Sugababes’ ‘Sweet 7’ Has Sour Debut; Group’s Future In Jeopardy

Published: Monday 22nd Mar 2010 by Sam

The future of the Sugababes looks uncertain today, as the group’s ironically titled ‘Sweet 7’ album bombed on the Official UK Album Chart. Despite boasting top notch US producers and huge promotional backing, the LP, could only manage a #14 charting – the brand’s group’s lowest entry ever.

Worse still, on the Official Irish Album Chart,  the record could only manage a #35 placing; again their lowest ever charting on that tally too. Ouch.

Reliable word has it that bosses, over at their label Island, are weighing up their options in light of of the album’s disastrous performance and the so-so success of its singles.

A That Grape Juice insider tell us:

“It’s not looking great for the girls. The label are funding the project at a loss, and are unlikely to come anywhere near breaking-even with this project. It’s been a disaster from the moment Keisha was axed. There are serious talks going on at the moment about the fate of the group. Do not be surprised if they quietly ‘take a break’ (never to return) later this year. Keisha-Gate really seems to have sealed the deal”


I can’t say this comes as much of a surprise; it was always going to be an uphill struggle trying to force-feed this original member-less line-up to the public. I mean, despite the album actually boasting some pretty good tracks (‘She’s a Mess’, ‘Wait For You’, ‘No More You’), something was clearly missing, something neither Amelle, nor Heidi, nor Jade, were able to channel.

It’ll be particularly interesting to see how this all plays out in the weeks and months ahead…

Your thoughts?

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  1. James March 22, 2010

    HA HA HA HA HA HA! YES!!! At least these whores won’t be able to put to much of a stain on the legacy of the Sugababes. They will be remembered as good band once upon a time when Keisha and Mutya were there.

  2. chelsie March 22, 2010

    I still love 1st generation Sugas with Siobhan in it. I loved run for cover and overload

  3. Hboss March 22, 2010


  4. X_sugahuni_x March 22, 2010

    The album could still fair well if they release singles such as ‘no more you’ which is great and ‘little miss perfect’ brilliant ballad..Rihanna’s ‘rated r’ album entered the uk charts at no.16 went platnium then rose to No.9,even Alicia keys’s new album entered at no.17 then rose to no.1,thus with better quality promotion sugababes can still rise,return to their best! lol

  5. Ben March 22, 2010

    Cant say that I am bothered they have tried to blame all thier troubles on Keisha and it was unbecoming to see so much hatred directed at her even from Jade.Fully deserved and I think they have lost alot of fans from that whole incident

  6. ADE March 22, 2010

    Karma’s a b**** huh? I feel sorry for Jade, she should have never joined this shambles of a group

  7. Jordan :) March 22, 2010

    It’s a shame because the album overall, I think is good.

  8. chelsie March 22, 2010

    Rihanna sold 34k in her 1st week which would most weeks nowadays land a top 5 placing. She also released during christmas period where all sales are inflated.

    There is just too much bad press around the Sugas.

  9. Andy March 22, 2010

    Its a shame cos they still as good band way better than the other girl bands. They still could do better with a better promotion, lets wait to see their next ablbum as sweet 7 is till Kiesha’s album.

    Heidi has the best voice and I hope she will become a judge on the X factor when Danni leaves as Heidi is good friends with cheryl n has a better voice.

    Good luck babes – if cheryl can come back from her racist thuggery past so can you girls.

  10. WOOT March 22, 2010

    This is such a great news. I’m listening to the One Touch album to celebrate this!

    They will be dropped – but they will announce it as ‘take time to do our own thing’ LOL

  11. Tha Phoenix March 22, 2010

    I knew this would happen once Amelle started chatting BS bout Keisha – I don’t think she fully grasped the fact that noone was on her side.

    Especially with that wack-a*** haircut that only Rih can pull off (and I’m saying this and you guys KNOW I’m not a Rih fan)



  12. FiercerMC March 22, 2010

    They should bring back mutya & the rest of the original girls!!!

  13. antertain March 22, 2010

    They Best Realese “No More You” and try saved their album..

    Keisha torn this song up live though and they’d probably be controversy around the lyrics if they do come out with it BUT they got nothing lose but Jade’s carrer so they best try save the child unless she’s allowed to go back to Geffen and finish the solo work.

    Heidi still performed with Keisha when Amelle done a disappearing act so really if Amelle had left and Jade came in i think the group wouldn’t have suffered so much.

    No Founding Member = No Sugababes = The Fans Agree = Bad Album Sales = Need i go on…

  14. Jaz* March 22, 2010

    wow…i used to like them a lot..too much drama lately
    i have to say the album is pretty good though

  15. Malibongwe March 22, 2010

    Lol, I wanna pop some champagne to celebrate this!! -plays About a Girl KEISHA version- Honestly, I haven’t listened to the album coz of the sour taste in my mouth left by how Keisha was axed so I wont comment on how good or bad I think the album is… I’m just happy that this happened coz I felt like this JUST HAD TO HAPPEN to show the management, the Sugafakes girls (still dig Heidi though…) and their label for Okaying this. Time will tell what will happen but I really like the thought of “takin a break to do our own thing” bit (we all know it = splitsville). Aah, karma is fine b****!

  16. tweetypiebabe1 March 22, 2010

    This album is one of the weakest I’ve ever heard from the Sugabaes. It doesn’t even sound like their type of music. I’ve listened to some of the Keisha versions and it does sound a bit more soulful but I do believe this album is a bit beneath the girls.
    Have you heard Jade’s version of Get S***?! No! No! No! No!

    I think Jade has ana amzing voice and I wish she could’ve had great success solo cause some of her leaked trakcs are amazing but unfortunately they need to wake up and see that you can’t just kick out the founding and only true original member left in the group and expect everything to be as it was or even better than before.

    That s*** wouldn’t have float with Destiny’s Child or TLC so why would they think this is any different?!

  17. Mobyashi March 22, 2010

    Keisha 100%. Damn amelle talking crap about her every second she could. Keisha left with her head held up high and forgetting about the whole situation and looking forward to HER future. Thats all that matters. Keisha’s albul will be a hit!!!

  18. Andy B March 22, 2010

    The managment should swallow their pride and ask kiesha back am sure she woould and heidi will accept her back – they good lasses really.
    Keisha go back honey
    Heidi and Keisha to make friends – start a facebook campaign and get them on twitter people – simon cowell needs to step in lol he can save the day.

  19. Matt March 22, 2010

    This album’s great. it’s only cause its been pushed back and come out so late probarbly and its not the lowest chartin one cuz ther very first album one touch was like #26. so whys its gotta be such a problem, a lot of popular artists albums arent going that high anyway but they still do good and i think this line-up is great and i really think that if they do another album then they’ll be more organised, its just cus this albums been pushed back a lot since november but the singles have still done good as well so i dont see the problem. its a good album and i know a lot of other people think so too. so they need a chance to get some more great singles off this album take a break, and get back to making a new one so things can be sorted out much better! 🙂 sugababes am gr8! 🙂

  20. YO March 22, 2010

    Siobhan left on claims that Keisha was being a nasty b**** to her.
    Mutya may have been one of those who ‘made’ the Sugababes, but her departure (which was on her own accord) threatened to destroy the group.
    Please stop making the founding members seem OH-SO-GODLIKE. They may have made great music, but they couldn’t settle their differences.
    It was their own fault that they ‘lost’ their ‘Sugababes’ name to 3 replacement girls, and all this bitterness about the founding members’ mistakes should not be directed at Heidi, Jade and Amelle. It’s not fair to them.
    It would have been great that Sugababes ended with just One Touch. Saves the trouble. That name offers only room for misery.

  21. AalexisR (The Bahamas) March 22, 2010

    Well I like them all solo anyway. Amelle and Jade especially.

  22. Kyus93 March 22, 2010

    The album still would’ve flopped if Keisha hadn’t left. The public don’t like their new direction. They’re gonna do great in America though if their label gives them the chance. Keisha is going to flop harder solo.

  23. Mickjoe19 March 22, 2010

    If they had released the album around the time ‘About A Girl’ was released everything would have been fine I reckon. I know that was around the time Keisha left but it feels like we’ve been getting tonnes of singles. Push-backs have also been a major issue but you can’t dispute that their first three singles have all entered the top 10 so there are people still buying their stuff.

  24. Appolos March 22, 2010

    @KYUS93 it wouldn’t have flopped if keisha hadn’t left. About a girl and wear my kiss were better than get s*** but get s*** charted better because of keisha.

  25. Justin March 22, 2010

    This album is seriously amazing, and I bet if they put the focus on the US with some good club singles they’ll do very well (I mean, if Tik Tok can do something then this certainly can) these are gorgeous ladies with wonderful voices (hats off to Jade, because omg homegirl can sing.. VERY WELL). For those who don’t like them keeping the name, they should change it, because who really cares what they’re called anyway..

  26. stefan March 22, 2010

    omg im so sad,they’re falling apart…i really love this group,and about a girl is still my fav song…
    its my fav like 3 months…or more,but anyways,i think the album,overall,is really good…it has so many good songs in it like Get S***,Wear My Kiss,About A Girl,Wait For You,Miss Everything and She’s A Mess…
    its alot.

  27. Kyus93 March 22, 2010


    If you look at the sales for Get S***, it’s only sold 160k, which is quite bad considering that it peaked at #2. It also only stayed in the top 40 for 6 weeks. In comparison, Alexandra Burke’s song Broken Heels ‘only’ peaked at #8 but has sold over 233k & stayed in the top 40 for 13 weeks. So Get S*** was kind of a flop, and the album still would have tanked. Add into the equation the album leaking 2 months before hand & THAT’s why the album flopped.

    Island should give them a chance in America, it would do well over there.

  28. John March 22, 2010

    Finally justice for Keisha, the sugafakes will be dropped, and Keisha with her amazing song writing abilities and amazing voice, still being on the label will show the world her talent without others holding her back (although i love Mutya)

  29. bips March 22, 2010

    sugabitches stans where u at????hhahahahah lol
    damn it feels so good to know that whatever u ‘ll do the universe will give back what u ‘ve done ,karma b****** karma …now i’m curious about that great b**** named amelle she ‘s the fakest among the sugafake and she have the nerve to yacking her mouth like she owns the band!!!! get ready to sit down b**** i’m sorry for jade and heidi thought….but this is what u get to stand nearby the trashy girl!!!

  30. Sean March 22, 2010

    I was surprised that the album charted so low, but there are many potential singles on it, I liked this album instantly, compared to their previous albums it took months of listening to to like a lot of the tracks, this album should rebound, with the airplay of some of the other songs on it…the Sean Kingston duet is great…

  31. Cory March 22, 2010

    I live in the US so I didn’t even know about them until the drama. I personally like this album its really cute and clubby. Maybe if they didn’t have that name it has bad juju lol

  32. OPTICAL March 22, 2010

    And I think they may have been dropped from Roc Nation. Few weeks ago they’re on their site but not anymore. So US plans might not happen for this group. I can finally see Jade flipping pancakes and crepes and Amelle finally doing p***. I’m so happy!

  33. Happy Camper March 23, 2010

    HAHAHHAHA!!!! you know they say “KARMA IS A B****!!!” but seriously i knew it was gonna flop, the whole album sucks i didn’t like any of the songs except for keisha’s versions of them, throughout the whole album Jade sounded uncomfortable with the group, i do feel bad for jade though she has a nice voice but and had a nice solo career ahead of her only to throw it all away to become FLOP!!, i would be happy if this lime=up disbanded and Keisha, Mutya, Siobhan (or Heidi) comes back and reclaims the name and gets back to making real music again instead of becoming a generic 50 cent knockoff of the pussycat dolls, i hope this taught the label, amelle & heidi a lesson

  34. ben March 23, 2010

    sweet 7 is amazing

  35. Matty.d March 23, 2010

    HEIDi and Keish shoulda been a duo.

  36. stephen Veeee March 23, 2010

    i think that the album is really good, i was never a sugababe fan. i thought there songs were good but i never got into them. but when kisha left/got told to leave the band actually looked like they where enjoying themselfs in interviews and promos. i dont get why people are still talking about siobhan mutya as if they would have made any diffrence to this album. coz siobhan left after one album and i thought her solo stuff was quality, here style of music would not fit with this sounding “sweet 7”, and when mutya was in the band the music was good, but she left on her own accord so she obviously wasent happy with something. the only problem i can see was keisha and shes not here no more. i know there are no new menbers left and if the old sugababe fans get get over that then just tell them to shut up and listen to the old stuff then. no one is asking them to run out and get the album. Sweet 7 is a very modern british pop album. its just the bad press that has brought them down. i really really hope the record lable see the potential in this new and very much impoved group of youne, talented girls. and keeps them for aleast one more album. coz you have to remeber that this is a kisha album as much as a sugabaes album. with her gone and some else singing with her stamp its going to ruffel everyones feathers. i hope everyone gives them a brake for this rubbish that everyone is saying about them… (sorry about spelling and grammer, i am rubbish at those)

  37. Respect thenewlineup. March 24, 2010


    Jade is a great singer. She has an amazing voice.
    Just accept the fact the Keisha’s gone and she is never coming back.
    Please stop judging the babes. Jade was verbally abused by the fans even her family was also abused verbally. You loyal selfish fans are very Disrespectful to Jade. Why’d y’all need to include her family in this issue? Stop hurting Jade, AND PLEASE STOP COMPARING JADE AND KEISHA. Yes, Keisha is a great singer Jade too. But why do you need to compare both of them? Both of them are great so just please respect the babes. Yes, Keisha was axed out but not because of she’s a bully. She was axed out because there were Misunderstandings and Miscommunications between the Girls for a long time.

    Yes and of course as we all know they are know Original Members in the band anymore but the longest member is Heidi and they have the right to call themselves as the Sugababes because Heidi was there when they signed a new contract. and yes, Sugabes 2.0, 3.0 are good and y’all still compara it to the live performances of 4.0. yes of course the original ones who sang the certain song sing it better but 4.0 especially Jade and Amelle was having a hard time filling in for Mutya and Keisha’s part because they don’t have the same Voice ranges. But they sing it good right? JUST LOOK AT THE BRIGHTSIDE. A LOT OF FANS ARE JUDGING JADE AND THE WHOLE BAND BUT DI YOU GUYS TAKE A CHANCE TO LISTEN TO THERE SONGS? AND IF Y’ALL DONT LIKE THE NEW LINE-UP THEN JUST DONT WATCH THERE PERFORMANCES AND DONT LISTEN TO THERE SONGS BUT NO Y’ALL STILL WATCH IT AND COMPARE AND CONTRAST! YOU GUYS ARE WEIRD.

    The new Sugababes album are amazing. especially the song ” Crash n Burn ” and ” Wait for you ” . So just please listen to the album first. ” About a girl ” and ” Wear my kiss ” are great songs. I hope they could go in the Top 10. I know they can do it. GO SUGABABES!

  38. stephen Veeee March 24, 2010

    i second everything you said!!!! SUGABABES 4.0 FOVEREVER… xxx

  39. March 27, 2010

    Jade should’ve stayed solo.

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