Christina Aguilera & Label At War?

Published: Sunday 18th Jul 2010 by Sam

With Christina Aguilera‘s latest LP ‘Bionic’ currently no where to be seen on the charts, new reports are suggesting that her long-time label RCA are concerned with the singer’s ‘headstrong’ attitude.

Aguilera, 29, is said to have bumped heads with the label many a time over the direction of the album…an album which went on to become, not only a commercial catastrophe, but the lowest selling of the star’s career.

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Via NY Post

Christina Aguilera’s new album, “Bionic,” is doing so poorly, music insiders say her label RCA is in “rescue mode.”

Sales for Aguilera’s fourth album have barely hit 200,000 in five weeks of release. It debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard charts and quickly fell out of the Top 10. (In comparison, Drake’s “Thank Me Later” sold about 450,000 in its first week.)

The tepid sales come as Aguilera canceled her summer tour, citing inadequate rehearsal time between the album release and the tour dates. Plus, with the release of her sexually charged video for “Not Myself Tonight” — in which she wore bondage gear and kissed women — critics slammed her as a Lady Gaga knockoff.

Music-industry insiders said Aguilera misjudged the market.

Her early albums seemed rebellious and edgy compared with Britney Spears’ and Jessica Simpson’s, but she’s now competing against more avant-garde acts such as Gaga, Rihanna and M.I.A.

In the four-year lag since her last album, “Back to Basics,” Aguilera has had a child, Max. Now, a source said, she “wants to compete with her peers, but there is a disconnect because, over the years, she’s been a mother and a wife, not a rocker.”

Plus, said insiders, Aguilera has not been willing to adapt. “The label has done its part, but she’s headstrong. There have been candid conversations between her and the label about connectivity, but it doesn’t seem that she’s been open to that dialogue.”

An RCA rep denies any panic, saying Aguilera “is a pillar of the RCA Music Group and is an undeniable talent with one of the greatest voices of our time. She continues to push herself as an artist, and we are behind her efforts 100 percent.”

If Aguilera is the pillar of her label, it looks like that ship is set to sink Titanic-style – just like ‘Bionic’ did. Harsh-sounding perhaps, yet I fail to see how selling 181,883 copies of your latest album (total) – after a huge promotional push – equates to being the cornerstone of one’s label. If anything, at this point, for all her talent, Aguilera is pretty much a commercial liability – based on the millions of $$$ wasted on her (good, yet) dead-on-arrival album, as well as the public perception of her (see: unoriginal, catty, unlike-able).

The worst part of the whole sha’bang is that it’s not at all hard to believe that the ‘Dirrty’ singer was ‘difficult’ to work with during the album’s creation. A personal observation of Aguilera, ever since ‘Stripped’ success, is that she has exuded a certain cockiness about her abilities and ear for ‘good music’. However, while I agree she is one of this generation’s premier talents, her musical output has been rather patchy. Yes, her earliest material spawned notable hits, and ‘Stripped’ elevated her to that next level; yet her output since then doesn’t warrant such self-praise. After all, 2006’s ‘Back to Basics’ was drier than toast (with sales to match), and the audio garbage that was the new songs on 2008’s ‘Keeps Gettin’ Better’ compilation are best left forgotten. Not to speak of ‘Bionic’.

Needless to say, RCA will be calling the shots on her next project, which I have a strong feeling will be out much sooner than the four years Aguilera likes to take between albums (they will be looking to regenerate the lost $$$ spent on this LP). Whether folk will be checking for ol’ Chrissy is another story. I guess time will tell…

Your thoughts?

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  1. SparkD July 18, 2010

    Sounds like Clive vs. Kelly Clarkson fight.

  2. DOB July 18, 2010

    Harsh but true. She looks SILLY trying to keep up with Lady Gaga and Rhianna. “Not Myself Tonight” is a less impressive version of “Dirrty” and a step back for Christina. She needs to humble herself, exercise some restraint with her vocals, and totally tone down/revamp her image. She has an opportunity to change the current state of music by making it about the music and voice, but she lost that chance by trying to keep up with what’s hot at the moment. She still has a chance, but she has to re-evaluate things QUICKLY before it’s too late.

  3. Ndj2010 July 18, 2010

    Bionic is by far one of the most outstanding albums of 2010.

    It’s a shame that people no longer see Christina as relevant. For example, a little more audience research would have indicated the need for a double single release e.g. Not Myself Tonight for the clubs and You Lost Me for the adult contemporary Market – would have given a better idea of how the LP would have performed and would have told Xtina and the label the best way to proceed.

    Live and learn Mjss Aguilera

  4. bjksolo July 18, 2010


  5. The Skorpion July 18, 2010

    There is no excuse for Christina Aguilera’s music not being played on the radio. As much as I love You Lost Me, its a poor second single. Bionic has great singles such as Bionic, Prima Donna, Vanity, and Elastic Love. Ballads are not working right now. If anything You Lost Me should be the final single.

  6. mark ginnis July 18, 2010

    The layoff killed her like it killed Ashanti(and Nelly) . You cant go away four years. People keep tellin Beyonce to sit down but she knows better. Pop culture abhors a vaccum.

  7. nickalus Randle July 18, 2010

    HER ALBUM IS VERY GOOD! she just released the wrong video 1st…it was too much GAGA comparisons, WHICH IS JUST DUMB! AGUILERA been dirty, LOVE it, BUT HER SLOW SONGS ARE THE cds stand outs, ALLLLL OUTSTANDING!!!!

  8. KELLY FLOPLAND July 18, 2010

    I’ve listened to Christina FLOPguilera’s album but sorry all of the songs on Christina FLOPguilera’s album are TRASH. Why doesn’t Christina FLOPguilera take some singing lessons from BEYONCE THE QUEEN THE VOICE cos all you know is dancing like a STRIPPER and SCREAMING at the top of your lungs!


    Christina FLOPguilera – FLOP
    Whitney FLOPston – FLOP
    Kelly Flopland – TRIPLE FLOP

    I’m not afraid of offending any fans cos what I’m saying is THE TRUTH

  9. KELLY FLOPLAND July 18, 2010


  10. JJ July 18, 2010


    What has BeYAWNce got to do with this post?

  11. not hating, just saying July 18, 2010

    I knew this had to be the case from the beginning. I always had a feeling that Christina was tough to work with because they allowed her so much control over the last two projects. Now she thinks she knows what works. But what she doesn’t realize is that over the course of that four years she was gone alot of things changed. Like I said once before when Back To Basics came out I was a sophomore in high school and now I’m just finshing my sophomore year of college. Those four and a half years changes people’s opinions about life, music among other things.

    She talked so much about the future but nothing she did was new and refreshing. it’s all been done. She has yet to get her ass on Twitter. Thats one of the main things why alot of celebrities are doing so well on the charts. They stay in close contact with their fans. not everyone goes to their favorite artists website anymore to find out whats going on. They hit Twitter and the blogs to find out. And with her not being on Twitter and all the blog posts about her pretty much being negavite, her album didnt stand a chance in hell. It’s sad because it really is a great album. but without the right promotions techniques it was doomed for failure, I mean she didint go overseas once to promote and just asssumed that it would do great numbers everywhere, The US showed her lol

    Let’s hope “You Lost Me” does something to sprak interest again.

    If not get ready for a new Christina album in 2011/2012

  12. justine July 18, 2010

    when is that new song “you flopped me” coming out?

  13. JD July 18, 2010

    I dont see whats so wrong with the album. I think its a great mainstream album with something from every genre. Of course people will make it look like she’s hard to work with but I really dont care about all that. She has the sales and grammies to back her up. And if she needs to sign with a new label then she should. The only major act on RCA is Christina. She should sign with Live Nation perhaps. How was her last album dry when it debuted at #1 and was supported with a worldwide tour? People will just not give her a break, its sad. I only have her Stripped and Bionic albums but Ive always been supporter of hers and always will be. She has nothing to prove, she’s her own person and Christina refuses to be used as a puppet like Lady gaga, Beyonce, and Britney has been. Last time I checked, Britney’s sales havent been all that either….

  14. WorldCupAddict July 18, 2010

    Barry Weiss should be fired. He is doing a terrible job running the RCA/Jive Label group. He is in control of the artists. He was calling the shots on this album. This album is not what she wanted. Now the blame is on her? The blame should be on RCA & Barry wiess for getting in the way. If they did not get in the way the album would have been a really great album, sales would be good and there would be no Lady Gaga comparrisons. That scumbag Perez Hilton would have nothing to run on.

    Please, RCA is entirely to blame. She probitly fought then so much to have it her way but it probitly got a point where she was out of energy when it came to fighting them.

    All this is proof that the major label system is dying and thank God it is. Major labels are to blame for the industry’s biggest problems. Barry Weiss and RCA are golden examples

  15. Kenney July 18, 2010

    @ SAM-






    F*** U AND F*** TRENT…


  16. thekiddz July 18, 2010

    @Kelly Flopland

    PLEASE, think before you submit your comments. You’re making the true Beyonce fans look real stupid. Beyonce owes a huge debt of gratitude towards Whitney and Mariah, she knows this. And this is a CHRISTINA post; you bringing up Beyonce is irrelevant to the topic at hand.

  17. ADE July 18, 2010

    ^^^Sam isn’t and Aussie mate, he’s British…unless that was a typo and you meant P******? I listened to her new album and I have to say it’s not bad at all. But I think this whole story about her not wanting to listen and adapt is true. She has the worst attitude ever! That’s the first thing she needs to check and the rest will follow suit. I’ve spoken to a lot of people that actually like her music but are way too put off by her attitude, same as me. She exudes such cockiness and rudeness which never goes down well, she may be entitled to be a little cocky but she needs to learn to keep it classy.

  18. gio88 July 18, 2010

    in my opinion great part (but not all!) of this flop is due to her mangement! the have done bad choices! like choosing nmt as lead single , not releasing officially a second single , with video ec… , before releasing the album , not pushing back the album , and all this “fight” between aguilera-gaga has compromised her image , beacuse now she is hated from gaga fans that are millions all over the world!!

  19. smartee July 18, 2010

    I can’t believe it, after all of this proof that Christina’s career is over, her dumba** FANATICS still wanna make excuses for her? What don’t y’all understand? IT’S CHRISTINA’S FAULT! Karma is finally coming her way. I remember watching a talk show, like 7 years ago, when Kathy Griffin was a guest and was talking about how much of a DIVA Miss Aguilera was. She mentioned how she got on her tour bus and was walking around like she was the sh** and even showed it to the audience, who laughed!

    Christina has always explained to the public about her visions of her albums, what the songs meant, and the direction she was taking! Christina has had full control over her decisions. She’s the one who HATED HER INNOCENT POPPY GIRL IMAGE and decided to be NASTY AND DIRTY! Just face it, SHE TRIED TO KEEP UP WITH GAGA AND EVEN RIHANNA and failed! She tried to play it off by mentioning how long she’s been in the game and acting like she was inspired by Madonna this time around when yet, she was just trying to do what all the “hottest” female singers are doing!

    I listened to the entire album, even went back to listen to it again, and her upbeat songs sound like nothing but cheap 80’s electro pop trash! God, that music is annoying! Her ballads are much better, but the only song on there that stands out is “S** for Breakfast” even though the title is inappropriate. “You Lost Me” isn’t my taste but is a good ballad, but no ones checking for that song.

    Her time has ended. She took too long of a break, and she’s not able to reinvent herself like Madonna, Janet, Michael, and Mariah were able to do in the past. Her career is over. Why do y’all keep on holding on to her?

  20. UGh July 18, 2010

    I think 4 years was good enough to go away and come back with a hot album but not everyone can do it MJ, Sade and the rest of the great artists. Christina has such an amazing and powerful voice, it’t too bad her people or her don’t know what their doing.

  21. NIQUE July 18, 2010






  22. that stupid juice July 18, 2010

    Well damn Kenny. LOL. he ran Rihanna’s fans. Xtina is,next. After while the sight will b full of people talking s***. I’m not huge fan of Xtina, but Sam is full of it. As much as I adore Kelly Rowland Sam knows he better not make any excuses if her album flops. It amazes me how folks like Janet mariah xtina caira Lopez and others get dissed like they haven’t accomplished anything. Nobody stays on top forever.

  23. Hlove July 18, 2010

    Christina need to do what she do best to puch the sell of her album. This woman has am amazing voice and greate persnality. She need to do somethig different and try to connect with her fan and give them what they want. And next time she should only take a couple of month break not four years.

  24. MB July 18, 2010

    I’m a huge fan of Christina but this last album was HORRIBLE! She tries way too hard to be “different” and “edgy”. I think she needs to get back in the studio QUICKLY and put out another album next year so people can forget about this failure.

  25. jaz July 18, 2010

    this is crazy..she is one of the most talented singers out there and it’s sad how they did a horrible job with choosing her singles…there are very good songs in the album and with right MV and promotions it could do good !!!
    sadly anything artists do today if it has one bit with art they compare it with Gaga…of course i like her but come on people…it’s not like she created art’s sad

  26. Reina July 18, 2010

    well…i actually like some of the songs off of christina’s new album. I do wish Christina can sometimes go back to the sound of her 2 records. Sometimes, simple works best lol.

  27. Chimier July 18, 2010

    The way stans pull excuses out of their asses…Next they’ll be blaming global warming and Oprah…

  28. The Truth July 18, 2010

    Barry Weiss has nothing to do with RCA and or Christina because he is head of Jive Records. Not RCA lol

  29. GangsterA July 18, 2010

    Dam shame next time shut the f*** up xtina and sing dont diss pepole to up lift youre self

  30. Sarah1 July 18, 2010

    I doubt Christina will be recording another album any time soon. Besides, RCA refuted those statements and claimed they’re not into it with Christina and are behind her 100%.

  31. Last Boy on Earth July 18, 2010

    She sold 5 million with Back To Basics..I didn’t know that selling 5 Million is “drier than toast”, the things I learn here, lmao..

  32. True Blue July 18, 2010

    “She sold 5 million with Back To Basics..I didn’t know that selling 5 Million is “drier than toast”, the things I learn here, lmao..”
    I was about to say the exact same thing, thank you for that. Also wanna add that it got better reviews than Stripped. Anyway, as for her perceived “cockiness”, she’s no worse than a lot of other female artists, I mean Mariah, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Lauryn Hill, aren’t they all cocky and headstrong to a certain degree, too? M.I.A.’s new album has been getting poor reviews, and a lot of people cite her attitude as a factor. She really is cocky and unlikeable, and has taken harsh shots at Gaga, but fewer people talk about that then they do about Christina saying she didn’t know if Gaga was a man or woman (that can hardly qualify as an insult if Gaga was largely unknown at the time). Rihanna can be arrogant, and she has NONE of the talent to back it up. Don’t even get me started on male artists. Kanye has been intolerably cocky throughout all his career, and his album sales have never suffered for it, no matter WHAT he does.

    And in order for an artist to have creative control of their work on a major label, they HAVE to be headstrong. If Christina was a pushover and did what her label told her to do, then you would criticize her for that, too. I won’t deny that creatively speaking, Bionic was a poor decision, and she could’ve done a lot better than that. But I gotta say that people pick on her for things that many of her contemporaries are just as guilty of or worse, yet aren’t called out for it just as much. I don’t know why Christina is everyone’s favorite punching bag.

  33. Last Boy on Earth July 18, 2010

    @true blue
    As much as I agree with most of what you said, I never saw Rihanna being “arrogant” and not because I am a fan, one of the reasons I am a fan of hers it is because she is so humble and real on her interviews and she always gives credit where it’s due wether it is saying good stuff about other artists, the people she worked with etc..

    But anyway, I don’t think anyone personality should be brought when it comes to buy music, I bet that everyone that says s*** about Christina downloaded Bionic on the internet and jams to it but just don’t want to support her because she is a “b****”

  34. SHOTS FIRED July 18, 2010

    ^^^^^ DONT do Rihanna. She has a 3.1 octave vocal range and I’ve seen her in CONCERT MYSELF. She has PLENTY of talent. Not more than Christina but she can sing. Don’t bring other artists like M.I.A. and Rihanna into this since Christina is flopping like a fish out the water.

  35. SHOTS FIRED July 18, 2010

    That comment was for True Blue.

  36. True Blue July 18, 2010

    @Shots Fired:

    Who cares that Rihanna has a “3.1 octave vocal range”? She is still a very poor singer (especially live), and I don’t hear critics praise her “vocal range” when discussing her music. And Rihanna is “flopping like a fish out of water”, too. Otherwise, how else would you explain only one out of her last five singles charting well, and her having to cancel some of her American tour dates? I brought up M.I.A. because she IS cocky and headstrong, far more than Christina, yet doesn’t receive as much criticism for it as Christina does.

  37. Pray4Tina July 18, 2010

    If Shontelle aka the other Rihanna can go top 20 with a ballad there is no excuse for Excuse-tina.

    Also, her album is mediocre at best. She can’t compete with Gaga. She should have made an album that was the opposite of Gaga.

    A “real” artist as she wants to believe does not follow trends…they set them.

    The only reason she lasted for over 10 years is because she only released 4 albums over the course of 11 years

    1999 Debut album
    2002 Stripped
    2006 B2B
    2010 Bionic

    With that type of breaks in between it helped her to stay relevant alot longer than expected.

    The album sounds dated, her videos suck and her reviews are even worst.

    That comment she made about Gaga has bitten her in the ass and its still stings cuz she’s living in a Gaga world right now and she can’t compete.

    Poortina, first britney steamrolled her, Avril plowed her, then Fergie ran over her and now lady Gaga is duck-walking over her. She just can’t catch a break

  38. Diane July 18, 2010

    I like the FLOP guy/girl. I don’t agree with all the artists he/she calls a FLOPPER, I definitely enjoy the creativity in his/her posts. HaHa

    You should copyright this before someone beats you to it. Remember Pat Riley’s “three peat” statement about the championship? His lawyer got right on top of that, which is why you don’t hear coaches using that word. If so, they gotsta pay up. Don’t be a fool like Lil Wayne who failed to copyright the word, “bling bling.” This came directly from his camp, not me.

    Since the word “flop” already exist, you have to copyright it’s use of the word as a suffix when used in all caps. I’m just saying.

  39. Diane July 18, 2010

    Oh BTW, Whitney Houston didn’t flop, she went 2x platinum worldwide, and her tour gossed at # 14 out of the top 50 tours, so far. Also, Whitney didn’t have to cancel her tour due to poor ticket sales, like Christina and Rihanna. I’m just saying. You should replace her name with Toni FLOPton.

  40. SHOTS FIRED July 18, 2010

    True Blue

    July 18, 2010 at 9:57 pm

    @Shots Fired:

    Who cares that Rihanna has a “3.1 octave vocal range”? She is still a very poor singer (especially live), and I don’t hear critics praise her “vocal range” when discussing her music. And Rihanna is “flopping like a fish out of water”, too. Otherwise, how else would you explain only one out of her last five singles charting well, and her having to cancel some of her American tour dates? I brought up M.I.A. because she IS cocky and headstrong, far more than Christina, yet doesn’t receive as much criticism for it as Christina does.
    You haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about. Go read Rihanna’s tour reviews, she’s been praised for her strong vocals. Go read the Rated R reviews, again she’s been praised for her strong vocals. I could careless if you think she’s a “poor singer”, but she’s damn sure a good enough singer to draw in crowds of 20,000 upwards on a consistent basis. How did only one out of her last five singles chart well? “Russian Roulette” and “Hard” both top ten hits, both #1 on the Dance charts and Top 10 on pop and R&B. Rude Boy #1 for 5 weeks. Rockstar 101 top 5 hit on the Dance Airplay. Te Amo top 20/10 across Europe and #1 in Brazil, #3 in Bulgaria, #1 in Belgium, #12 in the UK, #29 in Australia, with no promo. Love The Way You Lie going #1 next week, giving her, her SEVENTH number one hit. Floptina hasn’t had one since 2000. OOPS.

  41. SHOTS FIRED July 18, 2010

    And lastly, Rihanna’s WHOLE tour wasnt canceled. *Cough*. Just 4 dates. 2 rescheduled. And the majority of them have been sold out and ALL have gotten raving reviews from concertgoers and critics.

  42. True Blue July 18, 2010

    @ Pray4tina:

    I never knew Christina was in competition with Avril Lavigne and Fergie. Well, Avril’s a nobody dating Kim Kardashian’s step-brother now, and Fergie is back singing with the Black Eyed Peas when they are at their crappiest, creatively speaking. As for Britney, the only thing that has kept her career afloat was her image. The only reason her comeback was successful was because people felt sorry for all the personal drama she’s been through.

    And if karma bit people in the ass for saying anything remotely negative about Gaga, about half of the world would implode.

  43. Kyle July 18, 2010

    Everything about this “Bionic” era has really had me scratching my head. The whole direction just didn’t really suit her and it shows because people just aren’t interested in seeing Christina trying to act like Lady Gaga.

  44. True Blue July 18, 2010

    @ Shots Fired:

    LOL, you’re the one who’s horribly misinformed. Christina hasn’t had a # 1 hit since 2000? Really? Have you been living in a cave SINCE 2000? Lady Marmalade (2001), Dirrty (2002, Europe) Beautiful (2002), Ain’t No Other Man (2006, Hot Dance Club Songs chart), Hurt (2006, Europe), all going to # 1 were apparently figments of my imagination?

    And Rihanna being praised for her “strong vocals”? LOL, yeah, that’s why she’s constantly the b*** of jokes when it comes to her singing and performance. Critics praise her appeal as a pop star more than they do any of her actual talents (or lack of them, I should say).

    Spin magazine’s review of Rated R: “The 21-year-old singer has the sort of even-keeled, toneless voice that’s rarely expressive enough to convey fury, and the songs here betray her natural affinity for the shimmering. On the otherwise steely “Hard,” she laughably blurts, “Where them bloggas at?” melting any chance at toughness. On “Rockstar 101” with Slash, she works terribly hard to roar about her rocker bona fides. “Got my middle finger up, I don’t give a f***,” she mewls so preciously you’d think it was her first time swearing.”

    Pitchfork’s review of Good Girl Gone Bad: “The chief characteristic of Rihanna’s voice, after all, is a sort of knife-edged emptiness, a mechanistic precision that rarely makes room for actual feelings to bulldoze their way through. And that blankness, coupled with Rihanna’s glaring lack of technical vocal skill, serve to make her a truly unlikely pop star.”

    Chicago Tribune’s review of Rated R: “Rihanna’s voice is a delicate instrument, often the least interesting element in her productions.”

    And critics’ opinions aren’t always representative of the public’s opinion. Even if most critics say Rihanna has a nice voice, most people who aren’t deluded stans will clearly tell you otherwise. Her tour has been “rescheduled”? LOL, another b******* excuse from her label. Just like they had to cancel her tour dates because a “scheduling conflict”. Sure. BTW, Britney Spears sells out stadiums too, that doesn’t mean that she’s a good singer.

  45. Last Boy on Earth July 18, 2010

    @true blue
    nice way to get the few bad reviews that exist in the middle of the thousand good reviews, I wonder how the haters know more about Rihanna then us stans/fans, get a life moron

  46. joeyg July 18, 2010


    When you are a pop artist, your image and the connection with your public persona (you can call it pity or whatever you want to call it) is the most important thing in order to keep your career afloat. If Britney wasn´t able to bring it musically wise ( her audience doesn´t seem to think so), her team would do whatever they have to do to make people notice her public persona ( cause it seems general public kinda “care” for that side of her life).

    At the end, it doesn´t matter the reason why people root for yo; What really matters in this business is they actually do it ( give me all the pity in the world if that means I´m gonna profit 130 million $ with my tour ). This time around people is not on Christina´s side and her public persona is not that quite interesting.

  47. The AlexanderTG July 18, 2010

    Said it before and will say it again – the reason Bionic is doing badly is down to marketing. A lot, lot worse albums have managed to sell a lot more. Even with a top flight artist poor marketing can result in disasterous results.
    I honestly don’t believe that when people go to buy an album they sit there thinking ‘now is this artist a nice person? are they too arrogant?’ – so I don’t see that factor having any effect at all.
    As a Gaga fan I know of a lot of artists who have said worse things about Gaga than Xtina ever has, M.I.A. being one.
    Was taking 4 years off a factor? If so why did B2B do as well as did when it came out 4 years after Stripped?
    No reason why this should be the end of her career, that kind of talk is just nonsense – plenty of people have come back from worse than this.
    Oh and to Miss Flopland – remember Beyonce’s ‘fantastic’ 2007 EP Irreemplazable – that soared up to 105 on the Billboard 200 and sold an absolutely massive 100,000 copies worldwide! – point being no one is immune from the odd disaster.

  48. Yo July 18, 2010

    I think the person that said Christina hasn’t had a hit since 2000 was talking about how really Christina hasn’t seen the top of the charts ALONE since Come on Over in 2000. On that subject at the end of the day it just comes down what “hit” means to you.

  49. True Blue July 18, 2010

    @ Last Boy On Earth:

    Good reviews about her MUSIC. If she was as talented as you would like her to be, you would hear more praise about her talents as well. Telling the truth isn’t being a “hater” or a “moron”. But then again, when stans are cornered, they resort to childish name-calling.

  50. True Blue July 18, 2010

    @ joeyg:

    You’re right that image is a major factor in someone’s success, sometimes even more so than talent, especially these days. Which was pretty the point I was making. But in the case of talented artists, it shouldn’t matter too much if they’re nice people in real life or not as long as the music is worth buying. The main reason Christina’s album is doing poorly is that, well, it isn’t very good to be honest. And her overly-sexual image isn’t helping matters, it does make her look desperate. Everyone applauded her transition from a half-naked pop star to a classy, mature woman during the Back 2 Basics era, and people couldn’t wait to see what she would next. Four years pass, and then she drops this disappointment on us. Everyone (rightfully) expected better from her. I don’t mind people criticizing her judgment when it comes to this album, BUT to attack her for things that shouldn’t make a difference is low. Like her alleged “arrogance”. If people cared so much about artists being humble, Kanye and most other rappers/rock stars would never be popular.

  51. Brueklyn July 18, 2010

    @ Kelly Flopland

    Are you serious about Xtina needing singing lessons, and by Who? What the f.u.c.k are you smoking? That bish ain’t got nothing on Xtina. All Beyawnce does is yell on all her songs. Beyawncw can’t even hit the high notes that Xtina can. So go sit your dumb a$$ down somewhere with that bullsh!t.

    Yo, I gotta admit, that was the funniest comment I have read in a long time. Thanks for making me laugh. I really needed that, HaHaHa!
    Crazy Bish. I guess that publisher who published that article about Beyonce’s fans being stupid was on to something.

    Xtina can sing better that all them bishes name that was mentioned in that post.

  52. Dev July 18, 2010

    Im glad her label seem to be sticking by her, more should do the same and i’m sure she is a pillar to RCA as she is a great talent and possibly the best, if not one of the best female artists that they have on the label. Mariah took a dip and then came back with mimi, this is just a dip and im sure she’ll get back on track.

    I still think its a good album

  53. S*** July 18, 2010

    Now, I can see if this album was filled with Ballads & It flopped but It has commercial songs (for lack of a better term) on it & Its still performing poorly. & unfortunately Not even her straining on ‘YOU FLOPPED ME’ can save this Album. Her fans are delusional if they think every song can be a single when 89% of Bionic is STR8Garbage.

  54. Last Boy on Earth July 18, 2010

    @true blue
    About her music? I’m talking about the tour reviews, every professional critic is saying wonderful things about it then a nobody like you tries to tells us that she hasn’t got talent? Everyone that watches her videos of this tour can see that she sings better then on the album, haters need to take the hater glasses off sometimes

  55. True Blue July 18, 2010

    @ Last Boy On Earth:

    And stans need to take off the rose-colored glasses sometimes. Anywho, I’m done arguing this. Some people will always think a turd is a diamond, no matter how hard you try to point out that it isn’t.

  56. JT July 19, 2010


  57. S*** July 19, 2010

    @ the scorrpian

    “Bionic has great singles such as Bionic, Prima Donna, Vanity, and Elastic Love. Ballads are not working right now. If anything You Lost Me should be the final single.”

    You are sadly mistaken, All those DISPOSABLE up-tempos SUCK!! For the exception of ‘Woo Hoo’ which is a decent cut they all SUCK. Now a cpl of those Ballads are good( like You lost me, IAM, Lift me up) but even some of them are generic. So again her fans are delusional if they think shes not selling simply because shes IRRELEVANT because the (low) quality of music factors in also. I was reading reviews & one fan just str8 up called the album Perfect~ FAIL, All of Beyonce’s albums are FAR superior to that of Strain-Tina’s & even they arent perfect so DBL FAIL. Proof that STRUGGLE-Tina’s Fans will eat S*** if she serves it right. & these Lady Shitga comparisons are very much deserved, Do you really think the video for NMT would have been that way if it werent for Hoega?? or the direction of her music being rather TRENDY? “The Music-industry insiders said Aguilera misjudged the market” & they were so right cause she just can not pull off this style, she doesnt have the voice.

  58. True Blue July 19, 2010

    “FAIL, All of Beyonce’s albums are FAR superior to that of Strain-Tina’s ”

    I’m a Beyonce fan, but an objective one. Beyonce has yet to put out anything that could be on par with Stripped or even B2B. I find it funny that you’re calling out X-Tina fans for being stans, yet it seems that you would buy ANYTHING Beyonce makes, even if it was s*** in the form of a compact disc.

  59. number1k9 July 19, 2010

    I love how everybody says she took a 4 year break…


    Yeah there was four years in between her last two studio albums, 2006-2010 but she was still releasing singles off of 2006’s ‘Back To Basics’ in 2007, hello “Candyman.”

    NOT TO MENTION in 2008, September, she released “Keeps Gettin’ Better,” and her FIRST greatest hits collection!

    So if you wanna say she took a break, the more accurate break amount would be a year and a half-2 years (2009-). Which is a decent amount of time to create an album if you ask me, not every artist’s label has them shove out an album every single year, such as Rihanna and Def Jam did:
    2005 -Music Of The Sun
    2006 -A Girl Like Me
    2007 -Good Girl Gone Bad
    [2009 -GGGB REMIXED]
    2009 -Rated R

    [and I am a fan of Rihanna TOO BTW]

  60. mr.M July 19, 2010


    What about FATyonce being an OPENING ACT 4 LEGENDTINA??

    B**** , ur mom is a FLOP

  61. S*** July 19, 2010

    @ True Blue

    Im not gonna even comment on that because I have not heard Stripped or B2B & neither do I care to but Im sure its FILLED WITH FILLER just like Bionic is so It will never be on par with anything Beyonce. ~Sorry.

  62. S*** July 19, 2010

    Just like Rihanna & Gaga cant pull off any REAL Ballads, GRUNTina cant pull off any REAL Up-Tempos. Shes not all that versatile as she believes she is, Ballads & Up-Tempos just does not suit her equally no matter how hard she tries even with studio altercations & enhancements it will still sound dull.

    @ mr.M

    NOW the tables have turned, GRUNTina would be lucky if she can open up for LEGENDyonce these days, have you checked the charts sweetie??:

  63. S*** July 19, 2010

    Co’Sign with KELLY FLOPLAND

  64. True Blue July 19, 2010

    “Im not gonna even comment on that because I have not heard Stripped or B2B & neither do I care to but Im sure its FILLED WITH FILLER just like Bionic is so It will never be on par with anything Beyonce. ~Sorry.”

    Well then, that invalidates your opinion. If you never listened to either of her albums, then how can you say that it’s filler and can’t be on par with Beyonce’s work? People like you really give Beyonce fans a bad name. No wonder many people think most of her fans are dumb.

  65. Pray4Tina July 19, 2010

    Is Excuse-tina’s single even certified? Her album may never even see gold in the US. Maybe Not Myself Tonight will get to 500K. Lets pray on it!

  66. Pray4Tina July 19, 2010

    As I recall, M.I.A took shots at Gaga and her album is getting rimmed in the a*** by the critics and may never even be certified tin foil. Let’s not…

  67. JT July 19, 2010

    you make a good point, TRUE BLUE, when u told the appropriately named S***, “People like you really give Beyonce fans a bad name. No wonder many people think most of her fans are dumb.”

    I mean, just from reading this site, I now believe Beyonce fans are some of the most stupid f****** people on the face of the earth.

  68. SHOTS FIRED July 19, 2010

    Get a PEN and some paper right now sweetie. Cuz im about to school you. Time to take the illiterate adults back to elementary.

    I love how you posted the 2 or 3 negative reviews you could find. However, let’s look at the REAL TEA:

    NME’s Ailbhe Malone gave it a rating of 8/10 and described it as “a startlingly masculine record – in sound and in attitude.

    USA Today’s Steve Jones viewed Rihanna’s incident with Brown and its ensuing media spotlight as an influence in “pushing her further into the edgier territory she staked out on 2007’s Good Girl Gone Bad”.[139] Jones gave the album 3 out of 4 stars and wrote that “bolder and often explicit lyrics and more assured vocals reflect a growing confidence and artistic maturity”.

    Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun-Times commended Rihanna for her maturity on Rated R and called it her “best, most layered and most heartfelt effort”, giving it 3 out of 4 stars.

    Los Angeles Times writer Ann Powers praised Rihanna’s performance and gave the album 4 out of 4 stars, calling it “a complex and fascinating portrait of a young woman’s emotional process after enduring abuse”.

    Secondly, when i said #1 HIT i meant on The Hot 100. The relevant chart. And StrainTina hasn’t had a solo #1 hit since Come On Over Baby in 2000. Would i lie? Check the receipts.

    Thirdly, how is “Rescheduled” an excuse? Isn’t that the same thing ScreamTina’s team said? And yes the two shows that were canceled have been rescheduled on different dates at different venues. type in Rihanna and you will see.

    Again canceling 4 concerts >>>>>>canceling an ENTIRE TOUR!

    Need more reviews from Rihanna’s tour? here you go:


  69. S*** July 19, 2010

    & IDK why her music is so SEXUALLY DRIVEN. Yet another ploy to sell records cause shes obviously not really doing anything freaky with her UGLY husband in real life. so just like Lady SHITga shes pretending to be something shes not in order to sell records cause gaga is just as normal & plain in real life as ScreamTina is…

  70. SHOTS FIRED July 19, 2010

    @S*** Rihanna cant pull of any ballads yet, Russian Roulette went top ten in over 15 countries. Take A Bow #1 in the US and other countries. Unfaithful a worldwide hit. Hate That I Love You top ten everywhere.

    Unless you can bring up the receipts, the hardcore proof, your opinions are worthless. DIS-MISSED!

  71. S*** July 19, 2010


    They swear she has the best voice of all time. They swear she is better than Mariah Carey, They Swear she sings better than Whitney Houston. They swear she was never 2nd to Britney Spears. They swear she is not trying to copy Lady Gaga to stay relevant (which failed). They swear she doesn’t have to strain to hit her notes. This group is getting smaller each day, as most of her Stans have already switched to Lady Gaga. She is almost DONE.

  72. S*** July 19, 2010


    i dont care how well they did. I put a infauces on REAL for a reason.



  73. S*** July 19, 2010

    @ number1k9

    The reason why PPL think its really been 4 years is because IRRELAVANTina is FORGETTABLE, It might as well had been 4 yrs but thats no excuse, If her music was up to par she would be selling right now regardless.

  74. SHOTS FIRED July 19, 2010

    @S*** She doesn’t have to sing YLM or DIL. Everybody’s voice is different. She can sing her own songs perfectly Cold case love, the last song, fire bomb, stupid in love,etc. STAY MAD!

  75. S*** July 19, 2010

    ^^ Im not mad. Ive heard everything off Rated R & its a very good solid album, Its filled with Great, good, & O.K songs & no fillers like GGGB had. Cold case love BTW may be a fan fav but to me its THea Worse song if not one of. RR, Fire Bomb, Rude Boy, SIL, G4l, & wait your turn are my favs. Rockstar & hard is just OK (annoying really). The rest is just O.K.

    @ True Blue, I just previewed those albums.

    Why does Straintina Aguilera’s voice always sound exactly the same? Does she have any range? I mean I know she has 3/4 octaves but to my ears Its all nauseous. Seriously, I can’t stand her music, and I hate her voice.

  76. mishka July 19, 2010

    When you’ve been out of the business for three years and you wanna still “mainstream” like Rihanna and Katy Perry, you gotta listen to your management on what is relevant and what is not. Btw, it’s always a bad thing when your manager is your husband and he can’t tell you the truth.

    I feel sorry for her, she deserves way better.

  77. Jasmine July 19, 2010

    I disagree with all the comments saying that they released the wrong first single for her. If her album was good there should only be single worthy songs on it, not uncatchy songs like Not Myself Tonight. She is still talented. An artist cannot have a successful album every time they release one. This is her flop record. This could be looked at like motivation for her to put out better music on her next album.

  78. sugarwalls July 19, 2010

    why would people buy an album if they can download it for free?!!
    the internet is what’s killing the music industry…
    i used to excitedly queue in the store when CDs of my fave artist would come out that includes christina’s, but now i can get it for free and put in my ipod or burn an entire cd from a friend…
    im guilty as charged but what the heck

  79. Mustang6687 July 19, 2010

    I like Gaga, actually, and also Rihanna. They have different talents. Same with Xtina. Comparing those three is like comparing U2 to Metallica. It’s not fair to any of them to make that comparison.

    “Bionic” has some great moments, but HERE IS WHAT EVERYONE ON HERE IS MISSING: Xtina has really been away for EIGHT years, not 4, because “Back To Basics” was not really a dance/hip-hop/pop extravaganza like “Stripped” was.

    She has not released music aimed at this demographic since 2002. Eight years ago, Miley Cyrus was 9, Rihanna was in junior high school, and the US was not even in the Iraq War yet. The artists who were popular back then (Ashanti, J.Lo, Nelly, Michelle Branch) are not popular now. Things have changed. Xtina needs to realize the passage of time. She may be back again…..everyone thought “Glitter” would be the end of Mariah and they were wrong. Everyone loves a comeback, and that’s how Xtina should have treated this. Instead, she acted as if sheer willpower would propel her to the top of the charts. The people who were going to over-21 dance clubs back when Dirrty came out are now in their 30’s or even older. And also, CD’s are not selling anymore anyways. Back in 2002, my Sony Discman was still high-tech! She badly misjudged her audience!!

  80. S*** July 19, 2010

    ^^^ The internet can also help the music industry, Artist make a lot of money off of download sales & it also plays a pretty huge part in promotion. Bottom line if you want an album you’ll buy it even though you can get it for free. I bought all of Bey’s albums. Which is why albums are still selling, & some very well.

  81. S*** July 19, 2010

    ^^^ That was @ sugarwalls

  82. Jammy July 19, 2010

    @Shots Fired

    You sound like a damn fool, have you not noticed that RIhanna has canceled a lot of her tour dates? And what Rave reviews have you been hearing about? oh her pre recorded vocals? Sorry hun, but that b**** can’t sing, so stop sounding stupid. K? thanks!
    You haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about. Go read Rihanna’s tour reviews, she’s been praised for her strong vocals. Go read the Rated R reviews, again she’s been praised for her strong vocals. I could careless if you think she’s a “poor singer”, but she’s damn sure a good enough singer to draw in crowds of 20,000 upwards on a consistent basis. How did only one out of her last five singles chart well? “Russian Roulette” and “Hard” both top ten hits, both #1 on the Dance charts and Top 10 on pop and R&B. Rude Boy #1 for 5 weeks. Rockstar 101 top 5 hit on the Dance Airplay. Te Amo top 20/10 across Europe and #1 in Brazil, #3 in Bulgaria, #1 in Belgium, #12 in the UK, #29 in Australia, with no promo. Love The Way You Lie going #1 next week, giving her, her SEVENTH number one hit. Floptina hasn’t had one since 2000. OOPS.

  83. deuce July 19, 2010

    Its funny how everyone is giving a rundown of her history but in todays market/society, ur only as hot as ur last cd. Her last cd flopped. It was awful noisy, samey sounding garbage and this cd was even worse. People want growth. I certainly didn’t want to see a grown woman, now a mother, singing about her woo hoo with dried out bleached gross hair, tacky outifits and mishmashed, weak and unpleasant sounding material for an album. Maybe this will humble her a bit.

  84. ЯƏCONSTʁUCT THA ⒾNDUSTRYY;; July 19, 2010

    U people have lost your minds saying Xtina’s last album flopped! Main reason, flopped album don’t produce WORLD stadium/arena tours…. Just the truth

  85. ЯƏCONSTʁUCT THA ⒾNDUSTRYY;; July 19, 2010

    And one more thing, I didn’t buy “Bionic”, but with all honesty, i didn’t buy it because it was all to Ga-Ga related and i don’t even like her so Xtina kinda detracted me with ‘Not Myself Tonight’ a horrible song and cheap WORST video

  86. billboardwiz88 July 19, 2010

    This Article is Bogus man there’s a follow up response from the label and her manager Sam IF you put info out there make sure you put it all BOgus bogus And tacky at that JUst read the MEssage from Xtina Manager Irvin Azoff Stop Putting Bits and pieces of articles and not the whole full detail those was false accuation.

  87. Sadie July 19, 2010

    I don’t care about Christina & her drama with her label, but the comments are always more entertaining than the story anyway, so I gotta laugh at people defending Rihanna (what she got to do with this story, I don’t know, but it’s still funny) & making up s*** about her “strong vocals”. LOL, if you read a professional review saying Rihanna can sing, chances are that publication was paid by her label. Because it is a universally accepted fact that she cannot sing to save her life, and cannot perform, either. I don’t think this site would call her a “stage walker” if she had any actual talent, lol. She makes Miley Cyrus sound like Aretha by comparison, that is how bad she is.

    Oh, and her tour IS flopping! Face the facts, losers!

  88. #FACT July 19, 2010

    Christina has an inflated sense of opinion about her ability to deliver a mega-successful album. She was the one that pushed for this “new sound” forgetting the fact that it’s been done. And don’t get me started on her image this era, Lady Gaga much? What a flop.

  89. KD July 19, 2010

    Xtina is an arrogant b****, I am glad that the pedestal that she put herself on is started to collapse.

  90. Dev July 19, 2010

    After reading the comments, submitting my comment and then reading the rest i have realised that few people are making valid points and this has now become an artist war.

    Unfortunately for good or bad all of these artists are successful for a reason be it style, vocals publicity or just preference, what i determine to be a good singer differs from many, and i can also like a song but not the artist or the way it was sung.

    I don’t stan for anyone, i just like what i like which i think allows me to be objective and have my personal view on artist/songs without the rose colored glasses that some of the people on her have.

    Some of the best albums haven’t been a commercial success because the artists don’t have the hype, don’t care for style, not considered attractive or slim enough by the media.

    People need to expand their ears and musical knowledge and stop worshiping at the alter of certain artists

    Bionic isn’t stripped, it isn’t great but it isnt bad.

  91. Bugsy July 19, 2010

    She needs to release a new album. Pronto!

  92. The AlexanderTG July 19, 2010

    If RCA eventually decides not to stick with Xtina this would not necessarily be a bad thing for her. First you have to ask yourself as far as Xtina herself is concerned what is the point of releasing new albums – to make money, possibly – but she’s already in the the multiple millions bracket so unless she’s addicted to wealth probably not. Fame? – well she’s already had plenty of that and with her film coming out there’ll no doubt be more – so that’s probably not a reason. So perhaps at the end of the day what she’d really like to do is just make her own music her way. This she could do quite easlily by setting up her own label. Mel C. (ex Spice Girl) had the problem of being dropped by her label back in 2003 after very poor singles sales due to their screwups – so she set up her own label and her next album sold a million+. Robyn has also formed her own label. Xtina has enough money to easily be able to do this. It might mean that her future albums never reached the multi-platinum level again, but would that matter. She could just get on with enjoying making the music and us fans could just get on with enjoying it.

  93. #FACT July 19, 2010

    Christina would have to embrace humility before she ever goes independent, and we know that’ll never happen. She craves attention like a moth to a flame.

  94. The AlexanderTG July 19, 2010

    Maybe you’re right maybe not. All I’d say though is if she is that addicted to all the attention would she really have dropped off the scene for 4 years in between Stripped and B2B and for another 4 years in between B2B and Bionic? To me that speaks more of someone who may enjoy attention for a while, but who at heart is actually a much more private person. She’s often talked about wanting to live her own life between albums.
    People who appear arrogant can often do so as a defence mechanism, a way of coping with their own insecurities – I think the lyrics of a number of her songs point to the fact that there is rather a different character under all the layers that the public get to see.

  95. Last Boy on Earth July 19, 2010




  96. x-steven July 19, 2010

    Its pretty pathetic y’all haters wanna talk s*** call her a failure but I think she has accomplished a lot than any of us will ever do in our life or have as much money as she does in our life. Pretty sad how she’s worked so hard for her career and all you guys do is bash her. I mean she has her albums her grammys people praising her hhhmmm even billboard calling bionic album the pop album of 2010. But don’t forget she has her voice to back it up and she will out sing all your artist under the table remember that. But ur b****** up singing whitney nina simone etc see if they will beable to survive. Again haters pathetic get a life better yet go get bionic album

  97. JazzyJim July 19, 2010

    People need to chill out. The article in the Post is COMPLETELY wrong. This album is X-Tina’s vision and fruit of her labor. There are no other factors except it is uniquely Christina.

    The NY Post (not know for journalistic integrity) “assumes” lots but can’t verify anything.

    So, if you’re a fan, buy and support the artist, if you’re a hater, you’ll always be a hater.

    Either you like the vocalist, or you like a song (and/or by the artist). A record company rarely puts music on an album without the artist’s consent, because the artist won’t support it (touring/radio, etc.). They will try their best to get the best music on (as they do have a financial investment to sell), so they don’t go out of their way to put out bad records (Big Boi’s last LP on Uni for instance 60K first week, out of top 15 2nd week).

  98. SunDee July 19, 2010

    People think Xtina is the baddest b**** alive…
    What about Naomi Campbell?
    At least Xtina never make anyone bleed….

  99. Lola July 19, 2010

    You gals were going at it!

  100. TheMan July 19, 2010

    Whitney houston was gone for 7 years and came back with a cd that did 2 million ww off of two singles and she is 46

  101. Tyler July 19, 2010

    Whatever, when she tried to do torchy and jazzy on Back to Basics, people ignored her too.

    The bottom line is that she’s never been a huge star, just an industry puppet. Her vain attempts to be anything more fall flat because people can see right through that. She’s over.

  102. True Blue July 20, 2010

    “Whatever, when she tried to do torchy and jazzy on Back to Basics, people ignored her too.”

    So 5 million copies of B2B just mysteriously flew off the shelves… interesting. I’m learning something new here.

  103. Jeremy Danté July 20, 2010

    amazing write up. great work. i liked this piece. continue with all the amazing work you guys. you’re killing the other media blogs out there.


  104. Tha Phoenix July 20, 2010

    Let me just state some facts.

    Christina’s comeback single = FLOP

    Christina’s comeback album = FLOP

    Christina’s second single (Woohoo – which WAS the second single, as verified by RCA themselves. It WAS NOT a buzztrack) = FLOP

    Christina’s THIRD single – YLM = already a flop on radio, and isn’t even in the top 400 on iTunes

    I’m not surprised that this has happened. Christina was always so happy to chat mess about other – more successful – artists, and this is the result. Karma is a b**** and the only reason she cancelled her projected summer tour is that they knew it would BOMB. For all those Christina stans discussing Rih’s tour cancellations, fair enough she cancelled quite a few (and it’s 7 so far) and she’s not as talented as Chris (that’s just a fact, not an opinion), but Chris’ tour would have BOMBED – that’s more than obvious. Any excuses she and her label have given are just that – excuses.

    Those at the top never throw shade at others – which is part of the reason B, Brit and Gaga are on top right now. As Sam mentioned, it’s time Christina ate some humble pie.

    That is all.

  105. James Hodd July 20, 2010

    OMFG! are you lot gone completely and utterly off the rails. This is the best she has done. I think you lot need to get off this obsession of Lady f****** Gaga and listen to real music. Every song on the Bionic album is ace. Christina is her own artist and does things how she wants it. I love the way she changes her image. I think the only reason Lady Gaga dresses so outrageous is too distract us from all the real talent. This is seriously a stupid convo and shouldnt be even been started. So her album is not selling as well, she still is on top of her game. I think you lot need to seriously get a grip. Drop Lady Gaga is all I say.

    Btw you lost me is a awsome second single 😀

  106. Josh July 28, 2010

    Kay, let me just say… all these people talking about Rihanna, or Beyonce, any other artist… Is completely irrelevant to anything that needs to be discussed here. We’re talking, why is Bionic doing do badly. Because, if we’re being honest, it is. My personal opinion of the album is that I love it. I think it’s a great piece of work that should be recognized more as a great album, then to be labeled a flop immediately… Before even listening to it. Because that’s what’s happening. No one is giving it a chance, because i’m sure, if they heard a lot of the songs, they would love it. There’s a song on Bionic for everybody because it’s so diverse. It dips into different genres proving Christina’s capability as an artist, and also showing her versatility. Because every genre she’s tried, has worked for her. Even though some haven’t been a commercial success (Bionic, case and point), she still does it a lot better then most.

    Now, why it’s a flop. I think that the main reason is all the trash talk circulating about Christina. She’s getting beaten down by the internet and all of these ridiculous comparisons. For example, Perez Hilton (who basically needs to go hide in a cave and never ever come out) who was once friends with Christina, but as soon as she began going on a bit of a commercial decline, he dropped her like a fly and is now bashing her consistently. And because he is a large public figure, with a large audience, they listen to what he says. The fact that he also favors the Gaga fanbase, makes for an even larger audience, basically crushing Bionic into nothing before it was even released. Another reason is the management. They have not done enough to promote this record. Yes, she did do a media blitz the week of its release. But, what did they do overseas? All of the promotion happened in the United states… Who have shown mostly a disinterest in Christina’s talent over the years (Mainly because they are mindless audiences who only care about who’s pretty and who makes those big bangs at the concerts… Not all of course, but most). And what did they do before the record was released other then releasing one single. This album should have had promotion start long before it’s release… not just a month or two.

    Anyways, in the end, I love this album, I love Christina and I will always love her. It doesn’t matter to me that her sales are bad at the moment, because I know she is a powerhouse and has a massive amount of talent. And I know that when I listen to her music, I can escape for a bit, and feel a range of emotions. I can cry, I can dance, I can smile, I can just, forget about all of what i’m sad about in my life, and just listen. And even relate to what she’s singing about.

    I really don’t care what people are saying, because all the haters.. can just go ahead and hate. No one really cares. All it does is put negative energy out there. And if hurting someone through your computer screen makes you feel better, then that is just pathetic, and sad. I feel bad for you I really do. But really, we should all just love who we wanna love, and if we don’t like an artist, then who cares? Don’t listen to them! There’s no need for hate.

    Like Christina has said… If you don’t like it, f*** you <3

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