New Video: Alesha Dixon – ‘Drummer Boy’

Published: Saturday 7th Aug 2010 by Sam

The video for Alesha Dixon’s brand new single ‘Drummer Boy’ made its debut tonight. Check out the clip for the song, which is the lead single from Dixon’s second studio album ‘The Entertainer’ (formerly ‘Unleashed’), below…

Feisty, ferocious and fierce, the former Misteeq star serves exactly what is needed to salvage such awful song – an undeniably solid video. Whether it is enough to ensure the song is a hit will be interesting to see…

Your thoughts?

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  1. TheBaddestBitch August 7, 2010

    This song IS a HOT ASS MESS

    Not even a video can save it.

  2. smartee August 7, 2010

    This song sucks a**! It’s just a bunch of noise. The problem is that it wasn’t produced right. It has a bunch of drummer band instruments and it’s missing a nice bassline. They should have added a good hip-hop beat to it. It’s totally incomplete. She’s definitely a star though. She has such a such a great star quality, fierceness, s** appeal, and she can dance. I don’t like artists who can’t sing though, which she can’t, she sounds like a dying cat, and who sell s**. She’s definitely on the same level as Beyonce and I could already see people comparing the two.

  3. Wiz August 7, 2010

    Yes, THEBADDESTBITCH i agree, I dont know who said this song is good..

  4. Here4TheSats August 7, 2010

    She looks like Beyonce in a few shots. I know its not her fault. She just looks like her and it wasn’t intentional.

    The video looks the great but the song is like dry cereal. But this is the UK, they have a dry sense of humor and music LMAO

  5. Stefi (The AlexanderTG as was) August 7, 2010

    Alisha can definitely sing – I’ve heard her live. But… this isn’t good, sorry to say, it had the potential to be good, but the production’s messed it up entirely

  6. TheBaddestBitch August 7, 2010

    She looks more like Ciara than Beyoncé to me.

  7. Roya August 7, 2010

    Its cute.. I like the song, fair enough we have heard better but its nice I would say it should chart at no.4-5

  8. K.RowKid August 7, 2010

    Looks like she added a couple of K to Sabrina’s “OMG” video.

    But it’s a good video for the song.

  9. Danielle August 7, 2010

    @ Here4TheSats
    F****** PUSSYCLART

  10. The AlexanderTG August 7, 2010

    This had the potential to be good, cause Alisha CAN sing, I’ve heard her live – but the production is just totally off

  11. OddOne August 7, 2010


    Best part of the video and the song.

  12. OddOne August 7, 2010

    EDIT: In the sense that it’s the only part that captures the song properly

  13. Ingrid August 7, 2010

    Love the video! Alesha looks amazing! Go Alesha 🙂

  14. John August 7, 2010

    First of all, the UKs sense of humour? are you sure you want to compare us to the americans humour, lmfao. We win hands down, trust me all you americans are to plastic and all love yourselves!
    SORT IT.

  15. Sam August 7, 2010

    This will be a hit in the UK for sure maybe in Europe to.Love the video

  16. LoLo August 7, 2010

    Yes, song is bad, and so is the video, but didn’t I see that red and black swimsuit in Target? I’m not kidding.

  17. malyeh August 7, 2010

    I like the song, I think its original…from all the electropop we hear all the time…
    The percussions are incredible, the lyrics are kinda blah but its ok.

    I like the video too !

  18. mileka August 7, 2010

    LOL @ Danielle.
    I think it’s a grower, the more you listen the more tolerant of it you become. Can’t watch the vis since it’s down.

  19. greg g August 7, 2010

    new link?

  20. GETMELOLLY August 8, 2010

    Let’s start with the positive, Alesha…lovely artist, beautiful & star quality. On the negative side, the song is pretty terrible, but to be honest, if JLS can get to No1 with ‘club is alive’, then this will surely do well! Good for you Alesha.

  21. Lady Rhioncey August 8, 2010

    wtf is trhis $hit.. she think she’s beyonce .. hahaha.. all these british chicks suck major ass.. none of them have swag.. thats why when american artist go over there they blow up cuz uk artist kinda just blow.. she’s very very pretty tho.. song sux..

  22. ErmOK August 8, 2010

    All these chicks Alex Burke Alesha will be all dropped and gone when Jamelia comes back….she didn’t do a reality tv show to be relevant,funny thing when u have talent all the gimmicks go out the window

  23. Becky xxx August 19, 2010


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