Hot Shots: Chris Brown Reads To School Children

Published: Saturday 13th Mar 2010 by Sam

Singer Chris Brown stopped by Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem in New York earlier this week. The 20 year old star was at the school  to read the book ‘Superhero School’ to third grade students. Writing on his new Twitter page, Brown said:

The school was a great experience… the kids were great. I had a great time promoting the importance of literacy

A good deed? A ploy to improve his public image? Or both? Regardless, it’s great to see this young talent pressing on, living life, and illuminating a great cause. More power to him…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Stoney-Brie March 13, 2010

    it’s good to see Chris. 🙂

  2. h March 13, 2010

    Next up… Feeding the homeless.

  3. zenguru March 13, 2010


  4. ellis March 13, 2010

    keep the good work on.its god to see you doing this.

  5. Dilla March 13, 2010

    It’s not gonna work Breezy, your career is over!

  6. Dilla March 13, 2010

    It’s not gonna work Breezy, your career is ova!!!

  7. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    As illiterate as he sounds when he talks, it’s good to know he at least knows how to read. Can’t hate on somebody helping our young ones come up proper. Good for him.

  8. 12345 March 13, 2010

    A woman beater that knows how to read, that’s a new one, what did he read to them? “How to treat your lady when she pisses you off”?

  9. Junior in Jamaica March 13, 2010

    LOL I concur at him sounding rather illiterate when he speaks (see his latest plea bargain lol). I would at least think he has mastered children’s books, at least.

    Good going…

  10. OSO_Deluxe Edition March 13, 2010

    ahaha omg!!!!!!
    he’s just trying to look good
    just so pathetic that he’s doing this now…and taking pictures
    why haven’t u done this back when u were popular and all…..
    this is just not good

  11. bobs March 13, 2010

    He didn’t beat them off camera did he?

  12. clarrisa March 13, 2010

    Kudos to you Chris…all these ppl leaving negative comments is nothing but the devil trying to keep you down. God had your back and keep your head up =)

  13. clarrisa March 13, 2010


  14. rob March 13, 2010


  15. clarrisa March 13, 2010

    @rob…..ummm that’s what he is doin honey……smh lol damn he’s doin somethin positive! Sometimes I swear some of you ppl WANT him to go and beat up another woman….he’s taking full responsibility for his actions….he can’t dictate what the judge sentenced him to…if u mad about what his consequences are…be mad @ judge shnegg or whatever the hell her name is……..anyway like I said keep ya head up chris.

  16. Aunt Jackie March 13, 2010

    @ Rob

    I agree. All this shameless ‘good’ self promotion isn’t working. As a fan of his, he just looks desperate now. His people are doing it ALL WRONG.

    This stuff has nothing to do with what people are pissed at him for, a year later. Should they get over it, yes. How can they when his team has him doing random good deeds? It looks plain stupid.

    He needs to be in domestic violence shelters, working and volunteering with women.

  17. Geronimo March 13, 2010

    Good job chris….. everything happens for a reason, he is now becoming a better person.

    Go chris go

    F*****k oprah and tyra mstzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. Geronimo March 13, 2010

    aunty jackie

    at least he didn’t lie on national TV…. no matter what he does, people will always hate

  19. Good look March 13, 2010

    Haters can kiss my ass and my fluid

    Do you breezy you are the greatest..

  20. Geronimo March 13, 2010

    lots of haters in here

  21. Aunt Jackie March 13, 2010

    @ Geronimo

    Maybe you are right. I just feel like his team should really get an F for FAILURE. If they had a coherent plan to regenerate his public image, maybe people would get over it! Instead they have him reading to children and working with mentally challenged people. It looks like he’s on schizophrenic ‘good deed’ tour.

  22. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    @Geronimo, no…he didn’t lie on TV. He just looked like an idiot by “not being able to recall” what happened that night, and then continuously avoided explaining himself in every other interview with his “it’s private, I don’t wanna answer that” b******* on TV.

    All that aside though, that gay-blue bowtie he was rocking on Larry King tops ANYTHING Rihanna has said/not said.

  23. cool chick March 13, 2010

    i gotta admit, these pics are cute

  24. 2010 March 13, 2010

    atleast he is doing something good. what good have you guys been doing? ask yourselves that before making his good intentions bad. take a good look at yourself. keep it up Chris.

  25. Geronimo March 13, 2010

    @ YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut

    i thought you were smarter than that… you said your in university, right? too bad your going there to get “STUPID” as XYZ said. FYI rihanna made herself look stupid and money hungry thats why her people ate all her $1M because of her stupidity. from her interview with ms sawyer, some of her comments were directly from us (bloggers) she cant even use her head, (go get a GED or something) but bashing someone you had/have history with???

  26. Fred March 13, 2010

    Chris went to this because he was asked to do this he didnt just show up. Other celebrities and politicians were asked according to the principle and nobody else would come read for these kids he was the only one that said yes to their request. Chris cant do anything without cameras up his ass 24/7 either I noticed, I think its funny when people say he is irrelevant yet he is all over the news and websites no matter what he does. Im sure Chris didnt plan for everyone and their dog to show up taking pics of him either, he is chased by media.

    Get a grip people you turn everything he does positive into negative its just stupid. I will keep rooting for him as long as he is trying to become a better person period.

  27. Nick Hilton March 13, 2010

    i would never have my kids go to any event with him …he may hit their teacher or something!!

  28. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    @Geronimo, I don’t understand…did he not look like an idiot by not being able to recall what happened that night when Larry King asked him? Did he not pull the “I don’t wanna answer that” card on numerous interviews?

    What do you mean “i thought you were smarter than that…”, smarter than what? Am I not speaking the truth here? Are you not able to comprehend where I’m coming from? Or are you, like every other Woman Beater stan, offended by the truth? Hey…don’t get mad at me, sweetie. If your boy wasn’t the p**** that he was on that night, he wouldn’t have to read books to children and we wouldn’t be discussing this. Don’t trip.

    And by the way, the last part of my comment was kind of a joke. I mean, I wasn’t being literal when I said his gay bowtie beats out anything Rihanna could have said. I guess I’ll now have to add a (sarcasm) or (joke) insert to the part of my comment I decide to get slick with, goodness…

  29. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    When it comes to Rihanna, I really don’t care. This isn’t even about her, this is about him. And even in regards to whatever she said or didn’t say or lied about, frankly I’m not on that.

    I guess the reason why I don’t go as hard on Rihanna as I do on Fist Brown is because she wasn’t the one who gave him devil horn-looking contusions on his head, bit his ear, smashed his head against the car window and choked him until he almost passed out.

  30. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    March 13, 2010 at 9:53 am

    “you said your in university, right? too bad your going there to get “STUPID” as XYZ said.”

    You know, I would totally ignore this because I’m so above it, however this is something I notice a lot of Chris Brown fans doing when the argument gets a little heated. They resort to personal attacks on other people, instead of attacking that person’s argument or the topic in general. That shows a high lack of immaturity on their part. Calling ME “stupid” or attacking me in any way is not going to get your point across. As the saying goes…attack the argument, not the man.

    I mean, do you REALLY think somebody goes to university or college to become less intelligent, hun? Lol, come on now… :-p

  31. florida_girl March 13, 2010

    @Fred… are the only one that look beyond the BS…he was asked and the only one that came thru so what the hell does this say about the NYC politicans and celebs because all there asses wasn’t busy but when its time for re-election they will be like roaches all over the place for that vote…I’m so glad the principal called there asses out…anyway everything isn’t for PR purposes like Naomi called him to walk the runway for Hati she called him and she stated this in an interview so some ppl may not want anything to do with him but others see something different…

    and its funny how some ppl on here love to mention he’s uneducated and can’t speak but most of the biggest stars today isn’t either some speak worse than him and older…

  32. Geronimo March 13, 2010

    @Fred………… pls tell them and thanks for the info.

    @ Nic Hilton, your stupid mstzzzzzz

  33. hopeful March 13, 2010

    Good job Chris, I am sure that was a day those children will always remember. As a parent, I applaud anyone who takes the time and effort to encourage literacy to our young children. Teachers need all the help they can get. Well done

  34. mez March 13, 2010

    I hope he told them not to beat u p thier girlfriends lol

  35. Good look March 13, 2010


    I can can tell your dumbass is coming straight from rd with all this hate . Lmao

  36. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    @Good Look, if by “rd” you mean Rihanna Daily, nah. I’m not a fan of hers, at all. Nor have I ever visited that site. Nor do I plan to.

    Can’t somebody just dislike Chris Brown without being a Rihanna stan these days? We haters have it so hard… 🙁

  37. Mechanical Girl March 13, 2010

    Where’s “X,Y,and Z” I love when this person set the haters straight.

    This is too cute i gonna pull up the article about this.

  38. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    X,Y,and Z should have his/her own blog and post nothing but Rihanna and Chris Brown topics. Seriously, not only would I visit on the regular, it would probably garner up more hits than ThatGrapeJuice.

  39. X,Y,”and Z” March 13, 2010

    @Chris Brown —

    If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when ALL men doubt you but make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and NOT be tired by waiting, OR being lied bout, DON’T deal in lies; OR being hated – DON’T give way to hating, and YET NOT look too good, NOR talk too wise;

    If you can dream – and NOT make dreams YOUR master; if you can think – and NOT make thoughts YOUR aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat THOSE TWO IMPOSTORS JUST THE SAME; If you can bear to hear the truth YOU’VE SPOKEN Twisted by Knaves TO MAKE a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools;

    If you can make one heap of ALL your winnings And risk it ALL on one turn of pitch-and-toss, and loose, and start again at YOUR beginnings And NEVER breath a word about you loss; If you can force YOUR heart and nerve and sinew To serve YOUR turn long after they are gone, And so HOLD ON when there is NOTHING in you EXCEPT the WILL which says to them: “HOLD ON!”

    If you can talk with crowds AND KEEP YOUR virtue, Or walk with kings-NOR lose the common touch; if NEITHER foes NOR loving friends can hurt you; IF ALL men count with you, but NONE too much; If YOU can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds’ worth of distant run, YOURS IS THE EARTH and EVERYTHING that’s in it, And – which is more – YOU’LL BE A MAN, MY SON!!

    Kipling – “IF”

    …I had tried to send this to CBreezy before, by way of ‘another Blog’, if ANYONE knows “His-people”, can you be-sure to get this to him?

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!!

  40. Tommykings March 13, 2010

    Chris, well I think that is the best thing you are doing.
    Keep on doing it and you will have a great reward, thanks………….

  41. 12345 March 13, 2010

    you are so f****** scary dude

    yeah, because x,y,z is the only C(hick)hris B(eater)rown stan that actually says something, sure he is retarted and needs a therapist like everyone that defends this p**** but atleast he just doenst say that Rihanna is a liar and that people have to forgive this criminal, that’s why you like him, because your brain and the other 50 people that support CB only know 4 words in the vocabulary “Rihanna is a liar” or “Rihanna is a b****” or “Rihanna is a w****”

  42. 12345 March 13, 2010

    and btw, x,y,z doesnt set haters straight, we, the persons that you call the haters, we just laugh at x,y,z because he is pitiful, who stays all day on the computer checking what people say about Chris Brown on ThatGJ or TMZ? Not a normal person, trust me

  43. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    I’m think I’m gonna go light up a blunt, come back and read X,Y,”and Z”‘s letter again. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to comprehend it a lot easier that way, as I have no idea what this n**** is saying sober.

  44. Mechanical Girl March 13, 2010

    @12345 If u are not a hater why respond to me. If it doesnt apply dont reply simple as dat.
    Just to let u lnow i was talking in general not to anyone specific.

  45. ‘Ello March 13, 2010

    Good for you Chris. You need something to do while your career takes a break. Keep up the good work. Haters fly away!!! BTW if Chris does goes to domestic violence centers and work with women. That might be good and bad. Bad because people might not take him seriously. Good because it helps him grow as a person.

  46. Mechanical Girl March 13, 2010

    Love him or hate him. Either way Chris is on your mind. Please dont hate what u cant imitate. Hating on a certain name only gives them fame.
    Im Out

  47. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    Well I would certainly take him seriously if he did some charity work or something along the lines for abused women; certainly more seriously than him reading to kindergarten children. You know the amount of knowledge regarding domestic abuse he could learn from women AND men who have been through it themselves? I mean, let’s just forget about his beating of Rihanna for a second and focus on the initial issue in his life…the witnessing of his own mother being abused at the hands of a man!

    Learning and interacting firsthand with those who know his situation all too well could be the ultimate healing factor for him, and could shed a much needed light on what he may or may not know on the issue; even more than domestic violence counseling alone. Reading to school children is nice and appreciated: tackling his core issue, however, is a lot more efficient.

  48. Geronimo March 13, 2010

    i have already started to distribute letter to my radio stations. lets go people lets do it.

  49. RATED x March 13, 2010

    people talking bout how he cant read..thats a laugh, at least he finished high school.
    any body with half a brain knows that its a pr stunt hes doing.
    at least hes trying to do something positive, unlike doing s*** and goin on every enterview talking bout how he wants to be a voice for his fans.
    HES ACTUALLY GOT OFF HIS B*** AND DOING SOMETHING TO HELP HIS COMMUNITY. and people still being negative bout it..damn
    its one thing if he sat on hiss ass all day, walking a** out or being buck ass naked on every magazine. but hes actually doing something that involves somebody beside himself..
    so people needs to get over the damn hate..he f***** up..hes paying for it. hes trying to changes his life and help others. MOVE THE F*** ON.

  50. RATED x March 13, 2010

    talking bout how it would look better if he was going in women shelters for abused women and doing charity work.
    what the hell do u call going in children shools to read to them..CHARITY WORK.
    hes not getting paid for it.
    has any body seeing rihanna do any charity work or visited any domestic violence shelters for abused woman and men,….NO i guess she was to busy getting paid 100k for sitting her ass on a chair, for fashion designers. I guess she was too busy being buck naked on every magazines.I guess she was too busy being SO HARD(where them bloggers at), to go visit or donate to at least 1 abused women and men shelters.
    she was the one talking bout how she wants to help and be a voice. NEWS FLASH stans talkin bout wanting to do something and actually doing it. is 2 seperate things.

  51. Geronimo March 13, 2010

    people are funny expecting too much from a 20y/o, lets give him credit, his is doing fine

  52. kay4 March 13, 2010

    This is President Kennedy nephew speaking. In a statement, Kennedy Shriver said he was fully behind Brown’s efforts at rehabilitation. “I support Chris Brown’s efforts to show the world why he deserves a second chance, given that the commitment he has made to Best Buddies — not only to perform at our Miami Gala, but also to join the Best Buddies family as a volunteer — is a huge step in the right direction,” he said. “I also appreciate Chris’ generous offer to donate a portion of the proceeds from his tour to Best Buddies. I believe Chris’ fans will be equally inspired to support Best Buddies’ mission to provide opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities once they see his enthusiasm and commitment to the cause — and just how much his efforts mean to our participants.” A source close to Brown said that the singer personally chose the two charities and that his commitment to helping them is not court-ordered. Some of you crucify Jesus, so I know what you will do for Chris, Jesus forgave Chris, Chris belongs to Jesus.

  53. Geronimo March 13, 2010

    i think chris mom is white or maybe spanish… i saw his father on accesshollywood, he is a brother. im suprised she is not there. I like the way she is supporting him, and omarion, chris said on wendy williams he was there for him too (u c people a friend in ….) you can only get few friends like that. lets see how long rih and melisa will last she may end up writing a book about her or take matt kemp

  54. Geronimo March 13, 2010

    @ Kay4
    — not only to perform at our Miami Gala WHEN IS THIS?

  55. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    RATED x
    March 13, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    talking bout how it would look better if he was going in women shelters for abused women and doing charity work.
    what the hell do u call going in children shools to read to them..CHARITY WORK.

    First of all, the premise of my comment was not about what makes him “look better”, but rather how he could “learn and heal” from his issues regarding domestic abuse.

    Second of all, when I wrote down “I would certainly take him seriously if he did some charity work or something along the lines for abused women”, I meant charity work in regards to working with abused women. Putting “charity work” and “working with abused women” in the same sentence, I would automatically assume one would assume themselves that I’ve tied both of these together. Maybe not for you, Rated X, which is why I probably should have reworded it so that it wrote “I would certainly take him seriously if he did some charity work for abused women”.

    Either way, what I’m saying is that it’s nice that he’s reading books to children, but it would be better for him to work out his issues with domestic violence by doing direct work and having discussion with abused women.

  56. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    RATED x
    March 13, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    has any body seeing rihanna do any charity work or visited any domestic violence shelters for abused woman and men

    She doesn’t have to. It would be nice for her to use her star power to reach out to other women regarding this issue, yes. But if she chooses not to, who are we to say that’s wrong? Since when is it wrong for the one who was abused to not want to speak out on it? Maybe she’s effected by her beating in a way that she feels she can’t speak to others on it. Maybe she’s scared. Maybe she’s embarrassed. Nobody knows why she hasn’t done so, but at the end of the day – it’s usually the ABUSER who has the duty to resurrect their actions by getting help, visiting shelters and talking to those abused.

  57. Geronimo March 13, 2010

    Quote from some dude:
    -would certainly take him seriously if he did some charity work or something along the lines for abused women


    Go chris go

  58. Khalil March 13, 2010

    Excellet job Chris. Remember that God forgives and so do your fans! Keep making music and keep trusting him on top and love from within and dont worry about anything. We all haveto struggle in order to make it to the other side. You are “Still Standing” (btw comes out March 23 shout out to Monica) and your fans love you man. Forget these haters!

  59. niki March 13, 2010


    WHEN I READ THIS FROM YOU guess the reason why I don’t go as hard on Rhianna as I do on Fist Brown is because she wasn’t the one who gave him devil horn-looking contusions on his head, bit his ear, smashed his head against the car window and choked him until he almost passed out.

    This is why I cant with this guy. No I am not going to call him names, or suggest that people stop playing his music and supporting him, but I have a right not to go for this. I have a 7 year old daughter. If someone did this to her, theres no way I could look at may baby and tell the judge to give him a second chance. and yes I know Rhianna may have hit him first (which I do not believe she did) and had he turned around and slapped her back then I might say he just reacted, but this child lost total control.
    I want to believe he understands what he did but it does not seem real. I wish him good luck and yes people do change, but it does not happen overnight.

    God does forgive us, but he teaches us a lesson in the process. The God I serve has never made any lesson he was trying to teach me easy. If he did I would keep making the same stupid mistakes

  60. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    March 13, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    Quote from some dude:
    -would certainly take him seriously if he did some charity work or something along the lines for abused women


    Go chris go
    What…are…you…talking about??? You really think, if Chris Brown did work for abused women, that I would think he was wanting sympathy?

    Why would I think that? I already think he wants sympathy by the way he begs his fans to call up radio stations to play his music, not to mention the way he says “f*** the industry” for leaving him behind, when the reason why that’s happening in the first place is because of him.

    I don’t even want to continue to entertain this foolishness, I explained myself in the comment you’ve quoted by “some dude”. *major eyeroll action going on here*

  61. tmj March 13, 2010

    For those said he should be volunteering at a DV shelter, how do you know he isn’t working with them already? A portion of the money he raised from his fall tour when to a DV agency in LA. Sway of MTV reported that Chris has done group meeting w/ women and children dealing w/ DV. If you are wondering where the pictures of his volunteering are, you must know a DV organization cannot publicly release those picturea because it is a safety and confidentiality issue for DV shelter staff and those staying in shelter. A woman’s abuser could possibly identify her and their child and use it to find the location. I know this because I worked for a DV agency.

  62. Geronimo March 13, 2010

    @ TMJ

    thanks for the info, maybe this will get into YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut (rolling my eyes) coz he is the only one whos ignorant in here mstzzzzzzzz

    btw YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut dont even respond to this coz i will wait for XY & Z to deal with you b****.

  63. RATED x March 13, 2010

    how do u know chris brown havent donate money or visit and abused men or women shelters? Do u know him personally?
    u kept saying abused WOMEN shelters..are u avoiding the fact tham men get abused to??
    Rihanna doesnt have to lend her celebrity to help aid victims of domestic violence, because shes not a victim. I mention she should get off her a** and actually help real women and men out there cause all she does is talk bout it…she doesnt have to do s***..u right.. BUT IF SHE NOT GONNA DO S***, SHE NEEDS TO SHUT THE F*** UP BOUT IT…its embarrassing to the real abused victims out there.
    shes not a victim of domestic violence, shes a victim of a beat down. shes 1 of millions of americans women who think they can hit a man thats bigger than them, but as soon as the man start to fight back ..ITS CALL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

  64. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    As Geronimo so eloquently put it, you in fact did open my eyes to the possibility that he’s already done work for Domestic Violence, and the reason why we wouldn’t have known about it otherwise, TMJ. Never thought of it that way until now. Either way, any type of involvement with this is good for him at the end of the day.

    *waits in fear for X,Y,”and Z” to come deal with me* 🙁

  65. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    Oh, and by the way Geronimo, I’m a female. Yup.

  66. RATED x March 13, 2010

    rihanna is photograph 24/7 ive seen pic of rihanna coming out a restrooms, ive seen picture of rihanna popping chris browns zit.. and yet no pic of her coming out of no abused victim shelters. I say cause i no u stans gonna say “how do u know rihanna havent visit any women(i say women, because to the stans men dont get abused), abused shelters out there?
    proofs are in the pic…she gets more photo graph than any celebrity out there. so trust if they can get a pic of her using the restroom them h*** gonna see everything she does.
    Im not denyin chris brown beat her up,,hell what am against is rihanna crying victim when obviously shes a women who lost a fight with her boy friend.

  67. RATED x March 13, 2010

    if people can sit here an condone tiger woods wife for beating his ass with a golf club.
    or condone Mary j blidge for puching her husband on u stans cant deny she did it, its on camera..why yall cant condone chris?
    when the story of tiger woods wife beating his ass came out, ive seeing alot of women chearing her on, saying thats what he gets for cheating…dmestic violence is only ok when woman do it is that what u stans are saying?
    if Ike turner who actually used to beat tina turner career never died till he died well chris is gonna be alright

  68. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    RATED x
    March 13, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    “shes not a victim of domestic violence, shes a victim of a beat down. shes 1 of millions of americans women who think they can hit a man thats bigger than them, but as soon as the man start to fight back ..ITS CALL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.”
    This is why I’m done talking to you, dear. I simply can’t have a proper discussion with somebody who uses this type of logic. Not only that, but arguing with you is like running around in circles – nonstop. Good day, dear.

  69. Jermaine March 13, 2010


  70. RATED x March 13, 2010

    I understand where u coming from. Im a women who actually will be the fisrt to punch or kick a man, but am not gonna scream domestic violence if their defending themselves.
    I wasnt tryin to start any type of drama with u…I apologized if it sounding that way..
    when u have children, especially daughters its hard to imagine a man putting their hands on I feel where u comin from

  71. CRYSTAL March 13, 2010

    At least he doing something postive
    ppl making it seem like a bad thing to read to the childern. Smh

    I guessing the devil stans *Cough* I mean ((Rihanna Stans)) always have something negative to say *roll eyes*

    –I Agree with RATED X—

    I Agree with RATED x

  72. RATED x March 13, 2010

    my logic comes actually being in a situation of using physical means of ways to handle things instead of using words. I used to be 1 in a million women who used to kick and punch, with thats where am coming from..theres 3 sides to what happened that night, rihanna’s side, chris brown sides and the thruth.
    Im not sayin theres not a posibility that rihanna is a victim..hell I saw the pic…what am trying to say is theres alo a possibility thats she just lost a fight with her boyfriend.
    look at the 20/20 interview, her answers were never consistent
    . she contradicted herself so many times…she even said “so what if I hit him first doesnt mean he should have hit me back.” thats when I realized theres more to the story shes not telling.

  73. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    Alright Rated X, it’s all good. No hard feelings. 🙂 At the end of the day we all have different opinions and we’re all coming from different places, it’s just how things work.

    At the end of the day, despite my own dislike for these two, I still hope they get their s*** together so they can do them. Whether they both live down this entire situation, only time and time alone will tell.

  74. RATED x March 13, 2010

    people seem to think I have a deep hatred for rihanna…the Ironic thing is I actually have more songs from her on my Ipods than Chris.
    I have nothing against her, but sometimes the stans just bring the damn anger
    we never going to agree on what happened that night till we all have csi or law and order evidence.
    but he made a mistake, hes trying to make up for it. hes gonna pay for it for the rest of his life, cause his mom used to be abused trust me beating a women is never something u gonna forget.
    so lets just move on..we not perfect either ….
    I’m not condoneing his actions, past experience i no its never a good idea to put ur hands on a person..unless its self defense.

  75. Kayla March 13, 2010

    U feeling OK because im liking some of what u wrote. lol
    And we always disagree and go at it on a cb post lol but i gotta give credit where credit is due.
    To the rest of the CB bashers:
    You can dislike him but if he’s doing something positive give him some credit.
    like @YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut. just did.
    @March 13, 2010 at 4:33 pm she was able put aside her dislike for Chris to see where others were coming from.
    On that note Chris has been volunteering his time to talk and sit in with DV victims @ the Jenesse Center in LA which is comprehensive domestic violence program offering shelter, transitional housing, vocational training, counseling, ect. But like someone said there’s no reports or picture because of the privacy factor for the victims. Chris do alot of charity work behind the scenes but he chose to keep it private although some are made public because others took pictures and posted.

  76. Geronimo March 13, 2010


    go crawl under a rock

  77. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    @Rated X, I understand where you’re coming from completely.

    “I have nothing against her, but sometimes the stans just bring the damn anger”

    I know exactly how that feels! The same thing usually happens with me and Beyonce and Gaga stans, but that’s a whole other discussion, LOL! Stans of any artist usually bring out frustration in anybody who’s not a stan/fan of that artist, so I definitely get it. I think both Chris Brown and Rihanna have some pretty dedicated people behind them. Not only that though, they’re also involved in this domestic violence mess, which invites other people who aren’t stans of either of them but join the discussion simply because it involves domestic abuse. The whole thing is a mess really, as unfortunate as it is. If it were up to me, those two would have never met in person. Would have been better for everybody.

    @Kayla, I ain’t mad at you either girl. As much as I hate on Chris Brown, I equally give him his props when deserved and can see his situation from both perspectives. It’s one thing to blatantly make fun of the dude and s***, but you also have to give him credit for trying to improve himself. That’s something I can’t deny, at all.

  78. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    @Geronimo, you still mad? Why? The arguing been done for a minute now. Everybody is getting along right now – in a Chris Brown/Rihanna post at that, which is RARE!

    Don’t be mad, be glad. :-p

  79. Kayla March 13, 2010

    U still on my bad list but we gotta agree to disagree right? As long as it’s civil

    Love Chris Brown and im playing Rihanna “rockstar” right now. That’s my joint so ima play it. Dont like Rihanna’s ways but i bought her cd Rated R when it came out and what. Im not ashamed to admit. \
    *on my knees hoping i dont become a Rihanna fan cause these stans are CRAZY*

  80. Kayla March 13, 2010

    I gotta mark this date down lol

  81. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    @Kayla, I already jotted the date down on a piece of paper and locked it up in a safe. Trust and believe, lol!

    And just as I’m still on your bad list, don’t think for a second I ain’t gonna have any more goes at Chris Brown. 😛 Agreeing to disagree is definitely key in any situation. All is well with the world of the bleeting billy goat and the bleeting billy goat beater. Sorry, I had to. XD

    I think no matter what side people are on, most of us like at least one (if not more) Rihanna and Chris Brown song. Hell, Hard and I Love U are both in heavy rotation on my iPod at the moment, I’m not even gonna front.

  82. RATED x March 13, 2010

    theres nothing wrong with somebody liking rihanna, lady gaga, beyonce, mariah carey, sting, pink, ect…
    but sometimes the stans be going over board defending their favorite their eyes they cant do no wrong, even if the evidence is there. and if u dont agree to whatever their saying bout their favorite celebs, automatically u become a HATER.
    thats y I’m a fan certain celebs(singers, actors, ect)..cause I know as a fan not eveything they do is perfect, that sometimes they do mess up like everybody else…
    what is messed up me to that some people make a joke of domestic violence.. ive seein on many blogs that people comment about how chris brown should have beat rihanna to the point of her vocal point shattering.
    they call her ugly and wish chris had killed to me thats extreme hatred.
    i may not like her singing or think she has no talent..but i wouldnt wish death upon her.

  83. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 13, 2010

    @Rated X, there are some sick people in this world. I too have seen those types of comments about her and other singers, and it’s a damn shame. Anybody who can so easily wish death upon another human being has a hell of a lot more problems in their life than being a hater.

  84. X,Y,”and Z” March 13, 2010

    @youputthelimeinthecoconut — It’s NOT “my-letter’, it’s something that Rudyard Kipling wrote, you know, The Jungle Book etc, etc….??

    I have a question, a question that, should you decide to honestly answer, it’ll THEN place, into “proper-context”, any experiences any-of-us could have lived, and no-doubt, will “shade or cloud,” OUR “take-on” or “interpreting-of” the evens of “Feb 8th/09!” …And I’ll again ask for the “CB haters/doubters” to elaborate, “at – length”: “IF” Rihanna had flew into-a-rage, due to that Booty-Call-Text-Message, THEN “went-off on him” – WHILE HE WAS DRIVING – which ALMOST made HIM lose control of the vehicle and crash; if he THEN-instinctively had hit her – fearing he WAS going to crash – would he THEN have been “wrong?”

    I’ll again have to state, if it is illegal to drive while texting, or using your cell phone WITHOUT use-of a hands-free-device, as said is shown to be a accident-causing, then how is one to expect to safely operate a vehicle while getting ‘beat-on’ by an enraged passenger?

    …But I ask you, please answer my initial question, it’ll THEN help ME to understand where YOU are coming from, K?
    I’ll check-back in a few minutes to see your reply….

  85. Airon March 13, 2010

    P.S. – Regardless if he was doing it to change his image… so what? At least he is doing a good deed, and thats what counts the most at the end of the day right. Give the boy the chance to grow and change into a better person. If at every turn people are putting him and his good intentions down how is he supposed to get on with his life. Don’t get me wrong he kind of deserves this… he asked for it, but again let him at least try to show us he can change.

    P.S.S. – I am really becoming concerned about his future… I hope he doesn’t do anything to hasty. Chris Brown you are always going to have people who will hate you and everything you are because of what you did, but just keep trying and keep your head up. I as well disliked your actions against Rihanna, but I do wish you are eventually given a second chance with time and positive actions.

  86. Geronimo March 13, 2010

    YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut is an attention SEEKER

  87. Geronimo March 13, 2010

    3verybody pls ignore YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut

  88. Airon March 13, 2010

    What CB did to Ri was just wrong point blank, but I do believe at some point and time Chris Brown should be given a second chance at music. You don’t have to support him (right now I dont for the moment) but at least give him the chance to put out his music and be played on the radio. At the end of the day Chris Brown’s music is inevitably hot! The boy is talented, lets not forget that. Before the CB RiRi situation Chris Brown was owning the R&B music game… and in my opinion he still is the best. Like I said before he shouldn’t have released his current album so soon… it was a huge mistake. But radio stations are kind of doing him real dirty like. You don’t have to like Chris Brown to like his music. His actions so far have been really questionable, but lets give him some time to show us the people he is a changed man. Only time will tell. Everybody deserves a second chance, lets not count him out.

  89. Clarrisa March 13, 2010

    Yea yea yea….and the minute he does something positive dealing with domestic violence and women….he’ll still be spat upon. Damned if he do Damned if he don’t. Look…some people just aren’t willing to forgive or look past certain things because they [subconsciously] think of themselves as invincible and incapable of sin or mistakes. [may sound crazy and preposterous,but that’s the way it is]. Chris could allow every woman on EARTH to kick his ass and tear him to shreds, and beat him to a pulp to the severity of Emmitt Till, and people still won’t be satisfied. GIVE UP trying to prove to the Chris BASHERS that he is worthy of forgiveness….because they will NEVER forgive him. Forgiveness is Love, and those who don’t know how to forgive or let go have a lot of hate dwelling within due to something that happened to them in their lives…or just because they have the devil in them..Simple. All i can do is pray for those who have a hardened heart, for it is one of the most pitiful and sad characteristics to have. Any way , Just acknowledge the fact that he’s doing SOMETHING positive rather than NOTHING at all.


  90. DarkLady March 13, 2010

    Oh, please, he’d still be whuppin’ on her if he dared. And if someone like this came into my third-grader’s class looking to work off some community service, I’d be screaming to the heavens. I thought there were laws against abusers getting access to kids in schools. Guess that doesn’t apply to “stars.” Even falling, burned-out stars…

  91. Jade March 14, 2010

    You guys r all haters mayb he did beat up rihanna but no1 know the real reason y so instead of hatin y dnt lk in the mirror and c all da bad u ave done im not sayin wat he did was rite but give the poor lad a chance anyway go on chris u keep doin wat ur doin i think its gd dat ur helpin others so well dun ……….. (and the mean people out dere stop klin him a wife beater cuz he aint 1 he made a mistake and is havin 2 live wid it 4 da rest of his life)

  92. Jade March 14, 2010

    oh yea keep ur head up jst keep prayin i hope nxt yr will b ur year and i hope people will 4get and just leave u alone and let u show dem wot ya gd at

  93. X,Y,”and Z” March 14, 2010

    @DarkLady — Does your sentiment ALSO extend to the likes-of Jay Z? …After all, he can be seen abusing that YOUNG BLACK S. African girl; and HE was an admitted X-Crack dealer who sold drugs to Pregnant Women, AND grade-school children, NOT-MUCH older than those in your 3rd-grade class; you do realize this, don’t you? And to support Beyonce IS TO SUPPORT Jay Z!
    …To NOT support, or “hold-redemptive” a 19 y/o WHO HAS NEVER GOTTEN INTO ANY TROUBLE, is to THEN say that those under-your-charge, who YOU now educate, will NEVER sin, misjudge, run-afoul-the-law or walk-outside-the-norms or conventions that will govern THEIR lives! I’ll even go as-far-as-to-say, that your intransigence is hypocritical; I find said hypocrisy of ‘such-a-mass’ as to be stifling-and-corrosive; you’ll no-doubt corrupt those in that third-grade class; I’ll even-further-say that you’re a misandrist, as YOUR preference and esteem, to said under YOUR charge, will be based on gender and feminization!

  94. Symone March 14, 2010

    People say that Chris should go to women shelters……Why would he do that when he’s not an abuser.Chris is a person that hit his batterer back when she hit him in that car.That situation wasn’t abuse.It was a case of a woman starting a fight with a man and losing the fight.

    I don’t see Rihanna going to women shelters and that’s because that trollup knows that she isn’t the victim the sorry media has made her out to be…….For all the people that claim that he’s not being sincere,I suggest you do some charity instead of making assumptions about what Chris is doing,but of course that is not what you will do…………….

  95. newsflash haters March 14, 2010

    @ dark Lady I agree 100%

  96. Jade March 14, 2010

    Who eva u r SYMONE i totally agree look at all da hard work he has put into makin sure that he never do that mistake agen, Rihanna hasn’t dne jack s*** (no offence to her fans) obviously he hit a women but its jst as bad if a women hits a man, people seriously need 2 stop holdin a grudge dere r sum artists who ave actually taken people’s life and i stil hear people listenin 2 dere music. People r such hypocrites anyway lyk i sed earlier nxt yr will b his yr and 4 sum of does who r christians try and lk up da word forgiveness if Rihanna has forgiven den y cnt u he didnt hit u .

  97. Jade March 14, 2010

    X,Y and Z i need 2 find u and kiss ur feet. Dark Lady u seriously need 2 get a dictionary and lk up da word FORGIVENESS and if dats 2 hard try da bible mayb god mite help u dere. And there only Laws 4 abusers nt 2 b near kids if they r a Child Abuser ( and HE is nt a abuser by da way)

  98. Reasonable Voice March 14, 2010

    It’s nice to see him doing something for the kids. Kudos to him.

    Rihanna doesn’t have to rehab her reputation for the masses because she didn’t physically assault anyone, nor is she a conivicted felon. Chris, on the other hand, well . . .

  99. RATED x March 14, 2010

    first the rihanna stans were bitching bout how chris is not showing any remorse. oh hes on a jet ski smilling and s*** like nothing happen. well the same jet ski he was on, rihanna was with him at diddy place too.
    now hes trying to do some charity work, and the rihanna stans are saying its only for PR.
    if u feel chris brown is not being remorseful..all u got to do is not support his ass.simple as that.
    -hes such a monster right, and yet rihanna went back to him. did he put a gun to her head and said “b**** if u dont come back i’m gonna kill u”…
    -hes such a monster that rihanna tried to remove the restraining order against him.
    -hes such a monster that rihanna herself said that they might get back together.

  100. RATED x March 14, 2010

    all this is about money period. if covergirl hadnt suspended her contract with them, if rihanna wasnt getting all the back lash FROM REAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIMS”
    she would be with crhis right now.
    you guys going to bring GOD into this..I thought GOD said u have to be able to forgive and forget..
    obvioulsy rihanna had forgive him cause she went back to him.
    and I’m still tryin to figure out, why people are acting like chris brown beat their ass, beat their mama, beat their sister, cousin.
    again even if chris is using charity work to get some PR, at least hes helping the kids. its not like he just send the money.

  101. RATED x March 14, 2010

    No rihanna doesnt have to visit any shelters, she doesnt have to use her experience to help oher abused victims..
    but what she needs to do is shut the f*** up bout it.if ur not gonna do anything physically to help other victims like u..SHUT THE HELL UP.
    its embarrassing to THE REaL VICTIMS OUT THERE.
    she doesnt owe anything to anybody.
    I’m not a victim of domestic violence and am tired of hearing rihanna claims she wants to be a voice, she wants to help others and not do s***.

  102. Jade March 14, 2010

    RATED X i totally agree wid u aswell its just a shame dat so many people r just HATERS i do like rihanna and sum of her music is all right but its da way da media goes on about her lyk she sum angel and da victim ( we all noe dat ) but she did sum mistake her in life mayb nt as big as wot chris did but at the end of da lyk wot RATED X sed Rihanna wants to be a voice, she wants to help others and not do s***, so evry1 shud jst Chris to 2 wot he is doin and Rihanna 2 wot she is doin.

  103. Reasonable Voice March 14, 2010

    “its embarrassing to THE REaL VICTIMS OUT THERE.”

    @Rated X

    She was a victim of domestic violence, and now she is now a survivor.

    Most victims of domestic violence return to their abusers on average, seven or eight times before making the final break, that is if they don’t get killed beforehand. When it was Ike beating the s*** out of Tina, she kept going back for more, until she didn’t. Rihanna’s temporary return to Chris was just part of the pattern that most DV victims fall into. Forgiveness has nothing to do with it.


    What kind of asinine logic is that? Yes, Ri, we know you got your ass whipped, but could you take Breezy’s career into consideration and try not to discuss it much?

    None of you apologists get to dictate when and where she discusses being abused, because that’s not your right. It’s her experience to discuss when and where she sees fit. Most of her interviews touched on it in some regard because she was asked about it by her interviewers, but the only in depth interview she gave regarding that night was the televised interview for 20/20.

  104. RATED x March 14, 2010

    as usual the stans take s*** people say to a whole different level..
    I’m not going to direct my response to any body who comes at me today.
    victims go back to their abusers…yes REAL VICTIMS do.. Rihanna is not not the average alleged domestic violence victims. the majority of victims out there usually go back to their abusers because they dont have the means(money like rihanna), or there are kids involved.
    u cannot tell me a real domestic violence victim do every thing in their power so the abuser dont get charge, than wait 2 weeks later till their record drop to suddenly remember they are a victim.

  105. RATED x March 14, 2010

    I’m soory stans you guys can come at me all day long, and respond to my comments, its not gonna change my opinions.
    my opinions are based on facts, not s*** i just make up on top of my head.
    I never said she needs to shut the f*** up so she can help chris brown career, I mean if ur gonna come at me for something I said make sure u dont add s*** to it.
    I said she needs to shut the f*** up bout it, its embarrassing to the real victims who doesnt have the means to get the help they can, want and need,,,an here comes a woman who lost a fight with their boyfriend, using something as big AS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, to get back at him.

  106. RATED x March 14, 2010

    None of you apologists get to dictate when and where she discusses being abused, because that’s not your right..

    no we dont get to dictate it..but we do get to question why the f*** u wait 9 months later when ur album is dropping.
    why for all those 9 months, ur ass was walking but ass naked everywhere, sending naked pics to the internet….but 2 weeks before ur album drop u remember ur a victim?
    its not just the fact that she went back to him thats suspect,,she tried to dropped the charges, tried to drop the restraining order against him, they had to subpoena her to testify againt him..
    now if that doesnt show remorse to filling false charges I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUGG IS.

  107. RATED x March 14, 2010

    like is said, Rihanna doesnt owe anybody body s***. but she needs to shut the f*** up bout it. victim or not.

  108. Reasonable Voice March 14, 2010

    “victims go back to their abusers…yes REAL VICTIMS do.. Rihanna is not not the average alleged domestic violence victims. the majority of victims out there usually go back to their abusers because they dont have the means(money like rihanna), or there are kids involved.”

    @Rated X

    RIHANNA WAS A REAL VICTIM. The fact that she’s rich has nothing to do with the fact that she was physically assaulted by her significant other. I mean that is just ignorant. Seriously, listen to yourself. You can only be a REAL DV victim if you’re poor or have kids involved? So, teenage girls with abusive boyfriends can’t be “real” dv victims unless they have children, are poor, or are financially dependent upon those boyfriends?
    “u cannot tell me a real domestic violence victim do every thing in their power so the abuser dont get charge, than wait 2 weeks later till their record drop to suddenly remember they are a victim.”

    with those views, I don’t think i could tell you much. What are you going to say next? A real abuser wouldn’t give an interview to the same network that his victim spoke too the Friday before his album dropped, or have you forgotten that CB talked to ABC the weekend before Grafitti came out? DV victims are often protective of their abusers. Rihanna was no different. Her being protective of her abuser has no bearing on her being an actual dv victim. Good God, try harder.

  109. Reasonable Voice March 14, 2010

    @Rated X

    Now, it was widely known that Tina Turner had been abused by Ike, but it wasn’t something that she really discussed until her book “what’s love got to do with it” and the subsequent film came out. Was she not a “real” DV victim because by the time the movie came out, she was independently wealthy?

  110. X,Y,”and Z” March 14, 2010

    @Reasonable Voice — In the ‘Court of Public Opinion’ – No-one believed her: her sales figures!
    …But HER lies, and the smear-campaign orchestrated by TMZ’s Harvey Levin, that WAS NOT directly-aimed at Chris Brown, but Barack Obama, DID have IT’S effect! But, as I’ve said before, and as I’ll said again, you CAN’T view, judge or contemplate the events of Feb 8th/09 WITHOUT the prism of Charlie Sheen and Mary J. Blige! …And, as-it-seems, that we NEED-reminding: “Jay Z” as HE was an admitted X-Crack dealer who sold drugs to pregnant women and grade-school kids; that readily available video of him assaulting that young BLACK S.African girl WITHSTANDING!

    …So now, the seeds of Barack’s downfall are sown; whether they find fertile-ground in the vast and growing bad-lands of racist-right-wing America – we’ll YET see; but even to face such circumstances has cost OUR-BELOVED 44th President precious political-capital!

    Chris Brown, recently said, on Big Boy’s radio show, something that I just CAN’T get outta my head: “I’m glad THIS happened to me NOW, and NOT ‘later-on’, in my career!” This tells me that-dude is thinking “well-ahead”: once HE get’s past THIS, he’ll be FAR-wiser and will be, THEN-able to navigate and make difficult decisions, and THEN have the wisdom to understand what’ll confound-and-perplex most-others; THAT-said, and given HIS many-talents – which are in constant-expansion – will make HIM that-much-more of a “compelling-talent!” …No-need for gimmickry, no-need for “the-contrivances” of a well-oiled PR machine (Trey Songz), no! Just the “IT-factor” to go on stage and thrill and wow an audience: SOMETHING THAT CAN’T BE BOUGHT; SOMETHING THAT CAN’T BE TAUGHT!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  111. RATED x March 14, 2010

    how many times have rihanna told you personally that chris brown beat her?
    to most of us who are realistic, and who actually listen to both sides of the incident, chris brown only beat her ONCE.
    now ur gonna bring Ike Turner in this, who is actually known as the KING Of WOMEN BEATERS.
    its like ur saying somebody who kills only one time is a serial killer..u cant call chris a serial woman beater if it only happened once.
    in that 20/20 interview, rihanna herself said that was the first time he put his hands on her.
    I’m not denying that he beat her, I’m saying theres a possibilty that this was NOT a domestic violence situation. If u had read my early comments u would have notice ive said that.

  112. X,Y,”and Z” March 14, 2010

    @Reasonable voice – If you’ll again-watch her 20/20 interview, you’ll see yourself that Rihanna said, when asked by Diane Sawyer: Had he ever hit HER before? NO! he had NEVER done THIS BEFORE!
    And when yet-again asked, as prelude to verify insinuations/accusations that Chis had “a-past” of abusing Rihanna: “NO, he didn’t shove-me into a wall!” …So your “even-challenging-of”, “or-response-to” someone’s use of “Tina Turner” is unfounded and borders on – given Rihanna’s VERY-OWN answers and revelations in that 20/20 interview: gossip, hearsay, boldface-lies and slander!

  113. RATED x March 14, 2010

    how was rihanna protective of her abuser if she went on 20/20 and claimed 9months later he was a monster?
    9 months later after trying unsuccessfully trying to get him acquitted, she wait 2 weeks until her album drop to claim hes a monster.. man please. does that sound like a victim who went back to their abuser. that sound like somebody using a fake claim to get sympathy sells.
    even Diane Sawyer called her out on her lying bout him pushing her unto a wall. her answers were never consistant.
    First of all I read tina turner book… she said everybody knew Ike turner was abusing her.. she told her friends..
    and if Ike turner career never died from repeatly beating tina, not just one beating, and tina turna actually is tallented, chris brown is gonna be fine.

  114. Reasonable Voice March 14, 2010

    @Rated X

    Someone who kills once is a killer. someone who kills at least three times is a serial killer. I know the difference. However, serial or not, if you murder someone, you’re a killer.

    The definition you place on what a “real” dv victim is narrow and innaccurate. You’re saying that Rihanna isn’t a real victim because of her socio economic status and the timing of her speaking out. I’m saying that Rihanna isn’t alone if capitalizing off of personal tragedy, and she is no less a victim because of when she chose to speak out. Tina used her story to sell albums, books,and box office tickets. We’re you mad at her for doing so? How many interviews has Halle Berry given about David Justice and her other husbands/boyfriends or whatever about being abused before one of her products/projects came out? So, why are you singling out, Rihanna? You don’t think CB’s whole “I’m sorry” apology tour was orchastrated for commercial gain? why aren’t you calling him out for talking to ABC the weekend before his album dropped?

  115. RATED x March 14, 2010

    ive never said only the poor can be victim of domestic violence.. my god can ur ass read?
    r u so fucus on proving me wrong that u gonna make up s*** and add s*** to what I say?
    I said, she didnt have any reason to go back to him, BECAUSE THE MAJORY OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIMS DOENS HAVE THE MEANS TO GET THE HELP TO LEAVE THE ABUSER. sometimes kids makes it harder to leave..this was not the case.
    look u can sit here and argue with me all day. the sell of her album proved, the majority of us didnt fall for the b******* she was selling.

  116. RATED x March 14, 2010

    can ur ass read the whole damn comment before ur ass come at me.?
    I said the reason rihanna MIGHT NOT BE or is not a domestic violence is because her actions, like trying so hard to get the man acquitted, going back to him few days later, going on national tv 2 weeks before her album dropped, her answers in that interview were never consistant, she contridicted her self alot, diane sawyer even caught her in several lies..
    ur ass is only focus on her going on 20/20

  117. RATED x March 14, 2010

    I’m not gonna call chris out because he was going on interviews way before we knew when his album was dropping.
    this is not bout hale barry, this is not bout tina y the f*** ur bringin their name up?
    did chris brown beat them too?
    so typical of stans who s*** else to say but bring other people that got nothing to do with chris brown.
    I dont even know why u bringing up halle berry, cause her ex husband beat her to the point of losing her hearing..tina turna as was beat EVERY SINGLE DAYS..
    so whats ur f****** point?

  118. Reasonable Voice March 14, 2010

    @Rated X

    Can you think of coherent arguments before you respond to me? Ooh, look at you, getting mad. Don’t get upset with me, because I can read between the lies of your bull s***. There is no debate about whether or not she was a DV victim. She was a victim, is now a survivor, and CB is a felon, and you have a problem with that, then oh well.

  119. Reasonable Voice March 14, 2010

    “what’s your f****** point?”

    Reread my comments if you want to know what my point is. Though, it doesn’t surprise me that you can’t keep up.

    good day.

  120. RATED x March 14, 2010

    who else name u gonna bring up? that chris brown had s*** to do with.
    u cant compare the pain both Halle and Tina went through to the pain Rihanna went through. she only got beat ONE TIME. the others were getting their ass beat on the regular..
    how dare u compare somebody else pain with somebody who obviously lost a fight with her boyfriend..are u that sad and pathetic that going to sink that low and bring 2 REAL victims here, just to prove a stupid point?

  121. RATED x March 14, 2010

    Im not getting mad honey takes alot to get me mad..I dont know chrisbrown personally so it dont matter to me how u feel bout him..
    what bothers me is people like u wo has nothing else to do but bring people down. and make up excuses for other people they dont even know.
    and bring other REAL INNOCENT VICTIMS into this

  122. RATED x March 14, 2010

    its obvious u dont have any real point to make..because ur bringing up Halle berry who lost her hearring due to one of many beat down she was receiving….
    and u gonna try to compare tina turner regular beat down to rihanna 1 time beat down..
    That what I mean when I said WHATS UR F****** POINT?

  123. Kayla March 14, 2010

    Innocent Voice my b***. GETALIFE

  124. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 14, 2010

    @X,Y,”AND Z” – to answer your question…no. It would not have been wrong for Chris, if she was going off on him in the car, to use a means of force to get her off of him. A slap and a shove would have been sufficient. In fact, even if he punched her once, maybe twice, I wouldn’t agree with it – but I would understand the fact that he punched her because he had to do what he had to do for his AND her safety while fighting in a moving car. A moving car that should have been stopped as soon as things became too heated to begin with.

    The problem I have with this situation is that he didn’t just slap or shove her off of him or give her a punch of two. What he did is put her in the hospital for a great deal of injuries sustained by him laying his fists MULTIPLE TIMES on her, because the picture of her battered face that we saw is not the picture of somebody whose been punched once or twice. He strangled her. He bit her with his teeth, XYZ. TEETH! What man “bites” a woman in self defense?

    If you could look at the photo of the physical injury done to her face, along with the fact that his face was nowhere near in as bad of shape as hers, and call that self defense…then I believe you don’t know the meaning of the term. The fact is he went beyond self defense. He got angry, for whatever reason, and lost it on her. What he should have done is stop the car, throw her out and continue driving. Or better yet, walk to the nearest payphone and call the police and have HER arrested for putting their lives in danger.

  125. RATED x March 14, 2010

    @YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut…have hell frozen over cause its the second day that I agree with ur comments….
    everybody is so focus on the rihanna beating, (both the chris brown stans and the rihanna stans), that they forget all this was happening in a moving car..
    if chris brown had hit and killed somebody that night while attempted to beat rihanna, hell u wouldnt see my ass on here asking forgiveness for his ass..
    yes, he should have stop the car, and walked away, ..the question that always comes to mind whenever the incident is brought up is, where the hell where their bodyguards when this s*** was happening?
    but the only thing me and u cant will never agree on, that this situation was domestic violence.
    but everything else i 100% agree..all this could have been prevented..

  126. Lila March 14, 2010

    “but the only thing me and u cant will never agree on, that this situation was domestic violence.”

    That’s because you’re stupid, duh!

    OMG the ignorance of people like Rated X and XYZ is off the f****** meter! Rihanna’s no less of domestic violence victim than Tina just because she only got beat down once instead of multiple times! Rated X = Ignorant Asshole! And Reasonable Voice wasn’t comparing Chris Brown to Ike Turner, you moron (Rated X). She was saying that Tina and Halle and Rihanna are all in the same boat because they’re all DV victims that used their stories to make money, and I only had to read what Reasonable was saying once to understand that. Geez, Chris Brown has some ignorant stans!

    And I know Chris Brown fans aren’t trying to clown Rihanna’s album sales, not when just the other day, ol’ boy was straight begging his fans for support.

    Lime in Coconut, Reasonable, others, complete and utter co-sign.

  127. RATED x March 14, 2010

    @Lila. now u gonna try to come at calling me names..ok have fun

  128. RATED x March 14, 2010

    she wasnt trying to compared them? man please…she , or he stated that both Hally Berry and Tina Turner went to the press and publicized their what..
    so now ur going to be ANOTHER Stupid moron whos gonna try to compare both Halle Berry and Tina Turner to rihanna.
    u can come on here call me all th names u want and compare other REAL VICTIMS to rihanna, B**** ITS NOT GONNA WORK..
    ur ass just gonna look sad and pathetic like ur other friend.
    or mabe u too r the same person..please

  129. RATED x March 14, 2010

    I mean thats a new low for yall stans..its one thing to be kissing rihannas ass all damn day. and its another thing to be defending her, or simply disagreeing with somebody else..but using HALLE BERRY AND TINA TURNER to prove a point is a new f****** low even for yall..
    and LILA. ever heard of verbal abused, ur on here calling me stupid and all type of names for saying it wasnt domestic violence, and yet ur ass doing the same thing. verbally abusing somebody.
    man please, pick up a book once in awhile..instead of focusing ur attention on rihanna about ur ass help real victims..and shut the f*** up

  130. Rihanna Fan Not Stan March 14, 2010

    Lila tryna come at somebody she deserve a #HOSITDOWN. The Rihanna stans make it seems like every Rihanna fan is delusional. Am i a Chris fan no but that’s because his music is not really my taste but i know he’s a good person so I dont hate him and bash him. And he’s a little cutie too and his mixtape is popin. OK i think his mixtape just made me a Chris Brown fan.

  131. RATED x March 14, 2010

    @Rihanna Fan Not Stan..ur comment actually made my day..he is not bad lookin
    I actually love his mixtape too, ..
    I think theres a difference bein a stan of somebody or being a fan. the fans are more open minded, they do realize that the celebs they r a fan of , ACTUALLY ARE HUMANS LIKE US, THEY F*** UP LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE..
    and willing to forgive and move the hell on..but the damn stans are so far up in rihanna’s ass , that they hadnt realize RIHANNA HAD MOVE ON, So move the hell on too.

    watch another delusional stan come at me, and say ur such a hater, rihanna is the best.
    its a shame ur supporting rihannas beating, ur ass goin to hell like chris please..rolling eyes

  132. Geronimo March 15, 2010

    I seem to recall an incident where Doctor Dre chased down Dee Barnes in a club and beat the hot p i s s out of her in front of everybody. He received almost the same sentence as Chris and I still remember that public service announcement he had to do on domestic violence. The point is, he still went on the make The Chronic, and work on many hit albums. I don’t get why people wish to cricify Chris Brown when some of these other celebrity men have done far worse and still went on to have successful careers.


  133. Jade March 15, 2010

    Look guys u r proper gettin in 2 it lyk it sum debate ting, and at the end of da Day Chris and rihanna had a fight which led 2 one person gettin hurt (rihanna) people just wants 2 move on anyway dat was so last yr and every1 is forgettin about it now. My point is wat eva chris did it shudnt effect his music deep down we all know he is a good and honest man so lets just end it hear and jst hpe dat nxt yr or da yr afta he will do a massive comebck and every1 will love him agen. If Rihana has forgiven him y cnt u jESUS DA U PEOPLE R DEBATIN LYK WE R IN SUM COURT LOL

  134. Symone March 15, 2010

    To those that keep going back and forth with the character “unreasonable voice”.Know that person is not a reasonable voice at all,more like a deluded Rihanna Stan.You see if said person was reasonable,they would look at the whole picture such as what Rihanna told the police and they would also check out ALL of what she said on 20/20,such as not being choked as the media said and also that such an incident hadn’t happened on Chrs part before……

    These people that judge Chris are not to be given the thought to believe that they are his ultimate forgiver.No one except the ultimate judge of all humankind is worthy of such a task……

  135. MS.CLAY March 15, 2010

    I don’t understand why people always have something negative to say about this guy doing charity! I mean if he’s seen doing something recreational, people say he should be doing charity work, and when he finally does charity work people gripe about that and bring up [INCIDENT]……Really?

    Seriously, Chris Brown can cure Cancer, H**/A***, and any other incurable disease and people are gonna attack him for beating a woman! Please stop that BS! GEEZ!

    I mean there are Rihanna stans that constantly attack him just because of the incident! Stop being so bias! I mean people can go on for days about Rihanna, who said numerous times that she wants to help out young girls and be a participant in preventing domestic violence, yet no one has seen her do anything of that nature. In addition, people saying that she may too distraught and not wanna talk to people about it, yet she has went on National T.V. prior to the release of her album talking plenty. And I’m not a person who just hates Rihanna, I’m just not a fan of her lack of talent and her delusional stans don’t help.

    Yeah, he beat her but he is attempting to reconstruct his image and career. And I’m not saying that I support what he did, but I can let it go and move on from it just like he and Rihanna are trying to do. I just think it’s sad that he can’t even do charity work with kids without someone making a joke about him beating a woman! Grow up people!

  136. MS.CLAY March 15, 2010

    And if someone like this came into my third-grader’s class looking to work off some community service, I’d be screaming to the heavens. I thought there were laws against abusers getting access to kids in schools. Guess that doesn’t apply to “stars.” Even falling, burned-out stars


    *scratches head* Um, is Chris a [CHILD] m*******? What the hell are you talking about?

  137. Music Addict March 15, 2010

    Chris is awesome!

  138. REENEEKA March 16, 2010

    GOOD U NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING WIT YO TIME INSTEAD OF BEATIN ON THESE LADYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. ITGURL March 17, 2010


  140. kizzmyazzzzzzzzzzzzzz March 25, 2010

    kayla f#ck u and putthelimeinthecocounutb!ttch azzzzzzzes chris ilouv u k fck them b*tches and h*** u doin the right thing baby

  141. kizzmyazzzzzzzzzzzzzz March 25, 2010

    i luvu baby f**ccccck u kayla and put the lime up yo azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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