonce and all, but video phone was a s*** video, and nothing to do with gaga because yes, it was beyonces video. but gaga gets me all excited as she is the only one these days who keeps the hype up about future videos she will make, long reign the new princess of pop!

  8. Ghetto Fab December 30, 2009

    This one better be good because everybody and they mama know Video Phone was a HOT ASS MESS!! The same s*** of Beyonce dancing in a leotard. Just insert Gaga and there you have it the video for Video Phone. Poor thing her plan backfired. She thought she was gonna put that out and try to stay relevant but that was not the case. They don’t even show that trash on TV anymore and rightfully so. Gaga needs to teach Beyance some damn creativity cause lord knows the child ain’t got that let alone a brain. I’m sure the video is going to be worlds ahead of Beyonce’s

  9. December 30, 2009

    “video phone” was wack with a capital hot ass mess.
    it was 3 minutes of absolutely nothing, made zero sense, and gaga slayed beyonce on her own track.

  10. I Am… December 30, 2009

    i liked video phone video…. i even mad a video ring tone idk what the hell ppl expect from Beyonce she ant goin give a Lady GaGa video and Lady GaGa aint gone give you a Beyonce video simple as that people so quick to jump on the newest thing #peoplekillme SMH…ppl so damn fickle these days

  11. Maggie December 30, 2009

    I don’t know how video phone was disappointing. There were parts that could be changed, but it was very pop-artsy. It wasn’t as good as the hype made it I will admit.

  12. aman December 31, 2009

    what a cool image for young girls to follow! Don’t these women know that around the globe there are young females who adore them? (what ever happened to that song nasty put your clothes …. you so trashy? )

    yeah they both got amazing voices but come on!

  13. Miss Havisham December 31, 2009

    Videophone video was horrid. It’s received more negative reviews than positive regardless of how Beyonce and team attempt to explain the concept. It was TOO sexilicious. Beyonce in the 2010 needs to shed that ‘in heat’ image s** kitten ish. She’s more talented and worth more than that. Three albums of that mess is enough. Matture and move on. And the song was horrid to begin with. I know Gaga will do great things with her Telephone video.

  14. walkitout January 1, 2010

    The Video Phone video was great.

  15. walkitout January 1, 2010

    “and gaga slayed beyonce on her own track”

    You must be smoking some good as s*** to make you say that.

    @Aman: Gaga’s voice is not anywhere near amazing.

  16. TH January 22, 2010

    HATERS HATERS thats all it is f*** gaga she sucks and she dresses like a w**** in all her s***

  17. T February 2, 2010


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