Kelis Ready To ‘Scream’ On New Single; Announces Tour

Published: Thursday 29th Jul 2010 by Sam

Despite Kelis‘Flesh Tone’ being certified plastic, the eclectic singer is pressing ahead with plans for a new single, as well as a European tour.

Full details after the jump…

The 30 year old star announced via her official website that ‘Scream’ will serve as the third single to be lifted from the album. Produced by David Guetta, the release serves as the follow-up to ‘4th of July’ which has thus far failed to set the charts alight – not even the Dance charts (which Kelis has seen the most success on as of late/ re: ‘Acapella). Take a listen to ‘Scream’ below…

In any case, the mother of one will be playing many a live date here in Europe during October as part of her new ‘All Heart’ tour. Check out the dates below:

1 – O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London UK
2 – Warehouse Project, Manchester UK
4 – ABC, Glasgow UK
5 – HMV Institute, Birmingham UK
6 – Bataclan, Paris FRANCE
8 – Rock Ternat Festival, Brussels BELGIUM
9 – Den Atelier, Luxembourg
10 – MOD, Hasselt BELGIUM
12 – Berns, Stockholm SWEDEN
13 – Vega, Copenhagen DENMARK
14 – Circus, Helsinki FINLAND
16 – Berlin GERMANY (venue details to follow)
17 – Hamburg GERMANY (venue details to follow)
19 – Munich GERMANY (venue details to follow)
20 – Vienna AUSTRIA (venue details to follow)
22 – Zurich SWITZERLAND (venue details to follow)
23 – Paradiso (Main Hall), Amsterdam HOLLAND

One can’t but commend Kelis for going all out with the plugging of the project. For, terrible sales aside, ‘Flesh Tone’ is a solid album – and has been welcomed by critics accordingly.

What’s more, despite the label making an absolute loss financially on the LP itself, we’re very much in the age of 360 contracts. What this likely means for the former Ms. Nas is the tour may very well only be taking place so as for the label to recoup the $$$ lost on the album itself.

Whatever the case, it’s good to see Kelis keep keeping on. It’s not often an artist continues to plug a flop album (no shade).

You can listen to new single ‘Scream’ below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. S*** July 29, 2010

    #FLOP FAIL!!

    Kelis hasnt been Hot since Bossy & Milkshake. Does she really think shes a singer or a rapper, Im confused, Drake much?? This B**** better enjoy those Checks shes gets from Nas (whom Im BTW am not a fan of, Hes a Flop Too).

  2. Brandy 4ever July 29, 2010

    Lets face it. without nas she is nothing….. sorry kelis but your career has hoped to the bottom of the barrel

  3. JJFan1814 July 29, 2010

    @ S***

    So it’s all about billboard, album sales, #1s to you??

    That’s the problem with people today, they’re about quantity & not the QUALITY of music.

  4. Lexi July 29, 2010

    her album is on a par with gaga’s!!!!! unbelievable love that album

  5. ADE July 29, 2010

    This song is f****** horrid!

  6. OddOne July 29, 2010

    Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrmm. Ouch.

    22nd Century please.

  7. BrealK July 29, 2010

    That schedule look terribly rigid. Kelis need to space those dates out to rest her voice and body. Especially if her son is travelling with her.

  8. S*** July 29, 2010

    No!! Its about QUALITY of music too cause SUCCESS & QUALITY goes HAND & HAND.

  9. S*** July 29, 2010

    Unless you’re a gimmick that is but even gimmicks put out some decent music.(see Rihanna & Gaga)

  10. TyBabe July 29, 2010

    Kelis’ new album was perfection! I don’t care what anyone says! Best Album of the Year……
    SO FAR…..

    And when can we get rid of the word “flop” I’m sick of hearing “Flop this flop that!” And the main people who use it are FLOPS IN LIFE! Kelis, Ciara, Diddy and whoever else is “Flopping” willl “flop” and continue to make quadruple the salary you make in a lifetime, and spend quadruple the amount you spend in a lifetime. So who’s really mad?!? Not the “Flops”. 🙁

  11. DUNKFAN July 29, 2010

    As you get older you will understand that how much an album makes doesn’t determine the quality of the album.

    No one got Kelis album but everyone Downloaded Tick Toc?? LMAO Form your own opinion with what moves you and not whats #1 on the Billboard charts.

  12. S*** July 29, 2010


  13. channelexor July 29, 2010

    Kelis is doing her thang and I’m so happy shes continue to push her album. Why stop? The album is getting rave reviews as well as her tour.
    F*** the ugly, mad haters. Kelis is doing better with her life than everyone on this blog thats hating. Now be mad at yourself for being a flop, hating, no life ugly f**.

  14. NICK July 29, 2010

    If u into POP/TECHNO style music-IT ACTUALLY IS A GOOD CD! Kelis has issues tho, she has a terrible attittude, & GOD don’t like ugly. Takin Nas for all that $$, I am sure he will take care of his child…BUT it’s all good, I am not here to judge…I LUV MUSIC & HER MUSIC IS CUTE!

  15. TyBabe July 29, 2010

    Really? At the people who are claiming Kelis is greedy and thats why she “flopped”? If she’s getting big bucks from child support, that means Mr. Nas is sitting on MAJOR stacks so I ask…… Why shouldn’t she get some of it? She’s taking care of their baby, which for all my mothers out their is a job itself so lets be REAL here…….

  16. EXPOSED July 29, 2010


  17. The AlexanderTG July 29, 2010

    Agreed as an electro album this is pretty good. Before all I’d ever heard of hers was that milkshake song – which never made any sense to me. Someone played Flesh Tone to me and I was majorly surprised at how good it was especially after hearing people diss it so much – downloaded it off Amazon the very next day.
    Almost all artists tour to make their money (what with so many illegal downloads) – the one exception I know of being Gaga who spends more on her tour than she makes, but you can only afford to do that if you have huge album sales.
    Good to see that Kelis has chosen sensible sized venues – I’d have thought she should be able to sell out somewhere the size of Shepherds Bush Empire.

  18. Fatima July 29, 2010

    S*** is so misguided it’s sad.

  19. d.woodz babay July 29, 2010

    Ithink home is a more solid song! I love thefourth of july song wish it had done better! Maybe ifshe got her big puffy scary spice hair she wud sell mo records I mean!

  20. teflon boy July 29, 2010

    @TyBabe: PREACH! the word ‘flop’ needs eradicating from this blog, it’s played out to the point that it’s lost all meaning. No-one is selling these days (and if they are it’s because they’ve probably secured a few backroom deals with radio and media etc), why do you think there are so many perfumes and clothing lines and other associative products put out with artist’s music today?…, it’s because labels no longer re-coup through album sales alone no matter who the artist. The Katy Perry article printed a couple days ago was interesting. Her and her team have been grooming radio, blogs and tv programmers for months with gifts, dinners, canapes, cocktails etc to woo radio play of her new singles out of them. This doesn’t guarantee sales but it does guarantee radioplay, which in the States accounts for Billboard placement alongside sales. That’s how songs can go to No.1 there without an actual release. Anyway, what this means is with radioplay she’ll rule the summer, thus gets the necessary promo to take up endorsements and plug the upcoming tour.

    @S***: to say Quality and Success USUALLY go hand in hand is a delusional statement, as the bulk of quality material goes completely under the radar most times depending on the looks and payolla situation of the artist involved and how much monetary backing they receive. While the bulk of ringtone ready audio doodoo is readily available with expensive production values, label and radio support: check what I wrote above, promo and radioplay in the States will guarantee you a high chart placing. In the 90’s Ke$ha/Katy Perry would still have been successful but they would have been the exception not the norm as it is today.

    @The AlexanderTG: ‘…the one exception I know of being Gaga who spends more on her tour than she makes, but you can only afford to do that if you have huge album sales.’ -or a big financial cushion to fall back into. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Gaga hater and I do enjoy the fact that she puts her all into her tours without scrimping, but someone from a less privileged background would not be so reckless. Bottomline, the girl’s future’s taken care of whether her pension comes out of her earnings or her family’s so while it’s cool she circulates her money, it shouldn’t be made out like it’s all for the fans and she’s risking poverty to bring her ‘vision’ to the masses. She doesn’t need the money she makes from music, she’s already rich.

  21. no way July 29, 2010

    @S***…Nas has 8 platinum albums (several multiplat) and 1 gold + album. Nas’ 10th album will also be great coming soon. Nas is internationally known with hardly any radio play so please….know what a flop is before you place Nas in that group and besides Nas is a LEGEND and respected by his peers! You are a hater!

  22. lydia July 29, 2010

    Nas is far from a flop this man has several platinum albums. He does not even do the pop hip hop and still sells albums and he has been doing this since 91 (18 years). All you people need to stop believing that Kelis is getting all this money from Nas because the truth is she is working to pay her bills. Anyone with common knowledge knows that a short term marriage does not equal long term alimony. Kelis only recieved alimony for the time she was out of work in total she received 300k which by the way Nas is paying towards her mortagage instead of alimony. Kelis is on her grind because she has to work like most single mothers do in order to survive.

  23. wow…horrible July 29, 2010

    Scream sounds like a nursery rhyme. A simon said type of song. LOL!

  24. Albert July 29, 2010

    Brave should be the new single!!! Not scream!! Ugh, these people, lol.

  25. Jennn July 30, 2010

    Kelis has no vocals what so ever!!!!! And as far as Nas is concerned, I don’t think it’s right for her to be so greedy, he needs to support his child and that’s it! Women think that bc they hv a baby they shldnt hv to shyt but collect a check. Money that he earned without her! If the tables were turned y’all wld say he’s wrong for wanting so much money! She wldn’t even let him see him being born! But she wants his money! FTS

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