Manager: Mariah Readying New Album

Published: Monday 22nd Mar 2010 by Sam

After breaking the story exclusively about Mariah Carey shelving her new ‘Angel’s Advocate’ LP, not only has the diva’s manager Chris Lighty come forward to confirm the news, he has also revealed that the situation at her label is in ‘disarray’ and that a new LP is in the works.

It appears management was compelled to speak up on the issue, as word of our report begun to spread on the net; Lighty not only confirmed the news to  Mariah’s top fansite, but also to fans on Twitter. Speaking to Mariah Daily Journal, he said:

“We are looking to go possibly to another studio album or Christmas album. The decision hasn’t been totally made yet. It’s a creative process that cannot be rushed.” In regard to the fate of ‘Angel’s Advocate’, he added “It won’t go to waste”, insisting that they are looking at a means of releasing the tracks.

Yet a much more frank Lighty opened up to disgruntled fans on Twitter, responding to one dissatisfied supporter saying: “That is an issue we are dealing with. The label is in disarray”


It pretty much goes without saying that a ‘quick-fix’ album is not the answer to MiMi’s problems. Granted she may be having a tough time with her label, in being entirely honest, that isn’t the only issue. A change from within Mariah is essential if she’s to enjoy the dizzy heights of success she had just a few years ago again. Such a change is something, I feel, will come over time. For a while now it’s felt as if ol’ MiMi has been making music in ‘auto-pilot’ mode, aka doing it for the sake of it. Surely disappearing for a while, living a little, and giving herself more to experience, would benefit her music and image greatly.

I mean it would be so unfortunate if she dropped another album, still trying to sell her sex appeal – which expired about 10 years ago now.  Time will tell…

Your thoughts?

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  1. movieman March 22, 2010

    its gonna flop, her time is up

  2. ImYourStar702 March 22, 2010

    Not a good idea, she needs to take a break. Why does she keep trying to put off the inevitable??

  3. MC March 22, 2010


  4. guertri mecca March 22, 2010

    NEW ALBUM!!!

  5. geeMan March 22, 2010

    No one can say what the future will hold, there are so many problems at Island and its been for a while now. Not only is Mimi feeling wrath of it the whole label is feeling it. I am sure this album will be taking care of properly. I can never bet on talent so I won’t say what will be the fate of the next project. Mimi will also hit the studio with the living legend Patti Labelle where she will be writing for the new project which should be out by December of this year. So all is not lost in Mimi world when you can still write and lend your talents to others.

  6. bpleasebelieve March 22, 2010


  7. bpleasebelieve March 22, 2010

    WHHHHHYYY? go away

  8. ADE March 22, 2010

    Let it go Mariah, just let it go! She needs to start dressing age and size appropriately for one; then maybe people will take her seriously…shes always loitering around with her son (nick) looking like sausage meat stuffed into the casing, its embarrassing

  9. ken March 22, 2010

    Like Keyshia cole sang, ‘let it go, let it go!’

    Mariah what you need is to go away, change your image, dress your size and age, new writers,new producers, age appropriate lyrics and music.

    She just doesn’t know how to get of the stage gracefully! I wonder what Reid thinks of Lighty saying the label is in disarray! wow! That is something strong for the manager of a big artist to say!

  10. lenny March 22, 2010

    Mariah’s been at 3 labels now and had problems at all of them, pretty soon she will run out of labels to go to.

    Wait till Perez gets a hold of this!

    I don’t think IDJ made any money from this project. Even though the origianal MOIA was paid for by Elle ads (bet they won’t be doing that with her again), she released 2 more videos for AA and had a ton of collaborators which I’m sure they had to pay.


  11. Alex March 22, 2010

    Have they NOT learned from this situation? They tried to save MOAIA bu rushing into Angels Advocate now theyre rushing into another album? Mariah needs to go on a break for a couple years

  12. Goldandrubies March 22, 2010

    Mariah didn’t do anything wrong. It was the label’s fault. She came out with a great album although her performances could have been better.

  13. TOKYODIAMONDZ March 22, 2010

    Mariah Carey just needs to STOP! I don’t understand why she is trying so HARD to stay relevant in the music industry. Mariah, you are already LEGENDARY. You are doing tooo much you and your label. Take at least a 3 year break and then return to the music scene. Stop putting out this bubble gum s***! Put out some REAL MUSIC how you used to do back in the day!!

  14. diamond March 22, 2010

    imm no, it’s not just the label’s fault as sam said. mariah is partially to blame. Her image is NOT the bizness- she’s overexposed and she signed off on this illfate idea of Angels Advocate as did her husband knowing that MOIA did not do well.

    What she could have done instead is re-release MOIA with a couple of the newer collabos, issue a new cover, do like 3 promos and call it a day.

    Some of those Precious appearances did not help her. Just like her fans thought that the Eminem feud was her was good- in the short run, it was, it helped obsessed up the charts but in the long run turned people off and hurt album sales

    That drunken speech seemed funny to her fans but turned off alot of people and contributed to people believing that she was a drunk, ditzy and stupid. Her appearance at the Oscars landed her on the worse dressed list- why- inappropriate dress!

    These things are under her control so it’s partially her fault and with her manager talking about a new album- she is still not getting it.

  15. Tha Phoenix March 22, 2010

    I’ve said before that things over at Def Jam were in s***** order – and I think we all know who is to blame her….

    *side glance at L.A. Reid*…

    The man has gots to go; his time is up and I think it’s about time he realised that. Before the year is out, he won’t be at DJ anymore…


  16. Tha Phoenix March 22, 2010

    And about Mariah, talent don’t go nowhere. No one can sing like her and that’s where it ends…

  17. March 22, 2010

    okay, she needs to sing age appropriate lyrics but somebody like janet can sing about S&M and discipline for 10 years and everybody’s like YASSS WORK B****?

    c’mon, son.

  18. g3 March 22, 2010

    Mariah give it up whats gonna change another album means another flop under your belt you did your part already just stop and yes she can sing but she doesnt sing like she used to in all honesty…

  19. Leon (RB) March 22, 2010

    12345 once i caught a fish alive….

  20. Leon (RB) March 22, 2010


  21. Kelendria March 22, 2010

    if I wore Mariahs manger I’d force her FAT ass to take a big break and disappear.

    Give time to Miss Kelly Rowland to shine in 2010 biiiches!!

  22. stan March 22, 2010

    take a break, mimi. come back in 2011 with superb materials.

  23. Old, wrinkled, flopped & horrid Mariah March 22, 2010

    Mimi’s real problems are:

    1) Mimi dresses like trailer trash 16yo s****
    2) Mimi’s voice is like screeching brakes
    3) Mimi’s is boring, insipid & aging
    4) Mimi’s just hype not no real talents.

    🙁 🙁 🙁

  24. Riri Fans March 22, 2010


  25. FiercerMC March 22, 2010

    Im a big MC fan but i believe that she ought to make some reimaging…
    She must fire her stylist first & foremost!
    those very revealing outfits just don’t make sense anymore…
    she is beautiful, s*** & very talented! I would love to see & hear more of her in a totally different package!

  26. Ha Ha Ha March 22, 2010

    ..sounds like they are panicking to save Mariah’s dwindling career. 🙂

  27. Kevin March 22, 2010

    s** appeal didn’t expire 10 years ago! she was s*** as hell in E=MC2 Touch My Body, and looked awesome in OBSESSED video

  28. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! March 22, 2010

    Give it up chunky! Time to go crochet in your rocking chair, blimpo!

  29. WTF with her March 22, 2010

    Many of Mariah’s video are so revolting ; All about ass, cleavage , ass again, push her tits up to her chin, bend over, cry, water, fake smile, beach, pose, cleavage, ass…again!

    Enough is enough… just shut up & R E T I R E !!!

  30. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! March 22, 2010

    Lol @ sam! Her s** appeal did expire @ least 10 yrs ago! BWAHHAAA! 🙂

  31. Mariah Carey March 22, 2010

    am I that horrible? 🙁

  32. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! March 22, 2010

    @ ….. Get off Janet! She don’t have anything to do with Mooriah! So don’t start throwing shade, because miss piggy is in trouble…..

  33. Kelendria March 22, 2010

    I say the fat woman should just disappear for a 3 years and have a brat.
    THEN come back. Give time to MS KELLY ROWLAND TO SHINE!!!!

    Its not like Mariah fat ass is DEAD vocally and in terms of stage presence like Whitney is. Whitney go back to ur pipeeee!

    its all about Ms Kelly biiiiiicches!

  34. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! March 22, 2010

    Mooriah should have followed Janet’s lead and left IDJ a long time ago. So whateva…

  35. Whitney March 22, 2010

    Does her eggs still frozen in the fertility clinic somewhere ? 🙂

  36. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! March 22, 2010

    @ mariah the answer is YES! It’s a wrap, so get up outta our face! LOL! 🙂

  37. Kelendria March 22, 2010


    Janets is a total flop ass hoee. MORE THAN HALF of her p*** poor discography is a CERTIFIED BOMB.

    Its all about Ms KELLY! 😉

  38. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! March 22, 2010

    @ Kelendria you are delusional! This where I gotta defend Janet and Mariah! Both of whom have sold over 100 Miliion records!

    Kelly Roland couldn’t sell lemonade, @ a county fair, so shut the f*** up, r*****!

    Ain’t no one checking for kelly! Janet, and even Mooriah, s*** on her mic!

  39. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! March 22, 2010

    As well as Madonna, and Whitney! Dickweed!

  40. Beyonce March 22, 2010

    Poor Mariah, her flops & tits are making more headlines than her actual talents. I’d say………….

    Bwah Ha Ha Ha..

  41. The Truth Hurts March 22, 2010

    Mariah>>>>>>>>Janet>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ciara>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> La Toya ! 🙁

  42. Dane March 22, 2010

    Whitney is not a flop…she went platinum off one official single….we was certified platinum in the US two months after she released her album……

  43. Lamb4life March 22, 2010


    Beyonce is almost pushing 30 herself if she keeps making the same music the she is gonna be in the same boat as Janet it’s time to change up her music and video direction because I was getting tired of her dancing with 3 girls in every video after a while because it became predictable and ghetto orgy party. 🙁

  44. Kelendria March 22, 2010

    @Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah!

    u sound like a damn idiot, sit ur flop ass down next to Janet where u belong. And look at the facts

    Flopanet, Weedney, Mimoo, Vadge = YESTERDAY. Has Beens.

    Ms Kelly = Queen of 2010 with her smash Smooches and upcomin HOT album

  45. Malibongwe March 22, 2010

    “After much prayer and consideration” I feel that aunt Mimi needs to take a break. Lord knows I love her sooo much. I just want her to return to her former glory days which, by the look of things, are gonna remain in the past unless she disappears and comes back with a bang like she did with TEOM. I’m not saying she should do another TEOM, but that project was handled very well and that’s actually the time I became a big Mariah fan. She needs to do this… for herself, firstly, and for her fans. I’m sure I speak for plenty when I say “we don’t mind waiting for greatness”, and we all know she can deliver. (Let me pray she gets flu or something)

  46. Dilla March 22, 2010

    I dunno, the problem with a lot of artist is that they don’t have the right producers working with them and in her case I think that a major problem.

  47. Rafael March 22, 2010

    She needs to sit down.

  48. Aunt Jemima March 22, 2010


    Auntie Carey…..Kah Kah Kah Kah

  49. Reasonable Voice March 22, 2010

    People been writing this bish’ obit since Glitter, and she hasn’t gone away since. she had one bad album, big-ass deal! People kill me with their short ass memories, like E=MC squared didn’t debut at #1 in the US and shift over 2 million copies worldwide. Obviously the problem was with the tracks, not Mimi. new album sucked, it happens.

    As for this dwindling s** appeal s*** . . . whatever. Mimi is far from her expiration date. Madonna’s “Confessions on a dance floor” and “Hard Candy” albums both sold over 2 million copies per album and each album tour grossed over 100 million apiece. Madonna’s made more money in her 40’s than in her 20’s. Cher was wearing a lot less and selling more records than Mariah when she was 45 and singing “If I could turn back time.”

    When Mimi comes out with a hot album again, the market will respond accordingly.

    Sam and Trent sound like a bunch of bitter queens mad that Mimi won’t give them an interview. Now they go back to talking greasy about Kesha since she postponed her interview with them “indefinitely”

  50. Puppy Love March 22, 2010

    She will be just fine when she leaves “DefScam’..

  51. Mike March 22, 2010

    MY GOD…. the hatas really do come out when something bad happens…lol

    Out of all teh rubbish most have you have spoken….none of you can take away what Mariah has done. Just like you cant take away what Janet has done or even Madge and Whitney.

    Yeah some albums flop and some don’t…..and the artists get over it because their bank account is still saying SUCCESS!!

    You people just kinda need to move on and let Mariah be.

    I agree that she does need a break. She’s been running herself ragged since 1990. She really hasnt taken a break but I guess it’s just her life you know. Thats kinda all she knows.

    But now would be the time to ease up and take a break.

  52. bobby from bulgaria March 22, 2010

    Ha ha, haters are really MAD… And they should be! 🙂

    Mariah is a FORCE that NEVER STOPS! NEVER…

    You CAN’T reach her, you can’t do ANYTHING to her… She’ll always BE THERE, ON TOP…

    No matter what the sales are, no matter what some ugly mothaf*ckas say about how “she should dress in a more mature way” (SAY WHAT??? YOU OLD & UGLY B*TCHES!), about what she should be singing about (PUH-LEESEEE, GET AWAY YOU LOSERS!), about who she should marry to and what she should do in HER OWN LIFE… (WHAT??? You are the ones that should GET A LIFE in first place!)

    To all the HATERS & LOSERS:

    You are a nobody, a blank spot on a louse’s *ss…
    So go back to eating that SH*T that you’re eating and don’t open your mouth ’til you SWOLLOW IT!


  53. Mike March 22, 2010

    its like the hatas smell blood….lol

  54. Tha Phoenix March 22, 2010

    People calm down. This is the best selling female artist of all time we’re talking about. Mariah Carey – of the 18 #1s Mariah Carey – the hard $300 mill by the time she was 24, Mariah Carey.

    She’s CRAZY talented, has a 5 octave voice, hit the highest note ever recorded by a human being (guiness world records) and can’t NOBODY tell me that she writes some of the best songs in the game – Always Be My Baby, Butterfly, Sweetheart, We Belong Together… too many to mention…

    She’ll be back. I bet most of you wrote her off after Glitter too and look what happened just a few years later. 4 words. – The Emancipation Of Mimi.


  55. bobby from bulgaria March 22, 2010

    I’ll give’em something to smell…

    Their own undigested and dropped out material…

    Well, they’re already chewing on it…

  56. Happy 40yo Mariah March 22, 2010

    Mariah and her Lambs are the 1st to blame !!!

    Mariah Carey herself sounds like an artist that too caught up with her own diva- ness world until she becomes delusional and affected her little Lambs who cant except criticism, new ideas, trends and suggestions.

    No matter how much s**t she produces, delusional Lambs would donate and make her 1st single Top 10 just like her snooze fest Glitter, Touch My Body & Obsessed.

    It seems a little too late for her to save her main niche USA. The radio programmers also abandoned her. Now, it too little for her to save her fan-base across the pond like Europe Asia and South America.

    Just look at the way she dresses too, nothing but a cheap 90’s p*** star. No one dress up like her these days.

    Mariah is just wrong in many levels! 🙁

  57. Lily Gaga March 22, 2010

    ..biggest selling artist who cant even sell out 3000 seat – sized town hall arenas & barely reach gold status anywhere?

    Now that’s funny… ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  58. bobby from bulgaria March 22, 2010

    @Lady Gaga:


    Thursday, 18-Mar-2010, 2:43PM EDT | Posted by Lynn

    ***** Mariah is 7th on Top 20 Concert Tours *****

    The Top 20 Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows in North America. The previous week’s ranking is in parentheses. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers.

    Top 20 Concert Tours
    1. (1) Miley Cyrus; $1,156,010; $68.84.
    2. (2) Aventura; $730,442; $77.94.
    3. (3) Trans-Siberian Orchestra; $696,496; $44.35.
    4. (4) KISS; $563,646; $59.90.
    5. (7) John Mayer; $548,708; $59.48.
    6. (5) Lady Gaga; $544,046; $48.61.
    7. (New) Mariah Carey; $539,283; $100.82.
    8. (6) Guns N’ Roses; $463,017; $74.53.
    9. (8) Jeff Dunham; $362,357; $46.55.
    10. (New) Furthur; $323,603; $52.70.
    11. (10) Breaking Benjamin/Three Days Grace; $219,285; $36.67.
    12. (9) So You Think You Can Dance; $216,852; $51.43.
    13. (11) Jason Aldean; $214,581; $30.38.
    14. (12) Rain – A Tribute To The Beatles; $182,539; $48.14.
    15. (13) Daughtry; $160,201; $38.04.
    16. (14) Mannheim Steamroller; $144,967; $55.82.
    17. (15) Three Days Grace; $133,811; $35.59.
    18. (16) Nick Jonas & The Administration; $130,660; $39.34.
    19. (18) Casting Crowns; $115,197; $26.36.
    20. (17) Brian Setzer Orchestra; $113,454; $53.92.

    Source: Associated Press

  59. Kelendria March 22, 2010

    @ Bobby
    take ur awful stan ass and that creepy ass avatar out of here and back to mariahdaily. DUMB@**!
    If u cant take no critisism on Mimoo leave this place now. MORON! Obsessed moronic stan

  60. bobby from bulgaria March 22, 2010

    Billboard Box Score: Mariah’s Show in Oakland
    Billboard has published the box score for Mariah’s concert at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California in its 3/27/10 issue.

    Date: Friday, February 26, 2010
    Venue: Oracle Arena in Oakland, California
    Gross: $702,953
    Attendance/Capacity of Building: 7,532 / 7,788
    Sellout %: 96.7%
    Ticket Price Range: $238.75, $57
    Source: Billboard | NSwain
    Billboard Box Score: Mariah’s Shows in Los Angeles
    Billboard has published the box score for Mariah’s two concerts at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Citywalk in Los Angeles, California in its 3/20/10 issue.

    Date: February 23-24, 2010
    Venue: Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Citywalk in L.A.
    Gross: $1,107,515
    Attendance/Capacity of Building: 10,741 / 11,882
    Sellout %: 90.4%
    Ticket Price Range: $250.75, $69.75
    Source: Billboard | NSwain
    Billboard Box Score: Sold Out Show in Phoenix!
    Billboard has published the box score for Mariah’s concert at the Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona in its 3/20/10 issue.

    Date: Saturday, February 20, 2010
    Venue: Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona
    Gross: $319,355
    Attendance/Capacity of Building: 4,860 / 4,860
    Sellout %: 100.0%
    Ticket Price Range: $150.50, $49.50
    Source: Billboard | NSwain
    Billboard Box Score: Mariah’s Show in Houston
    Billboard has published the box score for Mariah’s concert at the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston, Texas in its 3/20/10 issue.

    Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2010
    Venue: Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston, Texas
    Gross: $247,668
    Attendance/Capacity of Building: 2,505 / 2,627
    Sellout %: 95.4%
    Ticket Price Range: $175.75, $59.75
    Source: Billboard | NSwain
    Billboard Box Score: Sold Out Shows in Chicago!
    Billboard has published the box score for Mariah’s two concerts at the Chicago Theatre in Chicago, Illinois in its 3/20/10 issue.

    Date: February 13-14, 2010
    Venue: Chicago Theatre in Chicago, IL
    Gross: $726,591
    Attendance/Capacity of Building: 7,034 / 7,034
    Sellout %: 100.0%
    Ticket Price Range: $147, $66
    Source: Billboard | NSwain

  61. bobby from bulgaria March 22, 2010

    I can take criticism but I won’t take that BULLSH*T you’re throwing…

    You can keep in your own MOUTH, please…

    Thank you…

  62. Only 1 venue sold out March 22, 2010

    I just went to & I didn’t know MiMi cant fill up even basketball arenas..WOW!


  63. Memoirs of A Double Cheese Burger Eater March 22, 2010

    I went to Madonna’s Wikipedia and her concert attended by 3.5 million fans….and she makes $400 million in sales..

    Where is Mariah in this global scale? 🙂

  64. bobby from bulgaria March 22, 2010

    Who said ANYTHING about Madonna???

    And since you’re talking about her, though nobody asked about her, then I’m gonna ask you something:

    Which concert are you talking about…?

  65. Flop, Fatso & Drunk Mariah March 22, 2010

    Hi Lambs,

    I didnt know Mariah did theaters…I didnt know she’s 40 yo and still singing LOL

    Christina Bionic Aguilera 😉

  66. bobby from bulgaria March 22, 2010

    Oh, Christina Aguilera… Hi. 🙂

    I like you a lot too but… I didn’t really know you’re ALIVE…

    Where are you? I miss you…

  67. No More Drama March 22, 2010

    Come on ya’ll, give a fat lady a fat chance to shine one again.

    Who knows, maybe she could come to my school and sell- out tickets a prom nite? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Ahaksss !!!

  68. JimmyBoy March 22, 2010

    Mariah is actually harming her legendary status at the moment. Take a break, get people hungry for your material again. I mean what kind of legend makes appearences at shopping centres like she did here in the UK????? Someone on her level should not be resorting to this to sell albums, nor should they have to factory out disc after disc of music. She doesn’t need the money and is ruining her legacy.

  69. bobby from bulgaria March 22, 2010


    Well, if you show us a pic of yourself then we could see what you mean by “fat”…

    Are you an anorexic or something? Are you ill? Oh, GOD NO, are you dying…??? 🙁

    If you call that “fat” then you must be really ill-looking and undernourished…

    Please, get a doctor or something… Or a grave…

  70. It is a mess March 22, 2010


    MiMi performing for a shopping concert & basketball arenas? D*E*A*D

    Next? High school prom nites, McD’s parking lots, Bingo nights, Sunday mass, Las Vegas stripped joints?

    Oh Mimi, please go away with dignity.

  71. Lady Gaga, Beyonce & Rihanna fan March 22, 2010

    It’s a Glitter era once again, ya’ll 🙂

  72. wow March 22, 2010

    She could probably release a good album if she would put the booze down…

  73. bobby from bulgaria March 22, 2010

    Well, the booze is cool… And stripping at clubs… I do it very often… And i like it…

    Go eat your baby food, brats… See ya when you grow up… If you do at all…

  74. Next?! March 22, 2010

    There’s no point for Mariah to record a Christmas album because it will be pushed back to next spring or summer..


  75. Silicone Seller March 22, 2010

    I think the next career change for her is a booze seller or p*** MILF star..

    (she seems to be behaving like one)

  76. bobby from bulgaria March 22, 2010

    And yet, she’ll always be THE BEST…

    Singing… booze… p***… You name it…

    And that’s really HOT, and you’re NOT… Ha ha ha… Cheers…

  77. ~Team Weezy~ March 22, 2010

    I love the [90’S] Mariah. Now she should let it go! I think putting out another album is just not a good idea when the previous album, which came out only last year, beyond flopped. Maybe, and just maybe a Christmas album would be a little better than putting out an entirely new and original album, however, it’s still not a good move on her or her label’s part. Sorry. 🙁

  78. The 69 Truth March 22, 2010

    If she didnt go around events looking like one of Tiger Wood’s call gals, chances people might like her still would be higher!


  79. save the planet March 22, 2010

    Oh God gracious, please save us from another desperate- to- sell- X’mas- garbage- shopping rush- hour album!

  80. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! March 22, 2010

    Kelendria you are not even worthy of sucking on Janet’s bloody p**** pad! If she is a flop, then what is kelly rowland without destinys child? DEEP DOO-DOO LIKE YOUR FACE 🙂

  81. 12345 March 22, 2010


  82. save the planet March 22, 2010


  83. JustMe March 22, 2010

    Fire L.A. Reid, fire The Dream and let the girl choose by herself, Mariah needs new lawyers who can make a really good contract……..
    Why is all IDJ’s money going to Bieberland??????

  84. Bobby D March 22, 2010

    @Bobby From Bulgaria – you crack me up! Nice to see another MC fan have something positive to say. hit me up on yahoo, BjdWasHere is my screen name! and as far as the album, im bummed its not comming out as a traditional release but glad to hear that the material wont be wasted. Alot of collaboraters are on this album and it would be hard to see all their time and energy “shelved.” Also glad a new cd may be in the works. Thats always good from a fans point of view.

    oh, and hate all day, but for her age, Mariah still rockin that body. Her s** appeal is far from gone. We do live in a nip/tuck age where beauty and youth are everything but you cant really hate on someone for getting older….i mean, we ALL get older (unless you kick the bucket)

  85. keena March 22, 2010

    wow! so much hate 4 mariah here. She shouldn’t retire, just go away 4 a while.

  86. i saw her March 22, 2010

    Why she’s always loitering around with her son, looking so tight like fat German sausage stuffed into Versace dress.

    Her boobs wow..almost turns into pillows in front of her boyish son’s face.

    Just sayin….

  87. taylor swift fan March 22, 2010

    @ Keena

    Mariah is outdated and out of touch!

    Thats the fact! 🙁

  88. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! March 22, 2010

    @ KELENDRIA Better to be “a has been” than a never was , like Kelly! I like Kelly, but she has not moved and CD units you crazy ding bat b****! Get a clue.

  89. wow March 22, 2010

    Janet is still alive? LOL

  90. Kelendria March 22, 2010

    Neither has your flop ass FAT b#tch Janet.
    Kelly has future in front of her . Smooches is alreday makin an impact

    Flopanet is DONE. Her new wack ass song Nothin gis NOTHING! LMFAO!

  91. TheMan March 22, 2010

    Maybe she should take a break for awhile

  92. Angels Constipate ..Much March 22, 2010

    Maybe she should get pregnant and be a mom. More exciting than seeing her flopping right in front of our computer screen


  93. cool chick March 22, 2010

    LOL!!! Oh hell naw

    she needs TO JUST STOP COMPLETELY. She is old, fat and unappealing so just give it up already

  94. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 22, 2010

    It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings!

    Oh wait…

  95. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! March 22, 2010

    The only place smooches is making an impact is on your iPod, dummy! Like i said no one is check for her! give us some sales figures. You can’t because she doest sell s***! @ Keldummy, give it up loser…… you dumb ghetto snipe! Look @ Janet from the above post, I sure you never looked so good!

  96. Fat, drunk, and ugly, Mariah! March 22, 2010

    @ Keldummy if your looking for fat look no further than your mouth, and your momma. Have a nice day:)

  97. truth March 22, 2010



  98. myke757 March 22, 2010

    Mariah needs to take a LOOOOONG break make us miss her and change her image and make some legitimate music…she’s 46 she aint got the same issues as beyonce so her songs should be more mature i.e. Mary,Jennifer,etc.

  99. MundoMariah March 22, 2010

    She needs a BREAK!

  100. EasyBreazy March 22, 2010

    Funny thing is, I posted this NEWS on my blog like at least a MONTH AGO, so nothing new. lol!

  101. Love MUSIC =D March 22, 2010

    Mariah is NOT fat
    I do agree she NEED to WEAR CLOTHES HER AGE
    Also agree she to aleast take a break before putting out another album
    Her album havent even been out a year yet =D

  102. ash jones March 22, 2010

    take a look at: This is the official website for Mariah Carey’s management team – Violator Management where carey’s manager Chris Lightey Works. Her artist page has been blanked. A sign she is changing management?

  103. CONVERSATION CHAMBER March 22, 2010

    Mariah stinks. Nevermind a new album, that psychotic w**** seriously needs to retire. Cattle is classier than that fake b****.

  104. auntie Jemima March 22, 2010

    she should be in a porno movie…she is heading to that right directions regardless her fans tell her ..

  105. Brian March 22, 2010


  106. Reina March 23, 2010

    Mariah just needs to take a break….she needs to reinvent herself,this aint the 90s anymore boo where u were hot enough to get away with coming out every year.

  107. BOBBY FROM BULGARIA March 23, 2010


    Monday, 22-Mar-2010, 6:05PM EDT | Posted by Lynn

    Mariah Has New Surprises Coming!

    Below is the official response that Mariah’s label, Island Def Jam, is sending out to outlets who are inquiring about the Angels Advocate album.

    “We’ve released a few of Mariah’s hot remixes on iTunes and Mariah’s back in the studio working on some new surprises.”

    Stay tuned for further details about this exciting news!

    Source: MariahDailyJournal

  108. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut March 23, 2010

    Dead @ her “working on some new surprises”.

    If it flops, which it will, is it still a surprise?

  109. BOBBY FROM BULGARIA March 23, 2010


    A “surprise” is still a “surprise” and we, the real fans, like them a lot… 🙂

    What is a “FLOP” by the way? It’s just an OPINION, RATING, an EVALUATION…

    But who cares about these stupid things???

    Do I have to wait for somebody’s approval to tell me what to like??? – HELL NO…
    Do I have to be like all the rest in the crowd??? – NEVER…
    Do I have to wait to see if something will end up as a flop or as a success so that I finally can DECIDE whether to like it or not??? – WTF???

    ONLY DUMB *SS BRAINWASHED STUPID IMBECILES listen to others and then stick to their opinion cuz they simply don’t have their own… EMPTY HEADS…

    I DESPISE them and can only feel SORRY for them… 🙂

  110. Puppy Love March 23, 2010

    Too much hate on this post! Some of you all are pathetic..

  111. Ace March 23, 2010

    Im thoroughly amazed how some of these STANS are completely oblivious to Mariahs failurs as both an artist, and an entertainer. Mariah keeps disappointing the public with these weak albums, and lackluster performances. At her current age, 40 or nearing that which is so, Mariah’s music has lacked the maturity it once held in her 20s. Its hard to believe the same artist who wrote, and sang ‘LOVE TAKES TIME’ ‘EMOTIONS’ ‘ONE SWEET DAY’ ‘CAN’T LET GO’ ‘ALL I EVER WANTED’ and etc is the same artist singing ‘TOUCH MY BODY’ ‘UP OUT MY FACE’ and all the rest of that crap in between E=MC2 AND MEMOIRS. The STANS always want to through TEOM in our faces like it doesnt prove the exact point WE ORIGINAL FANS are making. TEOM was a body of work that held quality to the lyric and the content of the package as a whole. Mariah was giving some stellar performances – lypsung or not. Now its as if she doesnt give a damn. She shows up places drunk, performs poorly, and has strayed away from that DIVA persona she so desperately wanted to wield so strongly. However her most recent material, and actions are very lady like and definately not behavor of a diva.
    For Mariah to reach success again her music is going to HAVE TO MATURE. If she wants to stay current then she needs to delivery quality music before its too late. AT THIS POINT its time for her to take a break for awhile a good 2 years off should do.

  112. BENJAMIN March 24, 2010

    The music industry is just dying, that’s all. Everyone wants the ‘fast food music.” But the messed up part about is that Memoirs is a REALLY GOOD ALBUM, it has some of her best writing, and though she stills uses the goofy tunes n’ spoons, it is a very sensuous album. Just listen to “Candy Bling,” “Impossible,” “Languishing.” But maybe if she just acts her age a little, sharpens up her live voice, and stops working with JD and Dream, she can get back to where she used to be.

  113. Alive March 26, 2010

    The world needs to see and hear Mariah 2.0: The new model who evolves creatively to electro pop dance. It’s inevitable, music is changing in the direction of earlier electronic sound like Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Bjork, DJ Tiesto, Paul Van D***, and Goldfrapp. Its high quality production that supports a multitude of vocal works and it makes people feel carefree and full of energy. People nowadays are poor, struggling and blindly working for a system that keeps them that way. All people need is a good beat and something to dance to. If Mariah Carey is not willing to go in this new direction that our depressive poor economy has created then she needs to give up on music. Amatuer artists like Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, La Roux and countless others have picked up on the trend while Mariah continues to sing her sappy ballads in a bikini or in some ridiculous low budget video. Mariah Carey, please take some time to listen to some of the above listed artists and find a producer who can help you to achieve this sound seriously.

    That brings me to my next topic. Mariah’s video’s are low budget family discount pieces of garbage. There is nothing innovative or provocative about them. At least Beyonce and Lady Gaga are willing to put some money into their creations. I video isn’t just a medium that you can act like a ditsy bimbo and expect for it to help sell the song. People in this economy in particular can recognize cheap garbage and will not stand for it. Lady Gaga puts effort creativity and money into her videos and it shows. Madonna used to do the same thing. Hell, Bjork has created a name for herself with the help or her videos. Mariah Carey, please act like you care about your craft enough to give it a soul with a well produced video.

    All these things have been said by numerous fans on this forum and previous forums. And yet Mariah/ Def Jam continued to force feed us craptastic ballads and slow jams accompanied buy amatuer videos. An look where it got Mariah… The laughing stock of music and the poster child for how not to let the record label f*** up your career.
    And as for the hardcore fans who want Mariah to continue on this path I say get over yourselves, its not about you. Its about Mariah getting the recognition she and her voice deserve. She needs to branch out and evolve creatively.

    And you Lambs are stifling her just as much as her good for nothing record label is. She really failed hardcore on this album promotion wise, single wise, music wise, decision wise and its all over the internet… “Angels Advocate is Cancelled!” there are reasons for this guys. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the failure of it all. She better come out strong, new and ready to push herself or she isn’t getting any respect music lovers.

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