Hot Shots: Celeb Friends Join Kelly Rowland For Charity Launch

Published: Monday 29th Mar 2010 by Sam

It was a busy weekend for Pop star Kelly Rowland. The Destiny’s Child alumni gave the live first performance of brand new single ‘Commander’ at Mansions in Miami on Saturday. Next on the Grammy winner’s agenda was the launch of her new charity ‘I Heart My Girlfriends’ at Miami Beach yesterday (March 28th). Rowland’s celebrity pals Serena Williams, LaLa Vasquez, and Kim Kardashian came out to support the singer.

Peep more pics below…

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  1. Sibel March 29, 2010

    Kelly looks STUNNING!!! Kim,La & Serena too :))))

  2. Puppy Love March 29, 2010

    3 beautiful black women. Need I say more? Just gorgeous…

  3. ADE March 29, 2010

    ugh why is she friends with D Listers?? Serena looks like s***, the rest of them look good though

  4. Meechy05 March 29, 2010

    The Most beautiful woman in hollywood!

  5. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi) March 29, 2010

    Wifey looking pretty !!!!

  6. Ghetto Fab March 29, 2010

    She looks beautiful. Everyone looks really pretty. Kelly is doing her thing!

  7. Dilla March 29, 2010

    Kelly looks fab! Serena FAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLL. Kardashian and Lala, boring as usual.

  8. Gucci March 29, 2010

    LaLa looks great here. Serena is eh. I’m not sure what to think of it. And Kelly…..why is she so confused style wise? Yesterday she was trying to be an edgy drag queen and now today she looks forgettable and pregnant. Are those pink shoes with that dress? Oh no no no….Girl BYE.

  9. mike March 29, 2010



    OR NOW KELLY AND SERENA AND BRANDY….the same Brandy that once bad talked Beyonce to Kelly!!!

  10. Gucci March 29, 2010

    @ADE girl, you mean why are they friends with her? She’s the least famous one in the bunch. If Kim Kardashian dropped an album I betcha it would sell more copies than Kelly
    ……just saying.

    And Samantha boo, why didn’t you tag the rest of the celebrities on this post? Love how you made it all about Kelly. You’re such a diva. Work it girl! 🙂

  11. Ghetto Fab March 29, 2010

    I don’t know, I definately think there is something going on between both Kelly and Beyonce. They haven’t been seen together in a long time! They were both at the NRJ awards yet they reportedly didn’t even speak to eachother. They even went to separate Grammy parties. You never see them together. Kelly didn’t show up to Beyonce’s Heat premiere either. And I read the press release for this event, wasn’t Mama Tina Knowles supposed to be there??? We obviously can’t confirm that they aren’t friends anymore but we can see that they don’t see eachother often. You never know though, they could be playing games with us all.

  12. lyric_lee March 29, 2010

    damn gucci get a damn hbobby – u stay hatin on my gurl – she aint goin nowehre yo so get used to it – she is wearing a formal gown to present somethng thats dear to her heart – of course she is not going to wear something that she will preform on stage with – what kind of sense would that make – u dont see rihanna walkin down the street dressed in her “disturbia” gear or beyonce gooing to dinner in her “single ladies” outfit or GAGA………….welllll shes not a good example cuz she crazy as hell and i loooooveee it – janet;s not going to the grammys in her “rythm nation” attire so get the fukk over it – she can wear whatever she wants – my wifey still fly as hell – she better work!!!!!

  13. dakkylove March 29, 2010

    @Gucci now i realize what you are, jobless,ignorant hater looking for some attention.
    Sam didn,t make it all about Kelly, this event was for Kelly,s charity launch to help abused young girls improve on their self esteem and alcohol issues. what have you done for anybody lately..smh and i didn,t want to go there.
    anyways back to posting, it was good that all this women came out to support Kelly and her charity, i dont like kelly,s dress though but this event was more about serious issues than outfits so i,ll give her a pass.

  14. Gucci March 29, 2010

    But then again Lala and Serena look edgier by comparison and they are at the exact same event? Girl, why must you justify everything Kelly related? I’m not hating. What is there to hate on? I don’t get it. I just think you need to make better use of your time because stanning for someone as irrelevant as Kelly is doing more harm than good. I KNOW she can wear whatever she wants but that doesn’t mean she will look good in what she wears. All I’m saying is that she is kind of confused about what style direction she wants to go in, and it shows. She looks pregnant and those pink shoes are an overkill.

  15. Gucci March 29, 2010


    REALLY? Anyone who critiques Kelly is a jobless and ignorant hater? But Sam and Trent critique everyone, hence the reason you are on this blog. What have I done for anyone lately? Well I can tell you what I have NOT done. I definitely have not looked as bad as Kelly as of late. And she is supposed to have money? Girl, where is that stylist at?

  16. Ben March 29, 2010

    Yeah, I think it it obvious that Kelly and Beyonce don’t socialize like they used to. I think she felt the most burned by the Knowles camp more than ever because she grew up with Beyonce and she was supposed to be the “adopted daughter sort-of” figure in the Knowles family, but once all eyes were on Beyonce, Mathew didn’t think twice about Kelly. It is funny how a little bit of money and fame can COMPLETLY change people. I don’t think that Beyonce intentionally tries to hurt Kelly, that is more of her father and label’s wrongdoing, but I don’t think she does enough to reach out to her. But that is ok, I want to see her and Michelle soar on their own right. In fact, the reason why she was moderately successful with her first album was because Beyonce waited a year later to put her debut solo effort out. If it was a reverse scenario, she would have lucked out. Depending on someone else to help your career isn’t beneficial, and I am glad she saw that. I just wish she saw it sooner.

  17. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 29, 2010

    Dead @ somebody asking why Kelly Rowland is friends with d-listers. Right, because this chick is SO TOTALLY an A List entertainer!! Lmao (that was sarcasm for you idiots out there)

  18. LAMEZ March 29, 2010




    Your stanning ass chose the wrong big picture, cause that first one, she look HELLA PREGNANT!

  19. A,E,I,O and U March 29, 2010

    I thought Kelly was trying to be EDGY ….

    She is so boring!

    The only chic on here thats worth supporting is Serena…. go Serena win in Miami then on to the French Open

    Kelly keeps trying but no one except the stans on this blog is feeling her!

  20. Nicky22 March 29, 2010





  21. MJfan March 29, 2010

    Noone in the Entertainment Industry is a fashion icon today, sorry, they are not. So, Kelly is choice of attire is on the same level of her peers. Why because, they all share the same stylists, that’s why. So until, artists think outside the box, and try to be original, this will always be the end result. Stylists follow trends, and that is why there are no more legends and Icons, because these new stylists can’t and won’t bring out the originality in their clients. People follow trends not their hearts. Well, the artists attire/customes reflect their music, and that is wny everybody, and I mean everybody is a carbon copy . But Kelly is a naturally beautiful young lady, hopefully she will meet a man that can help her career and not destroy her career.

  22. misspetite82 March 29, 2010

    GO Kelly!! I love the whole concept of this charity ( which others seem to be overlooking lol) and Kelly is finally READY..get em girl

  23. ImYourStar702 March 29, 2010

    Serena i love you guurrl but that wig is not very becoming…

  24. Puppy Love March 29, 2010

    As I’m looking at the usernames, I see the ones that are sprewing hate are the one that lick Rihannas ass on her post. They say all the time stop hating on her, but they turn around and hate on another celeb. They can dish it out, but they don’t like for it to get served to them. They should regonize the phrase “You get what you give in life”. Its people like myself that are ashamed to say they like Rihanna because of her stans. I would really like to thank the sane people that like her, but aren’t obsessed like the others…

  25. Sade March 29, 2010

    Kelly is so gorgeous. Work it out boo!!!!

  26. chelsie March 29, 2010

    Well at least she is doing something positive and trying to help others that have real issues.

    Also at least she isn’t dropping dark occult symbolism in her videos. Better to be boring and have your soul intact and pure rather than sacrifice yourself to infinite damnation in order to be edgy and shift units.

    Also, friends are friends. It shouldn’t matter that they are Dlist. Friends are not a commodity.

    I have a lot of time for Kelly. There is more to life than shifting units. Some of the artists could care less about others unless its more change in their pocket.

  27. Jamie March 29, 2010

    They all look beautiful as always, and they seem to be good examples of what I <3 My Girlfriends is about. These are four secure women who love each other, and it show's. There's no cattiness. Haters find something else to do. Kelly's doing something and getting accollades while you're hating and getting nothing. Gucci, I bet you look like Gucci , and that would explain your bitterness. SMH!!!

  28. Jamie March 29, 2010

    It’s about CAUSE, not CLOTHING assholes!!!!!!!!!

  29. Gucci March 29, 2010


    Oh girl you’re so clever for that one. But then again Gucci looks more feminine than Kelly in some pictures 🙂 And what accolades is Kelly getting? Keep inflating those accomplishments hun. The reality is that nobody’s checking for her right now, she’s going to need to pick a style she can work with, and come out with some descent music before she gets any play from me.

    Good Day. 🙂

  30. niki March 29, 2010

    Gucci are you serious? Nobody is checking for her right now? BWAHAHAHAHA! YOU ARE! That’s why you CHECK everyone of her posts instead of continuing on to another one. I see her name all over but yet we dont see anything about you….um…yeah cause YOU are irrelevant. Some p*** ass snotty nose c*** sucking roach that likes to sit behind the computer and try to make everybody as bitter as IT is. The fact that you take your time to CONTINUALLY come back to a post about someone who you CLAIM is irrelevant, someone who you CLAIM isn’t being checked for….is funny. So take your basic ass back to your Rihanna post and kiss her ass you s***** breath hater. go on.

    p.s. We wouldn’t have to deal with your basic ass if your mama would’ve just f****** swallowed……

  31. Jamie March 29, 2010

    Gucci you know you’re a fan, and she definitely gets play from you. Think about it; you discuss Kelly more than anything and anybody and invest paragraph after paragraph expressing your utter hate for her. Who does that?

  32. Gucci March 29, 2010

    When did I say I hate her? LOL. I’ve just explained my criticism of her and it gets you so upset to the point of calling me all sorts of names. Really? This is going nowhere. Think what you like, call me whatever you need to call me in order to further delude yourself into believing that the mainstream is checking for this girl.


  33. Ashley March 29, 2010

    love love love kelly!

  34. divawithatwist March 29, 2010

    Didn’t Michelle say that all 3 are still good friends. Everyone needs to understand that Baeyonce is now a married women and she won’t be with her bandmates every day. Kelly even said that they are still friends and speak to one another. Also I think that dress she has on is from the house of Deron. Didn’t moma Tina attend the affair. Beyonce was in Las Vegas with her husband at his concert.

  35. March 29, 2010

    lala and kim look really nice

    kelly finally has her wig game under control, but that dress? c’mon, you’re a young woman on the red carpet, back away from the fleshtoned mumu…that thing has zero shape to it

    serena can be really cute when she tries, but that wig is a mess

  36. ww investments March 29, 2010

    Its great for kelly rowland to be with girl friends with the same fame level. although,
    serena williams is the top number one female in tennis, international star. Kim Kardashian is a E star that is a producer in her own right. She best to hold on to reggie bush. and La la is married to NBA , so she is a hostess and NBA Player Wife.
    Beyonce is still who she is………Its the International Fame that has went over board when
    she just wants to come around to hang out with the Women.
    Plus Beyonce’s Friends are International Actors, She Married to Jay-z, and She hangs out with # One Chart stopping Singers. Her best BFF friends are her Sister, Mom Tina, Cousin Angie and Michelle Williams whom makes her Laugh and a True Friend. Kelly Rowland is wishy washy and can be moved with the wind. and She will talk about a person with the media. She tells all the secrets. and She cannot Sing. So she will always be a back up
    Sorry Kelly.

  37. loso March 29, 2010

    Kelly looks gorgeous I love her I think she is a the definition of a true lady not a HO running around here with no clothes on I feel sorry for you other people who are fans of these other artist because they have no class and they dont care about you at all. Kelly love her fans and she is about to be the “Commander.” Get ready haters and watch her Command!!!!!!!!!

  38. ww investments March 29, 2010

    Your answer to the rest of the blog’s on this site does not speak about Kelly’s love for people and how beautiful she is… If Kelly had the chance again she will do the same take off her clothes to perform like she did with the Destinys Child group on stage performing international. They wore skimmpy outfits. So LoSo You trying to act like Kelly is the only one with Class. Its not true.
    Kelly has become so big with Destinys Child Group, This is why she have the international and US friends. because of her kindness, generiousity, and will give you her last dime. Kelly just is not famous like she wants to be. She road off of the Group for years. and Beyonce Knowles- Carter as moved on, and she is on another planet called
    the Billionairs Club.

  39. tweetypiebabe1 March 30, 2010

    Loving Kelly’s dress!!!!

  40. Renae March 31, 2010

    Love Kelly’s dress, not feeling the weave. Think she looks better with short styles. And I don’t think she and Beyonce are cool anymore either. U know the papparazzi stay on Beyonce, they would have gotten pic of the two by now if they were indeed hanging out or even visiting one another.

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