Derulo To Work With Madonna

Published: Wednesday 24th Mar 2010 by Sam

The future seems to be growing ever-brighter for newcomer Jason Derulo. Hot on the heels of his two top-10 smashes on the Billboard Hot 100, the 20 year old has confirmed that he is set to begin work on Madonna‘s upcoming new album. Speaking to US Weekly, Deruoo said:

I’m about to work with Madonna, and I’ve been watching her for years. I would love to be a part of another reinvention. She’s been able to reinvent herself time and time again. I’ll probably be part of that.

The ‘In My Head’ singer joins the likes of David Guetta, who has also been tapped to work on the 51 year old’s project. If Deruolo and Guetta are any indication of the sound ol’ Madge is going for this go round, a Dance/Pop record may be in the working for her. That aside, this is perhaps the best look yet for the budding singer/songwriter – who more likely than not will be penning tracks for the album, as opposed to singing on it.

Tidbit: In other Derulo news, he also confirmed he is working on new material for his own sophomore album, which could be out as early as November (his debut hit stores earlier this month). Just as well, as that first LP was just not cutting it…

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  1. theillest March 24, 2010

    Madonna really, Jason DeRulo! and why is he putting out another album the same year? What’s with all the artists churning out albums every year now! It seems they know that they are not selling well/going platinum so they need to turn out two albums to go platinum instead!

    Sad state of music.

  2. Dave March 24, 2010

    Whoop Whoop, another album by November :). Work Jason!

  3. Gucci March 24, 2010

    I agree that his album wasn’t special at all, but then again it was an okay effort. It seemed forced, but nevertheless the guy is talented in his own right. Glad to see a Chris Brown replacement in the works (just my personal opinion, stay mad ::)). For some reason though, white mainstream is infatuated with this guy. I see only good things happening for him in the future.

    Is he really 20? Damn he looks at least 25.

  4. X,Y, “and Z” March 24, 2010

    @Madonna — I should have thought YOU’D be the ‘very-last’ to “sign-on-with/sign-up-to” this ‘Chris Brown wanna-be’, I mean, IT WAS YOU that Sean Penn locked in closets, was it not? …And was it NOT Sean Penn, just two-years ago, making “Acadamy Award acceptance-speaches?” YOU should have been the ‘VERY-LAST’ to drink the TMZkoolaid: Sean Penn – Acadamy Award Winner – turned out pretty well, DID HE NOT? …Wasn’t HE given “chance-after-chance,” …turned-out-pretty-well: this Sean Penn fellow, no?

    …LET THE RECORD SHOW: The “Material Girl” is “no-longer”; She’s a shadow-of-her-past-self: Just another “past-her-prime starlet/pop-star”, who can’t see past the huberus, hysteria and hyperbole! …And who ONLY hears-the-importance of HER-own voice!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  5. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 24, 2010

    ^^ You haven’t taken your pills yet this morning, huh dear?

  6. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 24, 2010

    Anyway, Madonna has indeed been jumping on the “what’s hot at the moment” bandwagon lately, yes. However she’s not stupid. And she’s certainly not the type of b**** that’ll work with just “anybody”. She obviously sees something in Jason Derulo that she likes, something she appreciates enough to work with in the first place.

    Something she obviously didn’t see in Chris Brown.

  7. shay March 24, 2010

    Good luck to him.Not a fan,his sound doesnt do it for me but im not a hater so all I can say is good luck him and I hope he leaves his mark on the industry.Love chis brown and they r nothing alike.Hes all pop chris is r&b and pop.

  8. Me March 24, 2010

    PEOPLE PLEEEEASE PASS THIS AROUND and TWEET IT (you can shorten it though,lol)

    “DON’T TAKE Monica’s music for FREE. No P2P, no bootleg. Sales numbers MATTER & we have to show the industry that we want artists with talent who actually put in WORK. REAL MUSIC. We’re tired of artists who just show up almost naked and expect that to be enough”.

  9. X,Y,”and Z” March 24, 2010

    …Like I said: “Madonna” is NOT “The Madonna of-old”; she’s tired, worn, haggard and certainly-NOT the trendsetter; or, “on-the-cutting-edge” NOR “REBEL” – she ONCE was. If SHE yet-were, she’d have ‘already-seen’ Sean Penn in Chris Brown, and recognized REAL-talent: NOT Jason Derulo; and I’ll say, YET-AGAIN, this dude AIN’T no 20 y/o!! …That’s gotta be his “Hollywood-age”, ain’t no-way, on-planet-earth, with a face like THAT, is HE a 20 y/o!! …NO-WAY!

    What’s-with-these 80/90’s stars who think they can ‘stop-time”? …NO! …REAL TALK; is it just ME? …Ms.Whitney = THE EXCEPTION!!!! YES, absolutely: THE ALMIGHTY DIVA; and a REAL-TALENT!
    But Madonna?!?! …What did SHE do? She sold records, but why? …Oh, I got it: she found “new-and-interesting-ways, to sell-p****”, is that it? …It’s gotta-be!
    These “40-somethings” who wanna “re-live their young days”: …YOU AIN”T NO SPRING-CHICKEN MUTHA-PLUCKA!!

    X.Y,”and Z” — OUT!

    Sorry for my previous entry, typing on my phone and NOT being able to see what you type, proves NOT to be a “good-look”!!!

  10. Kenken March 24, 2010

    Some reason i’m getting a Chris Brown meets Trey Songz kinda artist the album is nice (minus the auto-tune) but come a lil harder next time around

  11. Fred March 24, 2010

    Madonna is probably sleeping with this guy. Anyway I dont see this guy replacing Chris Brown yet. He needs to practice on singing without auto tune and I know you haters will say Chris only sings with Auto tune but Chris doesn’t always do that, on some of his songs yes, but not all of them. Chris is very capable of singing a Capella very well.

    I have heard this guy sing live and it sounded like fingernails on a chalk board. Also I saw this guy try to dance on one of the talk shows I forgot which talk show because I changed the channel. Jason Derulo lacks stage presence and cannot dance at all. I think Jason is a great songwriter and should stay as such I dont hate him at all I just dont think he is in the same league as Chris Brown. Only a hater of Chris would even compare them or an idiot.

  12. Ghetto Fab March 24, 2010

    I done told yall, Derulo is on the come up. Keep hating if you want! Two top billboard singles, and a hot album! He’s already recording with Madonna and who knows who else. As well as working on a new album. Keep sleeping you’re only going to have to wake up and very soon I might add.

  13. Gucci March 24, 2010

    LMAO now this cannot be called anything except being a HATER. XYZ you stay mad and Chris Brown is STILL not getting any airtime so really what is your anger doing? Jason is doing well and you are seriously hating hard just because Madona is working with him instead of Chris Tyson Brown. Get over it.

  14. Nique March 24, 2010

    Derulo is a no no. He will never come close to Chris Brown. He looks like something from Holloween. Next!

  15. Niqeni854 March 24, 2010

    Derulo is a no no. He will never come close to Chris Brown. He looks like something from Holloween. Next!

  16. X,Y”and Z” March 24, 2010

    @Gucci — This isn’t the 90’s …it’s CERTAINLY-NOT the 80’s, so you, Madonna and Jason “The Mask” Derulo can hop back-in Dr. Who’s “Call Box”, and head-on, back-to-the-land-of: “Big Hair”, “Reaganomics”, the Jheri-Curl and the Flat-Top!
    …See if you can possibly, make-more-room, for the “portly” Mrs. Carey-Cannon; and if you could possibly do-us-ALL-a-favor, could you hand Mr. Fenty another-rock? I’m thinking a few-more hours in the Crack House would have prevented that eventful-union, that has SINCE-produced tragedy. truculence and cause-the-shedding: ‘of-many-a-tears!’

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  17. vegasgirl March 24, 2010

    People like Derulo’s music, not necessarily him because right now for most he is just a voice on the radio. He isn’ a brand yet. Quite frankly, his music is ok…he’s created music for now not music that will be played years from now. I usually turn because they play his songs alot…I’ve heard it once, don’t need to hear it over and over again.

    I wonder why his label hasn’t made him do more high profile appearances so people can attach his face to his music? He does look way older than his years which could be a problem attracting an audience his own age or younger. He really seems to be talented but needs to create his own lane so he doesn’t blend with Taio Cruz and the others because right now they are all the same to me.

  18. vegasgirl March 24, 2010

    Ohhh and working with Madonna ain’t what it used to be… She’s an artist with a very loyal following but she hasn’t really made waves on the music scene for years. She sells loads of albums and tickets because her fan base is loyal, older and established (financially).

  19. vegasgirl March 24, 2010

    And Question, Why does Derulo rarely look directly at the camera? I noticed that in his first video, it’s very strange.

  20. Gucci March 24, 2010

    LOL @XYZ. Boy, everything you say doesn’t matter because the end result is that Jason is doing it big. Madonna is an icon. Chris Brown’s career didn’t last long enough for Madonna to throw him a bone, so you can stay mad about it :). But wait, don’t you have another phone call to make? Because i still haven’t heard homeboy on the radio. Get to work XYZ.

  21. Puppy Love March 25, 2010

    Wannabe Chris Brown. Period.

  22. X,Y,”and Z” March 25, 2010

    @Gucci — But you/ve NOT told-us where YOU last saw Rihanna’s “CoverGirl” commercial, now have you? …Talk about a career “on-the-line”: It’s L.A. Reid who NOW has to seek gainful-employment, now isn’t it? It’s Rihanna whose getting sued for $30K, NOW ISN’T IT? This, Jason Derulo, as “VegasGirl” MOST-astutely observed, doesn’t really look-into-the-camera’s; wanna know why? Cause THEN, we’ll ALL see his REAL-AGE in HIS face, NOT his “Hollywood (as publicist will-tell) Age!!”

    “Gucci” — Madonna, I’ll even venture-to-say, isn’t in ANY position to throw ANYONE ANYTHING! Madonna is NOT the “Madonna-of-old”: The hard-living/party-life can quickly, and is readily-seen, “thus-pronounced”, on HER FACE!

    And wasn’t it MJ – THE KING OF POP – himself, who “dissed” Madonna? This can be heard, for “the-doubter-in-you”, on that audio tape, that has since emerged, after that MTV MJ award/Tribute; the one where Madonna, can be seen giving than most-touching speech ’bout/regarding MJ. MJ’s REAL-thoughts on/’bout Madonna was, let us say: didn’t paint a “too-flattering picture” of/’bout her!

    Madonna and Jason Derulo: A “has-been” and a “Chris Brown wanna-be”, they deserve each other!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  23. Gucci March 25, 2010

    Oh, XYZ…. For the record though, Rude Boy has remained number 1 on billboard for another week. Where is Chris Brown? LOL, oh yeah he’s at home on twitter when he should be on Craigslist looking for jobs in the Virginia area.

    I don’t even care about Madonna in the slightest, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t an icon…and AT LEAST I hear Jason on my local radio stations. You know, Chris Brown’s career is almost as wrinkled and worn out as Madonna’s face. 🙂

  24. X,Y,”and Z” March 25, 2010

    @Gucci — Where did YOU see, at least on THIS post, I made-mention of “Rude Boy”???
    K, so, for the THIRD-TIME, can YOU PLEASE TELL ME, WHERE AND WHEN, YOU LAST SAW RIHANNA’S COVERGIRL COMMERCIAL? You’re “deflecting”, or trying to side-step the question with ‘inane-non sequitors’; I’ve took-notice: that it’s a trend/trait of yours.

    Unemployment you say?!?! Well, I know who’ll be joining L.A Reid on the unemployment line: that Personal Trainer that Rihanna has stiffed-out-of a measly $30K!
    …Having purchased (cough- renting) a $10million home and not being able to pay “a simple $30K service-charge,” for your personal trainer?!?! …Maybe if the “Rude Girl” would take some time, and learn to balance her check book; thus-then having a basic understanding of economics, may then she’d NOT have any such lawsuits filed AGAINST her: too much “chasing Rude Boys” and not enough “opening-up Good Books!!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT

  25. Gucci March 25, 2010

    XYZ, Chris Brown doesn’t even have 30k. Isn’t he still living in his mama’s house? LOL! She changes the sheets when he wets the bed I’m sure. I mentioned Rude Boy because I know you’re a hater and I love hitting you where it hurts. All your anger and hate hasn’t changed anything. Rihanna is still doing her thing while Chris is busy getting dropped by every one of his endorsements. He is broke as hell by now. Instead of sending out letters, how about you send him a dollar or two. I’m sure it will help.

    And regarding the Cover Girl commercial, I still see it all the time. I remember seeing it on OXYGEN network most recently. I couldn’t tell you the exact time because I really don’t care to go back and forth with you about it and I know you’re going to keep talking s*** regardless. It’s okay though. She didn’t get dropped by Cover Girl, L.A. Reid isn’t going anywhere, and you are still the biggest delusional stan of all time.

    NOBODY’S checking for Chris Brown anymore….not the radio stations, not the mainstream, and definitely not Madonna..LOL not even Jason Derulo! So please take a seat and send more letters, buy more CD’s, or whatever you need to do because as the days pass and Chris’ career is stlll on life support, it’s only a matter of time before it’s all over. In related news…that Rihanna reign just doesn’t seem to be letting up despite all you do to hate on her. You lose. POW!! 🙂

  26. K-N March 25, 2010

    I don’t like this Derulo m*********** and his pseudo MJ poses.Why are young artists nowadays so damn UNORIGINAL? There’s a picture of this dude tipping his hat and it’s downright embarrassing. It reminds me of that ridiculous MJ-esque performance by Justin Timberlake at the 2002 VMAs.

  27. X,Y,”and Z” March 26, 2010

    @Gucci — NO, he’s NOT living in his mama’s house, you want a somewhat-insight into his finances, have a look at HIS probation report: –>> Page 10/21, you’ll see for yourself: “The defendant owns his own residence, which values at approx $800,000, he ALSO owns 5 vehicles. The defendant’s home loan is approximately $250,000! If you watched MTV Cribs, Chris bought his mother a new home NEAR HIS. His monthly income is $500(+)!! And what they didn’t mention is that Chris co-wrote one of Rihanna’s biggest hits: “Disturbia”, which, I must admit, STILL currently charts!!

    Now WHY would he want Jason Derulo to “check for him?” …Why would he want a “has-been” like Madonna to “check for him?” If I’m-NOT-too-mistaken, isn’t Madonna like 60? And his music IS getting played, just not to the frequency to HIS/OUR liking.
    …And can YOU tell me if camera’s will be present during Rihanna’s court proceedings? I’m sure her personal trainer, whose services SHE stole, will want HER day-in-court; …”film at 11?” —->>Woo-Woo

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  28. kila March 26, 2010

    f*** derulo he ll never come close chris brown. breezy is wey better then derulo andddd the world is better becouse chris is hereeeeeee f*** uuuuu hatersssss

  29. Gucci March 26, 2010

    XYZ, one thing boo…the document only shows how much Chris was making BEFORE he got dropped by all of his endorsements, before he failed to sell out concerts, and before his album sales TANKED. So back to my original point; I said by now, he’s definitely broke. So you can make fun of Rihanna’s 10 mili home, but then again 10 mili is more 0’s than Chris will ever have. I’m sure between his lawyer and PR, it wasn’t cheap. Now that he isn’t getting much influx of income, its only a matter of time before we see him selling mixtapes out of a (rented) cardboard box….


    Madonna is 60..but you know what she had that Chris Brown threw away last year? LONGEVITY. So when Chris Broke Brown is 60 where will he be? Better yet, where the hell was he YESTERDAY? Definitely not on the radio. LOL

    Jason is the new king. Chris Brown has been replaced for quite some time.

  30. K-N March 26, 2010

    Jason is the new king of what exactly? Say Pop and you’ll prove yourself to be the biggest f****** dumb ass.

  31. Lalailadida April 2, 2010

    Good for him. Anyone would DIE to work with a pop superstar like Madonna…Seriously, it’s friggin Madonna. Love her or hate her, she’s been able to last forever. She’s seen them all come and go and yet here she is, still relevant, still getting hits and still working with the latest and greatest.

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