Confirmed: Mathew Knowles, You ARE The Father

Published: Wednesday 24th Mar 2010 by Sam

After Mathew Knowles‘ lengthy silence on the bombshell allegations that he fathered a child during an 18 month affair with former worker Alexandria Wright, TMZ are reporting that the allegations are indeed true.

Mathew Knowles, Beyonce and Solange’s dad and manager, is the father of the baby Nixon.

Originally ordered to pay temporary child support of $8200 a month, a more permanent agreement is close to being reached by both legal teams, after Knowles’ March 1st DNA test came back positive.

Knowles and wife of 30 years, Tina, filed for divorce late last year, following a period of separation which commenced 11 months prior.



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  1. Dough March 24, 2010

    Matthew, what a shame, Beyonce & Solange gotta half brother now, and Julz gotta uncle older than him. Shame Matthew shame..

  2. C.J March 24, 2010

    WHTEVER no one is going to ask beyonce about this so is no news

  3. clevon timms March 24, 2010

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo grrrrrrr poor tina …. and matthew you are wayyyyyyyzzzz too old to be starting over in childcare lol …. o well thats life nothing to do now but move on and alexandria sweetheart you are trashy just like a.keys for being involved with married men… too many single guys/girls out there to be seeking married unhappy ppl.. matthew go climb on a chair and matthew go to hell trying to make it seem like jayz wasnt good enough for your daughter yet your slum .. ooo well they are a family so work it out… now back to my life 🙂 here i come work/school

  4. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 24, 2010

    A b**** is about to get paid.

  5. Craver March 24, 2010

    “Lord have mercy on my soul, for I have walked a sinful road, and I’m gonna’ get down on my knees, beg forgiveness to help set me free, lord have mercy on me please…”

    Sing it Christina. You know that’s the anthem of this entire situation. SMFH.

  6. ImYourStar702 March 24, 2010

    A mess!!!!

  7. Dilla March 24, 2010

    LMFAO, watch the Bey, stains try to justify this crap! The child is lovely, but Matthew is a hot mess!

  8. veebz March 24, 2010

    That’s a Damn shame, After 30 years of marriage how selfish! That’s embarrassing to the whole family Lil Jewels got an uncle younger that him. Poor Tina Beyonce and Solo. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen him around Bee a lot lately

  9. ITS MY OPINION March 24, 2010

    They have been seperated for a long time but kept the game up for beyonces image. congrats finally have a son……. beyonce take note give jay what he wants or another woman might diliver the goods….

  10. veebz March 24, 2010

    His baby mother is going straight 2 THE BANK, she is gonna get WAY more than $8000 because he gets 20% of what ever Beyonce makes

  11. veebz March 24, 2010

    You know its BEYONCE hu is gonna be paying for this child right?

  12. Anthony March 24, 2010

    aww such a shame…

  13. ADE March 24, 2010

    a hot mess!

  14. SLAY March 24, 2010


  15. HOT! March 24, 2010

    Thi Is Why People Call The Knowles Family Fake…

    Beyonce CLAIMS she has always been private, but that is BS! Beyonce has ALWAYS spoken openly and proudly about her parents marriage and has even said they inspired her that a marriage can last forever. (eher words, not mines)

    Now, this is happening and insytead of acknowledging it they are going out of their way, doing any and everything to hide this and cover it up.These things happen, how can u sit up and brag about your family and talk about the good, but refuse to acknowledge the bad when it happens? It happens to all of us. You SAY your not perfect, and ur not trying to make people think ur perfect, but WTF…U could have fooled me!

    To the person saying know one is going to ask Beyonce about this…THERE IS A REASON!

    I have said this before on this site, artist like Beyonce can submit a LIST of questions that are OFF LIMITS before they do ever major interview. Believe me, THIS AND COSMETIC SURGERY, KELLY ROWLAND ARE ON THE TOP OF THAT LIST.

    This industry is smoke and mirrors, Beyonce has COMPLETE control over every interview she does and how its editied. (exp) Her last interview with 60mins before the grammys. That was 100% staged and directed to make beyonce look a certain way. And that was to make it look like she is a business woman and in comeplete control of her career. Which is b*******! Beyonce does NOT run up in them offices and do deals. She doesnt create marketing plans. She has NO EDUCATION. She doesnt know enough to do that and be a great business woman as she had them make her look. Her FATHER does it. HE IS THE BUSINESS MAN!

    And im NOT saying thats wrong. Thats GREAT! She has a great team! But she needs to STOP acting like she can do everything when she CANT! A woman who can barely put a sentence together can not run a business that is damn near at 1 billion dollars. She is the face of it. She sings, works and performs, but her team BRANDS HER! NOT HER!

    The sad thing is, silly people dont realize how contrived all her moves are. Its so obvious that 60mins interview was filmed MONTHS prio to it airing, but they convieniently airied it the night she was nominated for 10 grammys…of course once again to make the night all about her and make her look like this icon and completely overshadow her peers.

    I could go on and on, because I know enough to see through the b*******, but simple people only see whats on the surface and will NEVER understand where im coming from!


    For the record… Someone who is “private” is “private” about EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THEIR LIFE! PERIOD POINT BLANK THE END! They are NOT just private about one thing…Years ago, when Destinsy Child 1st came out, Beyonce put EVERYTHING out about her life! She talked about ehr parents marriage all the time. The good and the bad, and continued to, until this recent incident.She talked about ehr friends, childhood. Her ex boyfriend lyndell she had a WHOLE CHAPTER in her book about him. When she was with Marcus Houston he appeared in several of her videos ect. She has NEVER been private with that part of her life…ONLY WITH JAYZ!!!


    How many times have you seen, or heard Jayz talk about his mother? NOT OFTEN! He talked about his father to bash him! How many of you have actually seen his mother? (I did ONCE) What about his sibilings? Jayz is the youngest of FOUR! Have you ever seen his sisters? What about his brother… (the one he shot because he stole jewelry from him) Have u ever seen him? NO! NO! NO! You know why??? BECAUSE JAYZ IS PRIVATE! Not Beyonce! As I said, a “PRIVATE” person is private about EVERYTHING! Not just a few things in their life.

    I can name a few rappers I know PERSONALLY that are very private.

    Cam’ron from Dipset is private. (Do u know he was married to a woman he was with for 15 yrs?) Never would have guessed it….would you had? THATS PRIVATE!

    Jay-Z aways has been extremely private, hi9s closest friends would even tell you they thought they knew him, but didnt. (Dame Dash, Beans, Dehaven) ect

    I seriously could go on and on, but u get my drift. Everything is NOT what it seems, and the fact that the knowles family is going out of their way to cover this up and paying the media not to talk about it shows u exactly what kind of people they are. FAKES!

    Notice…Only the blog sites and SOME radio is talking about this. Why didnt it get mentioned ont the Tyra Banks show last time beyonce went? Why she only talk about winning a bunch of grammys? Before she would have talked about her “PERFECT MOTHER” (LOL) Why hasnt Oprah mentioned it on her news? What about E! NEWS? Why wont they talk about it? I’ll tell you why…PAID OFF! Either that, or they dont want to rick jeopordizing their relationship with their lil miss perfect Beyonce.

    This industry is FAKE! They tear other people down, and kiss other peoples a**! If u gonna rip people apart…DO IT FAIRLY! DO IT TOE VERYONE! Now…if this was Britney Spears, or Lindsey Lohan they would have been running this story into the ground, but tis beyonce so they are ignoring it, and continuing to promote her like shes perfect and so is her family. GET REAL!

  16. Meechy05 March 24, 2010

    Harpo who this woman? Its karma b****! !

  17. Dilla The Scallywag Slayer March 24, 2010

    LMFBAO@ Meechy05

  18. mike March 24, 2010

    @Hot! i get ur point about Beyoncé’s interviews and all. and as you said, no tv shows will talk about this but they did talk about the outarageous Telephone vid, which is silly

  19. gio88 March 24, 2010

    i ddn’t think that i could have had even a lower opionion about this man, but it is so!

  20. bobby from bulgaria March 24, 2010


    His babies come out lighter cuz the women are lighter I guess…

    Tina Knowles is lighter cuz she is of Louisiana Creole heritage, and maybe the mother of this baby is lighter too…

  21. HOT! March 24, 2010

    Exactly Mike…

    No one wants to accept the truth.

    The Truth…

    Beyonce STOPPED Talking to her father when she first found out about this. (Which was at the beginning of the prmotion for I AM SASHA FIERCE) We he came out to his family with this Beyonce was humiliated and just livid. She wouldnt have contact with him. She was very hurt and upset. Which is why if you look back at the VERY BEGINNING of when she was prmoting I am sasha fierce, on BET and various other channels and interviews she looked really sad. Even when she was trying to look happy, she looked like something was bothering her. It was THIS.

    Also…the “tearful” interview she had where she talked about her mother. Remember that? The interview said she credits her mother AND FATHER for helping her have such good character. She made a face and said “ESPECIALLY MY MOTHER, BECAUSE I TRUST HER” No one saw between that, but that was what was bothering her. She was alluding that her father isnt a good person and she doesnt trust him, cause she was so hurt then.

    She came to terms with it, and made a couple of public appearances with him RIGHT BEFORE THEY KNEW THE PATERNITY SUIT WAS ABOUT TO COME OUT.

    – When she won Billboard woman of the year
    -At the MTV Music Video Awards.

    Her first two public appearance with her father in months. Once again…THAT WAS CONTRIVED! So the public could know they still had a relationship, cause they were going to began to question it once the patarenity suit dropped that they knew was coming soon.

    One week after the MTV awards TMZ ran the story about his outside child. Do u think its a coincidence that she CONVIENIENTLY made a public appearance with him, AFTER she hadnt been seen with him in months?

    Its a lot more to this than people know.

    But this is the interview im talking about…

    When she says “especially my mother, because i trust her” That was a subliminal shot at her father. This is during the time she and her mother were NOT speaking to him after he came fourth about his affair.

    (trust me, its true)

  22. Fenton Jay March 24, 2010

    I think Matthew may just go broke. First Kelly left MWE, then Michelle…… These girls obviously knew the drama that was about to go down. Tina, his lifetime partner couldn’t take the drama either. So I am guessing that Beyonce is going to be next. Well, she might play it off really cool by joining the Roc Nation (her hubby) thus making it look as if it has nothing to do with the Matthew situation going on right now.

    Anyway it goes, she will always remember her parents (family). Matthew though needs to start scouting for new acts to replace the girls (Business decision) .

    Maybe he’ll now start focusing on ALL the careers of his clients and not just Beyonce. I love B and the rest of DC3, but Matthew needs to push everybody on his client list.

    Tina, keeps doing her thing and I am proud of her and her brand. Keep strong Tina……..


  23. divawithatwist March 24, 2010

    I believe Beyonce have already to a certian degree has join her husband’s (Roc Nation)
    She may stay with Sony too, but she will leave Matthew company (MW) if she hasn’t already. I believe she is still angry with her father and she won’t aloud her father mistress to ride sucess off of her, even Jay won’t let that happen. So as far as child support whateve Matthew have at this point it will come from that not any future dealings of his daugther’s. Yes Matthew did make a lot of money off his children and I hope he save it. Right now Matthew daughters seem to be out of his life but maybe later they will be able to have him back in, but i doubt if any trust will contiune. I wonder about his other daughter Kelly and what her feelings are at this point.

  24. joe March 24, 2010

    This has nothing to do with Beyonce. This is Matthews foolish behavior and I’m pretty sure this won’t stop their bussiness relationship.

  25. Black March 24, 2010

    @HOT u have to much time on your hands and u are obessed with u need 2 get a life. For real it’s sad on ur part

  26. Gucci March 24, 2010

    For the most part, everything @hot said was true. Beyonce is talented but her and her team work OVERTIME to keep her image in check…that’s why you stans that come on here acting like you’re her best friend is proof that her PR

  27. Gucci March 24, 2010

    For the most part, everything @hot said is 100% true. Beyonce is very talented, but there is no denying that her and her team work OVERTIME to keep her image in check…that’s why you stans that come on here acting like you’ve known her all her life (lol) is proof that her PR team does an amazing job. She wants that crystal clear perfect image and works hard to keep it. I can’t be mad at her but at the same time, delusional people who accuse other artists of just purely being image don’t realize that Beyonce is the prime example (by that I mean she is talented, but her image is just as important to her, if not more, than the next person).

    With that said, Beyonce isn’t going to far away from Mathew regardless of his infidelity. He is 100% responsible for the girl’s success and business ventures. She strives in the game because her PR team (Mathew Knowles included) always come up with new ways to make her relevant. She isn’t going to throw that away. That’s her entire career right there.

    Congrats on the baby thought. Like YOUPUTTHELIMEINTHECOCONUT said, some b**** is about to get PAAAAAIIIIDD (with Beyonce’s money, lol)

  28. Me March 24, 2010

    PEOPLE PLEEEEASE PASS THIS AROUND and TWEET IT (you can shorten it though,lol)

    “DON’T TAKE Monica’s music for FREE. No P2P, no bootleg. Sales numbers MATTER & we have to show the industry that we want artists with talent who actually put in WORK. REAL MUSIC. We’re tired of artists who just show up almost naked and expect that to be enough”.

  29. Renae March 24, 2010

    He made the mistakes millions of men before him and after him will do, its not right, but each of us will be judged accordingly for our mistakes. What he should do now is be a great father to his son, the same loving father he has been and continues to be to both Beyonce and Solonge/Julez. So he cheated, its time for Bey and Solonge to move pass it, he’s still their father and he still loves them.

  30. BEN March 24, 2010

    Oh well…………….Now try asking Beyonce about this A.J.

  31. nixon March 24, 2010

    Uhhh well I aint feelin that child havin the same name as me.

    really though?


  32. ~TeAM WeeZY~ March 24, 2010

    This is soooo funny!!! Matthew has a newborn son!! Am I the only one that finds that to be a bit gross!!! Yuk! Anyways…..

    @ Hot I agree with one million percent!!!! I think people misconceptualize that because she is talented that she and her PR aren’t concerned about image! That’s there primary objective is to make her look perfect so that blogs like this one won’t have as much negativity to say about her! And if there is something negative about her they pay people off to keep them quiet especially during interviews! A lot of people (stans) don’t know that artists/celebrities of her caliber can request questions that they don’t want to be asked i.e Jennifer Hudson, when her mom and nephew were murdered, she requested and probably still requests that no one ask her about that particular situation.

    And I also believe that she isn’t as private as people think! She wouldn’t shut up about how her mom was a hairstylist who owned her own hair salon and Destiny’s child used perform for the customers, and how her dad quit his job as an engineer to become their full-time manager, and how she and the girls didn’t have personal lives because of their busy schedule and so on and so forth! Only when her and Jay got together did she become so “private”………….And you hit the nail on the head with Jay being private because I know nothing about him aside from what he raps about!

    Anyway, Matthew nasty ass ought to be ashamed of himself! Ugh! *gagging*

  33. ITS MY OPINION March 24, 2010

    @ hot you are so right, this bish is as fake as her knifed up nose….

  34. HONEY D March 24, 2010


    Actually, we don’t like Mathew no more then we MJ Stans like Joseph. So please…

    and number two… @HOT and everybody else, why is Beyonce getting brought up in this? YES, this is her father, but why is she getting thrown under the bus? She has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this story! this is all Mathew’s idotic b*******. So why are peasants and low-lifers bringing her interview tatics and other irrelevant ish into this??? i swear you guys (so-called ‘haters’) stan for Beyonce just as much as the next stan. You just sugarcoat your obsession with hate—so who’s the “FAKE” one now???


  35. Craver March 24, 2010

    Some of y’all are discussing Beyonce’s life as if she took money straight from your pockets. A damn shame.

  36. B*** PADS March 24, 2010


  37. me March 24, 2010

    ha ha ha what a shame

  38. Pucci March 24, 2010

    @HOT!, you make valid points, but I think there’s a difference between being PRIVATE & being an OPEN BOOK… You can reveal some things about your life, but not you’re entire life story. I do agree that Beyonce became more private when she hooked up with jay-z, but that’s not a big issue, but i’ve always thought of her as a private person even when she was with Destiny’s Child.

    IMO, this entire situation will be dragged out for months. And why shouldn’t it be, Beyonce, one of music’s PREMIER acts, has a father who fathered a child outside of his marriage. Ppl will DEFINITLEY wanna know how she feels about this. And now that ppl mention it, it does make sense as to why during the I AM… SASHA FIERCE promo trail she wasn’t around Matthew as much as she was during her other album promos.

  39. Dancinstarrlet March 24, 2010

    I’m not surprised. That baby looks like Beyonce haha Welp, he better start that college fund…or prepping him for showbiz lol

  40. TT March 24, 2010

    hot and others on here need mental help for their obsession with beyonce.

    FYI to hot and the other crazy beyonce haters…..YOU DONT KNOW BEYONCE!!!!!!!!

    you typing essays like you know that woman. you don’t know a damn thing about her or her family. none of us do.

    we do know that she been killing your fave artists since 1998 and will continue to do so.

    that baby is beautiuful btw. this won’t hurt beyonce’s career or image one bit. this is about her father not her.

  41. Anne March 24, 2010

    Gosh some of you are heartless. Of course it would be hard to talk about something like this. It seems like Beyonce believed in and was proud of her father before this. It’s natural for her to be let down and embarassed to the point where she doesn’t want to discuss it publicly. I don’t think there was much of an attempt to hide this, only to avoid talking about the subject. Also, Beyonce once said that Oprah advised her to keep her relationship with Jay as confidential as possible like she ultimately started doing with Stedman. Anyway, it’s really Beyonce’s prerogative to pick and choose which part of her life she wants to share with the public. No one’s life is perfect and Beyonce will move past this. No one commenting on this site knows these people personally and I’ve seen so many comments from those who seem to think they know what’s going on in other people business and lives. Devil worship, stealing, copying, plastic surgery, jealousy, control, fake– the list of rumors, speculations, and accusations go on and on. IT’S NOT THAT DEEP, why speculate? She’s a PERFORMER. Enjoy the performance or seek entertainment elsewhere.

  42. Geronimo March 24, 2010

    i think she should just be happy…their name will continue

  43. Dilla The Scallywag Slayer March 24, 2010

    LMAO@ that dumb b**** “HoneyD” these delusional b****** are a trip! I can tell when you wrote this you had videophone playing in the background, wearing that ass groove in your couch out, with soda cans in your hair , swinging your neck around all while popping your gum lol. Who the f*** calls themselves “HoneyD”???? It was just a video! Talk about an obsessed stain walking around with her head stuck up her ass. Hooked on phonics b****!!!! That’s all I got to say.

  44. BEYDABESS (DA REAL ONE) March 24, 2010






  45. Malachi March 24, 2010


  46. AalexisR (The Bahamas) March 24, 2010

    SO I guess Bey and Jay changed their last names for no reason then?

  47. Ghetto Fab March 24, 2010

    Yall know I had to come say something….

    This s*** is funny as hell! I just knew that perfect old family named the Knowles had some dirty little secrets. And I’m sure there are more to follow. I must say though Beystealin’s crew does a good job of paying off the press.

  48. Gucci March 24, 2010

    ……..Why does every stan always come out of the loony bin when there is a post that has to do with her (or in this case her family). No one is demeaning the girl. Hell I like her too but there is a fine line between supporting her and simply being a delusional ass crazy person. @Hot didn’t lie about anything he said and brought up good points that apply to most celebs, not just Beyonce. Why is it that someone can’t voice their opinion without getting attacked. SMH, and then the stans accuse the intelligent people on this blog, the ones who can see through the b*******, of being obsessed. OMG, y’all are the ones obsessed! Leaving a comment about her situation is being obsessed? My gosh calm that ass DOOOOWWWWN. The Bey stans and Chris Brown stans go so hard….in the wrong direction. Nobody’s hating, and @BEYDABESS girl sit your dumb ass down. You know damn well your ass aint got no kind of money talking all that mess like you know the girl.

  49. Pucci March 24, 2010


    If I’ve said once, i’ve said a million times… your CRAZY, DELUSIONAL, OBSESSED, PATHETIC, DUMB ass needs to help from a professional. You come on this blog & on every blog for that matter & post dumb s*** about other aritst & Beyonce. I swear, you need help, PRONTO!

  50. KRISI March 24, 2010

    @ GUCCI. That was funny as hell but very very true. Twistin up with laughter readin what u said to BEYDABESS:))

  51. ~TeAM WeeZY~ March 24, 2010

    @ Delusional stans

    This may not be a Beyonce post per say, however, just like people say it wouldn’t be a Beyonce without Matthew, well there wouldn’t be a Matthew without Beyonce! This has a lot to do with Beyonce! She is going to have to deal with this situation inside and outside of her career! Now I only brought up Beyonce because I was agreeing with what @Hot said and elaborated a little.

    And just because it’s Beyonce does not mean that people can’t say negative things about her! Had this post been talking about some type of accomplishment for Beyonce or her family members you stans would be flooding this post with all of your delusions! Damn! It’s okay for people to say good things about Beyonce but when someone is expressing CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM you get called all types of names! Please!!!

    I am a Beyonce FAN, NOT STAN!!!! I love Beyonce, but I always give my honest opinion about something instead of attacking someone for giving their honest opinion. That’s what you stans need to learn, it doesn’t make you any less of a fan/stan if you have something negative to say about Beyonce! I mean, it’s okay, you could still be a fan/stan. LoL. Just calm down a little.

    @Honey D, calling us peasants, low-lifers, and dumb brawds is pointless and immature. Grow up sweety!

    @Bey da bess, um, before you come back to comment you need to learn how to spell correctly. You too old for that ish! Get a hold to some basic phonic/grammar/spelling skills! Geez!

  52. Ghetto Fab March 24, 2010

    lmao Oh yea Beyonce’s retarted ass owes Janet Jackson and the whole Jackson family an APOLOGY! Yall know what she said and she made herself look like an ass in the process! Karma always comes back to get ya. She wished she was as iconic as Janet admist all her scandals.

  53. BLACK March 24, 2010

    OMG @Craver PEOPLE ARE Obsessed WIth Beyonce, To be honest, ITS NONE OF OUR business but just because she is a celeb and we have nothing better to we make up things about bey and her family. Yall writing these long ass articles for comments for people u know nothing but rumors ITS TO FUNNY, but its whatever

  54. BLACK March 24, 2010

    @Ghetto Fab
    GIRL PLEASEEE, janet needs to stop being mad that beyonce is better than her, YEAH I SAID IT.she rides rihanna tail because she dosent want to give props to JAnet been played out

  55. Ghetto Fab March 24, 2010


    lmao H** sit down! Beystealing will never be better than Janet “ICONIC” Jackson. The b**** don’t even have one creative bone in her body. She has no damn education, and talks like a damn country bumpkin. Beyonce shouldn’t even be in the same sentence as Janet Jackson. All she does is shake her funky nappy ass lace front while gyrating those tree trunks she calls thighs to some wack ass pop music only teenyboppers would love. Any grown ass person that likes that s*** should be ashamed of themselves. Janet Jackson on the other hand has reinvented herself dozens of times and has sold more than Beystealing will ever sell in her entire life. Janet = Icon Beyonce = Epic Fail, The poor man’s Janet lmao

  56. Gucci March 24, 2010

    LMFAO @ Ghetto Fab damn I like Beyonce and Janet but you went INNN on that girl! LOL!!

    @Team Weey, Girl i know we had our falling out and we might not see eye to eye a lot of times but I see you’re an intellectual. You have a brain unlike that fool @BEYDABESS.

    @BEYDABESS is just living her life vicariously through Beyonce. Child needs to get a GRIP! And home girl knows she’s broke as hell. How she going to come on here and leave an insult without hitting the spell check button first? She probably can’t even afford all of the letters on the keyboard. Try again sweetie.

  57. Pucci March 25, 2010

    @ Gucci, haha, you went in on BEYDABESS

    Oh & I think ppl are getting us confused with one another. lol

  58. Mrs.McGee-Williams March 25, 2010

    I feel bad for everyone involved, cuse this is just a big mess. I just don’t understand how he worked so hard to put his daughter on the top, and turn around and embrass her and his family this way. Then that poor baby begin born into all of this bull-ish. Mr Knowles, you are bogus. Ms. Tina, I know you feel really hurt and betrayed, but you still are fabolous, do you! Your next man will be the right one. Well, Ms. Beyonce’, you know, well you “B”. You’ll be okay just continue to be there your mom and family.

  59. Clever March 25, 2010

    Beyonce doesn’t need to acknowledge anything. These are her parents issues not hers. If she keeps quiet or says anything it won’t change my opinon about how tacky all of it is.

  60. Ghetto Fab March 25, 2010

    @ Gucci

    lol Believe it or not I like Beyonce just as much as I like Janet. Her stans are just out of their damn minds 100% of the time. They need to be back to reality and I will do just that for them. But I feel like she’s making many mistakes especially in her music content. The girl can perform but she’s gotta get some new material. You know there is a problem when Rihanna’s songs and videos are better than Beyonce’s. Jay needs to help her out. Bey has got to learn to be herself.

  61. mya cookies March 27, 2010

    wow this is sad but good luck to the bay thought 2800 a month wow they really was trying to break him

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