Rihanna Slams Tiffany Evans

Published: Thursday 3rd Dec 2009 by Trent

Bajan model Rihanna guested on the popular radio spot ‘Big Boi in the Neighborhood’ recently. In the interview, the singer discussed her new album, ‘Rated R’, as well as people in the industry that she dislikes. Among the names that the star named was none other than Tiffany Evans who recently spoke out about the symbolism involved in Rihanna’s hit song ‘Russian Roulette’. Interestingly, Tiffany released an apology almost immediately after Rihanna made her comments, then retorted by slamming her right back.

*Click here to listen to the segment*

This is getting better with every passing moment! Whether or not there is any hidden meaning in Rihanna’s music is besides the point because I staunchly subscribe to the belief that “meaning lies in people, not in words.” What is  interesting, however, is how these two artists are going at it so publicly. In fact, they should take a cue from the rappers and go at it on the stage with a good, old-fashioned vocal battle. We all know who would lose…sorry, I couldn’t help it.


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  1. LEA December 3, 2009

    she may lose the vocal battle, but rihanna would kick her ass in a fight lmao

  2. Nana December 3, 2009

    We all know Rihanna is a devil worshipper come on Rih stop lying looool

  3. Ms.Lady December 3, 2009

    Lmao i agree with with LEA. Tiffany would sing circles around Rihanna but Rih could def beat her up

  4. real December 3, 2009

    She never said her name. So why would she be offended. You only respond if it applies. Tiffany her name so what is she talking about. It must be true

  5. Its Me Again December 3, 2009

    I had no idea who this Tiffany Evans is. I just had to do a quick google and youtube search.

    Hopefully she can get some shine off this feud with Rihanna because she actually CAN sing lol.

  6. Chris T. December 3, 2009

    lol, I’m rolling at the fact that he said Bajan Model, not Singer….am I the only one who caught that, lmao

  7. Dwaynefighter December 3, 2009

    She shoulda gouged her f****** eyes out!! *regains composure* go, Rihanna!

  8. Dwaynefighter December 3, 2009

    Chris T, Trent is the shadiest b****… I swear. I caught it, too. But guess what? She IS a model, so he wasn’t wrong in saying so.

  9. Craver December 3, 2009

    I haven’t listened to the segment yet, but I SMFH@all this talk of devil worship. Rihanna is one of the few mainstream artists out right now that really changes their sound and image, and regardless of whether that’s her choice or her label’s, atleast she pulls it off. Tiffany Evans can sing and has talent, but how would she possibly know about Rihanna enough to call her out like she did? Think. Rihanna is young. It’s not so far out there to imagine that a woman going through world-wide humiliation over her boyfriend -who she loved- beating her up to drastically change her image into something a bit darker. That does -not- mean she’s suddenly a satanist. That and as far as Rihanna’s vocals, she sounded great during 2008 Glow in the Dark Tour (see Rehab). They probably just didn’t give her good prep time during her recent return seeing as she hadn’t performed in 9-ish months.

  10. Samantha December 3, 2009

    I love this site.

  11. Its Me Again December 3, 2009

    And the Rihanna apologetics never end lol. Every excuse under the sun for why Rihanna can’t sing… include ^^^ she hadn’t performed for 9 months.

  12. December 3, 2009

    IMO, the reason Tiffany Evans said anything to begin with is because she has about zero buzz around her right now. She has a new record coming out next year (she has a killer voice, so I’ll be checkin’ for it — her first one was cute), so she just wanted to get her name out in the blogs, no matter how ridiculous it may have been. Same with Omarion, too.

  13. Craver December 3, 2009

    She actually can sing. No she’s not a Beyonce but at her best, she does have a voice. Her progress from lipsyncing “Pon De Replay” way back when to the ascending belting she does on “Rehab” during the 2008 GITD dark is pretty amazing. Your voice does -not- improve when you go months without singing, and it’s clear she didn’t prepare well enough for live performances, or rather her label didn’t prepare her well enough.

  14. annon December 3, 2009

    as much as i like rihanna, i support tiffany evans on this! hope this scandal will shoot her to her much deserved stardom.

  15. Lolo December 3, 2009

    Okay On the real Tiffany Evans can sing alot better than Rihanna, that girl gots pipes. Rihanna is very monotone and very blah! people only like Rihanna for her looks, which is why they started this report with BAJAN MODEL. Psh if were talking about actual talent TIFFANY EVANS got RIHANNA locked.

  16. AWOLLUVA December 3, 2009

    I make fun of Rihanna’s “devil worshiping ways”, but I don’t ACTUALLY think she’s a devil worshiper, lol. And as much as I can’t stand her, this ‘Tiffany Evans’ b**** needs to go sit down somewhere as well. Who is she, exactly?? Not that I’m sticking up for RiRi or anything, I just don’t like it when nobodies try to start beef with celebrities just to get their names out there. That’s all this is, and both of these heffers need to shut up and do them and them only.


  17. AWOLLUVA December 3, 2009

    Oh, and I too caught the “Bajan model” thing, lol. Trent posted another Rihanna topic, referring to her as “Covergirl model Rihanna”, lmfao! Sometimes I think Trent is even shadier than Sam.. 😛

  18. hihihihihi December 3, 2009







  19. AWOLLUVA December 3, 2009

    Okay, seriously HIHIHIHIHI…you really need to f*** off with the Janet Jackson “whispering” b******* because I really am starting to think you have a mild case of mental retardation (seriously, I’m not kidding!) Why do you ALWAYS bring up Janet’s name when defending Rihanna? Hell, Janet ain’t anywhere NEAR this god damn post, even. This is about R****** and Tiffany “Nobody Knows Who The F*** I Am” Evans, for crying out loud. Everybody (including SANE Rihanna fans) knows good and well Janet and Rihanna BOTH are artists who are not known for their voice, but that Janet’s “paper-thin whispers” on her WORST day still sounds better than Rihanna’s “mountaintop goat yodeling” on her best.

    If Rihanna was such a “powerful vocalist”, there wouldn’t even be a need to compare her to the likes of Janet, J.Lo, Britney and Chris Brown. Face it, Rihanna is RIGHT THERE with all those artists when it comes to vocal ability, as NONE of them have strong voices (but clearly three of them would beat Rihanna’s ass worse than the fourth.) So please girl, cut the b******* and go sit down somewhere…

    I swear to god, sometimes I hear Rihanna on the radio and think to myself “was this b**** on the toilet when she recorded this?”

  20. Prince December 3, 2009

    Lmao! Rihanna got tiffany as* right 2getha! That lil girl should have known better 2 try and come 4 one of the Baddest Bi*ches!! I knew Rihanna wasnt goin 2 let her get away wit saying ignorant stuff like that!! tiffany girl u betta know your place!!

  21. Emily December 3, 2009

    HIHIHIHI Rihanna cannot dance better than Tiffany (she can’t dance period), Tiffany is a little Ciara Jr. when it comes to dancing.

  22. Tia December 3, 2009

    Tiffany don’t need to sell records. She got respect and she has true talent.rihanna was made.ppl don’t argue with the facts tiffany can sangg and rihanna can’t. Rihanna is a model and should stick to that.tiffany will have a great long lasting career and I think that’s what Sam and most ppl with common sense believe.smh at tiffany haters and rihanna ass kissers.

  23. deedee December 3, 2009

    @ AWOLLUVA,,,LOL tell them y u mad son

  24. Dave December 3, 2009

    Punch Tia & for the ones who did the whole list of talents. 1st of all Rihanna does not have a powerful voice & the girl can “BARELY” sing. Let’s not got there & you think Rihanna can dance. LMFAO!!! What was does she do in her performances? Sit. Tiffany in Promise Ring >>> every dance move Rihanna has ever TRIED.

    Now this is how the list goes

    Singing- Tiffany
    Dancing- Tiffany
    Acting- Tiffany
    Smarts- Tiffany
    Modeling- Could be either or, but since Rihanna is famous, people will go for her. Just because Rihanna can wear clothes that her label & stylist give her does not mean she makes a great model. Modeling is about personality & what’s behind the pretty face. Rihanna is almost as dull as a plank board in Antarctica in the Ice age of BC. let’s not do that
    Looks- (One is a young adult, the other is like what 20 somethings) y are we comparing looks.

    Anyhoo, basically Tiffany shits on the girl in talent all rihanna has is her “image” & popularity which seems to be slowly declining. Idk y Tiff retracted her statements, I would’ve left it as is. Rihanna is what Tiff said, a devil worshipper apart of the Illuminati & it is very evident. If you choose to be slow & not see that, that is on you.

  25. SWAGGEDUPSTUD December 3, 2009


  26. mez December 3, 2009

    Tiffany who…

  27. Dave December 3, 2009

    MEZ, clearly you knew tiffany enough to comment & read the post, keep it movin ->

    But, she’s the girl that shits all over Rihanna in the realm of talent basically =D

  28. mez December 3, 2009

    Tiffany where…

  29. mez December 3, 2009

    Tiffany when? Steupse!

  30. mez December 3, 2009

    Who da f** is TiFUNNY Evans?

  31. Arnez December 3, 2009

    Umm, who the F*** is Tiffany Evans, I dont care for Rihanna but her new album is great vocally she stepped up her s*** she saang with emotion and its really good, i dont like when f***** nobodies try to come up and get buzz by using a worldwide superstar who gets lots of attention

    stupid f***** gyal i checked her twitter she says she a young lady only to turn around and take that jab… stupid b**** doin this for attention

    I GOOGLED HER and she got a nice voice but A. SHE’S UGLY she look like a clown, RIHOENNA is way flyer than her… B. She OVERSINGS C. I checked out one of her youtube videos for this stupid song she did w/ bow wow (no less SMH) it SUUUUUUCKKKEEDD Rihanna’s worst song + video beats that s***

    So Tessa Evans or whoever gurl SHUT UP no one wanna hear u

  32. mez December 3, 2009

    The Bajan Model is still a POPStar… I have yet to hear of a Taffany Evans except on this site… hope she neverf makes any mistakes , hope she is perfect!

  33. Shakera December 3, 2009

    Tiffany is a nobody. She needs to sit her little ass down. Wake me up when the b**** sells a record or better yet gives me a hit. F*** her and her thoughts.

  34. mez December 3, 2009

    She has got to walk the wlak before she talks the talk… being a POPstar iSNT only about singing…. and its funny how now y’all wnat to be so critical of Rihanna…

    There are so many Singers that are not great vocalists but yet are great popstars…. So stop applying this criticism unilaterally…

    When I want singing I listen to Anita Baker, Aretha , old Whitney…

    Rihanna makes me feel young and happy and her new album gets me emotional… She is doing very well.

    When TiFUNNY actually produces something worthwhile whether it is great singing or not then I will listen to her …until then WHO da f** is she????

  35. Loe December 3, 2009


    You are so ignorant and shallow. You want to HEAR music from someone who CANT sing. Do you EAT from someone who can’t COOK if you think the chef’s ugly? The hell that haveto do with anything.

    Rihanna is being catty. She didn’t hear all the nice things Tiffany Evans said about her, but she wants to mute her because she THINKS Tiffany Evans called her a devil worshipper? Lmao this chick is ridiculous. Tiffany Evans said Russian Roulette was suicidal and then TRANSITION to talking about devil worshipping. I wish Rihanna would read a book ..preferably a bible. She needs to display faith not attitude

  36. Loe December 3, 2009

    I disagree with Lea. Tiffany Evans is from the Bronx lol. She came from a life of struggle. I think she could handle hers.

    For people saying Tiffany Evans is a nobody. Eh in 2009 where image is everythtng ummm I guess. But if MUSIC still meant something to people for MUSICALITY and ARTISTRY (keep in mind Tiffany Evans writes songs too) then she’d be good enough to have an opinion? Umm Rihanna brought HER name up after asked about “CELEBS WE’D KNOW” so I guess she’s SOMEBODY TO RIHANNA

  37. kelzeeeza December 4, 2009

    Haha Trent/Sam was it you who told Tiffany what to say, sounds exactly like something you would say lol. What I will say though is that I like RIhanna’s personality shes so straight talking, Tiffany needs to stop making beef with people when her career hasn’t gone anywhere, Rihanna has natural progression, whereas Tiffany is first single speaking about Promise Rings then talking about I’M GROWN NOW,…… child please how old are you???

  38. wtf December 4, 2009

    lol..rihanna is the one that needs to shut her mouth..she is so catty and is supposed to be above this coz she is a bigger star..smh..i hear she said she would mute wyclf and tiffany…umm wyclef?? really rihanna??.anyways tiffany spoke out about RR and went on to talk about devil worshipping like someon said up there..she never retracted her statement…she never said rihanna was so why the direct attack at her..people are ones who went in on the matter and called her one?? tiff did not…cleary she was touched by what tiffany said and should stay off the blogs…she seems to spend a lot of time there..

    anyways dead and tiff and her last remark..preach girl…at least you can sing..bwahhhhhh…that was a low blow and spot on…lmaooooooo…imo, tiff 1 rihanna 0..lets see if she can comeback from this one…her fans have tried and failed….rihanna cant sing and its simple!!

  39. mez December 4, 2009

    TiFUNNY who?

  40. Jellybeansheen December 4, 2009

    LMAO! tiffany has a career and will continue to have one as long as she keeps her damn clothes on. Rihanna and LA Reid on the other hand… maybe collecting unemployment if the Rih Rih stans dont go cop that album full of cackling! PS… i think Rihanna makes a good model, but im over her being in the news/blogs/on tv for music. Shes NOT a good singer and if you think so, then go to one of her concerts… per the Myspace event last night… im sure you’ll change your mind.


  41. Prince KOngo December 4, 2009

    Jellybeansheen <– F*** off about go cop the Graffiti album you crazy looool

    Anywayz Tiffunny shouldnt come for rihanna like that when she a int even sold s***
    and it is true how can people be chatting s*** about sombody they dont know and trent is getting Shadyy Hmmm but rihhanna i think she is a good singer people chat s*** saying she aint i rather her sing life den be fake like (cassie) and lipsynce you get me .

    And Go and get Rated R i think it is one of her best album for me im going to cop that!!

  42. deedee December 4, 2009

    wow all the respect I had for Rihanna went down the toilet..lol
    if rihanna such a BAD B**** like her stans keep saying, why does she care what a NOBODY (sarcasm), like Tiffany Evans , say about her?…
    Rihanna is tryin to sell records point blank. so shes trying to start a beef with a NOBODY (sarcasm). this is getting pathetic…
    for the record, Tiffany Evans never said that Rihanna worships the devil.. she said the song russian roulette is gonna give the people who are already suicidal the wrong idea.

  43. deedee December 4, 2009

    Ive never seen people like Beyonce, Mariah Carey, janet jackson, madonna, go on record to diss all the other singers who said bad things bout them..and yet all them are BAD B******…instead they let their music speak for themselves.
    am not even a fan of beyonce..lol
    the sad thing is Rihanna dissing Tiffany Evans, just put her on the map

  44. mac10 December 4, 2009

    am soory I had to laugh when tiffany evans said “to bad I can sing”….rihanna needs to sit her nonsinging ass down.
    like deedee said “why does a BAD BISH like rihanna care what a NObody like tiffany evans say bout her”?
    cause that non talent trick trying to sell more records.. she sees that nobody’s falling for that “I’M a victim” act. nobody falling for her trying to be a s** symbol crap either, cause evrybody already seen her naked, I mean damn leave something to the imagination.
    when everything else fails, start a beef

  45. mac10 December 4, 2009

    and tiffany evans CAN sing, CAN dance..what does rihanna has going for beside her looks, nothing.. looks fade, talent never goes out of style.
    I used to think that all u had to do was look good and sell records, because face it rihanna got no talent, bish cant sin, cant dance, zero stage presence, an yet she got a record deal..
    now sence suzan boyle sold over 600,000 records in less than a week , i have hope for the music industry.
    rihanna stans made all the excuse to y she wasnt selling, people dont buy cds anymore was the number 1 excuse, and yet suzan boyle sold 5 times more than her.
    number 2 excuse, rihanna didnt have enough promotions..get the eff out of here with that..
    rihanna had 10 times the promotions than the artists who sold more than her.
    number 3 excuse..rihanna didnt have time to rehearse her live perfomances..u ,mean to tell me all those time she was walkin aroun ass out all the time, she couldnt make time to learn to dance….lol

  46. Dani December 4, 2009

    She shouldn’t dignify negativity with a response, it shows her immaturity.

  47. Jared Humphrey December 4, 2009

    all yall ppl on here talkn bout yall dnt listenin 2 tiffany evans and dnt no who she is or wut not needs 2 stop dat lyn no damn well soon as promise ring hit da radio yall was bumpin it n yall car. da fuqk outta here. but umm if Rih Rih wanna worship da devil let ha worship it (not sayn she do nobody noz wut qoez on n ha house) she da 1 dats qne have 2 speak 2 qod bout dat. and anutha thinq if Rihanna and Tiffany Evans fought dat would b a qud match cuz u qot a qurl from da Bronx(Tiffany) and a Islander(Rihanna) lol dat would b funny

  48. JAY December 4, 2009


  49. Trail December 4, 2009

    Tiffany cant sell a paper clip. Rihanna isnt a vocalist but she does what she does well. This is the oldest game in the book..when u have nothing going u attack the ‘In” person at the moment and thats damn sure Rihanna. 50 cent does it all the time. who the f*** thinks he can really rap? and I think this dude who owns this site is bitter against Rihanna for some reason.Its always something negative against her.If u dont like her music, dont f****** listen to it !!!! Simple as that. OH YEA…what has Tiffany done besides make one lame as video?

  50. true December 4, 2009

    Rihanna needs to shut her mouth cause she can’t come back with anything,
    she can’t sing
    she can’t dance
    she can’t performs
    so how is she gonna come back at any one for just being a pretty face with no crediabllty.the fact she been around and still can’t do a performance on stage is a joke.

    Rihanna may sell papers but those papers are not going in her bank account there going in account for a group of suits who sit a table planning what she sings how she looks and how to sell her.

  51. haute couture December 4, 2009

    @hihihi you couldn’t have said it better. If rihanna couldn’t sing, people wouldn’t be supporting her and buying her music all these years from 2004 to now. Everyone has their own unique way of singing and vocal range, and ri ri sounds good on the songs she is singing. I love the music she puts out, and you can say what you want about Tiffany evans singing and all, but any record rihanna has out now or put out in the past sounds waaaay better than that whack ass promise ring song. Besides that song, did tiffany have anything else out? You see i just can’t remember. Just another good singer who is very forgettable.

  52. haute couture December 4, 2009

    @ true if what you say is true, then I guess all artists are singing for papers that are not going in a bank account but for a group of suits sitting at a table. The things you people come up with. Wow! So now you know where rihanna’s money is going, because you are part of that board meeting that takes place to discuss rihannas career. Please. Rihanna can sing, dance and perform, its your opininon that she can’t just that, an opinion, others may feel differently. And have shown that by supporting her all these years. Her fans have held her down.

  53. maskina December 4, 2009

    @Jared Humphrey are you serious. Promise ring? who the hell would be bumping to that mess. That song was so light weight. Not even worth mentioning.

  54. maskina December 4, 2009

    @mac10 what does rihanna have? let me break it down for you. 12 top ten hits. 10 international #1 albums, a grammy, a stellar four year career, 4 top ten albums, looks, talent, the full package, fans, the artist with the most #1 hits this decade tied with Beyonce. best dressed, The biggest selling album of 2007, platinum albums and a current album which went gold in the UK and is #1 in France, Sweden , and Brazil, also top 5 album in the U.S. Making millions at 21 which is a lot more than some of us will see in a lifetime. Should I go on.

  55. B@tch Please December 4, 2009

    Rihanna is a POPSTAR.Tiffany WHO?

  56. maskina December 4, 2009

    maskina correction: album which was #1 in ten international countries, not ten international #1 albums.

  57. true December 5, 2009

    @ Haute couture
    Yeah I do know
    I know the music industry, I study music business so I understand what goes on be hide the scene , I don’t just make comment for show. Come back at me about rihanna when her music is creditable and she writes & produces her music and she performance a great live show. That right we might not agree but that don’t mean what I say ain’t true

  58. Kel December 20, 2009

    DAMN! You Rihanna fans are backing her up so badly it SUCKS!!
    All I basically hear is:

    “yeah riri can’t sing as good as Tiff…but…but… she has sold records!…so she has to be better!! And shes hotter and shes everywhere half naked!!…and MTV loves her so my friends love her so I do too! Cause if I say I don’t then I’m not cool”

    That has got to be the lamest defense I’ve ever herd!!!

    I’m 20 and I’m bored of new music!…their is NO soul, No heart, No real talent. No hunger for real music! It’s so bad I’m going back 10-40 years to add music to my ipod. I’m surprised labels sign people that can’t sing LOL. Now what kind of dumb ass industry would do that? Oh nothing more then one that is run by the devil! As his number one attribute is ‘deceiving’ … or did you forget the forbidden fruit?



    People are using that phrase way too lightly now a days. They use it to get away with EVERYTHING…. including the p*** on American Apparel ads…I mean seriously!. LOL and the ones defending it the most our young people. I am embarrassed to be raised in this ERA I mean….people in my age group and younger are so easily influenced and dumbed down. I mean have you seen Jersey Shore?? Watch MTV and aspire to be your own town’s ‘NEX TOP W****!’ Or ‘Next top PIMP’. Live the AMERICAN DREAM while you wear LV and sport your new BLONDE hair! or Is it BLACK? . And all that BULLSHIET!.

    Hey what was world war 1 and 2 about? What is the recent war about?
    “Um….i don’t know! who cares! wanna go watch jacob’s new abs?”

    Who are you voting for president?

    “OBAMA!! of course, do you even have to ask?”

    really why?

    “Because hes so cool and everyone else is! Including celebrities!!”

    Did you know the music industry is run by satan worshipers that do rituals on the records before its released?

    “You mean like harry potter? lol that stuff only exist in movies!!”

    Really then why was ‘staircase to heaven voted number 1 best rock song ever?”

    ahhh geez no point arguing…people will believe whatever the ‘GOD’ MTV has to say….

    ‘GOD’ is used by politics everywhere…”I love GOD” and they raise their hands and make the devil sign? Have you seen the photos? What God do you think they are really referring to? IT sure aint Jesus!!

    HEY people your country and soon WORLD is run by devil worshipers! that are distracting you and dumbing you down!! As they laugh and carry on the plan for NEW WORLD ORDER to Condemn you without your consent! OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES. Haven’t you seen the way the white house and surrounding area was built?? Its symbolism ! one of satans ‘beliefs’ its formed in the form of a pyramid and the white house is the ‘all seeing eye’ in other words the ‘Illuminati!” Stop being so naive! the evidence is all there…you just need to look a little closer! Its even surrounded by a pagan symbol!

    look at the link below to see for your selves

    Above the white house you will see the star and beside it on the right you will see the pyramid and the all seeing eye of Ra. now is it a myth or were you made to believe it was so we can make fun of Jesus


  59. danneilla December 25, 2009

    tiffany is better than rihanna f*** she

  60. lena101 November 6, 2010

    Tiffany Evans has talent RiRi “i guess” not a huge fan. but for the ppl who say tiff needs to sell a record before she talks all i have to say is tiff has real talent and just like all of us she voiced what she thought about Ri. now since tiff has talent her talent will rise her to the top look at whitney houston her real talent brought her back. Ri has changed but i think if you give tiff a chance she will stay the same. She was so cute On dairy of a mad Black woman.

  61. Lexlex February 8, 2011

    Ok i have been writtin and singin all my life.so it suckz 2 find out bout the illuminati.but c** on riri iz just a pretty face.tiffney iz TALENT she cn both sing and dance.u wont find many artist that do both.srry riri fanz.but ya gotta admimt the truth.u ant gotta lyke tiffney evenz 2 kno she a verry talented gurl.and PLZ if riri went so hard.she would had atleast tryed 2 make a mark on chris.

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