Kelly Rowland Performs ‘Commander’ On Radio 1’s ‘Big Weekend’

Published: Sunday 23rd May 2010 by Sam

Our girl Kelly Rowland is currently over here in the UK promoting her new single ‘Commander’, most recently taking to the stage at Radio 1’s ‘Big Weekend’ extravaganza in Wales last night (May 22nd). The Destiny’s Child alumni turned in a vocally stunning rendition of the song. Check it out after the jump…

A sucker for re-worked live versions of songs, I am feeling this take on ‘Commander’ even more than the (awesome) original. Couldn’t get enough of the added runs and adlibs. Good stuff.

Tidbit: Look out for our interview with Kelly, which will be up any day now.

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  1. rickky May 23, 2010

    Vocally one of her best…loved the runs and the swagg she threw on it… 2010/2011 #Commander

  2. zaack May 23, 2010


  3. Hott May 23, 2010


  4. arfa May 23, 2010

    she will always be a backup singer in my eyes

  5. Landen May 23, 2010

    Kell Has Always Had an amazing voice that can do unique things.

    It wasnt just Beyonce. Xtina’s voice on Bionic Is SICK IN SOME SONGS.

    I love it when artists do what there voices can.

  6. Hadli-Man-E May 23, 2010

    She sounds great on this performance, I thought it was a very hard song to sing live, but she rocked it!!

  7. kellyfan4life!!! May 23, 2010

    When I first heard the song, I thought it was great but worried about how well she would be able to sing it live. She was amazing live! I loved it!

  8. Stoney-Brie May 23, 2010



    I’m tired of that TWO LEFT FEET GOAT! !!

  9. GangsterA May 23, 2010

    Good she worked on peforming live backthen (2007 bet awards) she was wack wack wack but now shes amazing

  10. DAVID brazil May 23, 2010

    best vocal:)

  11. The Way I Izzzzzzzzzz May 23, 2010

    Thank GOD im not DEAF cause reading ya’ll comments you would think she had a defining VOCAL MOMENT…And claerly that is not the CASE….She sounded ok…..NEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXT>>>>

    Her runs were SLOPPY……

  12. ADE May 23, 2010

    YES Kelly!! That was perfect!
    Stoney – Brie why couldn’t you have just left that “two left feet goat” (everyone knows who your talking about) out of this post and just let it be about Kelly?

  13. Chinny May 23, 2010

    I like Rico’s backing voice

  14. Elisa May 23, 2010

    It was great, but by the end it was very very false.

    But I appreciate her, and she is awesome vocally in the first half.

    The song has to grow on me, because I don’t feel any special about it yet, I’ve heard tons of songs like this in Europe charts during the last years.

    But go on Kelly. 🙂

  15. DANBOFFICIAL May 23, 2010

    she did well but she’s -NO- Rihanna.

  16. Renee May 23, 2010

    I’m shocked!!! I thought I would never hear her sing this song live! I’m so use to her lip synching this song, which is annoying. Actually, I only saw her lip synch it once at the Winter Conference. She sounded great 🙂 GO KELLY!!!

  17. kellyfan4life!!! May 23, 2010

    I wish there was a video! And All you haters just need to fall back, always have something negative to say. Yall must have some miserable lives, I swear.

  18. ~AalexisR~ The Summer King (The Bahamas) May 23, 2010

    I enjoyed it. She is a very talented singer. Period.

  19. grace May 23, 2010

    I watched this she was very good! its about time her voice sounds good live without her sounding out of breath i love kelly BUT what is with her fans always having to bring Beyonce into a post about KELLY? you’s say that kelly is kelly not Bey so why you’s always gotta bring her up & hate on her yous should be talking about kelly, you dont see Bey fans on bey post talking about Kelly smh!! it’s pathetic yous gotta bring down Bey to try uplift Kelly smh #fail ..anyway Kellys preformance was great!!

  20. Hey! May 23, 2010

    to the people exspecting more come on she sang it the only way to sing this song. and ofcourse she’s going to come up a little short by the end of the song by her being so into the rap part in the end the song is a monster and by her proving that she can sing it live it’s become a even bigger monster!!! so to everyone not sold and bought who cares get left!

    see ya!

    I’m glad she sang it live sounds waay better than horrible auto-tune
    Her runs still aint touching her simple deep era but still she’s still a beast
    in deguise

  21. peace May 23, 2010

    I think she did great. I really liked it and I can’t wait to actually see her perform this live.

    and…you are right, she is no rihanna and that’s a GREAT thing boo. It’s sad that people can’t stand other people getting praise for some reason. If you think she did ok, why not just say that? Why all the unnecessary ish…

  22. Kimberly May 23, 2010


    Please! Beyonce fans have been bad mouthing Kelly Rowland for years
    they always come around downing Kelly they are the very first ones
    to talk s*** about Before the rihanna stans before anyone Beyonce fans
    were Kelly Rowlands first haters. So I feel that when ever a person
    downs Beyonce in help of Kelly it’s only right because truth be told Kelly
    fans are Beyonce/destinys child fans The ones that are s*** talking Beyonce
    are people who are not Kelly fans per say they are just people who want to see
    her do good because they felt that She had been cheated out of success only
    recently are Kellys fan on the F*** Beyonce tip Because they are started to
    see with the the Casual fans are saying me I In stuck in the middle I don’t dislike or
    bad talk Beyonce But I don’t think she’s an angel at all

    with all that said Kelly this was an great performance I look forward to many more where this came from

  23. Kimberly May 23, 2010


    Please! Beyonce fans have been bad mouthing Kelly Rowland for years
    they always come around downing Kelly they are the very first ones
    to talk s*** about Kelly Before the rihanna stans before anyone Beyonce fans
    were Kelly Rowlands first haters. So I feel that when ever a person
    downs Beyonce in help of Kelly it’s only right because truth be told Kelly
    fans are Beyonce/destinys child fans The ones that are s*** talking Beyonce
    are people who are not Kelly fans per say they are just people who want to see
    her do good because they felt that She had been cheated out of success only
    recently are Kellys fan on the F*** Beyonce tip Because they are starting to
    see what the the Casual fans are saying me I’am stuck in the middle I don’t dislike or
    bad talk Beyonce But I don’t think she’s an angel at all

    with all that said Kelly this was a great performance I look forward to many more where this came from

  24. Dee Dee May 23, 2010

    Great and you can so hear the lyrics Better!

  25. Amira May 23, 2010

    Take notes this is what happends when there’s little to nothing bad to say .
    I guess the new moto is If you can’t say nothing bad then say nothing at all?
    Well alrighty then.

  26. Dave May 23, 2010


  27. SPRING May 23, 2010


  28. Independent Thinker May 23, 2010

    The “Commander” performance was good indeed; which is why I’m surprised the “When Love Takes Over”(which she performed before “Commander”) performance was not as hot. As good as this was, I believe Kelly can do even better. She did a very good job transitioning from her low to mid to high register. She certainly showed off her range,but I’m going to need just a little more attack from her. This song is about being a commander. Her vocals here were just a little too pretty. I know that might sound crazy. I just mean that I would like her to be a little more agressive. Keep the control and the clean delivery but give us more ROOAAARRR!! That’s all I’m saying. Other than that, she did a decent job. I wish I could SEE it.

  29. justin_Sofly May 23, 2010

    After belting When love takes over for awhile her vocals shoulda improved because that song was vocally hard to sing. i like rico love in the back ground vocals added something extra to the song. GET IT COMMANDER KELLY,

  30. Gucci May 23, 2010

    Are you serious? That singing was HORRENDOUS!!!!!!! I’m being 100% honest. Some parts were okay, but the bad definitely outweighed the good sweetheart.

    You stans need to take that ass to itunes and buy the commander single because after all of your constant s*** talk are you seriously going to let Kelly down AGAIN? SMH. That’s why the girl can’t book any semi-relevant performances.

  31. SparkD May 23, 2010

    Hurrah! Good job K! Loves it!

  32. ycDref May 23, 2010


    You understand nothing… Come and sing online ordering to move people and have fun with them … waiting …

  33. love it May 23, 2010

    I love it i cant get enough of this song!

  34. Trevor May 23, 2010

    lmfaooo @ semi-relevant performance., yet Alicia performed yesterday and Rihanna performs today. Oh. Its no point of arguing with you.

  35. tronthemonstar May 23, 2010

    @Gucci you do release the only release Commander has had is the Itunes release? She hasn’t sent song for adds nor is she as big an artist like Xtina or Ri-Ri etc. So radios aren’t gonna just start spending her records all early. The demand isn’t as high. Thus, commander isnt soaring up ITunes chartas the fans have bought the single over and over its the casual fans that havent yet.

    Perhaps because they dont know it’s out yet. She has no video; no promo; no official release in the states. So no one outside blogsphere knows its out. So i suggest you carry your bitter hating ass back to hole you came out of. Kelly is here to stay like it or not!! and Commander will be a SUCCESS in SOME FORM OR FASHION whether you like it or not!!

    Do your research before you start degradation next time.


  36. K.Row Kid May 23, 2010



  37. Gucci May 23, 2010


    GIRL calm down! I WANT Kelly to work this new sound, but I’m not going to deny that some of her stans are out of touch with reality. They swore up and down that she was the biggest thing on planet earth so I’m confused as to why they didn’t buy the song. I’m not convinced the same crazy stans are putting their 99 cents where their mouth is. My goodness sweetheart you’re getting just a little too pressed for no reason at all.

    By the way hun the live performance STILL didn’t sound good.


    Girl nobody was talking about Alicia and Rihanna, but they are both performing in stadiums while Kelly is performing overseas in front of a crowd of 20 people when she knows that she hasn’t solidified her U.S fan base yet. #thatisall

  38. tronthemonstar May 23, 2010

    @Gucci I’m a male and perfer to be referred to as such. Secondly, what is your obssession with Kelly? I normally don’t post in comments and I’m a stan. Yet, you continue to flood her posts over and over with comments. Thirdly, the slick remark about Alica and Riri performing and sold out venues. KELLY’S BEEN THERE DONE THAT A MILLION TIMES OVER BE IT SOLO OR A GROUP FACT IS THAT’S HER SUCCESS and no one can take from that.

    Have a nice day. Why don’t you do as the commander has told you and dance. It will help you feel better.


    now watch some rihanna fan come and try 2 bash her vocals. sounds better dhan any of rihanna’s live s***.


  40. Lisa May 23, 2010

    I must say that these rihanna stans are delusional. It was once rihanna who was the underdog
    Being trashed about her live singing well her singing in General they said she wouldn’t make it re-release after re-release album after album single after single. So I find it funny that you would come here and try to clown on Kelly a woman with a beautiful voice and heart who’s had about the same success as rihanna had when she started out no matter the country. Who’s on the come up by switching sounds and direction. If anything you should be humble because rihanna had to work hard as hell for her success she had to grind just as hard as kelly is grinding to be where she is today it def wasnt handed to her and it’s still not to this very second Rihanna is still looked at as a horrible singer/performer. So again I find it funny that you rihanna stans are trying to act as if your above Ms Rowland a few magazine covers and hit singles don’t make rihanna whitney houston so I suggest you all to tone it down a notch.
    Because strickly talent wise comparing them two is a huge huge JOKE!

    No offense I love Rihanna and I like her voice But if we are going off the general publics opinions and critizism than you all have no room to down anyones live performances In no way shape or form Keep it humble please.

    Kelly is just grinding right now and she’s doing a good job she got a handful of hits a nice group of fans and casual listeners and backing by producers and writers and her new label
    Plus she has a kind heart she’s going to make it in some form or fashion

    All I’m saying you all have gotten to comfortable that your forgetting how rihanna started off
    matter fact success is not handed to no one I remember a time when the world hated Beyonce. I remember when destinys child was trying to get on nothing is never handed unless you whitney houston ofcourse! lol But for real you have to work for your success and thats what Kelly is doing so give her room and let her grind in peace if you don’t like her movement then you don’t have to watch! you can exit.

    and whoever tried (T.R.I.E.D ) to play her on this performance gotta be deaf in everyway possible.

  41. Ghetto Fab May 23, 2010

    I swear Kelly must have done something to you morons to have you b****** so pressed all the time. There was NOTHING wrong with this performance. She sang it beautifully. I actually like the live version better than the original. Kelly is on her grind despite all you haters and nothing is stopping her. She’s got a new label, record deal, sound and is coming for all your favorite’s wigs! Let the snatching begin!

    You haters need to find your asses and look at it cause it ain’t CUTE!

  42. Peachesmimi May 23, 2010

    HA HA HA , She does sound a little to cute for this aggressive song ,She Still did great job.

  43. Tha Phoenix May 23, 2010

    @Gucci – come on, boo. Her singing live was really, really good – we all know K can sing!

    I like Rih, but K can outsing her any, and every, damn day of the week.


  44. Roab May 23, 2010

    One word “Confidence”…Kelly has grown into her own skin and found her unique voice, comfort zone, and style! You can’t disagree that she vocally performed this song to a “T”! She was on point, energy was there…she owned it! Kelly has arrived and should never look back…people are full “ish” that don’t give her her props. She wouldn’t have made it this far if she didn’t have the talent. Rhianna and Ciara better take notes…gimmicks don’t last …”Ride” that Ciara. Rhianna the “Wait is Over” , waiting for you to get some vocal training.

  45. SnijanaFleur May 23, 2010

    Kelly did great. I wish to see the video soon.

  46. mike May 23, 2010


    Beyonce has taught her so well. Beyonce prerecords a whole lot of her live vocals….they did it since DC days…..

    Notice after teh bridge she couldnt hold on the COMMANDEEEEEEEEEEEER but was cutting it short.

  47. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi) May 23, 2010

    amazing, she did a great job singing that song live …

  48. johnsmith May 23, 2010

    GREAT SONG KELLY, GREAT LOOK. but kelly could only ever dream about sounding/looking as good as beyonce. and this performance sounds just ok. check out beyonces sweat dreams performance at the EMAS shes dancing and sounds amazing throughout unlike this kelly clip

  49. Ghetto Fab May 23, 2010

    @ JohnSmith

    what does bey have to with anything? This is Kelly’s performance and she sounded great. That’s the problem with you Tards (retards) you are always comparing people. Just enjoy the f****** music. Futhermore how can you compare an outdoor festival performance to a Music Awards performance? Go sit down somehwere! And I woulnd’t even call that thing a performance it was all but a minute to 2 minutes long and she looked like a french hooker. I swear Kellz got you b****** so pressed lately. Yall must be killing yourselves that this woman came out with something hot. Go count something and stop bothering her fans especially when you clearly aren’t one and want to just start some s***.

  50. BEYONCE VS. WORLD May 23, 2010


  51. Anne May 23, 2010

    That was a great vocal performance, much more than I was expecting. I could tell she got a little tired at the end but it was understandable since she gave so much through out. I still am not crazy about the lyrics or theme of the song, wish she had a better new song to sing.

  52. NikkiIsChillin May 23, 2010

    Excellent preformance. Go team Kelly! She killed it!!!

  53. mik3ch3ck May 23, 2010

    Beyoncé’s EMA Sweet Dreams was lip synched. Just Saying…

  54. loso May 23, 2010

    hahahaha Kelly did excellent and all the haters know she did excellent. Kelly is building her career from the ground up again because of how her old team treated her and trust me this is a great start. There is no comparison between Kelly and Rihanna because Kelly can SANG!!!!! Kelly does not want to be Beyonce Kelly wants to be Kelly and all her fans around the world love her and are ready to make her song #1 not just in the US but everywhere in the world.

    @Gucci you are so hooked on Kelly that you go and research stuff about her just to say something negative about her hahahaha!!!! if that is not pathetic then I dont know what is. Listen and listen closely Kelly can careless about you she is only trying to appeal to the people who are supporting her so you are waisting your time of your life looking up stuff about her.

    Kelly keep up the good work the world is ready and your song is charting in every country that you have released it in on their Itunes. We love you Commander Kelly!!!

  55. TaeBr33zi May 23, 2010

    i loved it omgg kelly u slayed!! cant wait for the video yassss

  56. May 23, 2010

    yeeeeessssssss kelly, u worked that out…..vocals were damn near flawless…..cant wait till u start that US promo, people better stand up!!!!!!

  57. Bbop May 23, 2010

    Ummm all of that was not live. I guess I’m the only one who hears the difference between her live voice and the auto tune track. Is there video to this?

  58. Muni May 23, 2010


  59. Gucci May 23, 2010

    Okay girlies this is ridiculous! I can’t mention Kelly’s performance without 20 people bringing up Rihanna. WHO CARES? I just didn’t like THIS performance vocally and the stans who are praising it are hardly telling the truth. Yes she CAN sing, just not in this particular performance. SHEESH! Can we leave Rihanna out of it? I never claimed that Rihanna sings better than her or anything like that. I think you Kelly stans might just be a little INSECURE.

    @Tha Phoenix
    Okay honey 🙂 But this was never a competition, I was just saying.

    Girl, whatever. I don’t dislike Kelly. I like this song but it wasn’t her best performance. I don’t care what you say. You should have commanded her stans to buy the single.

    @Ghetto Fab
    Ok honey, Never said she wasn’t on her grind. She just needs to sell that single and book shows that will give her a good look here in the states. It’s called honesty sweetie!

    Girl there is no video for this performance. All I have to go by is the sound, and the sound wasn’t her best. #thatisall

  60. mel May 23, 2010

    Kelly that was great……… And her single is charting it is already on the Dance Charts in the US.

  61. Tha Phoenix May 23, 2010

    @Gucci – fair enough, boo. xoxo 🙂

  62. C** May 23, 2010

    The b**** slayed, while DANCING.
    What has Rifhagget slayed beside Jay’s d***?

  63. C** May 23, 2010

    Cucci and HIS damn priorities.

  64. Chua! AGAIN, I WILL SAY: May 23, 2010


  65. H-Gal May 23, 2010

    Amazing live performance!
    I hope the reason Kelly is releasing her album in September is coz she has heaps of big interviews/promotion plans lined up in july/aug.

  66. Jamie May 23, 2010

    Ya’ll haters always tryna find something negative. Ya’ll know Kelly is about to blow up and ya’ll have doubted her so much, that ya’ll hate to eat ya’ll own words. Everytime it comes to Kelly, ya’ll turn into vocal experts, but where the hell are ya’ll grammys and record deals?

  67. dakkylove May 24, 2010

    wow…wow..i love the way she turned up the performance and changed the tune a bit to be more urban,
    she sounded great i need the video for this performance ASAP

  68. Love May 24, 2010


    Ok .. Shut up you wear me out ..

  69. plug May 24, 2010

    To be frank i don’t know what the comparism between rihanna and kelly is all about. when it comes to vocals and harmony kelly is way better than rihanna but when we talk about the swag, materials and the team behind the artist then we can give it to rihanna. All kelly needs is the right team.

  70. David May 28, 2010

    this is my favortie song she has ever came out with. n she killed this live performance

  71. tweetypiebabe1 May 29, 2010

    Strong Strong AMAZING vocals!! Love me some Kelly =]

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