Alicia Keys And Beyonce To Shoot Video In Brazil


It has been announced today that Alicia Keys and Beyonce will be shooting their new video on February 9th. The clip, which will support the 3rd single from Keys’ ‘The Element of Freedom’ LP, ‘Put It In A Love Song’, will be shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. {Source} To date, ‘Put It In A Love Song’ has thus far peaked at #60 on the Hip-Hop/R&B charts.

‘Put It In a Love Song’ is one of the stronger songs on Keys’ album so I am very pleased to see that it is getting video treatment. However, for an artist who promised to take a break this year, Beyonce really is maintaining her media presence. In addition to this video, she will also be featured in Lady GaGa’s ‘Telephone’ clip as well as in a fresh wave of promotional ads from her ‘Heat’ fragrance. Unless she has another ‘Sasha Fierce’ concept under her sleeve, I won’t be surprised if people had their fill of Beyonce by the end of 2010.


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  1. movieman February 5, 2010

    omg beyonce is not giving the haters a break lmao she is gonna be everywere lmao she is neva going away

  2. g3 February 5, 2010

    damn this girl doesnt stop love it shes the best

  3. movieman February 5, 2010

    also beyonce never said she was gonna take a break 6 months in a row hahaha.

    not to mention she is also shooting a new tv ad and opening the worldcup

    it will be like she never left hahaah

  4. Kevin February 5, 2010

    Stronger songs….Trent what are you smoking. I hate that song, it’s so beneath Alicia! I’ll be passing and I better not see Alicia p*ssy poppin in that video

  5. February 5, 2010

    “‘Put It In a Love Song’ is one of the stronger songs on Keys’ album”

    yeah, uh, it’s not. it’s a horrible song and the only reason beyonce is on it is to attract attention.

    and she needs to sit her ass down in 2010.
    i’m so sick of her every move being worshipped.

  6. cutiegurl February 5, 2010

    i hope it good…
    ill be rooting for bey and alicia

  7. chichi February 5, 2010

    whether u like it or not beyonce will be here all u can do is cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,cry her a river build a bridge get over it hahaahahahahahha,bey getting b****** mad, go on bey the fans /are behind u 100,gt fierce or go f****** home hehe

  8. stan February 5, 2010

    it’s a catchy song, i’ll give her that. but imma need her to release “love is my disease”. that song is THE TRUTH.

  9. Kenken February 5, 2010

    I agree, this is probably my least favorite song on the album…..for Alicia keys her music lyrics reflects depth and conveys a meaningful message this song is just a fake single ladies and I love Alicia Keys from the beginning but this song is way beneath Alicia.

  10. Terry February 5, 2010

    Beyonce said she would take a break after her tour ends, she is still on tour!

  11. Corve DaCosta February 5, 2010

    Can’t wait to see….it will b hot though….

  12. manel February 5, 2010

    it is in fact one of the best songs in alicia’s new cd. if check the reviews every critic stated that her album was not good and that “put it in a love song” was a great stan out. so yeah trent is right

  13. HA February 5, 2010

    LOL @ people wanted Beyonce to take break just because their favorite artists are flopping on the charts. Don’t get mad at beyonce because she has Longevity. Beyonce will be on break still slaying your favorite artists as a Featured artist on a song lol…AK is going to perform Put it in a love song at the BET awards 2010…i can see it coming…

  14. manel February 5, 2010

    *stand out

  15. Jace February 5, 2010

    Why are pple so in arms over B taking a break..Damn..its her life, her career, she can do whatever she chooses…she has video obligations to these artist with whom she collaborated with, so obviously she will be featured in the videos, she just released her perfume so u will see her in ads and promoting the fragrance…if you think that u would go an entire 6 months/year with out seeing anything remotely related to Beyonce, then your a FOOL. Live your life B! You inspire me!

  16. justme February 5, 2010

    this is the worst song on Alicia`s album.

  17. Stoney-Brie February 5, 2010

    i agree ^^ this song is actually the worst in the album, there are so much betta songs in there, love is my desease, love is like the sea etc….

  18. Destined February 5, 2010

    I agree with all about the lack thereof on this track. Trent, I’m sorry , but this is the most underwhelming song on Alicia’s beautiful album. When you put it against the other tracks it doesn’t even compare. When I hear this, I immediately think Single Ladies and that’s not good at all. Now ” Thats How Strong My Love Is, This Bed, Love Is My Disease, and I’m Ready” are the jams. I hope Akeys know what she is doing with this because this single does not reflect the content of her album.

  19. geegley February 5, 2010


  20. geegley February 5, 2010


  21. RIRI IS THE ONE February 5, 2010

    This song is the worse song on the album, she could do better

  22. Prince February 5, 2010

    Haters stay mad that Queen Bey wont take a break. Dont be mad at Queen Bey cuz ur favorite artists cant find away 2 get shine like Princess Rihanna. She’ll take a break when she want 2. Back 2 the song. This Alicia song is ok,maybe if the beat of this song had some type of Pop,Rock Uptempo Beat with a touch of R&B this song would have been HOT!. But maybe the video will make the song HOT! I can’t wait 2 see it

  23. E11 February 5, 2010

    un-thinkable is my jam! love that tune. not a fan of this song. they cud have come out harder. and this coming frm a bey stan.

  24. eliteprince February 5, 2010

    she said she was taking a break AFTER her tour, which ends on February 18, based on the information YOU have given, we have no reason to believe that anything has changed.

  25. october beauty February 5, 2010

    That song is shyt the video will be shyt and it will be shyt in the chart just like the other 2 singles

  26. denise February 5, 2010

    you dumb ass pathetic ass beyonce stans need to stop eating out her ass…talking s*** like she gonna shut the haters down….that b**** aint shuttin’ s*** down….when she becomes AN ICON like janet jackson.., which i doubt will happen

    get the F*** OVER IT…people are tired of seein’ beyonce …and beyonce dont give a f*** about her so called fans so ya’ll sit the f*** down and shut the f*** up

  27. Independent Thinker February 5, 2010

    I wouldn’t know any thing about the song. I’ve never heard it(insert shrug here). Although I have mad respect for Alicia Keys, I have yet to purchase her new album. I may still, I’ll have to give it a listen on In my opinion, the fact that Alicia collaborated with Beyonce is a downgrade. I feel the same way about Ga Ga’s Video Phone collaboration(I haven’t heard Telephone so I can’t speak on the song itself), Beyonce seems to cheapen the value of legitimate artists when she collaborates or performs with them. She should just stick to recording narcissistic songs with her hubby(“Upgrade U” any one?).

    As for the pictures up top. I love how simplisticly beautiful Alicia is,but why is she pulling at what appears to be a dog collar around her neck? Beyonce(sigh). This girl is so NOT high fashion. I don’t even know why she tries. She always looks half dead in her pictures. As Tyra would say, ‘learn to smile with your eyes.’ Uuugghhh!!

  28. HJNJ February 5, 2010

    I could never get enough of Beyonce! Go Bey!!

  29. koko February 5, 2010

    I was wondering when she was going to release a third single. The song is cool but I think ‘Love Is Blind’ would have been better. The song will attrack some of the younger audience. Whatever she does though ‘Unthinkable’ HAS to receive single treatment, video and all. This collaboration will not affect Alicia for the bad, she has mantained her style all this time with people trying to make her go the extra s*** route and she hasn’t caved in yet and Beyonce isn’t about to change that. The video should be fun and upbeat since the song is.

  30. RANDOM February 5, 2010

    ”had their fill” we’re quite full about to throw up

  31. ka$h February 5, 2010

    There’s so much hate. lol…..Sounds like ‘Single ladies’ before it get released in video.

    We’ll see what you’ll said when their video will be out stans! ^^

  32. Lori February 5, 2010

    Please, people BEEN tired of Beyonce. Now her camp is crying over no one caring about “six grammy wins”. All anyone came away with from the Grammys is Pink and GaGa’s performances. Beyonce was an “also ran”.

    ALL her collaborations SUCK. The songs GaGa did with Beyonce are GaGa’s WORST & the same goes with Alicia Keys!!! The same was true for Shakira. See a pattern here? It’s BEYONCE! She can’t barely scrap up worthy material for herself and when she works with better artists she brings them down to her trite level. The poster who said this first upthread is DEAD ON!! Beyonce’s time will dry up like everyone else’s and it will be a thing of true beauty.

    Then everything she’s accomplished will be passed by with ease by some other upstart and it will take half the time…just watch what I say. Beyonce really has been working twice as hard for no reason whatsoever. Justin Timberlake could drop a CD right now after taking years away from recording, and he’d sell twice as much as her. All this time Beyonce could have had a real life but she’s afraid to live without a camera in front of her. She’s pathetic, actually. What would her legacy be even? She’s as empty and pointless as a box of hair extensions. It’s all for nothing so I hope she has a real marriage and life left when it’s all done.

  33. NIQUE February 5, 2010

    Aww s***! I LOVE the fact that’s it’s in Rio! It’s gonna be fire!

    To everyone bitching because she ain’t sitting down: Maybe you wouldn’t be so tired of her if you didn’t follow her every move or click on every subject with her name in it. Whatever irrelevant artist you like will not reign just because Bey MIGHT take a break. (I don’t even believe that though because Bey don’t know HOW to sit her ass down)

  34. Umm February 6, 2010

    Go to bed Lori. Your rant was pointless.

    Trent…keep it cute.

  35. Lioness February 6, 2010

    I hate this song and Im glad i dont listen to the radio cause i am tired of both of them. they made this half ass song and didnt do either one of their reputations justice…keys is just using her to

  36. KJ February 6, 2010

    When will you people learn from listening to the media! Like for real! TRENT you should know better yourself! Damn, why should this girl take a break! She just made history and in one day, at one store, she sold $60,000 worth of her fragrance HEAT! That’s a bad girl!

  37. KJ February 6, 2010

    Yeah Lori, you sound stupid as hell! If people was so tired of her, then they would not be buying her s***! Here’s a suggestion, stop commenting on Beyonce posts!

  38. _asianxfatale_ February 6, 2010

    Haters!! sighs y dont u go the f*ck away and lock urself in the closet somewhere!!!!

    but go bey and a keys! ya’ll go put it in a love song!

  39. Ben February 7, 2010

    Oh Beyonce, PLEEEEEAAAAAAASSSE take your France getaway like usual and just RELAX! The song actually isn’t that bad, but I just didn’t want it to be released as a single, simply for the fact that somehow it will be more about Beyonce than Alicia, cause it ain’t Alicia’s style, and how messed up is that gonna be when it is supposed to benefit Alicia’s album. The 3rd single should be something more subtle like “Thats how strong my love is,” something mellow and smooth enough to slip into the pop charts. Oh man, this is a mistake.

  40. Nunu February 10, 2010

    Love, this song and “Like the sea” are the ONLY weak songs on her album. I implore you to listen to the album in its entirety. Start with “Love is my disease”. x

  41. Bre-Annah March 2, 2010

    you no what all the ppl thats tlkin the worst about beyonce r some hatters….stop tryin to put the blame on her about the song….she just ft. in it………n beyonce and alica keys didnt hve any beef that wuz just sum stuff ppl were try to start and another thing IF YOU DNT LIKE BEYONCE DONT FREAKIN LOOK AT HER DANG, AND FOR DENISE YOU NEED TO GROW UP AND GET A LIFE. that all i hve to say



  42. Bre-Annah March 2, 2010


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