New Video: Rihanna – ‘Hard (Ft. Young Jeezy)’

Published: Thursday 17th Dec 2009 by Trent

Literally moments ago, Covergirl model Rihanna debuted the video for her new single, ‘Hard’. The clip was directed by Melina and features rapper Young Jeezy. To date, the song has peaked at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100.

This is quite a spectacle! The outfits, the glamour, the guns and the swagger, all tied together with on point editing, created one of the best videos put forward by the aspiring singer. The concept behind the flick suits the lyrics well and Rihanna certainly brought the fire to the set. This is certainly a great look for her to kick off the new year.


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  1. Sibel December 17, 2009

    I LOVE it!!! AMAZING!

  2. lil December 17, 2009

    Rihorrid! Hard? Fly? True fashion killer? Wonder what the other hard working, earning industry gals feel about the this! (Label mates, Chrissy & Amerie) LMAO

  3. Carl December 17, 2009

    No, I’m sorry this was dry as hell. The pics looked hot when they leaked. I’m sorry.

  4. B@tch Please December 17, 2009


  5. HaYYYYYY December 17, 2009

    this s*** do go HARD. amazin

  6. Terrance December 17, 2009

    She has everything going for her in this video. The explosions, the fashion, Jeezy! Unfortunately she just walked around and posed. *sigh*

  7. RJ December 17, 2009

    She think she hard but she ain’t!!!!!!!

  8. XDeonJx December 17, 2009

    This was extremely good!! Considering who she is….. LOL!!!

    I like it….. now if only she could become a better performer!!

  9. whystillinbusiness December 17, 2009

    Hugh Hefner please come and get this girl! That video again was over hyped, she did nothing in it worth while it was terrible on an entertaining standpoint! She’s trying out for playboy and nothing else. Standing there doing what? Walking around in clothes (some) doing nothing, stop! She is getting worst with this mess and someone needs to stop her. Grabbing her self, moving like that. Rihanna sucks! That was a bunch of hot mess, this was one song that did not need a video bottom line. The only part that went with it was Jeezy’s part.

  10. SIT DOWN RIHANNA December 17, 2009




  11. caroline December 17, 2009

    lol stopping, ‘so hard yeah yeah’

  12. me December 17, 2009

    Stop being an idiot. She’s a singer–stop calling a covergirl model like its her main title–she’s a singer, wether she can do it well or not she’s a singer. It doesn’t make you smart to be ignorant.

  13. Dwaynefighter December 17, 2009

    Trent, “the concept behind the flick SUITS”. learn some English before you bash, ok, honey??

  14. Jones December 17, 2009


    That Grape Juice actually saying something positive about Rihanna????


    But yaaa, that video is off the chain!!! Her best video ever for sure!!!

  15. king December 17, 2009

    @ terrance and Carl…cosign 100%..
    its getting to the point where people like, “why dont this bish just model”..
    if she put half of the energy she brings in videos, in her live perfomances I would give her a pass.
    watch the stans come at me and say am a hater, jealous, wish I had her looks and her money..that s*** makes my day..
    bish needs to give up, obviously all the half naked pics in every magazine aint helping..
    its sad though, cause that video could have been a really hot video it had somebody with actual talent beside jeezy…

  16. Anonymous December 17, 2009

    This video is awesome, easily one of the best of the year. Stop referring to her as a model, she’s a singer, she was discovered as a singer, and she will remain a singer. She has hits, she’s considered an artist.

  17. TOW3RA December 17, 2009


  18. FAN_MADE December 17, 2009

    Not a rihanna fan but that video is HOT HOT HOT love the song now.

    Her and Lady GAGA are the video QUEENS. They do it like no other.


  19. maskina December 17, 2009

    This was a nice video. WHat more do people want in a video? If you all want deep look at Russian Roulette Video. Not every video have to show some sort of choreographed routine. Nice one ri.

  20. rightround(U.S.A pride!) December 17, 2009

    I soo agree. I thought she was gonna kill it for once but no, just the same ole rihanna stuff. That’s why learning how dance/move is so important for these mainstream artists… it makes you 10x more entertaining. And “that rihanna reign”?? Umm OK.

    I miss Ciara videos. The only video I watch on repeat now is “Bad Romance”.
    Nobody wants to be creative and think outside the box.

  21. Nikki December 17, 2009

    Pretty much what I have come to expect from her…song is catchy though

  22. deedee December 17, 2009

    we calling people who cant sing worth of s*** singers now…,
    trent gave rihanna props for her video and you stans are still calling trent a hater?
    so what if he call her a “cover girl model”, thats what shes pretty much doing in that video.
    cause bish aint no goddamn singer, hell, I cant even call her a** an entertainer either, cause her live perfomances suck a** tooo..
    all she prettty much do is take good I agree when trent call her a** a model NOT a singer..
    like Terrence and king said..this could have been One of the best music video of 2009..if it had a person with actual talent in there beside young jeezy..
    you know what the video actually looks better on
    I’m not gonna front this is actually a good video, minus rihanna’s billy goat voice on there..

  23. matt December 17, 2009

    LMAO. everytime i come on this site, and i see a rihanna post, i automatically know there will 60-100 plus posts the day after. you either love her or hate her, but you like to talk about her bad or good. if she garners this much attention then there is a good strong chance that she will remain on the charts for years to come. I mean, hard at ’19 on hot 100, with no airplay, publicity, promotion and no video until now is kinda good tbf 🙂

  24. Anonymous December 17, 2009

    Rihanna’s had hits bud, get used to it

  25. king December 17, 2009

    who the hell says we want something deep from rihanna? we already know bish cant sing..
    all we asking is for her to actually learn how to dance or something..bring something else beside your looks to the table.
    @ deedee…you made me choke on my cofee with that billy goat .go sit in a corner,,,,
    you cant have the same expression in Every video u the same move gets old very fast.I mean dont you get tired of people sayin “she looks good in that video”, her shoes look nice…thats a nice dress shes wearing.

  26. WoW December 17, 2009

    honestly the song and video is boring..she iight though..shes just boring and playing dress up..but I love Jeezy !!

  27. stx December 17, 2009

    @deedee, Rihanna is a singer, and no amount of people trying to just call her a model and try to downplay her singing is going to change that. Jay Z signed her as an artist, she was discovered in Barbados because of her singing, and she sings well. She may not be your kind of singer, but she is still a singer. You all need to realize that there are different ranges of singers. Some sing like the good ole wailers, like Etta James, fantasia, and J hud. Then there are the bring down the roof kinds like Pattie, and Aretha, Whitney,then there are the soulful kind like, Mary, Jasmine sullivan, Keysha cole, and Angie stone, then there are the pop kinds like, Rihanna, Amerie, britney, ciara, and the likes. Every singer has their own range that works for them and a song. For instance could you all imagine T.I’s live your life song without rihanna’s input, or Umbrella or disturbia without rihanna. or Anyone else singing I will always love you by Whitney. OR 3 by britney spears, or single Ladies by Beyonce. They each have a certain voice that work for the song, and that can’t be taken away from them. Try to supplement them with someone else and the song would not sound right. Why can’t you all just stop critiquing people and let them just do what they do.

  28. Suzy G December 17, 2009

    Wow! This video was s***. Yes the concept of the video was good, but Rihanna did not deliver (again). In a time where most artist have a limited budget for videos, Rihanna proves to be the exception, but she does not take advantage of it! She mostly walked back and forth and had a bunch of ass shots. How is that being hard? How can you correlate being strong and tough with being half naked? WTF @ the random ass scene with her rolling around in the mud? At least Jeezy’s part was more appropriate for the concept. He was actually in a war zone. Whereas Rihanna just wore a dress and walked like the model she is across the desert. Is that because she’s so hard?

  29. WoW December 17, 2009

    she’ll never have a memorable video..its all tired of her..shes the same n everything..okaii we get the point..ur least lady gaga keeps me interested and her s*** is entertaining..shes an all around artist..i just wanted to use gaga as a reference..cause she’s visually fun..

  30. Erica December 17, 2009

    This video fit the song! Great Job! She’s not a dancer, but her work fits her.

  31. jeffrey December 17, 2009

    ALL You Haters are mad right now
    This Video is better than Anything Out right now besides GaGa’s Bad Romance ,
    Rihanna Looks Hot and was doing her thing,
    All you haters are mad cuz Riri is Back and killing it all over again
    so haters fall back.

  32. WoW December 17, 2009

    what is she killin? shes all over the place and yet what is she killin? i dont see record sales going i dont even know why she’s even around..she got no purpose, no talent but to pose half naked all over the place in magazines.

  33. maskina December 17, 2009

    @Jeffrey I co-sign. What do you expect from the naysayers. They would never say nothing rihanna do is good. WHen people hate someone, you don’t expect them to give a compliment do you? Anyways we all know rihanna is a bajan girl, so if she wanted to wuk up or gyrate, she could do that. When she first came out she did all those choreography and such in her videos and shows, now She just chooses not to, and she don’t have to, because look how far she’s come without shaking her a$$. She just stands there and look cute, and bring in the hits while doing so. It must be good being Rihanna.

  34. Its Me Again December 17, 2009

    Would it kill this girl to learn some choreography?

    This video would have been the F*CKIN BOMB if she pulled out a badass military type dance routine.

    …but no, Rihanna has to walk around strutting while everybody else around her doing the work to make this video look decent…. as per usual…

  35. Didnt See The Signs December 17, 2009

    The video would have been so much better if Rihanna blew up the girls talking trash. The part where Rihanna says “where them girls talking trash” they should have had some girls talking trash and then Rihanna pushes a button and blows them up with a landmine. Same for the bloggers. They missed a big opportunity to stick it to the haters.

  36. parisian girl December 17, 2009

    i LOVE it but i wanted a choreography!!!!
    come on riri you need to start dancing in your videos!

  37. BLACK December 17, 2009

    I LOVE HOW THE RIHANNA FANS THINK BECAUSE OF 1 good video she like the queen now, GIRL Bye, rihanna STILL FLOPPING, and this single already going down the charts, so fall back like whoa…

  38. parisian girl December 17, 2009

    @didn’t see the signs exactly!!!!!you’re right about that!

  39. maskina December 17, 2009

    @didn’t see the signs, that was a good idea! should have shown some bloggers sitting at the laptops and she blowed them up. That would have been hot.

  40. maskina December 17, 2009

    I love how rihanna’s haters think that just because they hate her they can damage her career. Note to haters you all didn’t get her to where she is, you guys hated her from day one, and did not help to build her career, and she is still succeeding, so you guys need to fall back like whoa…

  41. Nicky December 17, 2009

    @ Black

    Go suck a d***


  42. MG December 17, 2009


  43. Erica December 17, 2009

    If “Hating” someone helps their career, this Chris Brown is the most Famous person in the world right now…cuz people just won’t stop hating him.

    This video is good..why don’t people just accept the fact that she does not dance?!?!

    Just be glad she isn’t doing something she can’t do..or else ya’ll will be saying she need to stop dancing…Let her be..please..Im not a stan or a fan..just dont understand why people want this girl to fail…

  44. Rihanna Flop December 17, 2009

    ths sh!t was not working for me
    she just trys too damn hard
    u so hard yet u fell back into the arms of the man who beat u to a pulp?

    nope not buying it nice try tho, u can just sit down now and continue to flop the charts

  45. Mya December 17, 2009

    The Video is boring. She don’t do nothing all she does is grab herself Nothing Icon about this video lol

  46. Justin December 17, 2009

    If people think this video is boring they’re plain hating, it’s really good and I don’t even care for Rihanna. S*** video

  47. dont take shyt December 17, 2009

    Great Watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. king December 17, 2009

    whos hating on rihanna….because we dont like the directions shes going lately that means we a hater?..ok then
    her career is already damaged..why do u think she resorting to be naked in every goddamn magazine, and music video releases so far..BECAUSE S** SELL
    thats what most artists do when they dont have nothing else going for them, but their looks and body..
    u stans can sit here all damn day and call us a hater..that rihanna is killing it in the game, that shes a bad bish. blah blah blah…at the end of the day her album sells is proving my point…people are getting tired oh her,,,,she needs to stop with “I’M so hard.” crap..
    and go back to the GGGB days.. at least white people would buy her cd then.

  49. Jmoore December 17, 2009

    OK, she did that….HOT

  50. SF December 17, 2009

    She flops so hard, yeah, yeah, yeah so hard… na,na,na,na, so hard…

  51. Rihanna Flop December 17, 2009

    and what rihanna reign is this? lol
    1) failing to debut a #1 album once again?
    2) still no #1 singles off Rated Flop?
    3) u stans wanna put her on QUENN STATUS yet she coming up with b******* numbers 180,000 first week US sales?!?
    4) a 70% tank by week two?
    5) ALREADY out the top 20 by week 3?
    6) still nowhere close to gold in the US AFTER 3 WEEKS? and she a queen?

    GGGB days are ova
    its time to realize that
    girl BYE

  52. 12345 December 17, 2009

    awesome video
    lovely post, finally someone with brains, cheers

  53. FAN_MADE December 17, 2009

    Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad
    Def Jam – 278.000
    Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad
    Def Jam – 205.000
    Rihanna – Good Girl Gone Bad
    Def Jam – 149.000

    = 632.000 copies…These are the figures of the first 3 weeks of GGGB worldwide…

    so where is the problem?¿? just 24.000 copies behind…. and GGGB went to sell 8.000.000 copies… SO DONT WORRY AT ALL!!!! HATER WILL HATE

  54. 12345 December 17, 2009

    btw, talking about numbers to put an artist down just shows the lack of intelligence and maturity of some people, everyone knows that since music exists, many good albums are underrated, I dont like the kind of music that Rihanna does, but no1 cant say that Rated R is a bad album and the hate that this girl gets is over the top, its not even funny anymore, its something that has become rude and senseless, it really is a shame

  55. Rihanna Flop December 17, 2009

    men lie women lie but numbers don’t its as simple as that

    and for stans to think this trash will last as long as GGGB, this is where the denial steps in
    same stans said RR would go #1
    same stans said Rated Flop would go #1
    same stans said she would push at least 300K or more first week out

    but tell me what happened exactly? LOL
    if ppl are feelin ur sh!t, u will sell its as simple as that. But sadly this wasnt the case for poor Rihanna Flop

  56. Nicky December 17, 2009

    @ Rihanna Flop

    B**** sit down.

    You mad cause you probably ugly and fat lmao!!!

  57. antertain December 17, 2009

    She done ok but wanted a likkle more in her considering the track name.

    Tune is BIG though

  58. Rihanna Flop December 17, 2009

    @ NICKY

    and i bet ur a flop at life jus like ur God LOL

  59. Nicky December 17, 2009

    @ Rihanna Flop

    Yeah, thats why im in Law school smh. Can you spell that?

    Rihanna is doing just fine. She’s sold over 600k worldwide so far after 3 weeks.

    That’s solid.

    Chart positions mean little. Rihanna has sold over 13 Million albums in just 4 years. Many many many can not do that.

    Stop the hate.

  60. stx December 17, 2009

    @rihanna flop, russian roulette did go to number 1 in a few european countries. Rated R Has hit #1 in countries around the world such as Brazil, Sweden, and France. So She is doing quite well. So what if fans said she would sell 300k first week and it didn’t happen, that was just a prediction made by an individual, just like a lot of haters said she is a one hit wonder, with pon de replay, and her 15 minutes of fame were up, and four years later she’s still here. So that goes to show that no one here is God, only he knows the future, so all this prediction about rihanna’s demise, flop, and all that is just individuals talking, but have no real impact on what is ultimately going to end up being rihanna’s destiny.

  61. Stoney-Brie December 17, 2009

    i love it!

  62. stx December 17, 2009

    @Nicky, you couldn’t have said it better !! People are always zeroing in on rihanna’s so called flop, but they fail to mention all the other artist Rihanna is now outselling. Biased much aren’t they?

  63. true December 17, 2009

    the video was well put together, I didn’t like the theme thou & rihanna firing the gun was just very tacky to me,
    I’m a girl (straight) so I don’t care if rihanna half naked in a video,
    just like when rappers have videos where they show off about having girls money & guns is tacky I think parts of the video were tacky but it was a ok video.

    I think the theme would have been better if it was based off a film like terminator or something, I would have like to see a dance routine,
    Even though the video was very visual I don’t want to watch it again really

  64. J-Wellz December 17, 2009


    I`M SO HARD YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. J-Rocka December 17, 2009

    While I am not a real rihanna fan, I’ll admit she has good people. I’ll give the director, her stylist and her hair/makeup team much props. Visually the video was on point. The song is horrible in my opinion. I’d rather hear Sarah Palin sing “Old McDonald Had a Farm” fifty-leven times than hear Rihanna “sing”.

    Shade aside, as a stan for avant-garde fashion, RiRi delivers. I see where she’s trying to go with her image, but something in the milk still ain’t clean. It’s like a little girl dressing up in her mama’s clothes. Ri pulls of the fashion but I don’t think it’s really her. She’s trying to push the envelope. Trying is the key word. It should be natural and from an artistic point of view, rather it’s forced. Lady Gaga for example, I don’t question her image because you can tell she’s an artist and I respect that. She has a true passion for her craft, while I think Rihanna just wants the money, fame and attention.

  66. December 17, 2009

    i find it funny that people talk about rihanna being more sexual and stuff and don’t mention someone like trey songz.

    “i invented s**”
    “say ahh”
    “neighbors will know my name”

    he’s gotten a whole lot more sexual, in both image and sound, and he gets a fraction of the criticism.

    not a rihanna fan or a trey fan, but i’mjustsayin’.

    total double standard.

  67. RIHANNA FLOP December 17, 2009


  68. mez December 17, 2009

    pulease…Lady Gaga and every star wants the money , fame and attention… what planet do you live on

    RIRI is doing amazin

    FY Rihanna did not go to performing arts school…she has developped amzingly through hard work to get where she is now!

  69. nickalus Randle December 17, 2009

    haha (above me) u can’t ruin no one career if u got it goin on-so let it go boo boo…NEXT – THIS VIDEO IS HOTTTT (I do wish she danced more), but its a hott, hard, s*** video…people can say what they want, but RATED R is a goooooood album, & it will grow on people…she should have released stupid in love ot photographs with hard 1st, wait is over song hurt the comeback, BUT its all good..we got 2010, & she gonna do it BIG, just watch….

  70. MoMo December 17, 2009

    Ok normally I don’t do this, but in this case where it seems like the less talent you get the more praise you get. Kelly Rowland can sing way better, actually can dance, and is a hell of a better performer, so explain to me why everyone is Jazzed over B.S. like this. I am from the caribbean as well and when RiRi first came out I was one of the people who jumped on her band wagon, but four whole cd’s later not to mention the 100th revamped deluxed version of her third studio album and she still gives us nothing as an artist. People grow in the industry and all that we have gotten from this lovely young lady is a modelesque quality but nothing of substance. Call me a stan all you like but everyone who has stuck in with the artist that appeals to them the most for what ever reason. With me loving Kelly Rowland and understanding her appeal as an under dogg makes her hott in my book. With Riri it would only have to be aspiring models her dig her because that’s all she gives as an artist and anyone can strike a pose. Diva my ass!!!!!!

  71. Reina December 17, 2009

    This was a good ,visual entertaining video. I have to get Ri-ri her props on this. Unfortunately, I think this is the limit of her talent….being cute in a video.

  72. Anne December 17, 2009

    BORING… I don’t see what was amazing or great about this video. It’s average at best, not crazy about the song either.

  73. Kongo December 17, 2009


    Rihannna will always have haterz the the whole point of being beautiful …

    And can sombody please anwer my question why would you want her to dance..Rihanna dont do choreography in her videos.. soo why start now the girl does what she does best. rihanna danced in her first album MUSIC OF THE SUN and it did not do all that ever since she has not done a Full dance routine and has still sold MILLIOONS so for people saying how if she danced would have made it 10 times better is chating s***.. But dame she did nlook hot in the micky mout hat fing =P


  74. anonymouss December 17, 2009

    um…she goin’ straight to numba 1 wit dis. dont matter how crappy the song is. she just made a FASHION STATEMENT! loves it.

  75. Anonymous December 17, 2009

    Rihanna actually is pretty close to getting Rated R Gold, shes at about 350k right now, and 180k first week was her best to date. Lmfao to the person that said she throws people under the bus and ruins their careers, Chris abused and beat her, its not like that would stay private. People have their opinions and she has no influence over them. Obviously what Chris did was wrong, get it through your head, thats just stupid. Hard is #19 right now, the video will be released to iTunes, the song will start climbing back up, it already peaked at #9 on the iTunes charts. This will be a top 10 hit for her, and maybe, just maybe it’ll be a number 1. Tell her to fall back when GGGB was loaded with hits, she’s had plenty of number ones and I’m sure she’ll have more so get used to it. Haters can hate, but it just makes her more famous.

  76. keke December 17, 2009

    WOW She looks like BEYONCE on the tumbnail… only with a fatter nose and bigger forehead… espically with the red red lipstick

  77. true December 17, 2009

    can somebody please anwer my question why would you want her to dance..Rihanna dont do choreography in her videos.. soo why start now the girl does what she does best. rihanna danced in her first album MUSIC OF THE SUN and it did not do all that ever since she has not done a Full dance routine and has still sold MILLIOONS so for people saying how if she danced would have made it 10 times better is chating s***.. But dame she did nlook hot in the micky mout hat fing =P

    Because that is what the video needed, when you see a good dance routine that fits a song perfectly it make you want to watch it over & over again.

    Amerie is not a good dancer she even said it herself, but it doesn’t stop her from trying to dance in her video when she has to because that is what the video needed.
    It adds to you video get people wanting to dance those routines it’s called interaction.
    if you’re a artist & people criticize you saying you can’t sing can’t perform can’t dance then that should encourage you to prove them wrong most artist do that or at least try, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, Amerie, Brandy, Monica, Mya, Christina A, Christina Millian, Katy Perry& miley curus why because it’s called growth

    If you want to be in the music business & you can’t sing, dance, act or play an instrument you better at least writer your own songs

    Hope that answered you question

  78. Anne December 17, 2009

    I don’t think this video will increase the popularity of the song. I think you have to be a fan to enjoy it. It’s just her walking around half necade with a gun and trying to create a war scene. I don’t even like war movies so why would I want to watch a war-type music video. I dont find that entertaining. Can someone please tell me WHY Rihanna stopped dancing? I find it hard to believe that she stopped b/c her early albums didn’t sell well. I’m sure her choreography had nothing to do with that. It just wasn’t her time yet and her career had to build up. Now that she has the name, fame and spotlight she’s making these boring videos with hardly any dance moves. She should combine the narrative with choreography or dancing like Gaga or just dance, like Beyonce does with some videos. Only her die hard fans want to watch her prance around all stiff and sluggish.

  79. Kongo December 17, 2009


    Look at the legends Whitney & Mariah Did they shake they Asses to sale records …NO!
    Dancing is not needed to sale records..Beyonce alll of her songs are complete uter Rubbish The stans can hate me but like i give a rats ass beyonce if you take “SINGLE LADIES” the song was OK but the video and dancing MADE it huge .. im just saying rihanna iant a dancer so people need to except that yall are saying ohh she should dance so when she dances you guys can just hate on her daning saying ohh she cant dance like beyonce blah blah blah soo what is the POINT..Rihanna is a preety chick that is what she needs to sale she dont need no dancing her swagger over powers that =D..and she can dance if people did not see pon de replay i think you need to check dat out because lots of haters say she CANT dance when she can =S

  80. i’M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH December 17, 2009


    Whitney houston and Mariah carey can SING. Thats why they dont dance. They dont need too, they can entertain people with their voice. Rihanna cant sing that well at all. So thats why people say she should do something else LIKE DANCE to entertain her fan base.

    Rihanna to alot of people cant sing or dance. She just stands there and looks pretty, thats not good enough. Thats why people dislike her. She’s not an entertainer at all.

    Say what you want about beyonce but she can sing AND dance. Whenever she’s onstage she can perform one hell of a show. Thats why she gets so much credit. Single ladies wasnt that nice of a song. But because of Beys talent for dance she pulled it off and the video was a hit. The same thing could happen for riahnna, the problem is she cant DANCE. If you call what she did in Pon de reply dancing….I hate to see what you call non-dancing.

  81. BLACK December 17, 2009


    WTF RIHANNA AINT A SINGER EITHER, cause she sucks live, DONT F****** HATE ON BEYONCE CAUSE SHE IS THE S***, lets be real rihanna would probaly never be on beyonce level and we all know that, single aldies is a great song, and true the video does make it better, but nobody wants to see somebody who CANT SING & DANCE just wak back and forth with fire behind them, BOY DOWN.

  82. OMAR December 17, 2009

    this site is now home to hatin f***!
    shade is always thrown on Rihanna. i love how sam calss her “covergirl model”… B****, is that how we were introduced to her?? didnt think so. And also note, had this been Kelly Rowland, Sam’s groupie ass woulda been typing in ALL CAPS, with a million exclamation points on the end of every sentence!
    This video is EVERYTHING!!! PERIOD.

  83. true December 17, 2009

    If you go back and look at Whitney & Mariah old video you will see them dancing in there videos, plus they had the vocal chops too match

    A music video cost a LOT of money to make considering you don’t make any profit from it but a music video is advertising for your artist, so making it an unforgettable is the key

    In my first comment I was talking about the video
    I never mentioned beyonce in my comment,
    I never said the video was bad, I said it was ok well put together very good visually, but it needed a dance routine to keep the audients interested or it becomes boring, the dance routine didn’t need to be a big thing, but like you said beyonce had a dance routine & that made the video great. Made you want to watch it more that was my point

    I also said in my second comment being good at dancing & performing would prove her critics wrong because she dosen’t write her material, most artist try & prove their worth

    When they do they get respected because it shows growth
    I’m not a rihanna fan but I give props when it’s due
    I didn’t like ciara at first because I didn’t think she was a good singer but when her second album came out & I saw her perform I liked her

  84. Psoriatic December 17, 2009

    Rihanna definitely knows how to sell it (in her videos and on stage etc.).. but it’s kind of funny seeing her as a drill sargent

  85. Kongo December 17, 2009

    But all im saying is like people are saying Ohh rihanna is a flop ohh rihanna is TALENTLESS commmmmme on please OPEN your heads and think about it

    if Rihanna was COMPLETE rubbish WHY THE F*** DID THEY GIVE HER A RECORD DEAL… and i dont want a anwer like –>because she f***** jay-z blah blah blah if rihanna was rubbish and a complete waste then why is it that ME AND YOU DNT HAVE RECORD DEALS …?

    i have become a rihanna fan JUST this year and it is sooo amazing how much haterz this BLACK POWERFUL WOMEN has and what did hse do too any of yalls NOTHING .. and sorry her voice is difffrent like i said not everyone has to have that DIVA voice she adds something to the table..

    and we dont all want sombody screaming down our ears the thing about rihanna is that you either Love her or Hate her but she has Loyal fans to support her and how the hell can rated r be a flop when it has out sold gggb opening Sales and her album has been out for only 3 weeks rihanna has the whole of 2010 to bring out #1 and maybe Hard might be a number one as well apriciate what she is doing she is being herself naked or watever she is HOT so she can flaunt it dont act like lady gaga or beyonce dont sell s** pllz —> Video phone =/ whats that all bout S** S** S** it is a h** anthem

  86. MoMo December 17, 2009

    Ok OMAR, what does the sexuality have to do with anything. You seem to be as big of f** for Rihanna but no one pointed it out. Kelly Rowland still has international success and maybe since he has his own blog is entitled inform us on his opinion. Now lets see, Rihanna does nothing. Not a thing and after five years of producing B.S. you would think that she would step her game up. Like I said i like her initially because she was trying, now she does nothing. if you are supporting an artist who does nothing for you but visually stimulate you then kudos. But start to knock Kelly/Sam for Rihanna lacks, which is alot. She finally became a hit with Umbrella, but before it was just same ol safe posing Rihanna. And I must say even in Umbrella she was doing her Ballet thing which was cute. There are alot of other artist more deserving of that title. She has and I am happy for you guys that are so into her, but when you grow and desire more as a patron look up more established artist who get litle to no recognition. Like I said i shouldn’t have made the comparisson to Kelly but I love all those girls from Destinys Child, even Letoya comming out swinging. I find Rihanna to be highly over-rated

  87. denise December 17, 2009

    rihanna str8 killed it…

    you will never see beyonce goin’ hard on s*** like rihanna went hard on her new videos and her new album

  88. Chile December 17, 2009

    Everybody can say what they want about Rihanna, but her and her label are happy with that 360 deal she signed. At the end of the day, she really is meeting her quota and everybody who breathes her name, is adding to the machine.

    To each his own. If you don’t like Rihanna then you are a part of the minority. And that is all good too…but dont be hateful about it. If it were meant for more talented artists to be where she is at…then they would be there. All the label can do is give the public a good presentation. They dont make make us like an artist like her…it just happens. PLENTY of other artists have gotten the kind of push she has gotten…but they have not lasted as long.

    boo hoo.

    Sam and Trent are getting their meals paid for by bringing up Rihanna. Im sure if she faded away tomorrow they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves because everybody would stop coming here. If a post has ANYTHING Rihanna related, it has the most comments. Not even Beyonce is as big as a draw on this site. Hell, her label had this site shut down for posting unauthorized pictures. Do you see negative press about her here?


    RIhanna is the best thing that ever happened to this website. Too bad this site wastes its time on an artist like Kelly Rowland. Doesn;t matter how pretty or good of a singer she is..or that she is from Destiny’s Child…nobody is anticipating her ever making music again. She always grows…but into nothing. Her and RIhanna are d*** teasers…u think somehting great might happen…but u get little to nothing. The important dif between them is that people are interested in Rihanna..not Kelly. Sorry Ms Rowland, maybe u should have gotten bigger fake titties.

  89. i’M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH December 18, 2009

    It amazes me how low we as society’s expectations are for our artists. I used to roll my eyes when my parents said music was going down the hill and there weren’t any talented artists out anymore but, now I see they were right.

    When being interesting and having “s** appeal” is what your praised for and not your music or your art, or your talent as an artist but, yet your considered an “artist”. That’s when you know music is dead.


    Just because an artist may be blog and tabloid fodder doesn’t make you a good artist Nor does it equal album sales.

    Rihanna despite having one of the most biggest stories of 2009 about her everywhere on every magazine and website. STILL disappointed in album sales.

    Susan boyle has sold more copies in her first week sales then anyone this year period. And she’s not the most attractive lady and has no s** appeal…nor any stores for the blogs. All she has is well…. TALENT. But guess what? It sells.

    So in the end, yes s** sells but only if you keep that s** appeal..yes being interesting enough for blogs is fun but, only if you have something for them to talk about.

    When your s** appeal dies down(and it will) and you begin to get boring and have nothing for the tabloids and blog sites then what? Whats left? EXACTLY!

    So in the end when its all said and done TALENT no matter whether your not attractive and have no s** appeal and are boring as hell…IT WILL ALWAYS SELL! And it will get you far in the long run.

    I’m Gone peace!

  90. red December 18, 2009

    i am not really a fan of rihanna but it’s sad how people made her famouse with umbrella and all the other nr.1 songs and now taking her down just because she did what she wanted to do this time around… i listened to good girl gone bad and this new album rated r… and rated r is so much more bold and edgie, i was impressed…. in my opinion rated r has a personality and i missed this on good girl gone bad… just let her do what she does!!!

  91. Chile December 18, 2009

    @ I’M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH, RIhanna is signed to a 360 deal. that means that the label gets a piece of everything she does. Concerts, shows, endorsements etc. Rihanna generates a lot of money and the more we talk about her, the more interesting she stays. Which will only lead to more money in her and the labels pockets. attention generates money one way or another.

    This is a business and as long as the money comes in, the talent you are looking for, doesn’t matter. attention and money is what gives u real longevity. She is still a cash cow and best believe that her next album will be more controlled by the label if this one doesnt do well n the long run.

    Rihanna is here for the long run.

  92. i’M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH December 18, 2009


    Like I said. When your s** appeal is gone and you no longer have something people wanna talk about then what? Just because your interesting now doesn’t mean you’ll stay that way 10-20 years from now. Fades come and go…rumors come and go. People go from one story to the next but talent…WILL ALWAYS BE THERE!

    Yes your right, as long as we keep talking about her the longer she stays. but thats as long as she has something we can talk about. But when she deosnt then what? What will she rely on then? Certainly not talent.

  93. Chile December 18, 2009

    Just to touch on I’M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH’s comment about music being dead…to think that only shows your ignorance. Thanks to the internet, we no longer are slaves to labels and what they deem to be music we should listen to. We now have access to SO many amazing artists that we never would have heard before. If you aren;t satisfied with the big names that the big labels are promoting, go elsewhere. You do have the option.

    If anybody is wondering where real music is, turn off the radio, go online and you will find what you are looking for. don;t be lazy and blame an artist like RIhanna. She is just doing her job. If u dont like it, move on and support somebody else.

  94. Lanytha December 18, 2009

    Sorry but i really dont like it, in these times of war, they should promote peace instead of war. She dresses war up as if its something good.

  95. caroline December 18, 2009

    im she’ll still be very rich thats what she’ll have !!

  96. caroline December 18, 2009

    so dnt worry your little self about what she will do we she’s older!! lol

  97. Chile December 18, 2009

    @I’M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH, the “talent” that you speak of is relevant to the consumer. what you deem to be talent may not be to a whole group of people. Talent to me is being able to sing well enough to attract listeners and to be able to entertain.

    In a perfect world, all singers would have Beyonce type vocals…but thats not the case and people like variety. Rihanna sounds the same live as she does on her studio work…she sings live and has amazing outfits. Good enough for me….and apparently many others.

    but yeah, she may not be relevant in 20 years, but most artists aren’t. however, she is half way into a decade of being in the business. its a matter of time before she reaches that 10 year mark…and she will be in her mid 20’s.

  98. i’M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH December 18, 2009


    I’m ignorant? But yet you condemn the fact artist like rihanna get ahead but yet the real artist get pushed away. And seem to be okay with music no longer being about the music and more about image..but yet you call me ignorant? *rolls eyes*

    I get what you saying so far as we as a society being able to have different choices nowadays…but those different choices aren’t supported and given the push they need. So they eventually they disappear. You dont hear from them.

    I for one am not going to stand back and let music be destroyed by money hungry labels. If there are artist such as rihanna I feel don’t deserve the hype they get I’m gonna call them out on it. Especially when there stans feel the need to put down real talented artist(like Beyonce for example) To try to lift up rihanna. Its crazy.

    Back in the day (I hate to say that phrase but its true) real artist were supported and pushed by the labels now its like its gone downhill.

    CHILE I should’nt feel like I have to go elsewhere to get good music. I should be getting it from those who claim to support it.

    Rihanna is doing any job but what her label tells her to do. which is sad

  99. i’M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH December 18, 2009


    Talent Is being able to entertain whether in dance or singing..RIHANNA HAS NONE!

    You aren’t impressed by her so called talent.

    You are impressed by the gimmicks and hype her label puts out.

    The clothes her stylist tells her to put on

    and the catchy songs she doesnt even right.

    The videos she doesnt direct.

    And the performances she puts little to no effort to.

    Its all a gimmick that you and her fans love, But hey if you like it FINE..If you wanna support image over talent FINE Its your money your wasting not mine.

    But don’t get all touchy when someone points out the obvious…

    Like My name says i’M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH.

  100. mez December 18, 2009

    Im just telling…. get of your high horse with that nonsense… How old are you? Is Rap music??? Is Rihanna the fisrt artist that is not in your opinion a great singer. Or a great dancer? There are so many artists over the histry of music hat were better singers than the most successful artists but guess what they did not have that star appeal Rihanna has IT She has that X factor that makes her a star despite her weaknesses……
    leave her alone and go help Amerie, Christina Milain etcetce and CB ( who really is more of a pretty boy dancer than anything else)

  101. i’M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH December 18, 2009


    Sheeesh..Am I hurting some feelings? Sorry sweetheart but I’m just keeping it 100%. Why do you need to know my age? Does it make a difference? Am I the first one not to like rihanna NO and I wont be the last. I’m speaking my opinion like you are.

    Rihanna has no it factor. She has s** appeal and a good label that gives her the push she needs. THATS IT.

    As for helping “Amerie, Christina Milain etcetce and CB”

    First of all I’m not a fan of neither Amerie or Christina.

    And CB dont need help. His natural born talent for singing and dance will help him. I’m not a big fan of his but I do respect the fact that unlike so many “heart throb” male artist out there he has talent to back up his looks.

    I’ll leave rihanna alone when riri stans leave Beyonce And other real talented artist alone. mk?

  102. BLACKBEAUTYANDDIVA December 18, 2009

    if yall call the howling that rihanna does singing than i feel real sorry for yalll…all this girl did was lay under jay z wing’s; wear designer clothes: dated chris brown; got into a fight with chris brown; and walk around again in cute designer clothes and we call her a SINGER….please….wtf is fantasia, ledisi, jill scott, indie arie, jennifer hudson and all the other talented singers out there.

    my 9 year old son could have made this non lyrical thinking sack of shi.t that yall call a song….so hard so hard so hard was the only thing going about this video…hell, her fans are saying that this is the best video from her so far…well fans if it is her best i feel sorry for yall and this got damn watered down music industry…….

  103. wtf December 18, 2009

    This is quite a spectacle! The outfits, the glamour, the guns and the swagger, all tied together with on point editing, created one of the best videos put forward by the aspiring singer. The concept behind the flick suits the lyrics well and Rihanna certainly brought the fire to the set. This is certainly a great look for her to kick off the new year.


    PAUSE!!!..this was quite a spectacle…really??? ok maybe it was coz some parts had me rolling.. this was the most garbage i have watched in the 3 minutes…how does blowing up s*** all over relates to how hard she is, people comming for her spot and the 27 mill she has??? how does her in a micki mouse hat in booty shorts riding on cannon relate to the song??? please explain?? oh not forgetting her rolling in mud?? which part of the song does that relate to..i need answers here…..

    this was one hot had no direction, rihanna yelling, walking the whole vid (no dancing) and grabbing her crotch was pure rubbish…lol at the attempted swagger..sweetie u need more people coz you aint hard…i am done with this crap and wont watch it ever again unless i have to..pure trash and a waste!!

  104. jaytr December 18, 2009

    @ TRUE ..I was 100% with you till you put my girl Brandy and my girl Monica in the same category as Amerie, christina million, and kathy
    Why do the stans feel the need to bring up other artists when ever there’s a post about rihanna? for example, when a stan brought up lady gaga, and said lady gaga wish she had half the money, half the swag rihanna has..that ish makes me laugh..rihanna wish she half the talent lady gaga has..
    and how about how we’re “HATERS”, always mention how rihanna flopping but we dont mention the other artist who are floppin..because rihanna suppose to be a so call “bad bish”..
    now lets see the reason we so call HATERS are so hard on rihanna is because, shes suppose to be a big star, shes suppose to be a bad bish, shes suppose to be killing it in the game right now, (thats what the stans keep saying)…and yet when it comes time for her to deliver, she FAILS,.. how u considered to be a bad bish singer and ur album flopping, ….Rated R could have been a big hit..but she released at the wrong time.
    you cant claim your a victim and then released an album bout suicide and guns. not only that release a soft core p*** video, and expect people to take ur ass seriously.

  105. king December 18, 2009

    @ i’M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH. and RIHANNA FLOP, cosign 100%.
    I agree with stans when they say rihanna is not the only “singer” (so call singer).. to use s** to sell their albums..and that she doesnt need to dance in all her videos.. but what u stans seem to forget those other so call singers, dont last long in this industry.
    but, most of the other artists who use s** to sell their albums, has something else to offer beside being in every magazine half naked, having a soft core p*** music video, and being able to dress well. and its call TALENT..
    and for the person that said that if rihanna couldnt sing. why would jay z signed her to his record label?….hello cause the bish look good thats it point blank..maybe her head game is on point who knows..but the majority of us know it wasnt TALENT that got rihanna on jay z’s label..
    it rihanna was so call “killing it in the game right now”, why is she resorting to selling only s** to sell Rated R.
    like “I’m just telling the truth” said, selling s** only get ur a** so far. like that white lady who sold 8 times more in a week than rihanna did in a month, she may be old as fugg, with no s** apeal whatsover, but she gonna always gonna be in the game, cause she got somethingg more to offer than showing her a** everyday.

  106. G.U.S December 18, 2009

    really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pretty Rihanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. hihihihihi December 18, 2009



  108. whystillinbusiness December 18, 2009

    GGGB makes it even funnier how with all the success she had with that one and you stans were still over hyped up about it she still cant do better. Rihanna has come with a lot of trash this go round. How are you gonna give a person with her talent a new sound when she was not able to sing the last go round. This hard stuff grabbing yourself and showing more skin is not hard it trashy! She gets trashier with each thing she does and that’s even performing live (poor people). Who actually respects her in this business, they dont even feel sorry for her anymore!

  109. Cyimo December 18, 2009

    Pure trash…………..what a joke!

  110. mez December 18, 2009

    love the video… wow

  111. thats not my name December 18, 2009

    i loved it..

    go rihanna!!! bussing guns n’shyt i loved it.. ( that was my favorite part)

    i dont comprehend the hate tho.. she tries to hard she doesnt try hard enuff , like wtf is it. yall are crazy.

    have u ever though that this is her. we’ve seen the way she’s dressin in the streets. we seen her with the pasties on the n******. like this is her, i think she’s being herself.

    four albums down multiple platinum records she can make her own decisions , she did & we have rated R . i love it

    some people cant take that. they get mad cuz she’s every where. they cant say she’s ugly so they say she a model. they die inside every time they hear her name, she’s killin theses b******.. i love it

    she should do a video anthology like bey..

  112. bobs December 18, 2009

    Awesome video. Song is HUGE on radio right now, and went up almost 10 spots on Itunes in the last 48 hours! I think the song even crossed 10,000 spins the US today. Good work! Hot vid.

  113. stx December 18, 2009

    That s** sells argument is so played out. Rihanna got big, when she was an innocent looking girl. S** had nothing to do with rihanna’s image, until she started sexing it up heavily for Rated R. People are always trying to come up with something to justify rihanna’s success. She is successful, because its her destiny in life. What is for you is for you, and it can’t be altered. Some of us are destined for greatness and some of us aren’t plain and single. NO amount of arguing and speculating about why she is this that or the other will satisfy you guys. YOu been doing it for four years, and you still are not satisfied. The girl is doing what is in her lifeline to do. Accept it.

  114. true December 18, 2009


    I love brandy & Monica

    The reason I put them in my comment is because I wanted to make the point that if you’re an artist & your video need a dance routine you would just do it, because it adds to your video. It cost so much money why not make it the best attractive video for your audience

    And not being a good dancer is not an excuse because there are many artists in pop /pop rock /r&b / soul that are not the greatest dancers but still just go for it.
    That my point & the last one on this post.

  115. Chile December 18, 2009

    @I’M JUST TELLING THE TRUTH, again, Talent is relevant to the consumer. also you may want to look up the actual definition of talent because singing and dancing is not a major component to one having “talent.” To be entertained is to be entertained..period.

    Your list of what YOU think I am feeling was funny. I am not to be included in any stan list or bogus psychological conclusion you have. ridiculous. lol I am an individual and I have a specific taste. You may not agree with it…but again, u are entitled and u are in the minority.

    If you are so concerned about “real” music…why are you even on this site? Go create your own site that promotes this so called genre. This site is all about urban pop music, which for the most part covers artists that go against “real” music.

    its funny that you think you shouldnt have to go elsewhere for this real music you speak of. The music business is not here to please the minority. Its a business not some kind a public service. lol Be happy you have options and support them. Its people like u who are too stubborn to step out of the mainstream, that let these “talented” artists disappear.

    at the end of the day, your “Truth,” is mixed diluted opinion.

  116. Ms.Minaj December 18, 2009

    Rihanna is starting to grow on me,loving this song and the video.

  117. stx December 18, 2009

    @chile AMEN!!

  118. AC December 18, 2009

    I do not understand why Rihanna would release a video glamorizing the life style of being in the army when our country is currently at war and American soldiers are dying daily. The concept is good but this is insensitive to those who have family who are in countries in Iraq, Afganistan, etc…

  119. sosicc_witswagga December 18, 2009


  120. sosicc_witswagga December 18, 2009


  121. whatever December 18, 2009

    u haters go f**k urself, i enjoy every single bit of this video, ur so HARD rihanna…

  122. Kongo December 18, 2009

    But the reason why im so pisse dof it is that the VIDEO S SOOO AMAZING and all you have to do is GIVE RIHANNA PROPS but nooo why hate i aint no beyonce fan im not no rihanna stan but if beyonce came out with a new video and i was good i will say it is good but why isit that rihanna brings out a video and you always have to hate even tho it is Good come on allow the hating YOU ALL KNO IT IS A GOOD VIDEO AND THAT IS HWY YALL CHATTING SHIZZLE…

    Rihanna right now even she said it in lots of radio interviews she is in a I DONT GIVE A F*** MOOD for this album she is doing WHAT shee wants she dont cear what haters like some of you have to say she is being her Lady gaga walks around NAKED in Nearly all of her video NOBODY says NOTHING WTF…

    i am not no stan but i listen to lady gaga but it pisses me off when lady gaga fans Diss rihanna sooo ofcourse me liking rihanna i would back rihanna like you would back an artist who you like thats just how it is i cant come on this site and say Beyonce and Lady Gaga are Rubbish and Talentless then i would be lieing…

    I KNOOOW beyonce and lady agag are more talented than rihanna but rihanna she is more normal than them she is laid back she is a sweet person she odnt come across fake… Her music is now getting better i never liked rihanna Bubble gum pop music because they tried soo hard to make he rlike another rnb chck when she cut her her and started to change her music style she stood out Rated R to me is Btter than GGGB because Rated r is the real Rihanna and she is doing he rown thing but to people dont come on her to try put her down. . she has million of fan around the world she can sing that goat like voice is diffrent AND I LIKE IT!! WH SHOULD SHE DANCE AND SOUND LIKE THE REST SHE IS DOING HE ROWN THING AND SHE IS HARD1

  123. Symone December 19, 2009

    Is it possible for those that worship Rihanna to understand that the word “hater” is played and need to be cancelled.If you are a fan of Rihanna and you feel that she can sing to your ears ,I say “do you” however you need to understand that everyone has a different ear for what sounds good to them and I will say for me that Rihanna does not sound good to my ears……

    Rihanna has a singing voice(coughing) that sounds like ailing sheep and to be honest ,she has a very annoying voice.I just think of all the REAL singers that really could add something to the musical world.It’s a disgrace and then some that Rihanna is actually thought of as a “singer”,she’s simply HORRENDOUS. I agree with posters who talked about Susan Boyle not being cute at all,but her talent sells. People also spoke on how Miss Mariah and Miss Whitney can SING,while having limited dance moves and I agree.I could care less about how well an artist moves as long as they can SING and Rihanna is bad in both instances….

  124. D00DaS M0M December 20, 2009

    Now if only she can get some singing lessons……….hmmm…………

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