Usher Performs On ‘GMA’

With his ‘Raymond vs. Raymond’ deluxe edition and ‘Versus’ discs hitting stores on August 24th, Usher decided to perform on ‘Good Morning America’. The singer did renditions of his hits ‘DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love’ and ‘OMG’. Check out the performances below:

‘DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love’



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  1. kody August 20, 2010

    ayo does anybody know if usher and breezy still going on tour because i heard they are but the informattion got out too quick

  2. Nicole August 20, 2010

    YES!! He may in face be able to sing and dance again. I may just buy tickets for this tour with Chris Brown.

  3. Ingrid Okonta August 20, 2010

    i want to go to that breezy and usher tour. Breezy and usher are the best entertainers in the music industry. See how usher got that crowd so hype

  4. truth serum. August 20, 2010


    Those rumors were denied by both camps. There may be one in the works later on, but nothing has been solidified just yet. I think it will depend on when Chris’s album comes out because he is done promoting Graffiti. Usher on the other hand is looking to go on tour first quarter next year.

  5. UMYA August 20, 2010

    This song [DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love] needs to be #1.
    Lol @ him not being able to sing the chorus. Usher needs to stop attempting those sweeping belted/high notes.
    Cool performance though.

  6. Usher’s Fan August 20, 2010

    Another solid performance. Can’t wait for the tour

  7. MT August 21, 2010

    Um… Usher TORE THAT STAGE UP during the “DJ” performance.

  8. ADE August 21, 2010

    I swear ‘DJ’ is giving me so much life right now, I love that song and love hearing it in the club.

  9. J Rock August 21, 2010

    Is it just me or has he lost a step…It lacked energy…I am a long time Usher fan and I think he’s on the right track with the Pop, but he’s got to get the performances together. =(

  10. esspee August 21, 2010

    i wanna marry him.

  11. zih August 21, 2010

    WOW OMG he can dance like hell now! that was seriously amazing and awesome!

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