First Pic Of Christina Milian & The-Dream’s Baby Girl

Published: Wednesday 7th Apr 2010 by Sam

US Weekly‘s latest issue features the first public photo of Christina Milian and The-Dream‘s baby daughter, Violet. The youngster, who was born in February, is the newly-wed couple’s first child together. The Dream has 3 children from his previous marriage to R&B singer Nivea. {Spotted over at Miss Jia!}

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  1. jonstrax April 7, 2010


  2. Dilla April 7, 2010

    How darling is she? Congrats to Christina and The Dream

  3. AalexisR (The Bahamas) April 7, 2010

    She is really cute lol. Christina is so fine though. MAN AYE.

  4. HUMANA HUMANA April 7, 2010

    Christna’s looking more like Ashanti? Congrats to her and The Dream.

    Anyway, why is Kelis’ fisrt live performance of Acapella in Jimmy Kimmel not posted here? Uncanny.

  5. April 7, 2010

    Very adorable. 🙂

  6. RATED x April 7, 2010

    congrats christina and the dream. hope yall marriage last

  7. yankee April 7, 2010

    Sam Nicki just announced on her twitter she will not be on riri’s tour please post that. Now we have to go through KESHA AND RIHANNA LAWD A MERCY

  8. niki April 7, 2010

    mother and baby are just to cute

  9. Last Boy on Earth April 7, 2010

    “Rihanna’s $500 Meet and Greet Packages are sold out in New York. $500 VIP tickets in Boston sold out!!!!”
    tweeted by

  10. Puppy Love April 7, 2010


  11. geronimo April 7, 2010

    @ Last boy

    O_O they dont know that she will be walking on stage

  12. geronimo April 7, 2010

    @ Last boy


    wtf its christinas post -please leave

  13. geronimo April 7, 2010

    @ Last Boy

    did you know that NICKI MINAJ just bailed out on her? well, go to necolebitchie… or her twitter.

  14. Last Boy on Earth April 7, 2010

    “Now we have to go through KESHA AND RIHANNA LAWD A MERCY” no1 is making you go you piece of s***, get a life

    just like the haters go to Rihanna posts and talk about other artists, I have the right to do it, sit

  15. Last Boy on Earth April 7, 2010

    I know dumbass and who the f*** is Nicki Minaj lmao, she sucks and the loss is for her not the already superstar Rihanna, sit

  16. cool chick April 7, 2010

    @last boy
    omg u are beyond obsessed, this is so sad i hope u find a hobby/friends/a girlfriend or boyfriend someday to occupy your time. This post has nothing to do with miss rihanna

    anyways, the baby is adorable! 🙂

  17. geronimo April 7, 2010

    @ Last boy
    Im sitting, but nicki just bailed out on her, poor thang, cant sing, dance or nothing, chris will be laughing “HARD”

    Gerry out…..

  18. Last Boy on Earth April 7, 2010

    well it is better for Rihanna, less hoodrats in her already almost sold out tour, Chris can laugh when he does nothing but flops, the one that will be laughing will be Rihanna with her global tour with already sold out places in europe and tickets selling for 500$ already sold out, that’s rightt

  19. geronimo April 7, 2010

    @ Last boy

    Superstar who has no talent.

  20. Last Boy on Earth April 7, 2010

    so what? she is still a superstar, you have no talent and you are not a superstar, what would you prefer? having talent and not being a superstar? or not having talent and being a superstar? I would choose the second choice.. If superstars were made by talent, we only had like 4 superstars in this world rofl, now go cry because your favourites only flop and the “superstar that has no talent” is still smashing the mother f****** charts

  21. geronimo April 7, 2010

    @ Last boy

    I hope she pays you for this…. but have you seen her live? even american idol didnt allow her to mentor the competitors cause they know she has “0” talent. go crawl under a rock or something.

  22. geronimo April 7, 2010

    @ Lastboy

    A broke superstar hahahaha remember that 20K left in her account? yeah that accountant wasnt lying and now nicki bails out what is she gonna do? call chris or drake?

  23. Last Boy on Earth April 7, 2010

    rofl, you guys and your rumors, you are all so funny, it is sad to have no personality and believe everything that people told you, sucks to be you eh, and if I check Rihanna in AOL sessions I can clearly see that she has alot of talent, why so mad that someone has success? Am I’m the one obssessed? Ahah

  24. Last Boy on Earth April 7, 2010

    *And I’m the one obssessed?

  25. ITS MY OPINION April 7, 2010

    what a cutie, looks just like her dad. beyonce take note your baby will never be this cute if you have it with the camel… lol

  26. Porsche April 7, 2010


    you must be gay boy, because no straight girl would be defending a girl who could give a s*** about you. stop idolizing a person and get God in your life.


  27. Last Boy on Earth April 7, 2010

    I am a proud bisexual boy, thank you, I dont f****** believe in god, we in Europe are in a higher level than that, we dont believe in fairies, fortunately Atheism is growing alot, I know that ghetto people do believe in all that s*** but I dont give a f***, I am not idolizing no one, I am just discussing with someone which is healthy now go pray and leave me alone

  28. cool chick April 7, 2010


    WOW this explains A LOT lol!!!

  29. hihihihi April 7, 2010





  30. Last Boy on Earth April 7, 2010

    @cool chick
    I think that in your religion you arent suposed to judge, maybe I am wrong, oh, religious people, the funniest of them all

  31. cool chick April 7, 2010


    oh wow and how would u know that? lol!

  32. aries_BLU April 7, 2010

    @ Last Boy on Earth

    What does Rihanna have to do with Christina and Terius’ baby girl (whom is totally cute by the way, but I see Dream all over her)?

  33. Keesha April 7, 2010

    @Aries_Blu Exactly. Christina and The Dream have NOTHING to do with that Barbadian girl. I wish people would go to blogs that are actually talking about her and post comments on there, instead of here.

    Anyway, I came on this post to say that their baby is so adorable!

  34. Tiffany April 7, 2010

    Cute baby, but does anyone find it strange that The Dream is not in the picture with this WIFE and new born BABY. Also if you saw him on 106, he kept his left hand in this pocket most of the interview, but I don’t think he had a ring on. Not trying to start or imply nothing, just an observation I made.

  35. Arfa April 7, 2010

    OMG it looks like the Dream

  36. Leesy April 7, 2010

    My God, can we say stalkers? I love Rihanna to death & more but how does she get in with this post? Wunna need to chill.

    On to the TOPIC at hand, Violet look everything like Daddy, boy. Wow. She’s sweet though. & as usual Christina is too pretty. =)

  37. Porsche April 8, 2010

    Bi-sexual and gay are the same thing and you are stupid to think that there is not a higher power. That’s the only reason you are alive. Dumbass. You are very disrespecful. I dont believe in f@cking fairies. I am praying for you, May GOD have mercy on your soul.

  38. tweetypiebabe1 April 9, 2010

    Cute baby! I didn’t even know she had her thought she was still pregnant. Wish them the best though!

  39. Tonya Lewis April 9, 2010

    Christine and Dream you all have a very lovely little girl she is so preety you are right she does hae her daddys eyes and you ipicked out a very nice name for her .my daughter is having her first one in may and she is having a little girl to . So my god bless your hold family.Tonya Lewis

  40. Tiesha April 10, 2010

    AWWWW The baby is cute, she looks like her dad. Christina you are my favorite R&B Female Singer i would like to congradulate you and wish you well with yoour new family.

  41. fifi106 August 4, 2010

    aawww cte she soo looks lyk Christina well done babes

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