Nicki Minaj Talks About ‘Pink Friday’ Tracks

Published: Thursday 5th Aug 2010 by Trent

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ album may be more than 3 months away (November 23rd to be exact) but she’s already revealing some of the track titles. The rapper has even highlighted the name of one of the upcoming singles which is set to premiere closer to the LP’s debut. Check out what she had to say below:

“The album is progressing miraculously, I would say,” Minaj said in an interview. “It’s coming out way better than I could even have imagined or dreamed or hoped for…It’s been very exciting to finally just make music that I love and not really having to incorporate myself on someone else’s record…I’ve been having a really great time…I have a record called ‘Right Through Me’ that I think will be a standout. It’s not gonna come right now. It’ll come closer to when the album drops, but it’s a really, really pretty song. Everyone’s gonna like it…It’s just really insightful but in a very conversational kind of way.” {Source}


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  1. BeyonSLAY August 5, 2010

    can I ask.. What is HB? she always says that on Twitter *confused*

  2. Zsolt August 5, 2010

    HB means Harajuku barbie.

  3. tuckpoo August 5, 2010

    she is such a pretty girl.. that top pic is just down to earth.. i love nikki she different. she is so animated i love it…..its funny how you like diffrent hip-hop artist for different reasons. BUT IT’S ALL HIP-HOP… (OK WELL SOME OF IT CUZ SOME OF THIS S*** COMING OUT NOWADAYS IS FLIP-FLOP SOOO NOT HIP-HOP) pick up a tape yawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im just saying

  4. Tavi August 5, 2010

    Why do I feel as if she’s not all that excited?! Maybe it’s just me, but I’m ready to hear what she has to offer us!! 🙂

  5. Jazybelle August 5, 2010

    is she serious with that wig

  6. Soulful Roses August 5, 2010

    Pretty girl 🙂 Don’t like her music though…

  7. iLoveXtina August 5, 2010

    i love some of her songs but she here just kept saying the same thing over again. Nothing worth posting

  8. nickobile August 5, 2010

    shes hot,got her own style,a rapper n a lady go nicki enjoy ur famous lyf while it last

  9. True Blue August 5, 2010

    @ Jazybelle:

    LMAO @ your avatar!!!

  10. @mixedominicana August 5, 2010

    She sounds like she is completely out of it. She really didn’t know what the hell to say, but to be general as possible. I think she’s confused to what she wants to been scene as in order to not seem like something else. She finally realized that most of her fan base is like girls 13-17…give or take 5…the majority of them are extremely young. Every time she gets on Ustream and call her fans…ALL of them are dumb young…SO nowadays she tries to censor herself of blame her split personality “Roman” if she does anything too sporadic. I think it’s sad. She wants to be two ppl all at once…and I don’t think everyone is up for her bi-polar antics. #tisall =]

    FollowMe: @dominicana


  11. @mixedominicana August 5, 2010


  12. Robier August 6, 2010

    In this era of Major Flopping……… Nothing will change in NOV.

  13. Conor Dude August 6, 2010

    Erm @Robier…..Come November you’ll be eating those words!
    Yeh ‘Massive Attack’ was a Massive Flop but ‘Your Love’ is riding high!!
    Hot 100- Number 14!
    R&B Songs- Number 5!
    And Rap Songs- Number 1!!!!
    Soooo A few more hits, then the album…..!!!!
    Would you like some ketchup?!
    That dude, Conor J……………OUT! XD

  14. Hiphop Police August 7, 2010

    @mixeddominicana The reason most young fans would be getting calls is because most adults are not crazy enuff to put their numbers on a twitter. Most adults I know don’t even do twitter.

    Nicki is trying to see “POP commercial” money no offence but rap money and POP money are two different things. She has already seen enough of the “rap” money I guess. But this is where the young ppl come from. If you had a choice which would u choose “Rap” money or “POP” Money?

    Actually who do you think are in her sold out shows in different cities and in clubs? Most of her young fans haven’t even seen nicki perform live because they are not old enough to get into her shows. She has two demographics. I know lots of adults that appreciate Nicki’s skills

  15. Nicki Minaj September 25, 2010

    I really disliked Nicki Minaj’s first 2 promo singles, Your Love and Massive Attack, but it looks like Right Thru Me is going to be a smash hit! Go, Nicki!

  16. Ry’asia October 5, 2010

    I love Nicki….I cant wait I so wish i could go to Black Friday….She is so independent and pretty and all you hatinq h*** shud gain ya sel-esteem!

  17. Alicia October 15, 2010

    Nicki is tha bomb so all u haters need to hop of n qett a lyfe…! nicki minaj qo hard everyday

  18. nisha October 27, 2010

    uhm @mixeddomicana stfu pleaseeee! u dont knoe s*** about her so pleasee stopp 🙂

  19. shandeona November 5, 2010

    f*** wrong wit her smh

  20. marybeth December 3, 2010

    keep your head up sweetie, they’d kill to see you fall.

  21. Qween B . December 17, 2010

    haha, people hate on hurr cause she fuqkin sexxy & famous lmao .
    im`a chick & i rhyme n sing . & ain`t knoe body hate like some people .
    she is dope sheit rate thurr , keep `em albums chart toppin` ma ,
    &” fuqk whaat hater`s say, ignor `em till they fade away. ”
    Nikki Minja is one thee dopest femal rapper`s who actually pull`s that sheit off .
    oh yeeah , WEST SIDE !

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