Ne-Yo Talks New Album: “I’m doing something a little different this time”

Published: Thursday 4th Mar 2010 by Trent

Ne-Yo has confirmed to MTV News that he has returned to the studio work on a new album. The LP will serve as the followup to his 2008 ‘Year of the Gentleman’ project which has been certified platinum in the US. Here is what the hit-maker had to say about his new record:

“I am, yes,” he confirmed to MTV News. “I wish I could [tell you more details] — I can’t, unfortunately. If I tell you, I’m gonna give it away and then it’s not going to be the surprise that I want it to be. I can’t show you your gift before Christmas.”

And although he wasn’t willing to name names, Ne-Yo did hint at some collaborations he was hoping to make happen. “Perhaps, maybe … no! No,” he said when asked if he could give is some specific details. “Just know I’m doing something a little different this time around. Just be expecting that were gonna bring back entertainment — that’s what were gonna do. Yes, I’ve decided to make it the lifetime of the gentleman.” {Source}

The last time Ne-Yo promised to deliver a different sound, he created ‘Closer’ which many consider to be his best song to date. ‘Year of the Gentleman’ is definitely his best offering thus far and I am eager to see how he plans to take his music in a new direction. Hopefully that will involve tracks that do not rely on the simple piano melodies that sometime create an air of redundancy to his material.


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  1. hihihihihi March 4, 2010





  2. trucie March 4, 2010

    anticipating anything this man does. I freakin love me some Ne-yo!

  3. March 4, 2010

    i’d love it if the album was full of “closer” and “do you” (underrated song) type stuff
    but looking forward to seeing what he comes up with

    sick to death of how redundant stargate is, though

  4. Ben March 4, 2010

    I look forward to it though. “Closer” was a really good song in my opinion, some people thought it was kinda fruity when it came out, but I felt the same thing about “Lollipop” when it came out around that time. He doesn’t have to do a collabo with Rihanna because he already did that and wrote that suicide song for her. Maybe a collabo with Whitney?

  5. ms marie March 4, 2010

    love love love ne-yo anything he does is great redundant or not…lookin forward to it

  6. haila March 4, 2010

    Have every CD so far. Love Neyo!!!

  7. Jessica March 5, 2010

    Hello my name is jessica 4rm nigeria u are my favourite musician.

  8. Nig March 19, 2010

    Go Ne-Yo I Cant waite until this new album drops..Everything this man has done In his career has been fire. I cannont waite till the new album. I’m rushing out to buy it as soon as it hits store shelf’s

    Go Ne-Yo!

  9. R. March 19, 2010

    Ne-Yo is lame. His music sucks and is kind of overrated. I hope this album flops because he is so rude, lame and money driven. Ne-Yo will NOT BE REMEMBERED IN 7 YEARS FROM NOW. His music is not R&B, it’s just garbage!

  10. Anonymous March 19, 2010

    He better go back to songwriting because his music is depressing. He can’t even sing live. He is more of like a 1 hit wonder to me. He adds nothing to music at all or is talented.

  11. Pucci May 1, 2010

    @ R. & Anonymous

    You’re probably the same person, but its okay if you think Ne-Yo’s music is lame, its even okay if you think he is overrated, which i can’t understand why because besides his songwrtiting, we really haven’t heard much of him MUSICALLY in almost a year. It’s even okay if you thing he’s rude, but wish harm on someone else is only gonna revert to bad karma on yourself. Also, for you to say that Ne-Yo is a one hit wonder, is so outta this world ridiculous… One hit wonders don’t last 5 years, have 3 successful albums & numerous #1 hits. One hit wonders, usually fade out after the first single & first album, so your opinion is clearly spiteful & hateful. He’s hella talented & TRUST me, seven years from now he will be remembered, like i said it’s been five years now & he’s still beign heavily talked about. So your attempt to bash him was just pointless!!!!

  12. Pucci May 1, 2010

    I am very much so anticpating Ne-Yo’s album, i have all 3 of his previous ones & my favorite one is probably his second album. He makes quality music, not only for himself but for other artist as well. I can’t wait to see what he offers this go round.

  13. imran May 8, 2010

    always be the best 😉 i love ne-yo

  14. Tiffany May 21, 2010

    I LOVE NE-YO so im waiting for w/e he comes up wit NEXT

  15. Ashlee May 24, 2010

    i truly agree with pucci and thank u for telling those punks R & Anonymous the real deal…man i swear i really hate haters but you know what u keep on doing yo thing ne-yo love cuz boy i swear in the future u”ll still be killing all dese weak ass n****’s that act like bitxxches u are a true gentleman and i love that in a man and u show everyone out here that it is not a bad thing to walk around with ur pants pulled up instead of them saggin cuz saggin is for n*****!! haha..but anyhow i love ne-yo sooooo much and i can’t wait until the new cd comes out!!!

  16. Ashlee May 24, 2010

    oh and just like pucci said how in the hell could he be a one hit wonder if he’s been out for five years and has 3 bestselling albums and constant #1’s!! just becuz he didnt come out with a cd last year don’t mean s*** he still the most talented R&B singer in the game and YESSSS HE CAN SINGGG HIS HEART OUT WITH A PASSION so all u HATERS!!!! CAN GTFO (which means get the f*** on for all u dumb assess!!!)

  17. Ashlee May 24, 2010

    oh and another thing ANONYMOUS!!!! he can sing live wtf be wrng with u??

  18. aundrea June 26, 2010

    neyo is the most talented artist and songwriter. i have all of his albums so hope he really brings it with his fourth one.

  19. 1dee August 10, 2010

    sheez R and Anonymous gosh dang i agree with pucci and ashlee.. how can you just downplay ne-yo like that… man that guy can sing, he is a great performer and releases great songs… just cause your musical interest aint the same, dont downplay him like that… FACT: HE IS BOSS!!!!!!!

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