Hot Shot: A Slender Jennifer Hudson Wows Cannes

Jennifer Hudson has been doing her thing at the Cannes Film Festival. The Academy Award-winner is busy promoting her upcoming film, ‘Winnie Mandela’ which begins shooting on May 31st. Check out her slim figure above!

What do you think of the pic?

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  1. 007 May 17, 2010

    She is looking damn good!!!

  2. hardcastle May 17, 2010

    she has really come into her own, she is looking great. love her music , attitude, voice and everything about her. and she has been blessed from day one with the equipment that she needs in reach to gain a lot of respect and her career is on track and shes doing just great, love you jenn.

  3. hardcastle May 17, 2010

    looking at her you see strength, a willing person who loves what she does and shes going after it. and whats out there for you is yours and theres no one who can get whats already there for you all you have to do is keep working hard and doing the things that makes you happy, and shes so humble, jenn you are a blessing to the entertainment industry.

  4. Ben May 17, 2010

    I’ve met her in person, she is really breathtaking, however I really wish she lose the polyester weave and lay off the loads of makeup, she looks much better without.

  5. hardcastle May 17, 2010

    a woman of status, music artist/ screen actress is in for a treat always with her in up in the mix!!!!!

  6. Ali May 17, 2010

    Ok Miss Hudson O.K!! you just need to get out of that pot, girl you are getting too damn HOT!!!
    snap snap, back dip, weave flick, dip SNAP!!!!

  7. hardcastle May 17, 2010

    another thing that i love about her is the fact that after she losed gracefully to idol, she never gave up she moved right on gracefully and then the rest is now history.

  8. remmy May 17, 2010

    SHe doesn’t look as cute in the face as she use to 🙁

  9. hardcastle May 17, 2010

    even after losing to fantasia, they are still the very best of friends. i see strength in both of these women. fantasia supported jenn throught her darkest moment in her life and the two power houses has did a beautiful song together, the man is mine , a beautiful song and i can see them supporting each other from now own, nothing better than two power houses with a lasting friendship through all odd, thats beautiful.

  10. hardcastle May 17, 2010

    its hard to believe that shes looking so tall , slim and model like jenn is a tall girl and she really looks great. the weight loss has changed her total look. and she looks great.

  11. ADE May 17, 2010

    Her body looks great! I love it when women wear super high heels, its s*** as hell! Good for her for losing all that weight…but her head looks massive 🙁

  12. Last Boy on Earth May 17, 2010

    Big head but she is s*** as hell, I was said she was beautiful but now, wow! Breathtaking

  13. BEYDABESS (DA REAL ONE) May 17, 2010




    GIT EM JEN!!

  14. Harlem Loves May 17, 2010

    aww she was always gorgeous but she looks super cute here

  15. Keekster May 17, 2010

    Glad she came to her senses. She looks great!

  16. mendy May 17, 2010

    Jennifer will always have fame, she can sing almost anything. She has a very strong voice with a good sound. Then she has alot of class, she’s a lady and carries herself in that way.

  17. geronimo Deuces May 17, 2010

    I like her thick, sorry, just look at her legs…. some of us just have that fat gene 🙂 no matter what we do we will always go back to being big.

  18. geronimo Deuces May 17, 2010

    i like her shoes but her wig looks cheap though

  19. Parisian girl May 17, 2010

    Damn!!!she is gorgeous!!!I love her high heels!
    I’m speechless…

  20. Dave May 17, 2010

    She looks really nice

  21. kveick May 17, 2010

    she looks sooo beautiful

  22. Stoney-Brie May 17, 2010

    she looks good but yes i agree with someone who said she doesn’t look as cute as she used to be on the face, she is one of those people who when they lose a large amount of weight they tend to look older.. but i still love her..that body is amazing! she worked!

  23. Ghetto Fab May 17, 2010

    She looks cute! Go J-Hud! Loving the YSLs too!

  24. Renae May 17, 2010

    She looks good, need to get her sister on something too.

  25. Drey2R4U May 17, 2010

    A true beauty. I’m just loving the Jhud pic all around from this weekend

  26. bluekid May 18, 2010

    She needs to lay off the lypo and keep working out she has always been an attractive young lady.

  27. lisa May 18, 2010


  28. Wande May 19, 2010

    wooooow shes looooks stunning, ahhh goodness me and those ysl shoes are doing it for me!!!

  29. ginger021 May 25, 2010


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