Sneak Peek: Christina Aguilera – ‘Not Myself Tonight’

Published: Friday 26th Mar 2010 by Trent

As Christina Aguilera’s promotional campaign pushes ahead, a snippet of the vocal powerhouse’s new song has surfaced. The track, ‘Not Myself Tonight’, was written and produced by Polow Da Don and Ester Dean, and will be released in its entirety on March 30th. Aguilera’s new album, ‘Bionic’, drops on June 8th. Listen to the track below:

For a second it sounded like this was a Britney Spears song instead of something Aguilera would put forward. The beat and swift lyrics are strangely reminiscent of some of the material on Spears’ ‘Blackout’ album. However, that is in no way a problem as that LP was one of the best records released in the last decade. Let’s see if the full version of ‘Not Myself Tonight’ lives up to the hype. March 30th here we come.

Hit or Miss?

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  1. PAPARAZZI 4423 March 26, 2010


  2. Rob March 26, 2010

    Pure trash! Is she serious?! LMFAO!

  3. March 26, 2010

    i don’t know, it doesn’t really remind me of the “blackout” material, which is certainly not one of the best albums of the 2000s. production-wise, it’s stunning, but vocally? c’mon.

    for some reason, i got vibes of paul oakenfold’s “faster kill pussycat” for the first few seconds. it doesn’t sound groundbreaking, but it could turn out to be pretty killer. can’t wait for the final result.

  4. Sailorman March 26, 2010


  5. Blu Majik March 26, 2010

    sounds hot to me! yasss!

  6. Puppy Love March 26, 2010

    Can’t call it. I need the whole thing..

  7. Marck March 26, 2010

    HOT !!! I love it. I cant wait for the full song!!!!

  8. Ghetto Fab March 26, 2010

    Sounds like a hit so far. lol Not sure what any of you guys were expecting. Its the same Electro Pop sound that EVERYONE is doing. Not just Gaga, but EVERYONE. And it didn’t start with Gaga either. The Europeans crowned that sound a loooooong time ago. Don’t be mad cause Xtina may do it better.

  9. Kami March 26, 2010

    It definitely has a lot of club-potential because its fast paced, has a lot of bass and is dripping with that sensual vibe that she’s known for. However, I don’t think its anything that’s going to be an INSTA-hit. Then again, you never know.

    Also, the album cover is so poorly done.
    it’s ridiculous. The designer needs to be shot repeatedly.

  10. Neecy March 26, 2010

    It sounds like a generic Britney Pussycat Dolls or any other pop dance song. Her voice is too big for these types of beats. I hope she doesn’t pull a Shakira and lose herself trying to do urban sounding songs.

  11. Julie March 26, 2010

    It’s a miss. Anyone can hear cloning of the spears a mile a way. sad move on from Gaga cloning I guess.

  12. Coffeee March 26, 2010

    sounds like a HIT to me… So haters sit down! This song is smoking hot!

  13. Blasian March 26, 2010

    No Comment

  14. BUNIFAH March 26, 2010


    AMAZING club banger it seems. I guess someone already has the SUMMER HIT of 2010 ON THEIR HANDS

    Haters, FALL BACK and POP OFF

  15. Justin March 26, 2010

    Honestly, I thik it’s a little to early to judge from a 18sec clip but I think the song’s gonna be hot.

  16. floptina March 26, 2010


  17. Kami March 26, 2010

    ^She obviously isn’t very 90’s if her best music is from the mid 00’s up until now.
    Silly, Floptina x Haters 😐

  18. Keris March 26, 2010

    she says if u don’t like it then F*** YOU!
    judgemental ass ppl.
    u guys are so loved by Christina.
    she wants to thank her #1 fans…….

  19. Stoney-Brie March 26, 2010


    i wanna hear the full song…

    at the moment it’s soundin s***

  20. ADE March 26, 2010

    the f***??? sounds like garbage to me…smh…shes so much better than this

  21. Rob March 26, 2010

    Trent – be honest did you get paid by Xtina’s people to say this s*** sound good cuz you good and well it sounds like STRAIGHT GARBAGE! LOL

  22. Robjr Loves Ciara March 26, 2010

    Enough of the dramatics, can we just hear the songg in it’s entirety. That’s the problem with all this hype is that it may or may not live up to our expectations. Il won’t make any judgement until I hear the whole song.

  23. Renee March 26, 2010

    It’s a miss. Maybe I have to hear the entire song. I agree with RobJr. Loves Ciara. Enough of the dramatics for building up ‘buzz’ around the album. If this is what Xtina has in store for listeners, she can keep it.

  24. Beysus!! March 26, 2010

    The difference between this and Backout, Blackout was ORIGINAL and GROUNDBREAKING. This s*** sounds like every other pop song out there. Christina may have Britney beat vocally, but b**** doesn’t know how to raise the bar. Britney may not be able to sing AT ALL, but that country ass girl knows what the music industry is and she knows how to set the bar. Her Blackout CD introduced electro into teh mainstream and Gaga came and took it further. What has Christina done? Just take some lame ass Polow beat and sing s*** on it. Pass.

  25. Jerome March 26, 2010

    Seriously? You really think that this is a clone from a Britney record? Lady Gaga and Britney have perhaps done too much away with the techno and futuristic sound that they’ll leave no room for any surprises. Christina jumped aboard (well not really. she has been talking about making a futuristic record way before Lady Gaga had her no.1 hit) but judging on this 18-second clip, she still managed to do it differently by infusing it with soul and organic music. I’m excited. :))

    And please don’t hate the jargons. Knowledge is what makes an insight better. I’d rather have that than read this bias review from a writer who have been jumping on every opportunity to rant on Christina. Try to be more objective and fact-based (“Blackout” being one of the best records of the decade? Congratulations, you’re officially a r*****) next time.


    You’re being quite the critic for someone who praises cliche of artists like Kelly Rowland to the highest heavens. I’m starting to think that you’re doing this because you want to create buzzes out of your posts.

  26. emma March 26, 2010

    Can’t call it. The first 13 secs was generic to me. Right when her vocals started to go somewhere the clip stopped- have to wait on the full record and I HATE that cover!

  27. ~TeAM WeeZY~ March 26, 2010

    Um, it doesn’t sound good so far. It’s too typical and lacks the Christina factor. But it’s only 18 seconds so maybe the entire song will sound better. But it does have that pop/techno sound that’s popular nowadays, not that I don’t like it, I just think Christina’s voice is wwaaaayyy too great for that type of sound. And it did sound like Britney when it first came on and it also sound Britney-Blackout-ish. Not saying she’s tryna copy, though.

    And this whole snippet of the song and anticipation is just hyping her music/album too much because if it doesn’t live up to the hype it won’t be appreciated as much, as did the “Telephone” video.

  28. Justin March 26, 2010


    And those arn’t my words! LOL

  29. number1k9 March 26, 2010

    I’m a HUGE Christina Fan (see I don’t even write X-tina, or shorten her name) but I am not really feeling this clip.

    I thought it would have more of a “Just Dance” meets “Rude Boy” feel to it, from this segment it’s just kinda awkward.

    Either way, I still do see myself buying her album, well unless it leaks hella early and I don’t instantly like the materiel!


  30. Darren March 26, 2010

    not too interested so far but i like how she says ” and if you dont like it f*** you.”

  31. Marie March 26, 2010

    I don’t know what to think…. I think it’s sad in a way that this song does not reflect how good her vocals are…it focuses more on the electrical side which is a shame. I want to hear more ground-breaking stuff of hers like Stripped and Back to Basics. I miss those days.

    Retro > Futuristic, most definitely.

    I still want to hear the rest of the song though.

  32. Beats March 26, 2010

    Again very generic music. She sounds like she is desperate to sound relevant. Why do artists replicate this tired sound over and over. It’s honestly getting boring now

  33. LARA3 March 26, 2010


  34. Phoebs50 March 26, 2010

    Why is it that non Christina fans like to take their time and comment on whatever Christina does? I’m not a fan of britney all her music sounds similar, but that don’t mean i wait until her single or album comes out and spend my sweet time on something bad to say..that just shows other people that i am interested in her after all.. Anyways listened to the snippet and i actually liked it! cant wait for the track it sounds like a smash. And btw britney or gaga did not bring out electronic music, do your research you bunch of ignorants.

  35. MADONNAQUEEN March 26, 2010


  36. GAGADAILY March 26, 2010


  37. nora March 26, 2010

    this sucks, poor floptina

  38. K-N March 26, 2010

    Off topic: What Christina said about Gaga was hilarious!!!!!!!

  39. seriously? March 26, 2010

    it sounds ok. on trend with today’s popular music

  40. H March 26, 2010

    Sounds like a bad britney rip off. I’ll wait til I hear it in full before I judge… O wait! Anyway didn’t christina diss pop music saying it lacked depth? I think she needs sort her s*** out- reverting back to generic pop now that her careers almost gone. Stripped was dope though

  41. SOOS March 26, 2010



  42. Phoebs50 March 26, 2010

    I didn’t know britney or gaga invented electronic music?! duh-uh how stupid do i sound?! lol i can see the haters are still over this like a rash..Btw for those who don’t already know, Christina said she’s gonna go for slightly softer vocals on the whole bionic record. P.S. the writers who put up the blogs should really, really, do their research before actually putting pen to paper..

  43. Coffeee March 26, 2010

    Haters calm down… We all know that this song is a WINNER!

  44. rightround(U.S.A pride!) March 26, 2010

    Leaks and/or “sneak peaks” rarely do justice to the songs. They definitely should stop with the dramatics and wait to officially release the song.

  45. Kenney March 26, 2010

    @ GAGA DAILY- honey an EPIC POP ALBUM is Michael Jackson’s Thriller, not BLACKOUT. Blackout only sold 2 million worldwide and was her lowest selling album. Her best work but not the best selling album!


  46. Kiiddy March 26, 2010

    Yeah I agree, it sounds very Britney!

    Blackout was made one of the best pop albums of the decade, which is so true because it was an amazing pop album. I don’t think anyone has ever put out an album that good in pop the past decade.

    It seems Christina knows what shes doing… she’s following in the footsteps of the Queen!

  47. mrsjones March 26, 2010

    as i said before, no christina. try again

  48. Marie March 26, 2010

    why the hell is everyone saying that Blackout was the best pop album ever? It was s***, the only song that was good in that album was “Piece of me”, the rest was trash.

  49. Diego March 26, 2010

    B**** please. Blackout is the epitome of damn good pop music in the 21st century. Every song could have been a hit…not to mention the bonus tracks and unreleased songs. Dont let your delusional stan self cloud your judgement. Any person that listens to pop music can and will agree with what ive said. Its as close to a perfect pop album as ive heard in a long time. No filler whatsoever

  50. Diego March 26, 2010

    And THE TIMES named it the 5th best album of the decade. Its there for a reason

  51. Marie March 26, 2010

    Lol. well there is also a reason why that album didn’t sell as many copies. and remember this was during britney spears’ breakdown.

    her more recent album, circus is much better. i tried listening to a few tracks of Blackout but I just couldn’t stand it. It’s noise, not music.

  52. Beysus!! March 26, 2010

    Blackout may not have been anything amazing VOCALLY…but Production wise it is LEGENDARY!!!

  53. AalexisR (The Bahamas) March 26, 2010

    IDK. Think I’ll like it so we’ll see.

  54. Nadia March 26, 2010

    Definitely has a blackout vibe…..can’t tell if it’s good or not from that short clip but if i had to base it on that alone then no it wasn’t very i good. I think she’s tryin to do the britney thing but it’s not gonna work because she doesn’t have that type of voice so she can’t pull it off. Same way britney can’t pull off one of christina’s ballads. Christina should just stick to what she’s good at.

  55. JDaniel March 26, 2010

    Really sounds like a brit brit song, jajaj, really. Well I love britney music and I loved that album, but I was waiting something more like a futurist back to basics, jaja, but I love christina music, so, maybe this album will be better than the other.
    Well, for me, is going to be difficult to beat “stripped” album, that is really the christina essension, our real girl

  56. SOOS March 26, 2010

    Oh how many jealous people are here.

    Christina is a perfectionist. And because of this you are very very frustrated. Poor little boys & girls, you are on the wrong way.

    This “Christina copies Gaga” is hilarious. I think Gaga copies MADONNA. And even not Madonna invented the pop music, but Gaga is nobody in comparison with Madonna.

    CHristina is in the industry for 12 years, Madonna 26, Gaga 1 and a half.

    Please don’t say such ridicolous things that Gaga is a super duper extra multi brand new. She just does everything which is requiered for a good promotion and marketing. It’s not about music.
    I really love Gaga, but I have to admit that Christina has MORE talent, she is more BEAUTIFUL than Gaga (damn Gaga girl, I really love her music, but she is one of the ugliest girl in the industry), and also Christina has MUCH better voice.

  57. CandyPerfumeBoy March 26, 2010

    It sounds hot, but it’s hard to judge from such a small clip. I’m surprised at how urban, heavy and hard-hitting the beat is. And it’s not your typical Polow Da Don production. Definitely a far cry from all the dance-pop out there at the minute. Christina has already stated that the lyrics and sound of this album will range from playful to introspective. It’s just one song. What kind of lyrics and/or production do you expect from a club banger? And if we’re talking about “clones” and/or “rip offs” of songs then lest we forget Christina gave us the first real club banger of the 2000s with “Dirrty”.

    @Beysus! Gerl, sit downE. Britney doesn’t even know the day she was born. Her “Blackout” CD flopped is what it did! It would need to be a breakthrough success before it started any trends (see Amy Winehouse “Back To Black”). If anyone gave the U.S. electronica it was Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado with their latest efforts. It’s so pathetic how her stans make her out to be such an innovator when the prestigious she’s ever gotten it was with a Grammy for Best Dance Recording. Sit down.

  58. Beysus!! March 26, 2010


    B**** please. Blackout was listed as the 2nd greatest album of the decade by Rolling Stone, and the 5th greatest pop album OF ALL TIME by Time Magazine. It truly ushered in a new era of electronic music. You’re too damn ignorant to comprehend that fact. Lil Wayne sold 1 milli the first week, but that s*** was generic as hell. Blackout is regarded as one of the few GOLD STANDARD albums….the 80’s had Thriller, 90’s had ray Of Light, and the 200’s had Blackout. Sit the f*** down Floptina fan and recognize who the true Queen is.

    And remember B always comes before C =)

  59. CandyPerfumeBoy March 26, 2010

    I couldn’t care less where her albums were placed on what ever list. Fact still remains that “Blackout” is not a critically acclaimed album, especially not in the same vein as the ones you just mentioned. Who’s saying that “Blackout” “ushered in a new era of electronic music”? No one. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that Rolling Stone list was fan-voted. “Blackout” being listed as a “best” album by TWO publications doesn’t mean it did this or did that. And even if it was well-received, Britney’s not gonna get the credit for that because she barely sang a lick, wrote a lyric and/or produced a beat. When she starts becoming an artist and producing her own material, then we can start talking about who was the creative force behind her albums. We’re done.

    And remember A always comes before B =)

  60. Beysus!! March 26, 2010

    You’re clearly delusional. Blackout is one of the most critically aclaimed pop albums of ALL TIME. Every new dance artist openly says they’d like to recreate that sound. Piece Of Me is ICONIC. Get it straight b****. Christina faded out in 2002. Okaaaay!!

    Cydni Lauper vs Madonna anyone?? =)

  61. Truth Teller March 26, 2010

    I’m a Christina fan to a degree but thus far this snippet sounds very shitty and yes it does remind me of Spears. What’s worse is that non of the song is belivable (I read the lyrics earlier)- Christina is a heterosexual married mother so why is she talking about kissing the boys and the..girls? Then the cursing? *sigh* Using faux lesbianism and four letter words does not make her edgy nor innovative but rather it all comes off as a sad desperate attempt to try and drum up a hit but this just don’t seem to be it. Maybe I’ll be wrong but as of now…I don’t think so.

  62. parisian girl March 26, 2010

    BLACKOUT>>>>>>>the rest>>>>this snippet
    please this song isn’t even worth being a bonus track on blackout
    i see some people are upset cuz britney released one of the best pop album of the last decade!
    BEYSUS you better preach and drag that candyperfumebottomboy!!
    he’s mad and he’ll stay that way!!!

  63. h March 26, 2010


    @BEYSUS betta work!!

  64. ben March 26, 2010

    brit did it 3 years ago…and better…prob a hit but brits ahead of the game, no question!!

  65. ben March 26, 2010

    ^^ yeah but b comes before c…and fyi she wrote numerous tracks on that album as well as exectuvive producer vocals backup vocals est…. get over it 90 mill records>>>>>>30???

  66. NYC1 March 26, 2010

    Christina stans are so desperate to bring up Blackout’s sales b/c they can’t diss the material. Knowing damn well that the album is amazing & infact was critically acclaimed. Blackout sold 2 million copies with ZERO promotion and on top of Britney’s personal life over shadowing her career at the time. Cristina could never do that, lets see if this new album even hits 2 million with all the promo she is going to be doing.

  67. Beysus!! March 26, 2010

    Blackout set the bar,and Gaga took it to a new level. Beyonce is truly R&B’s queen, Gaga is dance’s Queen, and Britney is Pop’s true Queen. Christina just has no place here anymore. She’s faded, no one likes her, TGJ is the only blogsite giving her “buzz”. She’s just like J.LO it’s over baby.

  68. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 26, 2010

    I definitely got that “Blackout” vibe as well after hearing this. Believe me, it’s not a bad thing either. Blackout was absolutely amazing, and this clip sounds promising as well (to me, anyway). I’m definitely gonna be checking for this when it’s released in its entirety.

  69. DirrtyHancock March 26, 2010

    whoa whoa whoa! i know ya’ll arent accusing C of swagga jacking Britney. B made an ENTIRE tour (CIRCUS) out of a Christina video concept (HURT).

    I have a lot of respect for the Blackout album but everyone needs to realize on critical thing: Christina can do Birtney, but Britney can NEVER do Christina.

    CA is the heiress to the pop throne.

  70. TriniBoy March 26, 2010

    Firstly, you have to hear the whole song and by extension to really judge. I love Christina and GaGa however it is a fact that Christina is more talented. She is a POWERHOUSE and has been compared to icons who has made the music industry what it is today…hell she is an icon today and will always be! Lady Gaga is fun and so is her music. BUT Christina was out with great success FIRST so the copy cat thing is a load of BS!!! In Gaga’s love game vid I wonder who she looks like in the subway train? I must admit though I would like to see Xtina release new music faster but she has new commitments in her life. Futher more on the BRIT issue, I wonder who has more grammys? Who has the better voice? Who can actually sing and not in their nose? I wonder… Also when she did the circus thing Xtina did that theme already for her “hurt” single and her back to basics album so who’s copying who again? BRIT will and could NEVER compare to Christina..Gaga is fresh and I love her too but only time will tell how long she will be around.. So for all the haters why don’t you all continue to lip sync along with “queen brit”! Bcuz that’s all u will ever get from her!!!

  71. britneyislord March 27, 2010

    Blackout>>>>>>>>>>>>> Christina’s stans lives!!!!!!!!

    You remember when Christina stole Gaga’s hairstyle and when confronted she said she didn’t know her. Well Gaga Went on to have 4 #1 hits and sell 10 million records world wide and is still selling. This will be Gaga’s revenge, Christina will Flop and GaGa will take her place.

  72. Diego March 27, 2010

    Lol beysus i love you. You guys have said pretty much all i would have. But a few things…the circus tour concept came from the song circus off her circus album. Britney states that in an interview but of course u dont bother to watch or read any of her interviews. And in case u didnt know publications like rolling stone and time magazine are made up of critics making blackout critically acclaimed. And frankly their opinion >>>>>> an irrelevant christina fan. As someone else said the only reason it didnt sell the greatest was because she basically just put it out and that was that and even then it still sold more than your average artist would. As for the lipsynching its been a well documented fact since the beginning of her career…yet shes still sold millions of records…has the world hanging on her every move…and just finished a world tour rivalling the grossing amounts of U2 and madonna. STAY MAD!

  73. Andy March 27, 2010

    Wait Wait Wait….Didnt “S*** Back” come out before that crap that was blackout? Oh and wait, “Circus”? Didn’t Christina release Back to Basics, which the second disk features a circus theme? Remember the “Hurt” video and the second half of the Back to Basics Tour set?
    I really don’t get how anyone can say Christina is copying anyone, I really can’t tell if I am going to like this song by listening to 18 seconds of it and I am an Xtina fan till death!
    This is one song off the concept that is Bionic, we don’t know what the rest of the album sounds like, so before anyone hates on her, listen first.
    Oh, and at least she has a concept for the albums she puts out and takes the time to perfect the material. She doesn’t have a new album every other month.
    Xtina baby!!

  74. Kenney March 27, 2010

    well i think that for those who are born from 1992 on out only know about Britney, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga etc and grew up listening to the likes of them and that’s why they believe they’re the queen of pop……Those of us who were born from the 80’s on out grew up to the likes of Celine Dion, Madonna, Mariah, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Monica etc….and those women are who we consider the queens of pop. From all these postings I have learned a lot from each different person and their perspectives on artists today! Reality is, Christina Aguilera is and always will be a true artist and she ain’t going no where. Like she said in “Keeps Gettin Better” “yes I know what I am and no I don’t give a damn and you’ll be lovin it”….she f****** meant that! As much as y’all want to diss and hate her you know you love her stamina and persona and who she is as a person! A daughter, sister, wife, aunt, mother, cousin, friend, artist, actress etc…..Christina’s life never has and never will be defined by limits like some of the artists who are big right now will be! You can only use so much of your gimmicks that help you sell before you run out of ideas and your music continues to sound the same and gets boring. Christina appeals to a range of more than one fan base. Old people, adults, teenagers and kids. Other fan bases for other artists don’t really go beyond the gay community and I know that as a face because I am gay and have front row tickets to the truth!

  75. Kami March 27, 2010

    Since when was Blackout a successful album?
    And how does it even compare to anything that’s relevant today?
    Whenever we talk about Rihanna, stans bring up Beyonce and vice versa.

    Now for Christina, the opposing side is Britney.
    This is getting really silly and childish.

    At least have a relevant argument that doesn’t revolver around

    -The Grammys
    or the -Billboard 100 Chart for the US

    ..Or around an album that no one talks about anymore.

  76. Diego March 27, 2010

    What dont u flops get? The circus concept for britney came from her song circus. Thats it. She didnt steal jack from christina and vice versa. God fans like u people make me dislike the actual artist which is dumb i know but it really is annoying. I will probably buy the new album cos i like the electro pop vibe…up until now ive hated the way her music sounds. So im not against her at all. But give me a break…to deny the amazingness of blackout. If christinas bionic is half as good u would be shitting bricks and praising her even more than u already do. If thats even possible. So spare me. And its not our fault that britney likes to work a lot and bringing out new music all the time…i think secretly u guys are also pissed off at the fact that u have to wait years to get new music. And are u kidding with the whole no gimmick thing with christina? Stripped had ooh im a dirty girl…look at me take my clothes off…then back to basics had im a cute pin-up girl…and now bionic has im a futuristic fembot. That argument doesnt fly. Britney knows what shes selling and who shes selling to and over 100 million albums and singles sold i think its worked for her. So dont even go there

  77. Beysus!! March 27, 2010

    You FLOPTINA fans are truly pathetic. The music world has moved past that fat piece of s***. Back 2 Basics was promoted the HELL out of, and came out 4 years ago. While Circus which came out in 2008 sold more than it. Hahaha get mad!!! We all know that Christina is a poor man’s Britney. And Britney can sing, of you actually look up her songs Let Go, Love Is A State Of Grace, Little Me, and Baby Boy you can see how strong her voice is. She’s truly the first teen pop megastar. While Fattina is just a carbon copy along with Mandy Moore and Jessica Simpson. It’s over, GAGA took over that niche and now Christina’s trying to be “EDGY”. Hahaha it’s over mama. Take that s*** to Broadway.

  78. Kenney March 27, 2010

    @ Beysus- actually Back to basics sold just a little bit more in the US than Circus did honey! Check ur facts! And also Back to Basics sold 5 million worldwide as opposed to Circus which only sold a little over 3 million worldwide! AND AGAIN CHECK UR FACTS!!!!!

  79. manuti March 27, 2010

    sorry christina but this sneak peak sucks…hope the entire music is better

  80. loso March 27, 2010

    sorry people but britney never will compare to christina because christina has double the talent britney has and christina’s voice has been compared to Whitney Houston, Britney spears sounds like a baby when she sings I will never buy a Britney album because she sings like a baby and she lip sings it just don’t get any worse than that. I compare Britney to Ashley Simpson they both have no talent they are trailer park girls lmao!!!!!!!!!!!! Christina is the #1 pop singer even more talent than lady gaga Christina will song Lady Gaga under a rock!!!!!!!

  81. Diego March 27, 2010

    Lol at christina being on the same level vocally as whitney. Gosh their really is no stopping the level of delusion among her fans. At least we as britney fans no and accept her limits. I cant even take ya’ll seriously

  82. Christina Aguilera Not Myself Tonight Free Download April 10, 2010

    Really great song! I’m waiting for the whole album!

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