JLS Star Unveils New Look Ahead Of US Debut

Published: Wednesday 17th Mar 2010 by Sam

With JLS‘ US debut drawing ever-nearer, the group’s most recognisable face, Aston Merrygold, has undergone an image overhaul in a bid to appeal to the Stateside audience. Hence gone is his much-ridiculed ‘perm’ – in its place a shorter do – and in comes a neck tattoo (both pictured above).

Granted aesthetic changes, quite honestly, were a necessity for any kind of chance at cracking the US market, one can only hope the guys are putting just as much effort in the dance studio and vocal training, as the results otherwise could be rather embarrassing.

Tidbit: ‘Everybody In Love’ is already in heavy rotation on some of the US’ biggest radio stations, including New York’s Z100.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tha Phoenix March 17, 2010

    They’re just going to go over there and embarass us, aren’t they?

    Only two of them can actually sing or dance, their live performances are nothing to shout about.

    I’m saying this and I used to really like JLS – especially during their X Factor days. However, it appears that they’ve become ridiculously over-hyped and overrated – Jay Z, whatever you were smoking when you said they could become as big as Nsync (who always SLAYED live – not to mention KILLED it with the vocals/choreography), I want some ASAP…

  2. _NoBitchAssNess March 17, 2010

    that tattoo is alright… Wish them the best of luck in the US aswell as Alexandra Burke

  3. MariahBigFan March 17, 2010

    Ashton looks so gay….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The guy on the right looks ugly. He looks kinda like a turtle to me. But the one next to him..HOT!!!

  4. bb March 17, 2010

    never heard of this JLS. looks pretty crappy to me
    but everything from the UK is crappy usually. leona lewis can’t sing. susan boyle an old nanny and now gay boy band. lmao
    Jay Z i love you but you are just dead wrong!!!

  5. Geronimo March 17, 2010

    this dude is copying Chris brown mstzzzzz

  6. DizzyGuy1985 March 17, 2010

    Is that a Chris Brown tattoo though? haha. That perm had to go. He isn’t Al Sharpton or Little Richard. I really think he looks alot better.

  7. Dave March 17, 2010

    BB u must be on drugs. Leona sangs her ass off! & has mad range.

  8. Tha Phoenix March 17, 2010


    damn straight. Bish can SING – anyone with working ears knows that…

    SIDENOTE: But B, Gaga and Mariah are all artists I stan for., SO @BB is on point about that..

  9. wtf March 17, 2010

    lol, these fruity boys aint cracking nothing but thier nuts..

    like the chris brown tat..cute!!

  10. jay March 17, 2010

    So why did Ashton get a Chris Brown/Rihann tattoo? That’s pretty dumb – I thought the whole point of body art/modifications is their uniqueness. But the hair had to go. It was a chemical hazard and was probably causing him some health problems. They suck major balls anyway so meh.

  11. AalexisR (The Bahamas) March 17, 2010

    Because that’s the label they’re headed to and Jay Z is supposed to make stars out of them (which explains the heavy rotation out of nowhere lol). I think it’s pretty laughable but if they wanna crack the U.S. they can’t do that funny dressing. The music has got to get better too, but then again I think most of the music out now is crap in general.

  12. kc March 17, 2010

    Good luck to them over here. Still haven’t heard there song though. There record better not be corny or they well get laughed at for real. Cause there is nothing like getting over hyped then get here and album is crap. I want alexandra burke to go good so the album better be tight.

  13. RATED x March 17, 2010

    why all of them look extra extra suspects?

  14. Malibongwe March 17, 2010

    He looks like some guy I used to attend lectures with… but I no longer see him which means he failed dismally since he didn’t come back. Lol, going a bit off-topic but the resemblance is sooo uncanny, oh, I also realised that I forgot that guy existed. He was hot though. Another thing, he sorta had the perm thing going on… major points lost! Eish, now I’m babbling

  15. Ms. CLaY March 17, 2010

    These dudes look extremely gay. That is all.

  16. thestar March 17, 2010

    they hot…love aston and marvin, jb is cute and oritse is likable lol….they are a good band.

  17. alljokesaside March 17, 2010

    Ugh! Pass……JB and Aston look gay and Aston’s feeble attempts at over ‘singing’ is laughable. Ortise is ugly and Marvin looks like he has some serioius BO issues.

  18. G.LaSalle March 17, 2010

    The one that’s wearing the scarf is so s***!

  19. truth March 17, 2010


  20. Lioness March 17, 2010

    they cut it so he would look less gay.

  21. sickwitit March 17, 2010

    why are they so funny looking? and why the chris brown tat?

  22. Mike March 17, 2010


  23. Puppy Love March 17, 2010

    I know he aian’t copying my Chrissy Poo?

  24. Tha Phoenix March 17, 2010



  25. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 17, 2010

    I’m so glad he got rid of that ridiculous perm, goodness. He actually looks kinda cute now, for once.

  26. Zainab March 17, 2010

    About damn time… sorry what self-respecting blk dude puts relaxer up in their hair, that soooo wrong. Yeah the cut looks soooo much better!!!

  27. jack hart March 18, 2010

    hmm … thx sam 4 the updates, i watched some x factor episodes but the boy band syndrome has somewhat died in the us (for ex: bad boy records day 26 and def jam’s brutha are the latest casualities)

  28. Fred March 18, 2010

    I dont even know what to say about this except wish them all luck I guess.

  29. Tracie March 18, 2010

    OMG these dudes are XTRA zesty LMAO….wtf is up with that counterfeit CB tattoo on the neck?! Hoping some of his talent will transfer through imitation LOL…not likely FAIL!!! LMAO!

  30. yhtak March 18, 2010

    ok aston is officially awesome with the chris brown tattoo 😀

  31. Zaza March 21, 2010

    He did’nt have a ‘perm’,it was straightened

  32. JLSlover626 May 2, 2010

    I’m fine with the tattoo (although I like the treble clef on his upper back MUCH better!) but why the hair???????
    I personally think that other than his adorable face, edgy style, hypnotizing Petersborough accent, gorgeous singing voice and his infamously hot chest, his hair was the cutest thing about him. Well, you win some you lose some…
    The only thing I care about is that JLS come back to their home land! Can’t abandon us, guys!!!
    Oh, and also lots of love to Marvin, JB and Oritse- they’re all equally awesome!!!
    (P.S: If you too are also a big fan of JLS and their um… good physique, get the JLS: Story So Far. My mate got it and let me just say… WOW! Hot doesn’t get any better than that!)

  33. Emma July 4, 2010

    Actually for a starter they can all sing and dance! and they did not goo over to america to embarrass us … they simply went too give more people a chance to recognise and accept who they are in the music industry .. plus they signed onto another record label whilst out there and they were writing songs with the like of people that wrote with Cheryl Cole and Rihanna! Soo clearly they are decent enough to be recognised by people like that .. also they have Justin Timberlakes choreographer which also means that they MUST be doing something right! None of them are gay and clearly any of you that have said this are just jealous. I think you should just all leave Ast – Marv – Reesh and JB too do their thing and if you dont likee it then you dont have too comment .. or even if you doo then theres no need too be soo nasty about it. And i almost forgot can not more than one person have the same tattoo? and yeahh maybe the hair is a complete change but maybe he just wanted too see what it looked like .. and i know for a fact that was the real reason ! he wasnt trying too prove anything too anyone! They are dedicated and very down to earth and their some of the very few people out there these days that dont actually let the fame goo too their heads!!!
    Thats all thanks.

  34. katie November 15, 2010

    i think jls are the best ever an

  35. Tasha January 4, 2011

    you’re all being so pathetic i mean i’ve met jls and they’re really nice down to earth guys, Plus can’t people have the same tat i mean Aston Got Same tat As Chris Brown But i’ve also got it aswell. JLS did’nt go over to embarrass us they went over to show America that they’re good singers and want to prove their talent to other countries than england. god if you don’t like JLS Then dont comment. GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

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