Jamelia’s New Record Label Revealed

Published: Thursday 29th Jul 2010 by Sam

As reported yesterday, Pop starlet Jamelia revealed that she has signed a lucrative new record deal. While we’ve long been in the know as to where the ‘Superstar’ singer now calls her label home, details have only today been publicised .

Find out which label the Birmingham-bred star is signed to after the jump….

Via The Sun

JAMELIA hasn’t had a hit for almost four years – but that’s all about to change. The Brummie has signed a three-album deal with the label that brought us N-DUBZ.

All Around The World/Universal Music have snapped up the singer – leggy as ever – and I can see them turning her into pop royalty again.

The last time she scraped into the Top Ten was way back in December 2006.

She told me: “I’m really excited. I’ve been planning a return to music for a while. I’m going to be working with some amazing people on this new album.”

If the marketing push behind N-Dubz (as our UK readers will know) is anything to go by, Jamelia is not only in safe hands, but great hands.

What’s more, with the likes of Alexandra Burke doing her thing, Alesha Dixon about to release new material, and now Jamelia, the UK’s Pop-R&B female scene is about to be shaken all the way up. Good stuff.

Your thoughts?

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  1. JoelKawaii July 29, 2010

    I knew it would be Universal

  2. BeyonSLAY July 29, 2010

    omg N Dubz *pukes* chavs.

    Good luck to Jamelia

  3. no ma’am July 29, 2010

    who cares?!

  4. Yellow Gorilah July 29, 2010

    WoopWoop Jamelia Shits on the rest!! It time for her to return!!

  5. e11 July 29, 2010

    jameela is dead weight now. the UK need something fresh IMO

  6. Catepillar-man July 29, 2010

    AATW is a shockingly bad record label. Apart from N-Dubz and Cascada, they have flop after flop. Just look at what they done for Liz McLarnon & Jenny Frost’s singing careers! And Dannii Minogues for that matter . . .

  7. The Last Song July 29, 2010

    I am happy for her. I know her new album will be full of hits!!!

  8. k July 29, 2010

    Yay! Love Jamelia!

  9. Anon July 29, 2010

    Yawwwwnnn. Never heard of Jamelia or Alesha Dixon. Alexandra Burke is lame and will never make it in the US.

  10. Chry5ta1 July 30, 2010

    well I think this could work out for her as they share the same manager….

  11. TOP NOTCH DIVA July 30, 2010

    Have never heard of her but she’s really pretty!

  12. SparkD September 5, 2010

    I guess Jamelia broke her promise to never wear weave—-or Indian/Korean/Human hair.

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