Janelle Monáe Rocks ‘Mo’Nique’

Published: Thursday 10th Jun 2010 by Trent

The incredible Janelle Monáe made a promotional stop on ‘The Mo’Nique Show‘ last evening. The electrifying performer did a rendition of ‘Tightrope’ which serves as the 1st single from her recently released album, ‘The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III of IV)’. Check out Monáe’s performance below:

While this was not Monáe’s best showing, she still rocked the life out of that stage. The 24 year old may have just been nervous performing in front that particular audience and/or the overly dramatic Mo’Nique. Still, she did great!


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  1. Mr.727 June 10, 2010

    Again she killed it! Queen Monae!!!!!

  2. Baron June 10, 2010

    Her figure, face, hair, and teeth, man…just flawless. This girl radiates class, talent and elegance.

  3. kay21 June 10, 2010

    she needs to change that fugly hairdo

  4. AMR June 10, 2010

    what do you mean she didn’t do as well? What do you mean she was nervous?! I can’t tell! GREAT performance! I wish the camera angles would’ve focused on her and her feet more though but it’s cool! Wondaland killlled it again! Great job!

  5. Jules June 10, 2010

    She KILLED IT!!!!

    Stop hating haters- spend that time doing something else…like breathing or community service.

    Janelle Monae rips the stage EVERY time!

  6. KM June 10, 2010

    @Kay21 – seriously? janelle’s gorgeous!!!!! And her hair is amazing!

  7. Last Boy on Earth June 10, 2010

    I love this woman

  8. bluekid June 10, 2010

    She has the whole Killlluminati on her head. I tell you what message is they are trying to give us are we all going to be slaves for the rest of our live and are we going to be slaves in our graves.

    Some body is trying to rush the second coming of Christ. With all this Sun worshiping.

  9. KingMo June 10, 2010

    I L-O-V-E her. She’s SO underrated and she really killed it…i always watch this girl in awe cuz she’s what music needs right now.

  10. BitchPlease June 10, 2010

    We finally got a female James Brown.She is great. 🙂

  11. Casper83 June 10, 2010

    I’m glad to see that she is getting was she deserves, and that recognition she has worked very hard, and she is being underrated, she is bringing real talent and music back to how it should be, Beyounce and Rihanna ain’t got nothing on Janelle Monae she blew them out the water, and to be honest I don’t think they have a chance at competeing with Janelle she is raw and pure talent and can’t wait for her to win that Grammy she deserves, she is awesome I listen to her album everyday and absolutely love her.

  12. ADE June 10, 2010

    I keep trying to get into this girl coz all my friends are raving about her but I really can’t. I just can’t tolerate her 🙁

  13. High-UP June 10, 2010

    Yeaaa..Go Head Janelle

  14. NOT ASLEEP June 11, 2010


  15. Chile Please! June 11, 2010

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS Work B****!!!!! She straight up killed that s***! I really didn’t care for the song too much but that performance right there changed my mind! Alllll Right!

  16. True Blue June 11, 2010

    Damn, why are people slamming Trent? He didn’t diss her, he just said that this wasn’t her best performance, but it was still otherwise good. I understand being a fan of an artist, you’ll want to defend them when you feel they’re being put under the bus, but you guys need to learn how to take constructive criticism as well. No artist, no matter how great they are, is above it. Now my thoughts on the performance, I thought she did well, but I think her concert performances are more riveting than her TV performances. Could be nerves. Also, I understand what her reasons are for wearing her trademark tuxedo, but damn it, I am also starting to get annoyed by it. If she wants to wear suits as her trademark, fine. Just try wearing more than one variety. If she wants to make black & white her trademark, fine. Just wear different clothes. But it’s been three years since you started wearing that damn tuxedo everywhere. CHANGE IT UP!

    And on another note, why isn’t P.Diddy promoting her more? All I’ve seen her so far is on a couple of talk shows, that’s it. I don’t hear her songs everywhere, I don’t see every major music publication talking about her, she hasn’t been booked on any major tour (Lilith Fair and Erykah Badu don’t count as “major” to me, sorry). I hope the naysayers who said she flushed her career in the toilet by signing with Bad Boy Records haven’t been proven right.

  17. Donald June 11, 2010

    Janelle Monae is a pitiful joke.

  18. roadsareendless June 11, 2010

    she needs to change up her clothes every once in awhile. the same clothes, all day everyday, does she even wash them? whats the point of watching more than one performance if she does the same thing everytime, and dont even change up her outfit? BORING!

    besides her being quite funny looking, i do respect her fresh sense of artistry :]

  19. Music lover June 11, 2010

    I don’t think she has to change for anybody if she wants to wear her hair like that, and dress in black and white why not its not about the clothes its about the music.!!! Stop being so superficial

  20. roadsareendless June 12, 2010

    i have nothing against black & white, i have nothing against tuxes. i just think it gets a tad tedious to watch a performer wear the same damn outfit every single time theyre on stage. and ur right its not about the clothes, its about the image accompanying the performance. and somebody who is as good as a performer as janelle should understand that.

  21. Music lover June 12, 2010

    Ok i understand your point of view, i thought you were just blatantly being rude and dismissing her talent solely based on what she wears, now i know your not. But why does the “image accompanying the performance” matter, especially if her image does not offend anyone, like i said before shouldn’t it be about the music. Other great artist like Michael Jackson, James Brown have signature looks that there known for, would you say their performances were tedious? Just a thought not bashing you at all…

  22. Angie June 12, 2010

    When you say that “particular audience,” do you mean black people?? Why would Mo’Nique make anyone nervous. She has one of the warmest personalities and her audience is very receptive.

  23. dj August 22, 2013

    For all the haters….STOP Hatin’!

    That girl rocked the show. She is a true entertainer that has class! She is awesome!

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